Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Transponder 4 now activated

The much awaited 4th transponder is finally on air and on testing mode. At present the 4th transponder is broadcasting the same channels as the 3rd transponder and it is still not officially available for subscribers until the decoders are updated. The decoder update is expected in a week or maybe sooner.

There are some rumors that the 4th TP will be MPEG4 whereas the others will continue in MPEG2 however this seems highly unlikely since it is not practical to broadcast on both formats simultaneously. However we believe that there will not be a fifth transponder hereafter, instead the encoding format will be changed to MPEG4 on all transponders since it can accommodate a total of approximately 35 channels per transponder instead of the present 18. This will double the channels that can be broadcast from 72 (4 transponders x 18 channels per transponder) to 140 (4 transponders x 35 channels per transponder). Please note that the given values are approximate and the actuals may vary.

Among the new channels we hope that there will not be any Hindi Language channel. However there should be some Tamil Language channels to cater to the Tamil speaking population and Animax should be reintroduced.

There are complaints of pixelation on channels such as HBO during fast moving images and we hope that these are sorted out. Dialog should not make it a target to add 18 channels to the new transponder too and cramming it. Instead the number of channels can be kept at a minimum by introducing high quality English & Tamil channels and distributing the channels evenly across the transponders giving more bandwidth for each channel. Remember Quantity is not everything since Quality is a very important aspect for a DTH service.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


CN said...

For those of us subscribed to News Alerts on Dialog phones, got an out-of-the-blue msg now on some "Digital Terrestrial Launch on DialogTV by Minister Anura P. Yapa".

Admin - worth investigating, don't you think...

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yakuza said...

same here. whats goin on?

Rukmal said...

What is the meaning of this ?

rupavahini said...

DVB-M use for Mobile Phone
very good QUALITY
now are on air

rupavahini said...

9 TV Channels
6 local & 3 (cartoon,BBC,CNN)

cable said...


do you know of anywhere that we can get more information about this? will it be available to the public?

LANKA INFO said...


It’s a new technology that DTV going to use in future only to the Local channels. Make sure this is not a channel, & this is a new technology & using this technology DTV ppl can broadcast the Local channel in DVD quality (smeller like the normal sat channels). DTV eng’s getting this technology all the way from Dialog Broad band.

City Hits said...


More details:

hush said...

yes tp4 is available, can get on the decoder but memory is not retained.

go to channel search page choose red button go to bottom of page click on diseq1.2 give ok then choose new tp and manually enter frequency 11632/ symbol rate 27689 and vertical polarisation. the signal levels light up but cannot do the scan as it has been disabled.

if you choose the blue button then this manual entry cannot be done.

yakuza said...

hey guys any idea when new channels will be allocated to TP4?

619 said...

lanka info

How to receive these channels in Digital? Can we use normal antenna?
Are they going to broadcast these local channels in the same quality what we get in the DTV? (Those channel quality is not good!)

AMD said...

Dialog presents another first in South Asia:
Terrestrial TV to go digital


Dialog presents another first in South Asia:
Terrestrial TV to go digital

By Ramani Kangaraarachchi

Sri Lanka’s first Terrestrial Digital Television Broadcast went on air, yesterday with Dialog Television’s Pilot launch of DVB-T based Terrestrial Digital Television covering the City of Colombo. Sri Lanka will be No. 1 in South Asia to enjoy this status with this launch.

Chief Executive Officer, Dialog Television, Nushad Perera said Dialog is committed to establish and operate world class digital broadcast infrastructure and to provide excellent customer service to Sri Lankan consumers.

Our platforms will carry high quality content of local and international broadcasters to Sri Lankan homes, vehicles, and handsets via our portfolio of satellite and terrestrial broadcast”, he said.

Referring to the benefits that DVB-T offers to the consumers he said DVD quality video, electronic program guides and selection, multi-lingual audio capability, multi-lingual sub-titling capability and enhanced audio technology are significant.

“The efficiencies delivered by digital broadcast technology are also set to facilitate the expansion of television availability to all regions in the country, where economic viability constrained the expansion of incumbent analogue infrastructure,” he said.

The DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast-Terrestrial) broadcast standard enables digital broadcast over the standard VHF/UHF television spectrum, enabling viewers to access the digital broadcast using standard televisions and VHF,UHF antennae with the addition of a DVB-T access device (adaptor or set top box).

The broadcast would be also available on vehicle mounted devices, and via DVB-H technology on advanced GSM, 3G handsets.

LAUNCH: Customers viewing the first Terrestrial Digital Television Broadcast launch at Waters Edge last morning. Inset; CEO, Dialog Television, Nushad Perera.
Picture by Saliya Rupasinghe

The pilot broadcast carried out by Dialog Television carries nine television channels on a single UHF frequency demonstrating at the outset a nine fold enhancement in Frequency utilization.

State channels Rupavahini, Eye, Nethra and ITN join private broadcasters Derana, Swarnavahini and The Buddhist on the first terrestrial digital broadcast. It also carries three foreign channels to complete the channel line up.

The pilot broadcast would be initially ‘tested’ using selected viewers forming a representative set across the broadcast coverage area.

Dialog Telekom PLC Group, CEO, Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya appreciating the support and encouragement it had received from state and industry stakeholders in delivering the country’s first terrestrial digital television broadcast hoped that the broadcast industry will capitalize on technology advancement in order to deliver a superior and more widely available television experience to Sri Lankan consumers.

He said the product will not be immediately available in the market as this is a pilot project but once it is ready the price will be affordable to consumers. It will be less than the price of a hand phone.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "SLRC channels quality propped up?".


NadineYunoki said...

Yey Animax will be reintroduced....thats awesome finally i'll be happy again....