Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hindu Channel "Shruthi" now on air & the 4th transponder

Commencing yesterday Dialog TV launched the Hindu Religious channel "Shruthi". Previously Dialog TV consisted of 3 religious channels namely "The Buddhist" (for Buddhists), "Peace TV" (for Muslims), "God TV" (for Christians). As per the information being received at the moment it seems that "Shruthi" is being operated by Onair (Pvt) Ltd which operates the "CitiHiTz" channel. However we are unable to confirm this. This makes "Shruthi" the 3rd Tamil Channel on Dialog TV.

In addition the 4th transponder is expected soon and according to some reports they suggest that it could be as early as next week and some others suggest next month. Some channels that are rumored to be expected on the fourth transponder are DW TV, TV5 and SS Music.

Please update us on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Tharu said...

Yseterday evening there was a problem with Australia Network Audio feed. When contacted customer care people said they are removing that channel and it will be replaced with 'Shruthi Channel' and Australia Network will be resumed soon.

Admin What is 'SS Music'?

LANKA INFO said...

Southern Spice Music is the only multi-lingual music channel in India playing music in English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

Looser said...

SS Music is a good channel for music lovers. Better than Zee Music.

yakuza said...

any idea about the english channels which will be available on new transponder

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

@ Rupavahini
The information you have provided in the last post was a little unclear because of typos. Probably you were messaging from your phone.

Let me list out you information again, and maybe you can correct any mistakes:

* 4th Transponder will be delayed for a few months.
* MPEG4 will be introduced soon.
* 4th Transponder will include 35 channels in total.
* The entire Fox package will be added, consisting of 10 channels
* TV5, DW-TV, etc. will be added as well.

Thanks for the information.

What are the 10 Fox channels? So far I only know Fox News, Fox Sports, Fox Crime and Fox FX that operate in Asia.

@ Lanka INFO
SS Music and Entertainment Television will be added to the existing transponders?

If Dialog TV gets the Fox channels, E! TV, and other Asian/Foreign channels, then there is a possibility that Indian DTH providers too will get worried.
And Dialog TV also will be a much better choice in terms of channel quality for Sri Lanka.

Then also, LBN is likely to hear of this and scramble to get the channels before Dialog, which is benefitial to even more people.

TheXB said...

this might be useful info bout the fox channels

Primary Networks:
Fox Life
Fox Life HD
Fox Crime
Fox Horror
Fox Sports
Speed Channel
Next HD
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Channel HD
Nat Geo Wild
Nat Geo Adventure
Nat Geo Music
Nat Geo Junior
The History Channel
Baby TV

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

@ TheXB
Yes, thanks.

But unfortunately those are mostly the FOX channels available in USA. In Asia the FOX labelled channels do not include Nat Geo, etc. Thos are handled directly by STAR. We are talking about the channels run by FOX, which is in turn run by STAR.

Ye, its a bit complicating. For the most part the FOX channels are the ones whose name begins with "FOX".

I've collected some information but it is probably incomplete (help please?):

Fox News Channel - Available on some East Asian pay tv networks

Fox Crime - Available on some East Asian pay tv networks

Fox Sport - Only available in the Middle East at the moment

FX - Available on some East Asian pay tv networks

Jetix - (not sure it is under FOX) Available only in the Middle East

Five channels, and Jetix may not be a FOX channel.

Did Rupavahini make a mistake when he mentioned "All FOX Packege 10 channels"? Did he mean all the rest of the STAR package (including FOX)?

Rupavahini, please inform us if you have more detailed information. Thanks again.

rupavahini said...

@ TechnoGuy Sri Lanka
Thank very much
4th Transponder only mpeg 4
Fox movie and all Fox Packege

WELE said...

@Rupavahini- does it mean that you have to get another decoder to watch channels offered in TP4 (as the current one is not a MPEG4 decoder) [may be TECHNOGUY can explain]
If so does dialog offer another decoder free or at a reduced rate?

What would be the pricing of the package (I guess there will be another High end package having 55+35 channels)? Will HD channels be available (you would need a HD compatible receiver too)

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

@ Rupavahini
Thanks a lot!
This is going to be cool!

@ Wele
Maybe we need both decoders together (not practical).
Maybe the MPEG4 decoder will be backward compatible with MPEG2.
Or possibly we will only have the new 35 channels until the older channels are upgraded to MPEG4.

We'll have to wait and see.

I remember some some of our friends mentioning that the new MPEG4 Decoder will be provided free of charge, Dialog's long term gains from squeezing more channels into a transponder are greater than the short term losses of giving free decoders.

And HD channels may not come so soon. With Sri Lanka still half in the Analogue age, I can't really imagine HD broadcasting by a Sri Lankan company right now.
Not that it is impossible, though. Dialog has surprised us for an entire year and hopefully will continue so for years to come.

Please remember that I am making this analysis and creating ideas according to the information I receive from this blog and other sources. None of the information I post should be treated as definite until it really happens.

Lets all wait patiently and see...

LANKA INFO said...

MPEG4, just a technology, which DTH providers can upload or provide up to 35 channels in DVD quality. Now DTV Engineers are working on this. This facility is available during the month of February & TP 4 also coming on the same month.

I’m not too sure about the Fox channels.

yakuza said...

the thing that i'm concerned about is the price hike after transponder 4 arrive. they have to be realistic

yakuza said...

american idol (super star) season 7 premiered last night at 8pm on star world.

cable said...

If Dialog converts to MPEG4 there will have to be a change of the set top box.

Anbosy have any idea about how it is to be done? are the new decoders presently given by DTV MPEG4 ready?

LANKA INFO said...

Software will be updated automatically through Network

cable said...

As far as i know the decoders we have cant be updated to process MPEG-4 through a software update.

The hardware also needs to be changed. anybody have anymore info on this?

Priyantha De Silva said...

American Idol, on air 2 days in a week.But Today's programme at 8, not in the EPG list of "Star world"

@ Wednesday at 8.00pm
(Repeat , Thursday at 10.00 am)

@ Thursday at 8.00 pm
(Repeat , Friday at 10.00 am)

see tonight at 8.00 pm, the second programme in the Season.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ LANKA INFO (With wonderful blog) and,
@ rupavahini ,

Thanks you very much for the latest information.That makes this blog very useful again, specially for the new comers ,after a long time.

Priyantha De Silva said...

TBO now on Dialog TV:
The best of Kollywood

Promising the best of Kollywood, Dialog TV, Sri Lanka's leading Direct to Home (DTH) service provider today (01 January) added Tamil Box Office (TBO) to its line up of channels.

TBO is a 24hr Tamil Movie Channel that offers the best movies from the latest blockbuster and ever-green movies around the clock. With digital technology, high quality programming and a wide selection of Block Buster movies featured under four main categories: Super Movie, Classic Movie, Hit Movie and Mega Movie, TBO promises to bring the biggest Kollywood stars such as Kamal Hassan, Rajinikanth, Vijaykanth, Revathi, Prabhu, Radhika, Radha and Ambika to your home. "We launched DTV with the promise of giving the best of high quality, affordable programming to every segment of society," said Mr. Nushad Perera Chief Executive Officer Dialog TV.

"TBO will provide the best entertainment for our Tamil speaking viewers with access to the best Tamil movies. We are indeed pleased that with the addition of TBO we will be able to give unequalled choice to them with the best entertainment ranging from comedies to gripping action packed thrillers." Apart from movies TBO will also telecast other exclusive shows such as TBO News, TBO Jukebox, TBO Poptop, TBO Star, TBO Jokebox and TBO Top 10. These shows will feature latest updates, songs from old and new movies, artistes and cinema star interviews, comedy clips from movies and reviews and movie clips.

Dialog Television (Private) Limited, a subsidiary of Dialog Telekom Ltd., operates Dialog Satellite TV, a Direct to Home (DTH) Satellite TV service. Aiming to offer the best of satellite TV to all Sri Lankans Dialog TV supports a broad array of international content including CNN, BBC, HBO, Cinemax, AXN, ESPN, Ten Sports, Discovery Channel, MTV (Music Television) and Cartoon Network, in addition to a wide portfolio of Sri Lankan television channels.

Dialog Telekom, an ISO 9001 certified company, is a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia. Dialog operates 2.5G and 3G Mobile Communications networks supporting the very latest in multimedia and mobile Internet services. The Company has the distinction of being the first 3G operator in South Asia to commence commercial operations. Its local coverage spans all provinces of Sri Lanka.

from :
The Sunday Times

hellbreez said...

I think CITIHITZ is a failure.There is no proper direction.Programme content is not upto the standard.No movies shown.Are we gonna pay Rs.50 a month and gonna get that channel??

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

@ Cable
I believe that you are correct.

MPEG-4 requires a more powerful processor than the old MPEG-2.

But then, the New Dialog TV Decoder may be compatible with both standards of MPEG. Or maybe it is built to support MPEG-4 decoding after a software update.

It is likely that at least the customers with the old decoders will have to get new ones. I hope Dialog has the sense to give it free of charge.

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

ESPN Asia HD and STAR World Asia HD are broadcasting on AsiaSat 3S along with other STAR channels. Until now I did not know that STAR broadcasted in HD.

I think they are still in test transmissions. They also seem to be testing Subtitles.

rupavahini said...

DTV box mpeg 4 not change free of charge
normal mpeg 2 box 35$
mpeg 4 box 55$
mpeg 4 box use 2 & 4 (same SUN DIRECT Box)
Fox channels are coming (Fox & DTV Sign now)

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

Thanks, Rupavahini.

Well, at least around LKR 6000 is not too bad for a good decoder. I've seen worse. I wonder how much Dialog will add to the original price.

So Dialog is going to have both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, so customers can choose whether they want the 2 in 1 decoder, or just the old decoder without the new channels.

Eventually I suppose they will upgrade all channels to MPEG-4. Its good news to everyone.

Lets all hope that things will happen soon and Dialog will have xtreme pricing structures.

619 said...

what is the different between MPEG-4 & MPEG-2 ?

podiman said...

It is something like VCD and DVD. With a DVD player can watch DVD and VCD but with a VCD player it is only VCD not DVD. MEPG 2 and MPEG 4 is like that.

619 said...

is there any picture quality different or any advantage in MPEG-4 ?

podiman said...

I realy don't know if the picture is better but the provider(Dialog TV) can give 35 - 40 channels per TP. Where in MPEG 2 can give only 15 - 20 channels per TP.

alf said...



rupavahini said...

A comparison of the encoding efficiencies of the MPEG2, MPEG4-2 and h.264 / MPEG4-10 (MPEG4 part 10) video compression algorithms

I conducted a technology review comparing the coding efficiency of the MPEG2, MPEG4-2 and MPEG4-10 (MPEG4 part 10, h.264 or h.26l) codecs in order to pick an effective and efficient compression algorithm to be used in a new satellite DBS system. The goal of these tests was to achieve the highest quality video at the lowest possible bit rate, thus allowing a large number of video channels to be placed into a single satellite transponder.

We were hoping to fit upwards of 25 full screen video channels into a transponder by encoding each channel at an average of 1.2Mbps. All channels would be stat muxed within a transponder. Stat muxing channels allows an encoder to maintain video quality by varying the bit rate for that channel above or below the 1.2Mpbs average, as dictated by the source material. In a nutshell,

"the objective of statistical multiplexing is to dynamically distribute the available channel bandwidth among the video programs in order to maximize the overall picture quality of the system" [IBM]

The difference in video quality at 1.2Mbps between the older MPEG4-2 algorithm and the new MPEG4-10 (h.264) algorithm is quite marked, as can be seen in the following screen shots.

Split screen view: h.264 and MPEG4-2 at 1.2Mbps

I downloaded several uncompressed clips in Berkley YUV format and, using netPBM, converted these to Windows AVI. Each clip was encoded at an average of 2Mbps and 1.2Mbps using the Microsoft ISO MPEG4-2 encoder and the MPEG committee MPEG4-10 (h.264) reference encoder.

The processor power required by the new MPEG4-10 algorithm is an order of magnitude greater than the older MPEG4-2 algorithm. Using a 2Ghz Pentium 4 with 768MB RAM, encoding an 8 second sequence using the Microsoft MPEG4-2 encoder took under 60 seconds. Encoding the same sequence using the reference MPEG4-10 encoder took two hours. Note that the reference MPEG4-10 encoder is a proof of concept and is not yet optimized.

I have created a DVD that can be viewed in a consumer DVD player showing the results of these tests. The DVD contains split screen views, full screen views etc. These frames are taken from the video on the DVD.

At the moment there are no real-time decoders available, so it is not possible to encode video using MPEG4 part 10 and then play it back in Windows Media Player (or any player, for that matter).

Dimu said...

Is "Dialog TV - Unofficial Website" down?

Thanura said...

any news on NICK india --> Nick Asia

If DTV is going to broadcast in MPEG4 format, and put 35 channels into a transponder,,, there wont be enough space to broadcast in mpeg2 format. old decoders cant decode MPEG4 encodings. If thats the case, we will have to change our decoder into a new one.
I think DTV should change the decoders for free. or charge a small amount to change them.
not more than original price difference between the decoders.


TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

@ Thanura
I think what you are saying is exactly what we all have been talking about for the last few days. Please read all the comments from the beginning of this blog post.

Let me give you a short summary:

Dialog is going to put 35 channels in a new transponder, not the existing ones. The new transponder will not have any MPEG-2 encoded channels.

Channels on older transponders will not be upgraded to MPEG-4 until later on.

Only those who want the new channels can buy the MPEG-4 Decoder for LKR 6000+.

The MPEG-4 Decoder is likely to be the same one that Sun Direct (India) is using.

And so far there is no news on Nickelodeon being changed.

Please keep up with the comments here. And thanks a lot to Rupavahini too.

@ Dimu
Yes, I'm afraid its gone.

podiman said...

It seems that the 4TP is appearing on the website with reapeted channels. They must have actived it now.

riky said...

MPEG4 is not going to be so soon and not surely with the launch of transponder4.I dont know who decided on this 6000/- for MPEG4 decorder,what i hear is once they go MPEG4 all the transponders will be on that and its early to say how they will do the echange of decorders etc.

AMD said...

ah riky is back!

Tks for the info.

AMD said...


30-Jan-2008 @ 04:28

Does anyone know which local channel is showing the aus ind sl, tri series ?

podiman said...

I reckon it is on channel eye if I am not mistaken.

LANKA INFO said...
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LANKA INFO said...

TP 4 is on AIR now. All the TP 3 channels are sharing with TP 4 till the new channels comes. Decoder should update through DTV Eng in order to see the TP 4 symbols.

cable said...

Wont the 4th Transponder be available if we do an automatic channel scan? if not How do we get in contact with DTV Eng?

LANKA INFO said...

Northing to worry Cable, it will happen automatically...

yakuza said...

no TP4 for me when i checked last night.

how much do you think DTV is paying for a transponder?

if the implement mpeg 4 with having the current number of 4 transponders they will be able to accomadate

35*4 = 140 channels?

rupavahini said...

4th TP on
11630 SR 27680
Not channels incuide

LANKA INFO said...

Yakuza: as i mention earlier u cant see the symbol in your DTV setup box screen until the DTV eng's upload the date's to the Cx's. its take some time. (4 - 5 days). currently most of the TP 3 channels are sharing with TP 4 till the new channels comes. thats why your getting the picture in Digital good quality.

Kido (lanka INFO)

nishantha said...

machan Uba thama comments post karanne Blackberry ekenda. Ona ekakin hari kamak ne machan service eka ela.

Nari (FOX) Set eka kawada withara eida ban.

Nari Set eka awilla hari kamak ne den then then wala inna kukullu (Ztv, SET, Zmusic,) tika ewarayak wenawanam.

janaka said...

good to hear transponder 4 is on the way.

However, the inclusion of Shurthi as the 19th channel in the 3rd transponder indicates the possibility of including more than 18 channels per transponder without quality being effected to a great extent. The question then is why did DTV remove Animax. They could have easily added the additional channel without removing animax. I think there would have been some problem with the contract with the animax to remove it. Removal of animax is leaving us with -1 cartoon channel.

The question of indian feeds is a problem. Look at nick. It is alwasys hindi. This applies to MTV, VH1 etc.

And I don't know why the DTV is still keping the SET, ZEETV and STAR Plus channels and I wonder who is watching these ones in SL.

And finally I am not willing to pay 6000 (as somebody suggested) to update my decoder. I believe Dialog will have to update it FOC. I have paid 12,500 for the box and not willing to pay extra for an upgrade. They have to keep providing me with the service and if they are going to upgrade, that is fine. But provide me with a new decoder FOC. Otherwise it will be big joke, every time they upgrade, the customer will have to upgrade the decoder.If they are not going to provide the Decoder FOC, they will have to keep on transmitting the older version for the benefit of the customers who are not willing to pay for an upgrade. They have to think about the rights of the customers.

LANKA INFO said...

@ Nishantha: Tks
Janaka: DTV ppl looking to put up to 75 channels before Aprail new year. sure with this you can expect some good quality Cartoon channels & Entertainment channels.

in add: Suruthi TV in TP 3 & the same time most................of the TP3 channels are alredy shared with TP 4. (you cant see the symbol (TP 4 option) in ur system until the Auto upgrade done.

Lisura said...

cable said...

I can see the TP4 when i go into channel search and manual scan. In TP1,TP2,TP3 there is data on the Polarity,Frequency,...etc but the same tabs are blank for TP4

cable said...

Regarding the quality of the channels i am totally unsatisfied cant watch a movie with fast moving pictures in HBO.A lot of pixelation. When they showed Gladiator the action sequences are really horrible. DTv should look at the quality aspect before cramming much channels as possible per a transponder. I hope TP 4 is used for giving more bandwidth for these channels

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Transponder 4 now activated".


Lisura said...



Andry said...

Though I use Dish Network but the picture quality of this channel is not as good as before.