Monday, November 12, 2007

Radio Stations vanish!

Amidst reports of a problem in the transponders and increased pixelation in the recent past, the radio stations that were available on Dialog TV vanished suddenly just a few days ago. This may have been carried out in order to increase bandwidth to the television channels to reduce pixelation.

It also seems that the transponders are experiencing lower signal quality levels in the recent past.

We hope that Dialog TV takes appropriate steps to increase bandwidth on the channels and reintroduce the radio stations. Dialog TV will have to take immediate steps to introduce the fourth transponder for this to actually materialise.

Dialog TV removed "Animax" from its lineup with a promise to replace it with another cartoon channel but it seems that the run of the mill channel "SET SAB" is still continuing despite subscriber requests.

In other news it seems that the some of the most recent SET plans introduced by Dialog TV such as bundling all sports channels together in one SET plan and all movie channels together in one SET plan is actually an improvement over the other SET plans that were previously available. There is no official information on the Dialog TV website regarding these new SET plans (actually there is no SET plan information on the website), we are unable to confirm their existence but so far the information received about these new plans seems to be positive.

The offer on the Lite 100 package with AXN bundled seems to be a bit confusing since it seems on the outset that Lite 100 package has AXN but a look on the website indicates that AXN will be available only until December 31st. We hope that someone can clear this out for prospective subscribers of Dialog TV.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


yakuza said...

to be honest i haven't used the dtv to listen to radio

AMD said...

something out of the blog.

Has anyone used LG mobile phones ?
How are they ?

Tharu said...

I tried to swith to redio channels during the weekend but it automatically goes to Channel 19 (Zone Reality). I tried a few times and finally gave up.

The same thing happend sometime backa and they I did a manual scan and then the problem solved, but this time i didn't try it.

alf said...




CN said...

DTV bots,

In addition to weak quality on some channels like Zee Cafe, Nat Geo, History, Australia Network, please also try to maintain a CONSISTENT EPG on Nat Geo & History!

Last week History EPG was showing Nat Geo channels, and last night Nat Geo EPG was blank. Try to get that fixed as Monday has some good shows on Nat Geo.


The Benevolent Dictator said...

Is any one else experiencing noise disturbance on DTV?

Kavan said...

In my postal mail box a local dealer had put a small color printed leaflet which gave all of the 19 SET plans, new packages etc

It says at bottom
"Local TV channels & Radio stations for all packages" :-)

russel said...


thanx so much for the advice.
So hope someone like LST or anyother person who knows about this problem would be able to help me.

This is my prob.

My modems brand name is Zyxel.
The telephone socket is a bit corroded i think. But does this really matter.Coz the telephone is working normally.
Could this be a prob in my computer? a virus or something?

if i connect i can stay on da net without any distruption for days.

The guys which i brought the computer and modem replaced the modem and now its a bit ok. but still it takes at least 5 mins.

Wish i had bought a router.

so pls help...

Raki said...

hey guys;
is anyone else having problems with signals these days? as of last thursday, i have been having very bad signal problems.... even the smallest gust of wind is enough for the box signal to go down (i.e. red). 90% of the time me cant watch tv cuz of this. What u guys think? issue with my box? installation maybe? common prob for all?

I called DTV and they said that it was cuz my box is expiring and i need to get a new one.... what the HELL sort of an illogical answer is that???

Dude said...

Hi Everybody!

It's great to comment after a long time.

I think what I went through might help you. At the beginning of last month I happened to notice that every few minutes the decoder light turns red. I thought DTV was having problems then one saturday every minute it happened. I called DTV and they asked me to remove the cable, clean it and the works but no change. The team arrived the next day and immediately they said that a tree branch was the cause and as soon as I cut it, the green light came on again. What was happening is that when the branch maybe for a slight breeze moves it blocks the signal and then when the branch moved down slightly it blocked the signal totally. They asked me however to cut the tree.

I would advice you to check whether anything is blocking the decoder and just make sure that it has a clear line of sight to the sky since for a slight breeze maybe something is moving and blocking the signal. Anyway if they tell you again that the decoder is expiring you better ask them whether Raymonds or Jayaratne's is good at handling the final rites for the decoder.

Has anyone noticed a signal drop at night for the past few weeks. I have been noticing that TP2 and TP3 signal quality drops to below 40 at night. A few days ago TP2 dropped to below 30 at night and the picture started freezing. I called DTV and they said that they are having a problem with a drop in signal at night, the engineers are apparently working on it. They said that they will forward a complaint to their tech team anyway. The tech team came and then did some adjustments. Now at night it does not freeze but TP2 still drops below 40 and is around 34-35. In the morning it is around 40-45.

Raki said...

Thanks for the comments DUDE. will go home and check the line of sight issue! But i am almost sure that its clear. Can it be a open splice in the wiring or a lose connection in the dish itself or something like that?

As for the final rights... I still cant believe that DTV idiot came up with such a screwed up excuse!@#$%!

Prasanna said...

What surprise me is Dialog taking decisions on removing channels, without even an apology for the customers!

Sandun Dissanayaka said...

They have removed radio station details from their Website!!!

Oh God, everything seems to be disappearing.

Can we do something about this? If you listened to the radio through DTV, Pls call them and make a concern.

Dude said...


I think they have done this to improve bandwidth on the television channels. I personally don't mind if they have removed the radio channels since I do not think not many if not no one listens to radio on Dialog TV.

However they better replace that cursed SET SAB with some good channel. SET SAB is a waste of transponder space and they might as well remove that channel and allocate its bandwidth to other channels which is a much worthy cause that having SET SAB.

AMD said...

Called CC, in future there will no more radio channels. They will use that bandwith for the tv channels.
He also said they will introduce more channels soon!

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Of Radio channels and Transponder quality......".


life said...

Dear all

In lite 100 AXN Will Be given to the customers who purchases the connection before 31st of December 2007