Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Price Hike

A few days ago Dialog TV has increased the monthly rental on their packages even though it puts the packages out of the reach of the middle class. The new rental is ONLY for new subscribers and will not affect existing subscribers. However this hike will force almost all new subscribers to choose Dialog TV "Set Plan" instead of the regular packages.

Here are the new package details excluding the VAT component.

Lite 100 Package (no change in rental)
Super 500 Package (no change in rental)
Great 1099 Package (originally Rs 900/= package)
Value 1499 Package (seems to be a new package)
Value Plus 1949 Package (originally Rs 1400 package)

If Dialog had not introduced SET PLAN the new pricing structure will be detrimental to their marketing strategy. However we believe that in order to secure new subscribers Dialog cannot continue with the above general package structure. It is true that Dialog TV is running at a loss and the only way to overcome this is by increasing the subscriber base and not by increasing the rental.

New and existing Lite 100 subscribers have been given channel "AXN" free of charge from Nov 1st to Dec 31st. If you are a Lite 100 subscriber and if you are not able to watch AXN then you should call Dialog TV and get the channel activated and mention the free offer.

In addition it seems that the programme guide of Ten Sports and AXN on the Dialog TV printed guide is wrong. As we have said before Dialog TV should make sure that an accurate guide is distributed to their subscribers. We hope that next months guide will arrive early unlike this months. Dialog TV have corrected the problem in their History Channel and Nat Geo Adventure EPG but there seems to be a problem in the BBC EPG and hopefully this is correct too.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


AMD said...

If anyone is interested in the Dialog WIMAX packages / rates, i have the brochure.

mohandev said...

Wi-Max too expensive, like SLT only speaks of max speed. No mention of guaranteed minimum speed

Tharu said...


Is Wimax Service available in all areas covered by Dialog GSM service?

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ AMD,

I like to know more about Dialog WIMAX packages / rates, but thinking we can't afford prices. Every time if Dialog introduces some thing , it'll go beyond the middle class.

The Monthly Guide of November will be uploaded shortly.

Rukmal said...


pls upload the brochure

Rukmal said...

I found some information about Dialog WIMAX from a website

Speed 1
Downloads 1 Mbps
Uploads 256 kbps
Mailboxes 2
Price :30000(5000x6months) for Connection + 4000 Monthly Rental

Speed 2
Downloads 2 Mbps
Uploads 512 kbps
Mailboxes 5
Web Space Yes (10MB)
Price:30000 Connection + 3000 monthly rental[/b]

Speed 2+
Downloads 2 Mbps
Uploads 512 kbps
IP Address Static
Mailboxes 10
Web Space Yes (10MB)
Price:30000(5000x6 months) Connection + 10000 monthly rental

Speed 4
Downloads 4 Mbps
Uploads 1 Mbps
IP Address Static
Mailboxes 10
Web Space Yes (10MB)
Price:30000(5000x6months) + 13000 monthly rental

AMD said...

Dialog WIMAX Brochure


AMD said...

Dialog WIMAX brochure with rates & coverage areas


alf said...



monaco 1100 said...

Dialog has advertised new Set Plans

* set 14 - HBO, HBO Hits, HBO Family, HBO Signature, Star Movies, Start World, cinemax, star plus - 700/=
* set 15 - espn, ten sopts, star sports, star cricket, neo, neo+, zee sports - 600/=
* Set 16 - SRTV, Star Vijay - 100/=
* set 17 - The Buddhist, God TV, Islam Channel - FOC
* Set 18 - CN, POGO, Nick - 200/=
* Set 19 - CNN, BBC, NDTV - 200/=

sonik said...

has anyone noticed? the dtv time error has been corrected... at least they seem to be reading this blog. they also need to change the audio stream to english on the 5 HBO channels. this cannot be done while a movie is in progress. it has to be done in between movies when trailers etc are running.

CN said...

Ok, Question after a long time...

The past 2 nights, after approx 10pm, the following channels quality drops to 28-29 & get stuck/pixelated on my TV: Zee Cafe, AU network, Nat Geo, Disc, History.

Has anyone else faced this?

Also, I noted the normal daytime quality of reception on these channels is much lower (40's), while other channels are all (mid-50's). Whats happening here, are they all on a weak transponder?

What's the remedy? A service call to get my dish re-aligned?

AMD said...

@ CN

I dont know about the other channels u have mentioned, but i havent had any problems with ZEE cafe after 10 recently.

My levels have always been avg 76,62-59%, from CBN days.

AMD said...

I got relaible info that all ABC channels will be back on air soon, maybe 1st Dec, probably under different names.

Those who wish to beleive me may do so.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Same thing happened to me during last two nights. I dont think it was an alignment problem because one transponder (one with CNN BBC etc) was working well (more than 50% strength) while the other two were around 30% and 40% strength. I didnt change the alignment of the dish even by a degree.
It wasnt raining at that time either.

Anyway all transponders had signal level excess of 70%, it was the quality that was varying.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

And yes in daytime TPs 1 2 and 3 have 60%, 48% and 57% quality respectively. Whats with the 48%? Is it a retarded transponder (or is my dish retarded?) ?

sonik said...

the signal quality of tp2 has reduced during the past few days. but the quality of the other two transponders have remained relatively the same. cannot be certain about the reason, however i doubt it has anything to do with the bad weather that was experienced.

also, off the topic, does anyone use slt sms at home service? i used to use it without any problem but since of late it has stopped working. i think it has something to do with the sms service centre number. it used to be 1283. has it changed? does anyone know if it has changed and what it is?

russel said...

AMD and others.

I got an ADSL modem reasontly.. and it takes a lot of time to connect. I mean the DSL bulb blinks for a long time till its connected. Sometimes it takes about 1 -2 hours. What can be the prob with this? If it gets connected it will stay connected even for a day. I mean as long i shut down da computer. Please help...

Tharu said...


I have a Prolink ADSL modem bought from SLT Teleshop, It connects within 2 minutes.

I also had a problem like this last week, when I checked I found the Fuse Box of the SLT phone line was defective (It was highly corroded). Check it and if your fuse box is ok, then check the inhouse telephone wiring, If there is no loose connection somewhere then your modem could be defective.

russel said...


thank u very much for the help.
My modems brand name is Zyxel.
The telephone socket is a bit corroded i think. But does this really matter.Coz the telephone is working normally.
Could this be a prob in my computer? a virus or something?

if i connect i can stay on da net without any distruption for days.

The guys which i brought the computer and modem replaced the modem and now its a bit ok. but still it takes at least 5 mins.

Wish i had bought a router.

please help..

yakuza said...

the quality and level of lot of channels have dropped during the past two weeks.

the pixelation is very visible

nishantha said...

Laxman Hulugalla going to launch Tv channel and Radio Channel under satnet company name

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Radio Stations vanish!".


Tharu said...


Sometimes this connection time could be the normal case with your modem. One of my friends using a modem of another brand and it too takes about 4-6 minutes to connect. that's why I bought the Prolink modem from the Teleshop.

Routers are much more expensive than modems and it's not very economical if you are using only one pc at home. Also as the experiences from my friends some routers tend to slow down the connection too. But I'm sure if you buy a good one there won't be such issues.

Delhi Travel Guide said...

Be careful when you pay your monthly dialog tv bill.
Please check twice the bill with the last months B/F and the payments made after that. In other words reconcile the bill with payments.
Here is the summary of my Dialog Bills

April 2007 Bill
B/F 1577.42
Rental April 575.00
Total 2152.42
Bal C/O 2152.42

May 2007 Bill
B/F 2152.42
Rental May -Jun 1150
Total 3302.42
Paid 3350
Bal C/O -47.58

Jun 2007 Bill
Bal B/F -47.58
Rental Jul 575
Total 527.42
Paid 528
Bal C/O 0.00

Jul 2007 Bill
Bal B/F 0.00
Rental Aug 575
Total 575
Paid 575
Bal C/O 0.00

Aug 2007 Bill
Bal B/F 4824.46
Rental Sep 1064.67 (I made a package change from 575 to 1035 on 26th August 2007)
Total 5314.13
Bal C/O 5314.13

Sep 2007 Bill
Bal B/F 5314.13
Rental Oct 1035.00
Total 6349.13

You can see more on this at http://satlanka.21.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=151

Delhi Travel Guide said...

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Darshana said...

Is dreambox available in sri lanka ?

Delhi Travel Guide said...

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Russel,

You better check your cable and all connectors for corrosion. If there, remove them. Replace any cable if needed. Check the fuse box of the telephone connection. Normally it won’t take more than 30 seconds to establish the ADSL connection with SLT. Check all connectivity of the telephone line. And then try. The PSTN telephone will work even there is any disturbance on the line but not ADSL. It needs to be having a clean connectivity. Corrosion, loose connection will reduce the speed, basically quality of the service.