Friday, October 12, 2007

Of awards and operations.....

First and foremost we take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Nushad Perera for taking top honors at the "Asia Brand Congress 2007" by being awarded the "Global Brand Leadership Award" for his achievements and effort in making Dialog Telekom the leading mobile operator in Sri Lanka.

The contribution made by him towards the success of Dialog GSM is tremendous and we hope that as he gains experience in Dialog TV, he will be able to take Dialog TV to great heights. However Dialog TV has a long way to go at the moment and the way the company is handling its subscribers specially in the case of the "Animax" removal has not gone well. We hope that the management of Dialog TV will be more professional in their approach towards their subscribers. A prospective subscriber may think that everything regarding Dialog TV is bad but that is not the case, however certain aspects of the operations have to be taken to the next level such as.

1) The attitude adopted towards older subscribers when new channels are being added should be improved.
2) The process of replacing channels with other ones should be done after seriously reviewing subscriber preferences and analyzing the importance of the channel when competing with other operators.
3) Response time of technical personnel and avoiding silly mistakes such as only adding one audio channel, not activating audio feed, activating the wrong audio feed.
4) Quality of transmission should be improved further since some channels experience pixelation.
5) Technical knowledge of customer care personnel has to be improved

The above are just some aspects and even more careful analysis may reveal even further aspects which may need to be taken into consideration.

Regarding Animax even if Dialog TV wants to put it back on air they will have to reactivate the contract since they seem to have put the contract on hold to take the channel off air and this reactivation will take some time. We reiterate that this is possibly the biggest mistake Dialog have made and this is one that may affect sales too. We urge Dialog TV to reintroduce "Animax" immediately by taking all possible measures to speed up whatever contractual and technical requirements that need to be met.

We also urge Dialog TV to cut down on a few more Hindi channels and concentrate on adding more Tamil and English channels after all Sri Lanka is not India or cut down on a few Hindi channels and increase the bandwidth allocated to other channels inorder to increase broadcast quality.

However there are instances where Dialog may not be able to do anything since some content providers are imposing the Hindi channnels as a must carry along with important English/Tamil channels on their bouquet. This is totally unfair and selfish of them since they should understand that Sri Lanka is not India and Indian tastes in entertainment are not shared by most Sri Lankans. The majority of people who watch Hindi entertainment are adequately catered to on local FTA channels and they will not acquire pay television connections to watch them since local FTA channels carry subtitles in Sinhala which is not available on Hindi pay television channels. It is upto the pay television operators in Sri Lanka to cooperate and eradicate this "must carry" menace adopted specially by content providers originating in India.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV as the days progress and lets continue with emails and calls to Dialog TV in order to pressurize them to reintroduce "Animax" and also to get rid of a few run of the mill Hindi channels.


HSJAYA said...

First our congratulations to Mr. Nushad Perera who has won an international award for his innovative marketing at DIALOG TELEKOM.

But it is really baffling me a person who has such experience, knowledge, many marketing diplomas and certificates and moreover who has won an International award for the services he has rendered to Mobile Phone industry, given step motherly treatment to DTV customers so long.

The way the operations has been conducted by DTV after taking over from CBNsat, does not reflect that stature, maturity and vision for delighting customers.

It had been a real mess during past few months. There have been many and many complains. But none of them have been professionally attended.

Cable TV Industry is may be not the cup of tea of Nushad Perera. When he started at DIALOG TELEKOM the mobile phone industry was just at the starting point. So may be whatever he did became a success.

But unlike Mobile phone industry, today customers are more sophiticated, demanding and knowledgeable. They know what is avaialble in the market of Cable TV industry.

It will be a real challange for Nushad Perera to meet those demands.

Lets wait and see patiently how Nushad Perera is going to solve all the problem at DTV and providing innovative and customer delighting marketing.

We are waiting our fingers crossed. But not for too long Mr. Nushad Perera.

However, we are proud that one of our Sri Lankan has won an International award which is a very rare achievement. So lets accept our congartulation.

Hope You will do the same with Cable Tv industry for DTV and win an International award again very soon...

Mario said...

The blog is lazy today.. like the whether!!

HOUSE MD NEW season 3, starts today @ 7.30pm on AXN.

Unknown said...


HOUSE season 3 started about 3 or 4 weeks ago

Unknown said...

what should i do in lightning situation ??

yakuza said...

is this the death of the blog!!!

yakuza said...


house started 17th september

දිමුතු said...
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දිමුතු said...

I think congratulating Nushad Perera make the ppl left the blog

Anonymous said...

I have more examples of Dialog efficiency.
Look at their web page. No news about SET plans. They still have animax as a channel. Islam channel is listed; no Peace TV. No news about the recent changes. Wonder why they are maintaining a web page.

Priyantha De Silva said...

I was surprised !
Because ,
There was a problem in the morning, but anyone doesn't mention yet.

If there is any minor problem regarding DTV, some one leave a comment about that. Many times I've refrained from posting a comment, 'Cose someone has left a comment for the same problem.

Today, In the morning TP 2 was down. The "Zone Reality" is No.19, also on TP 2.I've turned to "The Buddhist" channel, in a few moment,
automatically turned to the channel - "Zone Reality", But the Ch;No was 72. I changed the channel, but I was unable to find "Zone Reality" or 72, so TP2. When I called the Customer Care,got about 10 seconds to replay ( The first and ever quick replay)said, TP 2 was down on that time.

something was happening without notice of others .
Why ch: No 72 ?
Was it TP 4 ?
Because 18+18+18+18 = 72,
18 channels on each TP.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "One week on.."


wierd dude said...

OH!! i just saw this.. but has to say Mr. Nushad eliyathambi or now known as jayasinghe aarachchilage Nushad mario jayasinghe perea (i think the last one is his wifes name)

He knows very well to treat his beloved customers,,,, plz dont blame him, coz as for his vision every subscriber should upgread to the new 1400 or some 2000 buks package coz thats how he is gonna make his revenue...

he dont care about the old customers.. he didnt gave TEN sports to CBNSat customers... this is the pure reason for that..

so for sure he diserves the award!! and well for our stupd Sri Lankans who beleives in Dialog & Nushad so much... may god blezz u!!