Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reintroduce Animax NOW

Pay television company Dialog TV has made a mess by removing "Animax" and replacing it with unwanted "SET SAB" and the reason given for the removal according to many bloggers is that "Animax" shows programmes that are inappropriate for children.

What should be understood is that "Animax" shows cartoons targeting Teens and Young Adults and not little children. If parents have complained like Dialog TV has claimed to some subscribers, then they should have been advised to use the channel lock facility in the decoder. Several families who have children have locked channels such as VH1, Zee Cafe, ect and some have locked "Animax" since they understood that the channel shows content that is not appropriate for little children.

Removing Animax is not the answer there are several who watch this channel. There is some information that some subscribers are being told that Dialog TV have carried out a survey among their subscribers. If any of the subscribers were part of this survey we would like them to comment here on when this was carried out?

"SET SAB" is a channel that no one even cared about once it was removed to make room make for "ISLAM Channel". If Dialog TV continue in this manner then as soon as competition arrives subscribers will switch providers or may even move to Indian DTH providers like "Dish TV".

Dr. Hans Wijesuriya said in a public speech a few days ago "Treating consumers with care and designing products to suit their needs is vital because they are the driving force of business organisations". With all due respect to Mr. Nushad who has been very effective and successful at Dialog GSM otherwise he would not be a member of the team that manages the leading mobile phone operator in Sri Lanka it seems that he and his team are lacking the vision of Dr. Hans when it comes to Dialog TV. It is high time that Dr. Hans and Telekom Malaysia either find a good adviser to guide Mr. Nushad to manage a pay television company or find a suitable replacement to head Dialog TV. Telekom Malaysia and Dialog Telekom may not have any experience in pay television operations but they have the resources that will enable them to gain the experience and hopefully mistakes such as these are corrected.

One thing that baffles us is on who decides and chooses channels and what is the criteria that they use. If there is one particular person/team that is responsible for choosing channels to be on the platform then Dialog should seriously consider reorganizing or replacing them. However one thing that is clear is that Dialog TV management and staff have a limited knowledge on the content shown on the channels on their platform.

Animax should be returned with immediate effect since those who watch programmes on this channel are missing them. Sci Fi fans who started watching the 1st episode of the final season of Andromeda are left in the lurch. Animated movie buffs watch their movies on "Animax". This channel added variety to the lineup on Dialog TV. "Animax" is also on a restructuring move that will see them add more live shows in the future including new seasons of "Gamemax" for gaming enthusiasts. One thing is that "Animax" is not a kids channel and hopefully Dialog TV will find a way of educating their present subscribers and future ones about the channels and what content you get on them.

Subscribers who want to call Dialog TV and ask for the reintroduction of "Animax" can either call them on their hotline 077-7679679 or the general number (011) 4606000 since it is more effective if the general number is called and complains are made directly to management. An email can also be sent to addressing it to the management just in case the management is always at a meeting each time a subscriber calls.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV and over to the management of Dialog TV who are the only ones who can clear this mess that they have got themselves into. Dialog TV this is not the time to be silent but rather to fulfill the subscribers wishes and make yourselves known as a company that is customer oriented.


AMD said...

I have a non DTV issue.

Does anyone know about the Malware

hinhem.scr ? Its a nasty one and keeps doing all sorts of things with ur menus and IM's & stuff,
can anyone advise me on gettin rid of this pls... Its a real headache.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


Try this:

Use Prevx CSI to try and get rid of it.

AMD said...


Thanks. It detected the file, but to clean it i have to buy a register key . Any other suggestions ?

Cellular Sri Lanka said...

Cellular Networks in Sri Lanka blog

Sudhar said...

For most of the virus and malware issues, try to use the online scan provided by Bitdefender. It seems that this software removes many virus that cannot removed buy others. Online scan is free

hsj said...


Thanks for your comments about DTV management. Let me add some thing to your comments.

Our issue with DTV management is not the taking away of channels or giving something else. But the issue is the utter disrespect that they have shown towards opnion of 30,000 customers.

When Dr. Hans Wijesuriya talks about customer Power and Treating customers with care and dignity,
Nushad Perera and his battalion of Managers think they can design and decide everything on beahlf of customers.

What uppish attitude is this. This man holds General Manager - Marketing portfolio in DTV and Dialog telecom. But his actions shows that he does not know even ABC of marketing.

Do we need additional proof regarding this DTV marketimg peoples' inefficiency. Their actions during past four month are enough to prove how these pople are unprofessional in handling a Cable TV company.

It is high time that Dr Hans Wijesuriya get rid of this bunch of jokers and appoint some cutomer oriented professional people to handle the affairs of the company.

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AMD said...

@ Sudhar

Thanks. Will try it out & let u know.
I am currently trying AVG,

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Sudhar ,& AMD,

It'll help me too.I think both of your comments will be useful for some others in this blog.I'll add that link to my blogs for the sake of others, as a trusted site online scan.

(I use AVG too without any problem)
Back to Dialog issue...

I had to make comments in the month of February regarding this Animax issue, most of bloggers had done also. Then I think this isn't a new conspiracy to remove it. It's a long time plan, don't know what's the reason behind.

With time to come , Animax will be a very important channel too with the competition. Then it must be come again without taking much time .

We need ANIMAX back !

Prasanna said...

I send the following email. Lets hope for the best

This is to express my displeasure regarding the removal of Animax and messing up with the channel lineup in an ad hoc manner. A decision such as that is acceptable if it was replaced with a similar channel. But Dialog has gone on to add another Hindi Channel, leaving us to wonder who is watching all those hindi programmes. Dialog has to seriously consider how useful these hindi Channels are and to what percentage of their customer base that these channels are appealing. In my view, it is only a small fraction who can easily be served with 2-3 channels (may be 2 hindi movies and one hindi entertainment). The remainng channels may be utilized for other channels which are appealing to a wider audience.

When I spoke to customer care, they informed me about an survey (I wonder how representative the sample was) which found that Animax was not suitable for Children (well you have parental control for people who think like that). A simple thing that Dialog can do is to send a survey form to all of its customers asking them what channels that they most watch, what they don't watch and what they think is OK to remove. This may give Dialog TV a better idea about their customer base and thereby would be able to improve the service. I think dialog have enough marketing wizards who understand the importance of retaining customers, a fact that will become increasingly important with the increase of competition.

hsj said...


Who are you and me to teach DTV marketing wizards how to do marketing and surveys.

They have all the knowledge in the world and they do what they want when they want.

DTV has never taken in to consideration any suggestion made by it's customers at any time. They have been deaf and blind to customers opinions and suggestions.

Since they are big and own by a multinational comany, they carry out what they want without even giving any communication to customer about what they are going to do. We are always left high and dry.Dont take any serious about the lies uttered by their utterly useless customer care people.

This is like a suspense thriller. You are always on the egdge of the seat wondering what is going to happen next. That is the type of marketing DTV is doing at the moment.

AMD said...

@ LST, Priyantha,Sudhar

Thanks for ur help in trying to solve my malware problem.
Well i found that the only prog that fixes the problem is NORTON ( suprised no ? ) AVG, BITDEFENDER, LAVASOFT, AVG anti malwhere, spybot, none of them said the file is bad.

I happened to copy a file from my pc to another that had norton and it immediately detected the file & deleted it !

FYI, hope any one u wont ever be infected with this headache.

dialog tv mf said...

ya dialog f()** you

we wont animax

dialog tv mf said...

changing the freekin channel structure and messing up channels

what the f*(&

dialog tv mf said...

want to get ur ass f&*(ed by dtvmf

Prasanna said...


It is a game of wait and see. Dialog GSM is now a follower. Lets see what their answer to Mobitels last M2M price slash. they have to provide a solution to stop customers from drifting to other networks. They can dominate until they have good competition, and then they will fall, fall hard.

Same fate will come upon DTV, with good competition. Only thing prevented Dialog GSM customers from changing to other networks is the hazel of changing the phone number. When it comes to Satellite TV, there is nothing to hold back the customers; Only way out is to improve.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

glad you fixed ur problem. But Norton is a real crapbag. It will sometimes slow down the so bad that it'll be like living with a virus.

Try NOD32 or Mcafee Corporate.

619 said...


WE MISSED YOU .........



AMD said...


International Leadership Award for Dialog Telekom's Nushad Perera
Top honours at Asia Brand Congress 2007 Colombo 11.10.2007.
Chief Marketing Officer of the Dialog Telekom Group, Nushad Perera was recently bestowed with the coveted ‘Global Brand Leadership Award’ at the Asia Brand Congress 2007 held in India.

The Award was presented to Perera by the Economy Minister of the UAE Hon. Sheikha Lubna Al.Quasimi at a glittering ceremony in Mumbai in singular recognition of his professional drive to successfully forge and build the Dialog brand across all ethnic, cultural and socio-economic groups in Sri Lanka.

Widely known for his strategic, calculated and well honed management and marketing skills, Nushad Perera has infused into the Dialog brand, a vibrant dynamism which has made it a household name in the island nation and today reaches the lives of more than 4 million fellow countrymen. He is credited with bringing in several ground breaking brands and sub brands for Dialog Telekom during his 9+ years in the company. From SMS to 3G, Perera has built the brand portfolio that made Dialog the number one network in Sri Lanka several years ago.

“I have a marvelous team who supported me and some fabulous advertising agencies that were simply passionate with the brands” said Mr. Nushad Perera speaking on receiving the award from Asia Brand Summit. “There were time of doubts –but I believed that our consumers are knowledgeable and well-informed, and given them a strong brand with astute values, they will adopt them”

He further added “Take for instance eZ reload, we introduced this at a time that eCommerce was seen as a negative growth brand in Asia. Today eZ reload is such a simple yet powerful brand that it has triggered the competitors as well as the banking community to re consider eCommerce again”.

Nushad Perera was recognized by the Charterd Institute of Marketing (UK) in 2001 and was awarded the CIM Marketer award in 2001. Currently planning to read for his PhD, he is armed with an MBA from the University of Leicester UK, and is a fully qualified marketer with a CIM and APMF qualifications.

Prior to selecting the winners, Asia Brand Congress gathers all information and data on those persons who understand brand management and the evolution of brands to met new market challenges, with special emphasis on those whose strategic planning have helped build their respective brands. The Dialog Brand is valued at Rs. Million 12,324 as per Brand finance valuation report carried out in 2007.

Among the criteria in choosing awardees for the coveted ‘Global Brand Leadership Award’ is the fact that not much is written about the professional in the media while the internal perception, within the organization and external perception is balanced on credibility, achievement and value contribution to the business. The judges also take into consideration the track record of performance and achievements, while values, integrity and work life balance are considered essential competencies.

Dialog Telekom PLC is the largest mobile operator in Sri Lanka with over 4 million subscribers, representing approximately 60 per cent of Sri Lanka’s cellular market. It is also the largest listed Company on the Colombo Stock Exchange in terms of Market Capitalisation with a Market Capitalisation (as of 20 September 2007) of LKR 191.38 Bn (USD 1.68 Bn), representing 23.01 per cent of the Market Capitalisation on the Colombo Stock Exchange. The Company has the distinction of having become the first Company in Sri Lanka to achieve a Market Capitalisation exceeding USD1Bn.

Dialog Telekom is a subsidiary of the Telekom Malaysia Group. In addition to its core mobile telephony business, the Company provides international services, supporting an International Gateway infrastructure providing retail and wholesale international voice and data services under the brand name of Dialog Global. The company also provides Broadband Internet services through Dialog Internet - a fully-fledged Internet Service Provider (ISP). Dialog Telekom also operates Dialog SAT, a mobile satellite service.

The operations of the Dialog Telekom group span a future-oriented quadruple play service offering encompassing fixed line, converged IP and backbone transmission services offered by Dialog Broadband Networks (Pvt) Ltd (DBN), and Digital Television services provided by Dialog Television (Pvt) Ltd, (DTV). DBN and DTV are subsidiaries of Dialog Telekom PLC.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Of awards and operations.....".


Miyu said...

We really miss animax...please continue Animax once again...

lisa norman said...

i know this is really late to be commenting, but please, please put animax back!! they show advertisements of animax on the axn channel which makes me really sad! i love animax!

lisa norman said...

please!!! i am using dialog so i want a channel i will really enjoy! please! :(

Sajana D. Ratnayake said...

Fast forward to 2018 and we are still waiting for Animax. Utterly disappointed with DTV. I dont think dialog will be implementing Animax again at all nor consider making their customers happy.