Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dialog TV will face stiff competition

It seems that Dialog TV has sparked off a pay television revolution in Sri Lanka and they will be facing severe competition. Unconfirmed sources have indicated that Comet is going digital soon, LBN is expanding their coverage and channel base, SLT IPTV will be launching during this year or the next. In addition to this, Indian DTH operators selling their connections here has stiffened things further. Dialog GSM did well in the face of severe competition and only time will tell whether Dialog TV will be able to emulate the success and for the sake of the subscribers we hope that they come out on top but we can we be rest assured that the others will not make it easy for them.

In other news, we are still awaiting the launch of the Star Channels. Last morning the Star Package details appeared on the website in the tariffs section and then disappeared later, but Star Cricket is still listed. Since Dialog TV adds channels to their website several days after they add the channel to their lineup we believe that it may have been added by mistake and then removed later on but looks like they have not removed Star Cricket. There are also rumours that a package higher than Rs 1400/= will be created for the Star Package but we do not think that this will be the case. If a package higher that Rs 1400/= is introduced, only a few people will be able to afford it and the popularity of Dialog TV will drop and we just hope that the Marketing/Management team of Dialog TV is not that foolish. We have inquired from Subscribers Unite regarding this and awaiting their feedback.

A comment appeared on the blog that "Subscriber Unite" has closed down, please note that this is false. This comment has been deleted too. Please note that we are in the process of formulating "Rules and Regulations" for this blog and will be implementing them in due course.

It seems that God TV has also been given an EPG. It should also be stated that Dialog TV has NOT corrected the EPG for Zone Reality as yet. We hope that all channels have a week long accurate EPG and at the moment most of them except a few have this.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


hsjaya said...

Copied from last post....


Do you know what there loss for the first quarter of 2007.

That is 348.millions.

THat is almost half billion rs for a quarter. Multiply by that 4 and you can assume what their loss for the entire year if the present situation continues. That is the reality.

The parent company DIALOG will not wait and see for DTV to incurr a loss around 1.5billion for a year.

Do you think that DTV management will not do anything about it.

They will do evrything in this world to have some profit in the current year.

So dont expect charity from them. They will be having many many plans to introduce new schemes in times to come to reduce thier losses.

As customers we have to face this.

Dont think that I am batting for DTV. I presented the reality.

TechnoGuy said...

@ hsjaya
What you say is correct.

But will Dialog really think of introducing Rs. 1800/= or even higher packages to cover costs.

Then they will lose their customer base, since other competitors are springing up now.

Surely Dialog should realise that increasing prices is a threat.

Even if the increase prices, there will be less customers, and ultimately their losses won't be reduced.

Dialog needs to sort out some other ways of making a profit other than increaing prices.

These losses in the first quarter would have been expected. Dialog spend loads on adding channels and adding the 3rd transponder.

But Dialog has to reduce prices and provide a better service. Then the customer base will increase. Then they can cover the costs and go forward.

If they want to improve well, they will have to incur a loss. But still they should do their best to reduce the loss as much as possible. Increasing prices like hell is not one of the solutions.

Dialog will have further losses in the future when they add more transponders. At least for the next two transponders or so, with the addition of another 36 odd channels.

After that, the customer base should increase and maybe losses will begin to reduce even if they add more channels and transponders.

Dialog has to sort out things and go forward soon.

@ Riky and Kalu
Do any of you have any information on this? Please.

TechnoGuy said...

Also, it is sad to see that Word Verification is enabled again.

But it has its uses. It will reduce spam considerably.

Admin, please introduce your rules and regulations soon.

TechnoGuy said...

All I can do is enjoy August away from Sri Lanka.

I will return in September, hoping that things are better by then.

hsjaya said...

Technoguy / Raki,

Below I havegiven you an extraction from DIALOG press release on thier first 06mnth performance

" Group results of Dialog Telekom PLC, post consolidation with subsidiary performance, recorded a Profit after Tax (PAT) of Rs. 4.87Bn for the first-half of 2007, representing a marginal drop by 1 per cent relative to the first half of 2006, precipitated by a negative contribution of Rs 349.51 Mn from the recently operationalised subsidiary Dialog Television (Pvt) Ltd (DTV) which had a dilutive effect on the profit growth of 8 per cent delivered by the core operations of DT.

Dialog Television is currently in an aggressive subscriber acquisition phase on the backdrop of the rapid expansion of channel (content) portfolios. DTV increased its channel portfolio by 45 per cent in the second-quarter of 2007 thereby establishing a robust product offering for the highly under-penetrated Pay Television market in Sri Lanka.

The Direct to home (DTH) Pay TV business operated by DTV is characterized by a substantial fixed cost base (comprising of satellite capacity costs, minimum payments to content providers and other operation specific fixed costs)."

hsjaya said...

Technoguy / Raki
Above article would give you all correct financial standing of DTV.

Actually DTV has contributed to 08% of negative growth in DIALOG group.

DIALOG will never allow this to be continued in year 2007.

The transponder cost is generally considered as a Capital Investment. So it is not there in the loss.

I fully agree with both of you. What DTV should do is to create packages which are attractive and affordable for common people rather than creating pkgs for affluent class.

But their short performance history does not reflect that attitude.

Evrything point to the opposite dirction.

russel said...

Technoguy, hsjaya

this is not what i say. This is what he said. And I hope and wish and he is lying. It is not really possible for them to increase the charges. riky, kalu, laksirif, terry please comment.

soorapappa said...

I don't think the ugly work in the last post is a spam. Poor guy wasted so much time by changing his display name and posting different comments. So if possible please remove word verification. Also please add a comment before new post. So that we all can move to that. Thanks !!

Jesika said...

I think word verification is useless. There is no spam problem. only some mad guys create some profiles and publish their comments in a fake name . Word verification cant stop it.
Its only make the commenting hard !!

arnold perera said...

See guys, these premium channels are pay channels based on customer subscription.
So dialog will not be affected because there is less customers subscribed to Star.
What they want to do right now is not put themselves into loss. If any one has good contact with Star can find out how much it will cost for a single customer subscription.

nimal said...


"All companies face financial losses when they are aggressively expanding man! But now their investments for TP3, TP4, Channel sign-ups etc., are pretty much over. So, your theory of 'multiply by 4' is just wrong bro.

May be hsjaya is correct on the predictions.May be it will be less or more than 4 times. Investment costs in total will not have a full impact to profit in one year. Generally those are capitalised and charge against profit over a period of time.

So unless they increase the the customer base significantly, they will sue to be end up with losses. For that to happen you have to have good pricing policy along with a value to money channel list.This seems yet to happen.

" Further, Dialog is a big boy, they wont worry too much about a 348.million 1Q loss! Peanuts compared to the returns extected from PayTV mkt"

Expected returns from PayTV mkt will change with the stiff competition.Even the peanuts woul matter.

Lets hope they will address such issues soon as they have all capabilities to do so.

Jesika said...

I think what the DTV has to to do is, introduce the new premium channels to 1600/- package and let the customers to come to 1600 package.

introducing a higher package is useless.

more 1600 customers = more profit !!

hsjaya said...


Wish you all the best on behalf of everyone.

Hope to see you as soon as you come back to SL.

Free-man said...


Apologies accepted mate. Lets forgive and forget.

I was not happy about the comments of yr. pal Sheran who had copied loads of old blogs and accusing me of starting a fight. I'm not guilty of starting fights. If I mention names of who started attacking, there will be fight again.

Let's accept the fact that each person has his or her freedom to express his or her views. Let anyone use any decent image in his or her profile. Admin has said OK to that.

"Nahee Vereena Veraani, Samantheeda Kudachanang...."

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ TecnoGuy,
@ Jesika ,
and others,

The program schedule of August will come on after few hours.

The reason for the late is, some schedules weren't available on time, before the month etc.

Raki said...


Agreed. Competition is getting stiffer by the day for DTV (which i believe is super for customers!) and every penny counts. But, just take their performance in Dialog Telecom as a example man.... Dialog's supremacy in Telco industry has not come without its share of competition. But i believe they succeeded cuz they had a vision of making telco accessible to the masses! that coupled with super delivery channels, mkting, CC etc got them here.

This is what they MUST do for DTV also. They will suffer losses for the 1st year or more. That will be offset by the parent co. Key here is that DTV has a long-term plan to completely dominate the market on channel lineup, price and svc and innovation. Then losses will turn to major profits!

Btw, also do not forget that DTV is another medium of Dialog selling its Telco pkges. Once 3G network is used by the masses, Dialog can offer paytv, on-demand svcs etc to Dialog Telecom customers. SAles increase there as well. This is the edge Dialog has over other current paytv competitors

Jesika said...

I have an Excel question.
Is it ok to ask it here or do you know any blog to ask knowledge base questions?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

If the news about Star World and Star Movies being put to a Rs 1800 packages is true, i think that is the worst decision taken by DTV yet.

DTH operations are not expected to break even quickly. Dialog damn well knew that DTV will face losses for several years when they purchased it (they said so in a press release somewhere).

I thought Star World was coming on Rs 900 package coz it's not so expensive. Star Movies i think is more expensive so its justifiable if they put it in Rs 1600 pkg. But no way in hell i am going to pay Rs 1800 and play by DTV's rules.

Thanura said...

DTV must give star channels soon.. they should add those channels to existing packages.

otherwise customers will move to dish tv or lbn. and it will be very hard for DTV to sell new connections after comet digital and slt iptv launch.

So DTV should give star package asap. and try to sell much connections as possible before comet digital and slt iptv comes into the party.

may be they are waiting for comet launch to see their package prices. But waiting will definitely give the upperhand to comet digital.


Jesika said...

Sorry for asking this question here


I have a problem, not regarding this post. Its excel problem

but anyone know the answer pls reply.

I have an excel sheet with hundreds of Hyperlinks connected to files of anthers computers shared folder.

now i have moved those files to another computer's shared folder.

Now i need to change all the hyperlingks to the new location.
Its hard to edit hyperlinks one by one.
Anyone knows a way to redirect them quickly ?



Pls reply


If you think i'm bothering, Pls ignore this andadmin you can delete this question

arnold perera said...

DTV knows well there are many subscribers who are willing to pay anything for good quality channels. If they have any plan to increase, definitely they will do so.

Tell me how many of you not moved to 1600/- package to see even test channels.
May be they done that to evaluate the customers intrest

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"Tell me how many of you not moved to 1600/- package to see even test channels."

Dude, there is a limit to everything. 1600 package existed since CBNsat days so it wasnt completely new was it? Going above 1500 price range for a sat tv service will be pushing it a little too far (specially in a country like sri lanka).

AMD said...

Hey guys, not to worry, DTV will be going by the same package structure that was on the site yesterday, ie: no increase in rental for STAR.

They took it off cuz there channels have not been launched as yet.

Sorry i cant reveal the source of this info.

hsjaya said...


Past two months I have been commenting on this line. But there have been very few takers. Most of people had hopes that they will get a better deal from DTV.

But again and agian DTV has proved what I commented about them is correct.

Whta I try to emphasis is that DTV is not a customer oriented company like CBNSAT. Just go through their package structure. That itself enough to prove my point.

It has been designed to drive all the customers towards 1600+ pkg.

And what about their behaviour after taking over CBNsat. WHat is the treatment given to CBNsat customers. How many new prime channells have been allocated to 500+ 850+ 900+ 1375+ pkgs.

Their track record during last eight months does not give any indication that they are going to act in a different manner.

DTV is driven by a set of people who want to Maximize their profit at the cost of the Existing customers.

I will be very happy if DTV proved me wrong in times to come.

Lets wait and see...

hsjaya said...

And just to add something to my above acooment...

It doesnt matter whether DTV give STAR MOVIES 1600 pkg or not.

It is no different when you give all new prime channels to 1600+pkg and ignore rest of the customers.

Whether you introduce new pkg or you do above, it comes to the same.

It is like introducing a new pkg for all other custemers except for 1600+

bank_dude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bank_dude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bank_dude said...

Guys what 1600/= u r referring? They have 1400/=. If they create 1600/= pack allocate all the channels for that, though I'm having 1400/= pack, I cannot afford 1600/= if they have. 1400/= is the max that we middle class people can afford. If Dialog says they made the DTH affordable to anyone like mobile, they are day dreaming. Now anyone can see why they did try to destroy this blog. This blog and the subscriber unite is a threat for them to do such things. Please do not compare this with the package change (850 -> 900) and (1375 -> 1400). Basically we have to pay 1840/= for them (with vat). That means we have to pay 230/= more to view Star pack. It is not realistic that pay 230/= more to view 1 ad free movie channel and one entertainment channel. We are already paying 575/= more for 4 movie channels, 3 sports channels and one children's. (900/= & 1400/=) comparison. 8 channels for 575/= and 2 channels for 230/=. Not worth isn't it?

AMD said...

@ bank_dude

Dont worry, there will be no package change for now.

After they introduce TP4 channels, there may be another package or pay-per-view or both.

Raki said...


man... DTV aint a charity! If you want to watch premium channels you have to pay more. so, overall i dont have a problem with 1600 having the best stuff. But as LST said, anything more than 1600 is crazy!

But i do agree with you on the fact that if DTV wants to expand, they need LOYAL customers! given the present behaviour of theirs, i dont see that happening. Alot of us are ready to switch to another paytv operator if DTV makes 1 more wrong move....

hsjaya said...

Bank Dude,

It is the total cost of the pkg

1400 + vat - 1610

AMD said...

The people in Colombo / Greater Colombo have a choice of providers. But what about those in the outstations ? At present LBN has only very limited coverage out of Colombo.

Maybe DTV is trying to capitalize on this, but not may people except for those in Galle or Kandy maybe can afford to pay 1610

Thanura said...

@bank dude,
1400package = 1600package (1400+vat)
thats what hsjaya was telling.

Dominick said...

regarding the zone reality EPG the schedule that it should be running on is the south african on cause they are getting it for that sat and they current one they are showing is the indian one which is wrong if. so ya you got to convert the south african time to local time and ya

Dominick said...

does anyone know exactly when they will be putting the star channels on??

TERRY said...

Bullshit,There is no such 1800.00 package or a package revesion at all,the exsisting packages will continue.

As for the Q1 loss,Remember DTV had to pay a takeover price of 600 million to CBNsat and if you dont make a 350 loss with that expense,there is something wrong.

dee said...

I've already made up my mind. If they're not going to give star world and pay per view, I'll go down to 500 and get 5 DVDs (for 500 bucks) from unity plaza front store once a month and enjoy my weekends with REAL DVDs with DTS and keep them forever.

AMD said...

Tks Terry for confirming what i said.

hsjaya said...


I paid 16900+ for connection. I did not have any return for that almost for 07 months.

I had the opportunity get any return for my investment only for 07 months.
There may be so many people like that.

I cant afford to change from DTV to another provider very easily becoz that involves lot of money for me.

Nethier I will be interested in any package beyond 1400+ even if they give hevan for that pkg.

If 1400+ pkg customers think that that DTV will give everything to us and there will not be any packages or channells beyond that, we will be proved very very wrong very soon.

So best thing is to understand what DTV is trying to do and respond accordingly.

And raki if we go by your argument
" If you want to watch premium channels you have to pay more"
then there is no problem at all.

Because you yourself has justified need for packages beyond 1400

Thanura said...

Terry and AMD are right !!!!!!

I think this is what happened.

DTV removed the star channels from their web site becourse the channels have not been launched yet.

But in their main page they've said they have 50 international and local channels. since they only have 49 they had to keep one extra channel for the time being.

So they kept star cricket (in tariff page). (but this channel is also not yet launched.)

AMD, TERRY, riky correct me if i'm wrong.

hsjaya said...


Take over price 600ml is their invetment in the comapany. In other words that is DTVs share capital.

That has nothing to do with the loss from business operations.

Priyantha De Silva said...

DTV August Schedule, If anyone want to share My DTV July schedule ( On Excel ),
Use,Below links



(It's a ZIP (or Rar) file. After the download, you must Unzip it using WinZip orWinRAR.Only for ones who don't know to use Winzip.)

1. Click the Download Button
2. Select "Save to Disk"as an Excel Sheet.
After the download,
3. Unzip the file to get the Excel Sheet to a known folder.

Admin has created a link to that file for your convenience .Then, I'll not remember again and again for that like last months.

kumara said...



hsjaya said...


Before you comment better you read previous comments without suddenly coming and telling people to stop.

Dont try to be a jackass and overpower people with your bullshit comments

TERRY said...


Dont talk cock.

russel said...


thanks for the confirmation. TERRY u have any news as if when the star package will be launched?

hsjaya said...


Thanks for the schedule

riky said...

The delay in the Star package is an administrative issue (which i know and not ethical to publish here) and it will be sorted out very soon.

This has got nothing to do with any package increase and dont give ideas to dtv that you need one.

riky said...

I dont wont to dissapoint you guys again,Star will defeneitly be on air by saturday and there is a possibility of today ( but dont anticipate it 100% as somethings can go wrong)

Radikal Zee said...

i got a call from dialog TV asking me to settle a bill of 2000 odd. When I asked how can i get a 2000 rupee bill when using the 1400 package (as i did not have any outstanding bill), the bugger says there's a mistake in d bill.
Ridiculous !!! They still havent sorted out d billing issue !

russel said...


thanks man. Anyway, does it have anything to do with maharaja tv. As star plus channel also shows the things which are in the "ran depaya" in sirasa.

today is thursday know. so even it comes in saturday its ok. coz there is only two more days to go.

anyway, thank you very much for the information.

russel said...

dear admin,

is there anyway which w can block these spam bloggers from this blog. it really decreases the quality of the blog.


Priyantha De Silva said...

Dialog TV now with NDTV 24x7

The only Indian English News Channel on Sri Lanka’s Premier Satellite TV Provider Colombo. Thursday 02 August 2007. India’s NDTV has entered into a distribution partnership with Dialog TV, Sri Lanka’s leading Direct to Home (DTH) service provider for its English news channel NDTV 24x7, making it the only English news channel from the region to be present on the DTH platform in the island nation.

Commenting on the tie-up, NDTV’s VP - Distribution and Affiliate Sales, Rahul Sood said, “NDTV is very pleased to be partnering with Dialog TV as it further expands its presence in Sri Lanka. We’re confident that 24x7 will be an important source of information and this partnership is in line with our efforts to reach out to our South Asian viewers.”

With this tie-up, NDTV’s global presence now extends to all key regions across the world - the UK, US, Canada, across the Middle East, South Africa, Australia-New Zealand and neighboring South Asian countries.

“This agreement with NDTV underscores our continued commitment to add the very best to Dialog TV’s growing portfolio of channels;” said Nushad Perera, General Manager Sales and Marketing Dialog Telekom “Our mandate is to deliver the most comprehensive range of news, knowledge and entertainment based programming, and with the addition of NDTV to our sterling line up of news channels, we guarantee that our customers will receive up to the minute and relevant news from our home region”.

Dialog Television (Private) Limited, a subsidiary of Dialog Telekom PLC, operates Dialog Satellite TV, supporting a broad array of over 40 international channels including BBC, HBO, Cinemax, AXN, ESPN, Ten Sports, Discovery Channel, MTV (Music Television) and Cartoon Network, in addition to a wide portfolio of Sri Lankan television channels.

russel said...

i think they have almost solved the freezing problem in SET SAB. And in the neo sports also its better today.

so... riky can we expect the star package today?
or is it going to be tomorow?

CN said...

Ok, tough time for the blog past few days. Here's some light humour to soften the mood (for those who missed it the 1st time)

Noticed this after a short shopping trip to MC. What does this signify? DialogTV address relocation charges are too high... OR mobility to da extreme... : )

Cheers, its almost the weekend!

Raki said...


u have a point bro. I suppose its unrealistic to think they will not increase the prices at some point. But what i was trying to say is that its also unrealistic for DTV to think the masses can afford and/or will pay anything beyond 1400+ even into the future (except certain PPV programes once in a while i suppose).

Hey guys, did any of u yous experience any picture freezing yesterday night???? I was soo pissed cuz all the channels had freezing probs for me (in nugegoda). After watching any channel for about 3 mins, it freezes! it starts running again only after i switch channels! Any of you guys had the same prob? any idea y?

Amalka said...

@ Raki

if u have a freezing prob. after 3 mini.power switch of the Decorder..after one minitues on the power switch the freezing prob.back to normal

Jughead said...

Out of all the channels I think the freezing problem is most severe in hallmark channel. any perticular reason?

Kaushal said...


Amalka is right. You need to power off (either via the switch at the back of the decoder or pulling power cord out of the socket) and switch it back on after about 1 min and the freezing problem will be solved. I have noticed that this freezing happens after doing a channel scan.

hsjaya said...


I think we should give DTV more time to sort these technical issues as they are struggling for whatever reasons.

I have full faith in them. I am sure they will sort out all these problems - picture freesing, pixelation, audio quality , EPG, Billing etc etc - in times to come.

Once those sorted out I dont think any of Cable tv Company can beat them.

The only problem or issue I have with them is the composition of packages.

DTV could have treated customers better than this. Rather than giving most of the premium channells to 1400+ pkg,
they could have easily afforded to give one or two premium channells to other packages also.

If they are good enough to think about it and allocate few prime channells to other packages I think no body can complain.

Raki said...


I think we have full right to complain bro! They aint doing favours for me... i am paying for my service and i expect it to be GOOD!!! Its not cool to come home after a hard day of work and sit down to watch DTV and have all these issues! Y pay in the first place then??? They might as well also start paying us a monthly rent for putting up with their pic freezing, sound etc., tech problems. So, n osympathy for DTv from me man... I WANT QUALITY FOR WHAT I PAY!

U might be right man. I got the freezing issue after a channel scan. So, will try it. thanks!

yakuza said...


yakuza said...

so it as riky says it looks like there will be no change in the package structure.

i previously heard tha 900/= will be able to view star world

yakuza said...


does anybody know whether slt is issuing new adsl connections or not

DDS said...


There wont be any packages higher than 1,400/-

Be cool!!!!!!!!

AMD said...

@ Yakuza

Yes they are. I can tell u that the speed has improved a bit since last month.

DDS said...


Star Will Be Activated only in another 2 weeks time.. be patient

dialog tv mf said...

i am the dialog tv mf.

just want to say i support you guys and hope you have a nice holiday with the star channels when they come.

thank you all

AMD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMD said...


Tks for you info, but we have faith in Riky

Sheran said...

Guys Check this link in Wikipedia for Dialog TV!!

Under Availability -Satellite it says DIALOG TV - Sri Lanka Channel 51 :)

riky said...


What they had and removed from the site is correct (900 will have Star World,Plus and Vijay.)

No it got nothing to do with Maharaja Networks.

Star will be there by Saturday.

AMD said...

Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you Riky

DDS said...


Thats great news.. wow that means we can watch twenty20 semis live..
But according to those cc f.... it will take another 2 weeks..

Raki said...

Star By SAT.... i really hope so.... COOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Looser said...


Did you get your parcel?

dialog tv mf said...

i am gay

and i love dialogtv

dialog tv mf said...

i've dedicated my life to dialog tv

let's make it a beautiful world

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We have added a new post called "Will it be this weekend?".

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