Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We will survive

The last two days has seen a lot of unnecessary fighting in this blog. The allegations that have been leveled against us are surprising, they accuse us of being religiously biased. We refute all those allegations and we insist that they are false. It looks like an organised campaign was carried out to cause confusion among the bloggers and destroy the credibility of this blog. Even though they have been successful in causing some bloggers to leave, we state that this will only strengthen our resolve to provide our fellow bloggers a place where they can discuss the latest developments or problems associated with Dialog TV.

If anyone thought that this blog or any of our sister blogs will be closed over this issue, then they are gravely mistaken. We are in the process of formulating a set of rules which will be enforced strictly over all our blogs.

We wish to state that this blog and all our other blogs will be left open for our bloggers to exchange information. Please note that certain comments in previous posts may be deleted but we will try our best not to delete that have information in them. In the coming days we will be introducing a set of rules over commenting and will inform our bloggers as and when they are implemented. If any blogger make unnecessary comments we request our fellow bloggers to just ignore the comment and focus on the discussion on Dialog TV.

On the latest developments on Dialog TV, we are getting unconfirmed reports that the Star Package will be added tonight failing which it should be on air during the next two days. We hope that Dialog will take every effort to introduce the Star Package soon.

We like to leave you with this saying "Keep blogging and focus on Dialog TV".


TechnoGuy said...

@ Admin
Thanks for all the work that you have done for us during for over a year now.

Looking back at what I did, maybe I was wrong for creating a temporary alternate place for Dialog TV blogger to communicate.

But I doubt that any of us meant to leave the blog forever. Never! It was only until the trouble died down.

Finally, there seems to be no fighting.

But this time, even if there is fighting, I will stay here and encourage others to do so as well.

Please forgive me for my mistakes, Mr. Admin.

@ Arnold Perera
You are completely wrong. I was not behind any of these fights and am as sad about it as you may be (are you?).

I did not want to attract special attention to my blog and get ratings. No, that was not my interest.

I just wanted to help other Dialog TV bloggers. Maybe I made a mistake. Sorry, and please forgive me.

Thank You.

hsjaya said...

Good that everything is back to normal.

@ Admin - it is better have some sort of moderation for the continuity of this blog.

Otherwise lot of people will be reluctant to blog here as whatever the comments made by them will be totally loss in cyclone of abusive language.

bank_dude said...


It is nice to hear that you are preparing some guidelines. Anyway though I moved out, I monitored the blog and found out that the war is over.:) Riky & Kalu welcome back. Admin malli, continue you good work

Thank you

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ tecnoGuy,
If there is a fault with you, it goes to every one who participated for it. I think, sometimes something will happen without our control and for the benefit for the future, we must do what we don't do till then.

"Now all the TPs have gone with NIT switch failure. Few minutes earlier they called me and told, do the Restore Factory Default again. Also nothing changed and only the BLACK screen with red light.No TPs."

That was one of my last post,

@ Jesika,
Thanks you a lot. I thought to do that. But, with the risk, I left the thought.But, after the your comments earlier,
I tried my best with the disk till now.
I’ve got the risk and I tried my own to resolve the problem before the DTV team comes in 5 days. Now it has been solved by changing the direction of the Dish. I don’t know how it happened and there is no way to reach to the dish, which has been fixed on the up stair to not let anybody to reach. Some times it must be a cat or any kind of animal like that.

arnold perera said...

I am not worried or sad about anything happened in this blog because i was very clear its was to distrupt this blog and nothing will happen to damage this blog

Since during these days, some other guys are pulling people to different blogs, that why i made a post saying "this fighting is because of some new blogs"

star said...


Thanks for all the work that you have done for us.

We will always with you.

AMD said...

@ DLR,

When u go to hboasia.com, it asks to select country, select Sri Lanka.

If it dosent ask the country, then after the HBO page loads, on the top right corner, u get "change/select country", click that and select sri lanka.

soorapappa said...

I'm also a rugby fan and pissed off due to removal of NEO+ from 900. According to some rumors, they are showing Rugby world cup live (searched the net but didn't found any info). If you are 1600 no problem.

@riky, kalu, laksirif,
Do you have any news about a la carte ? please provide any info regarding that. I'm so desperate :-(

AMD said...

@ soorapappa

Yes i can confrim that Neo + will show the rugby world cup.

Priyantha De Silva said...


Dialog TV "Unofficial TV Schedule" Of August coming soon...........

yakuza said...


we all have bitter experience of Dialogs "future today" concept

did you get a reference number from the c/c agent

soorapappa said...

Thanks. If you have any link please post it.

Please take into consideration that even though they've mentioned NEO+ on http://www.dialog.lk/en/tv/tariff/tariff.html for 900 pack actually its not there. So its worth to publish this false info. (so that new customers will aware of this). I've called cust care and they don't have any clue about this.
Seems like anyone from this blog is also don't know why? Is there any direct no.(other than CC) with top guy at DTV, where I can contact regarding this ?
I'm not sure that only new customers will get NEO+ with 900. Because one of my friend working at a bank said, they've got special package for 900 with HBO signature (Don't sure they got it from CBNSat or DTV).

DLR said...

earlier I requested for Sri lankan schedule from HBOaisa's contact info email. Today I received email from feedback@hboasia.com.sg saying they have added srilankan schedule.

That Singapore company is replying to our mail, but this DTV buggers dont even answer our questions. When I inquire about by billing matter they ask me to fax the bill, they promissed to reply me after receiving my fax. 29 days passed but still no reply.

Last weekend during Sirasa AUTO show, DTV distributed same leaflet saying NEO, Neo+ both available for 900.

cable said...


can you post that link about telecast of rugby world cup in sri lanka by Neo +

Sheran said...

Just for clarification and for those who don't know about "technoguys blog" here's what was discussed..

TechnoGuy said...

First, could anyone tell me if there is any trouble at the SL Post Offices. I heard there may be some strikes or something.

Because still I have not got my Printed Guide, whilst many others have. Who else hasn't?

July 31, 2007 10:47 AM
AMD said...

Hi techno,

I think they were on strike only yesterday. I still havent received my guide.

Techno, i suggest u dont tolerate people like ALF or arnold p in here. If possible pls block them from this blog.

I hope riky will comment in here to give us all the latest updates like he used to on the DTV blog.

July 31, 2007 10:51 AM
TechnoGuy said...

This blog will have heavy comment moderation. Here are a list of people who are NOT welcome here:-

> Arnold Perera
> Alf
> Jesika
> Free-man
> Violated

All comments from the above bloggers will be deleted. Others will be added to the list privately if they misbehave.

It may sound unfair to delete every comment of the above bloggers, but it is the only way to control the situation and avoid sparking controversies.

All others who can behave like proper gentlemen or ladies are very welcome to comment here.

Thank You.


PS: Since I am leaving the country soon, I may create a new Dialog TV blog and leave it in the hands of a trusted blogger until September.

July 31, 2007 11:09 AM
hsjaya said...


Thanks for providng space for discuss about DTV.

Hope we can continue in a sensible manner.

July 31, 2007 11:40 AM
kaluperuma said...


There is no delay in Star it will launch simaltaniously.They are doing everything to uplink by today night and doing everything possible and its in the hands of the technical team,failing they will have it on air by tommorow or day after.

The allocation i hear is that Star Movies and Star Cricket will only be available for the 1600.00 package 900.00 will have plus,world and vijay.

They are working on the sound and other technical issues once Star is up and running they will sort out the other problems.The main problem is the disturbance in receiving of signals due to the location.

July 31, 2007 11:46 AM
AMD said...

hello Kalu,

Welcome back and tks for the news.
Do u know when they will launch star cricket ?

July 31, 2007 11:51 AM
TechnoGuy said...

@ Kaluperuma

Does STAR channels also have this disturbance problem? Are there any good solutions, becuase this problems has been affecting Dialog TV for ages now.

Anyway, thank you very much for the information.

Finally we will get out STAR-studded weekend.

July 31, 2007 11:53 AM
riky said...

Ya,Kalu is on the dot and that is the exact position.

July 31, 2007 11:55 AM
TechnoGuy said...

I am not publishing this on the Dialog TV Forum as I do not want to. This comment refers to a comment in the Dialog TV Forum.

@ Cable
As long as the good bloggers are united and together, it will not matter where we blog. We can still discuss Dialog TV anywhere we want.

The parties with vested interests can destroy a blog, but can never destroy the unity of the good bloggers!

As far as I can see, the Dialog TV Forum fighting issue is going to be difficult to solve. So we will need somewhere else to gather and exchange ideas.

This is only temporary. Once the trouble subsides, WE WILL RETURN to our dear old Dialog TV Forum. No worries.

Meanwhile, it is up to the Admin of TV Radio Sri Lanka to solve the problems so that we cab go back.

Else we can create a new Dialog TV Forum if the old forum is destoyed.

Remember, we are still united wherever we blog.

So thanks anyway for expressing your ideas.

PS: I am, meanwhile, quite happy that the LBN, Comet and main TV Radio Sri Lanka blogs have not been affected by this trouble yet. I hope they wont be.

July 31, 2007 12:01 PM
Sheran said...

Hi All,

Nice to see some sensible blogging..

erm.. I haven't received my Printed Guide yet too!!

I thought Star Cricket would be launched with the rest of the Star Package! could someone please confirm that?? Anyway.. if Kaluperuma and Ricky are right we'll be able to find out if Star Cricket is added along with the rest very soon. :-)

Nice to see that at least some of us realize the true value of good blogging.. Keep up the good work!!

July 31, 2007 12:17 PM

Priyantha De Silva said...

Also I kept away for last2 days with that sensible matter on the blog.

@I don’t know whether this will happen for anyone else or not.From the last evening the decoder has been shown the RED light, can’t see any channel. I called Customer Care twice, they told do the Restore Factory Default.
Now all the TPs have gone with NIT switch failure. Few minutes earlier they called me and told, do the Restore Factory Default again. Also nothing changed and only the BLACK screen with red light.No TPs.

Now, they told a DTV team will come in next 2-5 days because I’m out of Colombo. If I’m in N’Eliya, will they come after 2-3 weeks? That’s not the Future Today. I mean 5 days are very long time in 100 miles. They must improve that pint also, that is left from us due to No-Problem for anyone with that kind. ( I think, they’ll do before 5 days. In Fridays , some of our neighbors come to watch the Indian Idol on DTV. They appreciate DTV . I don’t like to loose their happiness with watching that. The only show they watch on DTV in my house. )

@ I've received my program schedule last week. But still waiting to check the times are correct or not.

July 31, 2007 12:23 PM
TechnoGuy said...

@ Priyantha

Do you have old software or new software?

July 31, 2007 12:33 PM
Priyantha De Silva said...

@Thanks TecnoGuy, for making better place for return to the point.

@ I writedown this after Ricky's comment on DTV blog.****

After TecnoGuy is out of the country in next month.
If there's any problem on the DTV blog I invite all of you to discuss DTV matters in my "Star Lanka" blog.( As Riky said)


If so, I'll do my personal things in my other blogs and keep that blog for DTV matters till we return to our dialogtv.blogspot

July 31, 2007 12:34 PM
Priyantha De Silva said...

@ TecnoGuy,
New software

July 31, 2007 12:35 PM
TechnoGuy said...

@ Priyantha
Seems like a software problem. Lets hope Dialog comes soon and fixes or replaces your decoder, or else you may miss the introduction of STAR channels.

Not that the STAR channels will run away though!

July 31, 2007 12:40 PM
AMD said...

hey guys - Good news:

HBO has added the Sri Lanka Schedule for Family & Hitz.


July 31, 2007 1:47 PM
AMD said...

SIRASA TV will be showing the 20/20 world cup. This was confrimed today on the yes morning show.

July 31, 2007 2:07 PM
DLR said...

I cant see Sri Lankan time under Hits or Family.
pl confirm

July 31, 2007 2:56 PM
bank_dude said...

Shall we move back to DTV forum. It seems like the war is over :)

July 31, 2007 3:03 PM
bank_dude said...

Kalu machan blog eke dakinna labeemath sathutak :)

July 31, 2007 3:04 PM
TechnoGuy said...

Back to the good old Dialog TV Forum again.

There is a new blog post there, clean of any spam or fights, so far. Hope it stays that way.

And also, please forgive me for any mistakes I made anywhere. Please understand that I had no vested interests in what I did.

Sheran said...

There's no need to apologize.. It was stated by YOU that it would be TEMPORARY and thus it was!! so no hard feelings :-)

Hope those rules are implemented soon since they'll do some good and hopefully people will blog sensibly..

I stand by my words "Nice to see that at least some of us realize the true value of good blogging.. Keep up the good work!!"

soorapappa said...

According to my knowledge DTV (or any other company) cannot publish one thing and provide something else. If so they'll definitely violate the Telecommunications Act section 4.(f), "4. (f) to ensure that operators are able to carry out their obligations for providing a reliable and efficient service free of undue delay, hindrance or impediment;" (source : (http://www.trc.gov.lk/act.htm).

If anyone interested on TRC and their rules and regulations please refer their official website http://www.trc.gov.lk

russel said...

at last there is some peace in this blog.

so we will be getting the star package today? really great isnt it.

any news wheather we will get star cricket too?

arnold perera said...

Did any one heard this great news.

Finally comet has published their final plan along with the cost. It will be a great news for the comet customers.

Sheran said...

Okaaayy.. the Above was NOT posted by me :-s it's some other Sheran!! But why use my name!!! :-s and it's PORN!!


Gawsh how childish!! :-(

Sheran said...

PS - The users above with THE SAME NAME are different....

To prove it - User 1 is -

User 2 is - http://www.blogger.com/profile/05421941326352631026

The posts with the porn pics are done by USER 1 and NOT USER 2 (ME!!)

Please remove the posts giving links to some pornographic pictures as it is clearly done by an IMPOSTER!!! Ban the USER AND HIS IP :-(

cable said...

admin please delete these posts and enable word verfication those photots are for ch*** molestors.

sick fuckers!

If its spam it will be stopped by word verfication

cable said...

it isnt spam it's done by a sick individual who opened a blogging account in july. that narrows it down to someone who is pissed off with this blog from today.now that person is known as motherf*****

Admin if you can get this sick fucks IP adress please report it to somebody

TechnoGuy said...

Sticking to the discussion on Dialog TV...

I am really impatient to see if they will introduce the STAR channels at midnight.

The STAR channels are something that we have been hoping and praying for since CBNsat was born. The STAR package is Asia's most popular channel package.

@ Kalu, Riky
Do any of you know what is planned for 4th Transponder?

Any idea of when it will be launched? Hope it will be soon, because competitors are gaining on Dialog quite fast.
LBN has already announced TEN Sports and they will be expanding coverage even further.

Meanwhile, I really hate the dirty comments above. Admin, please delete them soon.

arnold perera said...

DTV guys, I have not posted any of those messages, MY LAST MESSAGE WAS A INFO ABOUT COMET.
I think now RAHDUS is trying to find ways to cause problem in this blog.

Just check the profiles for any issues and with out knowing DONT throw words at other and SPARK a conflict


arnold perera said...

The above "TV & Radio Sri Lanka "
profile leads to motherfucker as of now (http://www.blogger.com/profile/00217323539479493070).
All the coments are posted by the same person.

cbnsatcustomer said...

I'm sure this motherfucker is some religious asshole. Wherever those fucking religions come then a fight starts. Pls don't ruin this blog because of some religion shit.

sonik said...

will it be a "starry starry night"? lets hope star tv will be on...

and as for this "MF" cant he/she be blocked from the blog?

sonik said...

is that sheran(the imposter) trying to show asian poverty or sumthin? or is he a sick pervert?

admin plz remove the above links....

FILEnetworks_RULEMACHINE said...

An e-mail containing above mentioned URLs and another e-mail promoting Comet Cable were sent to our e-mail account (FILEnetworks).

Message-ID: 180897100707310752n3119c98am42d33ad9e557a5b4@mail.gmail.com
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 20:22:20 +0530
From: "Somebody to Love" dialogtvsucks@gmail.com

We could see few other known e-mail addresses which the sender has obviously learnt by reading 'contact us' sections of a few lankan blogs associated with TV&RadioSrilanka in the CC field so yes it's a loner who wants a little attention.

nimal said...


Hight time to introduce the new rules. Specially after your office hours as we see lot of unnecessary things happenning during that period.

alf said...

DTV is still facing some issues on the reception and technical aspects in uplinking star.They are working on it and be patience.

hsjaya said...

Hi mates,

Nobody shuld get worried about above menatlly sick mans comments. This is what happens when people become lunatics and cannot bear success of others. Dont worry. We can continue our discussion as ususal.


Jesika said...

Hi guys
Good morning !!

any news about Star ?

Jesika said...

have you noticed Still DTV haven't mention about Max Radio. And also they mention Tensports as 10Sports.

nishantha said...

well... well...
jesika Good Morning

Logo ekath wenaswela wage

Nethi Prashna Ethikarannathuwa paththakatawela cool eke inna denwath igena ganna.

Mekata aluthen awilla inna halparuwo tika nethikarala danna nam meka Andukrama Viyavasthawata anuwa Prathishanshodanaya karanna wenawa.

Ada Ada Ei Tharu (Star) decorders On karapanne.

Blog eke Lokka (Administrator) athulu sema denatama

Awada Ayubo wewa!

AMD said...


Please clean up this blog..

kumara said...






star said...

Some one using my name "star" and posting some comments agaist dialog tv. When you check that profile, it is MF. Therefore, everyone, please careful on some of the above messages.



kumara said...




AMD said...

@ Cable:

Reg: Rugby world cup telecast:
There is no link, its a mail i sent to neo and he replied to me. If u gimmie ur mail add i can forward it to you.

cable said...


no your word is good enough


Vishkid said...

Hi AMD > Appreciate if you could mail it to me as well - vishkid@gmail.com

Soorapappa - we will take up this issue of Neo+ on their site and pamphlets but not being available on the actual 900/- package.

But I hv a serious doubt whether they will actually give it to 900/- subscribers. In that case anyone wanting to watch the RCW'07 (as per AMD's confirmation) will hv to upgrade their packages. Another good marketing ploy by DTV but if that is the case, we can temporarily upgrade and then downgrade, right?

Oh btw, I too got my programme guide yesterday. So that at least has improved.

Where can I find NDTV prog guide?

AMD said...

@ Soorapappa

I asked C/C about that issue, they said its a "mistake" and that they have informed the relevant authorites to edit the website and print new brochures.

dee said...

don't try to be a smart ass ok. "halparuwo" will best suited based on what they said/act not due to new/old/black or white. So be careful when you use words.

hsjaya said...

Soorapappa / Vishkid,

DTV must give both NEO SPORTS channells to 900+ pkg as they have promised customers through their website. There is no argument on that.

Customers who have subscribed to this package have the rights to asked for these two channells.

They have to deliver what they have promised to customers for a particular package.


It is better to contact their marketing dvision and lodge a complain and follow it up with an wriiten complain.

All 900+pkg customers should first do this. Thereafter we can think what we should do collectively.

This is surely amount to unfair trade practise and we should not allow this to happen.

Radikal Zee said...

Engald vs Wales rugby encounter will be shown on Start Sports HKG feed over this weekend...we r missing out on dat :(

russel said...

riky, kaluperuma, terry

star never came yesterday. so will we have it today?

riky said...

@ Russel

That was their plan and more than technical its some administrative complications which are holding the uplink,It just ready to go once these are sorted.

soorapappa said...

yes. we should find what this conflict.

do you know how much they charge to change package ?

Yes. All our bradby clan complained this, weeks ago (as soon as we got your handbill) and CC told that they don't know anything about that and will complain to relevant authorities. But until now it is not corrected in their website. Also, last weekend they've distributed this in Sirasa auto exhibition. Seems like they're playing as they want (one of the pissed off friend of mine sent me the TRC URL).

@radical zee,
yes mate. last knight I've watched TNA and its a pain to watch with bloody hindi commentry (So new 900 don't have any good sports channel at all)

cbnsatcustomer said...

In case you did not know, DialogTV packege/tariff page is updated with star channels.


cbnsatcustomer said...

There's a channel under Music category named as "Reserved". What could it be?

AMD said...

Tks CBN. They have also added Max radio and corrected 10 sports to TEN sports, and corrected the NEO sports list. Also corrected NAT GEO adventure & discovery travel & living.

russel said...


thanx for the information. As they have added the star package also in their web site, we would uplink it very soon know?

or else they wouldnt have added those in their website.?

AMD said...


Do u have any idea what the "reserved" music channel is ?

Is it Channel V ?

alf said...


Jesika said...


They have added Rs 453.64/= as package variation.
I think this is not package transfer fee.
But be careful. If you have have ESPN & POGO with your 900/- you will lose them when you downgrade again.
So better to clarify it with c/c before upgrade !

hush said...

long wait but no star yet in sight, hopefully tonight will be a starry night on dialog TV.

anyway hope they stop the freezing on sab. Not that I watch it much but it degrades the overall product when you have issues on some channels.

soorapappa said...

Thanks. Seems like they don't charge for package change. I suspect 453.64 is (1610-1035)*days you used 1600 pack/30. By the way I've new 900. So nothing to lose :-(

don't be too excited about star pack bro. Only Star movies and star world is good (anyway... that's according to my experience)

hsjaya said...

DTV Marketing,

Good work guys

Out of new 03 premium movie channells not a single channell for 900 pkg

Out new o4 new premium sports channells one channell for 900pkg

Not a single premium film channell for 500+ pkg

Not a single premium sport channell for 500+pkg

Keep up your excellent work. This is what we all expected from you. We never thought you will do differently. You have proved us very correct.

So congratulation mates

Amalka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amalka said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AMD said...

@ Amalka

U dont need to repeat what is already in the blog. We all know those comments were not made by riky. All those were by some sick idiot trying to mess up the blog.

By the way, what news from ur engineering friend ?

Amalka said...


u will get Star Package in this week ...some time it will be 2day...(star Cricket also)

riky said...

@ amalka

Whats your big idea in posting a comment made by an imposter under my user name in another blog?

arnold perera said...

Great news about new LBN connections - The prices are reduced.

Analog Basic Main Installation
Connecting Charges Rs. 1000.00
Monthly Rental Rs. 650.00

Analog Basicn Extension (Second connection)
Installation FREE
Connecting Charges Rs. 500..00
Monthly Rental Rs. 325.00

Analog Premium Main --
Monthly Rental Rs. 1200.00

Analog Premium Extension --
Monthly Rental Rs. 600.00

Analog Premium Upgrade
Rs. 5000.00

Digital Upgrade Rs.7000.00

Digital Basic Main Installation Rs.8000.00
Monthly Rental Rs. 750.00

Digital Basic Extension (second connection )
Installation Rs.7000.00
Monthly Rental Rs. 375.00

Digital Premium Main Installation Rs.8000.00
Monthly Rental Rs. 1250.00

Digital Premium Exten (Second Connection)
Installation Rs.7000.00
Monthly Rental Rs. 625.00

Note: This message is posted only for Information

cable said...

I think Dialog will reduce have to reduce the connection charge to get more customers in the future their actual cost for the equipment is about 5000-6000

soorapappa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMD said...

@ Vishkid

did u get my mail

elakiri said...

@arnold perera,
api dannawa oka labai hondai kiyala. Eeth itin adu gaane ooka taama colombo district ekawath cover kale nene. Ee nisa kiyla wedak ne. DTV eka dan duwanne paadu pita nisa api balaporuttu wenne langadima oke inna moda meeharak marketing porawal okkoma gedara yawala Dialog GSM eke inna elakiri marketing think tanks tika wadeta bahi kiyala. Anna etakota api compare karala balamu prices and contents. Iita kalin LBN coverage eka wedi kaloth edaata apith ennam set wenna.

AMD said...

For HITZ & FAM sched for Sri Lanka:
go to:

In the country box, select sri lanka.

The click on HITZ or FAM and it will take u to the HITS or FAM page for Sri Lanka.

Free-man said...

I'm free to blog here.

Techno fellow cant stop me.

AMD said...


31st JULY 2007: Ten Sports, the world’s No. 1 sports channel for South Asians, has signed an agreement with Dialog Satellite TV, for direct to home distribution in the territory of Sri Lanka.


Free-man said...

Technoguy, who are you to ask me to leave. Get lost man.

Free-man said...

Techno: No one owns this blog. There's an admin to control this blog. Learn to respect others here.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Free-man

Er... what are you talking about?

I understand that there is an admin for this blog. I know that this is a public blog and no specific person owns it.

And I know to respect others. What ARE you talking about?

Jesika said...


Just forget it friend. Will ignore unwanted comments.
Thants the way !

for example
Who cares when Alf barks ?

Free-man said...


Read yr blog comment of yesterday 10.51 a.m. You have said some people are not welcome here. Go back and Read it again. Its in PLAIN ENGLISH.

AMD said...

Guys, can we pls all be friends.. lets not attack fellow bloggers.

Heres hoping for a " Stary " night.. ///

TechnoGuy said...

@ Free-man
That was because earlier some people were taking you as the subject of their fights.

It referred to my blog, not the Dialog TV Forum.

Its all OK now. Do not take it harshly. Lets all be friends, like AMD said.

hellbreez said...

Coming in September,

#60 + premium channels
# Free Digital Decorder
# Same Antenna
# No change in Subscription
# Razor sharp Pictures
# Lifelike Surround Sounds

Digital STB distrbution from next week.

Free-man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Free-man said...


I was replying to your comments made 10.41 a.m yesterday. You have mentioned names and said that my self, Jesika and some other bloggers are NOT WELCOME in this blog (DTV blog). It was a very derogatory comment asking bloggers to leave. Read what AMD had said a short while back: "Let us not attack fellow bloggers."

Since you seem to have regretted that comment and seek re-conciliation, I will have no hard feelings now. Apologies are accepted.


Thnaks for your concern. I don't like to attack anyone unless I am attacked personally by name.

August 1, 2007 5:21 PM

russel said...

AMD and others

guys. true that in the morning the star channels were their in the web sites packages and tariff page. But now its no longer there. only star cricket is there under the sports column.
riky, kaluperuma, terry, laksirif please comment.

is there going to be a further delay? thank you.

@ riky

please dont care of what others are saying. You are doing a great job. and thats the truth.

russel said...

maybe it wont be a 'stary night' as expected.dont what these management guys ( in DTV) are thinking about.
maybe they are thinking about charging extra for the star package expect for the star cricket.OR else they wouldnt have got those channels away from the web site know......

russel said...

guys. what do you guys think ?

riky!! we are awaiting some news from you....

TechnoGuy said...

What did I comment at 10:41 ro 10:51 AM? I can't find it.

I only mentioned you on my blog as you were a target of some of the fights. Please, let us put it all behind us and be friends again.

I can't understand...

Sheran said...


No offense mate.. It's just a misunderstanding but please be aware of the sensitiveness of what you post and that it MAY be taken in the wrong way by some bloggers..

The above comment was NOT from the DTV blog but from TechnoGuy's blog since we migrated there for some time when the fights took place..

I pasted what was discussed there in TechnoGuy's blog here in the DTV blog since it had some good information..

But doing some research I find that you were probably not welcome since lots of people were referring to your comments..


" Free-man said...

Thanks Jessica for promoting our best loved channel.

I don't need many other channels when I have this channel.

July 29, 2007 9:17 AM "

" Free-man said...

Though I had got the software upgrade (done by DTV automatically on July 18th) I was asked by DTV to 'Restore Factory Defaults' to get God TV. Though I had the 'Buddhist' channel even without request, I had to 'Restore factory defaults' to get God TV.

On two previous occasions (in August, 2005 and in June this year), I got the red-light and total signal failure when asked to do 'Restore factory defaults". Then DTV changed my decoder. This time (July, 2007), the decoder successfully 'Restored the defaults'.

Also, DTV forced me to be leave CBNSat pkg and go to DTV pkg to get God TV.

July 29, 2007 10:54 AM "

And here's one retaliation to your comments..

"elakiri said...

Why are you delete my below comment ?????
Is this has any filth ? due to religion ? If so why don't remove comments from Jesika and free-man ? I don't understand. Posted again. Read carefully.

Ok. I've also followed this from CBNSat times (even though not posted comments because at that time I didn't had CBNsat and planned to get as soon as re launch). This jesika had fight with most of the guys over GOD TV and again tried to do it lately. Now she has it (If she really wants, she can watch it whole day). What is she (if the name is real..) trying to do here. After all she got what she wants, now added GOD TV logo to her profile and start all over again. What the problem with you. You can do your religion conversion or any other 3rd grade stuff where ever you want. BUT NOT HERE !!!!
Again.... NOT HERE !!!!!
Most of the bloggers here are well educated, respectable people. So they know what is the UNIVERSAL TRUTH and they are their own and don't rely on any charity.

"Though I had the 'Buddhist' channel even without request, I had to 'Restore factory defaults' to get God TV."
What do you trying to say here ???

In my case, I've requested several times to activate Buddhist channel but GOD TV just came with scan without a request. But I've never complained about it and never published that here (because I can just remove it from channel list... so simple). Be a man !!!

you (or anyone) don't need any permission. But remember, this is DTV blog (not about religion). You can find tons of forums to discuss about religions and promote those. But this is not the place for conversions or promotions. July 30, 2007 11:12 AM"

Here are the links to the above mentioned posts..

TechnoGuy's temporary blog of DTV which was used for a few hours due to fights but was stopped later (since we moved back to this blog)

freeman's controversial comments 1 and 2

The retaliation made by a fellow blogger (elakiri)mentioned above

P.S- This is just for reference and not to start any fights...

You have made some good posts too but like I said earlier.. "No offense mate.. It's just a misunderstanding but please be aware of the sensitiveness of what you post and that it MAY be taken in the wrong way by some bloggers... "

Sheran said...

Is it just me or has the Nickelodeon EPG been removed?

Free-man said...


Education does not mean only rote learning. It is to learn to respect other people's views and to learn to respect others' faiths. I only made a comment to Jesika. It was aimed at her. By making personal attacks repeatedly on that one sentence, some people are trying to stir up controversy. Its my personal view. Learn to respect that. This blog is to discuss channel problems. I only mentioned that I had to restore factory defaults to get God TV.

Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Don't make an issue over a tissue.

There's nothing fight here. If you continually bring up old matters and argue you will create disharmony. Admin may be more strict. You are free to have your own blog. But. don't destroy this blog.

Just respect other people's freedom to express views. That's the correct education.

No offence meant. Hope you will take this criticism in the right spirit and create harmony.

Free-man said...


Sheran has copied what was commmented in a personal blog. It was derogatory of me and others. Go back and read it.

Let us not use this blog (dialogtv.blogspot) to insult or make any derogatory remarks about any of our fellow bloggers here. Let us learn to respect others' views and others' faiths.

Also, let this blog not be a place to promote people to join other blogs.

Keep to the focus of this blog: 'Discuss DTV matters' Only DialogTV matters, please.

Read what was said to Sheran.

Lets maintain peace.

Lets learn to respect others views.

Lets not make a big scene over a minor matter.

Remember, time is precious. There's no time to be fighting over petty issues.

Our bloggers are educated enough to respect other's freedom.

Most important, don't destroy this blog. Don't tempt admin to admonish you and take drastic action. He's already fed up with this fighting.

cable said...

looks like its going to be ANOTHER starless weekend. I eagerly hope that i may be proved wrong.

I am really sick of this childrens game of will there be star? or wont there be star? we are having for about close to 2 months now

Sheran said...

I was just pointing out the fact as to why there was a misunderstanding with regard to you and pointed out the comments by others as to what may have caused this controversy.. that does not reflect my personal view..

I wasn't the person that brought up old matters and made a big scene over a minor matter and argued and created disharmony as you have stated for if I may.. YOU were the one that continually brought the matter up and i just tried to bring it to a end by showing the facts...

" Free-man said...


Read yr blog comment of yesterday 10.51 a.m. You have said some people are not welcome here. Go back and Read it again. Its in PLAIN ENGLISH.

August 1, 2007 4:33 PM "

Freeman.. It's these little things that tend to become big problems and that's what I was kindly trying to point out.. see how much controversy was caused just because one blogger chose to use the "GOD TV" logo as her own!

freeman.. Freedom has it's limits and it shouldn't tend to be a hindrance to others!

I copied technoguy's entire blog post due to the fact that most of it was useful to other bloggers and as you have stated time is indeed precious and thus i didn't have time to filter it!

As for where you have stated "Also, let this blog not be a place to promote people to join other blogs." I can assure you that that was NOT the case!!

Hope you take this in a good way and try to understand what I'm trying to say because as I've pointed out most of YOUR advice can be applied to well YOURSELF!!

As for this conversation.. It's got little to do with DTV so let's stop this right here right now!

yakuza said...


no "star" yet unless your sleeping outdoors tonight.

happy to say i upgrade my package to 900 and now can view hallmark, abc, ndtv...etc

feel pity about the desperate wannabes blogging using exiting bloggers accounts
lisura, riky ...etc

wonder what trouble they went through to create email addresses and post a blog here.


thank u for removing logo

TechnoGuy said...

@ Freeman

And I did not mean to promote my blog. I've already apologized for the mistake of temporarily changing blogs in the 1st comment in this blog post.

Please, let us stop this and be in peace. Or else soon we may create another fight here.

Jesika said...


We are looking for your DTV August program Guide...

You are doing a gr8 Job!

AMD said...

Hi guys,

as russel said, DTV has removed the star channels from the package & tarrif list, excelt star cricket.

i dont understand what is happening,

I called C/C, but as usual they are clueless...

riky, Terry, laksirif, amalka,can u shed some light on this?

cable said...

bungling incompetence as we have come to expect from DTV. There catchword should be

"Incompetence yersterday,today and tommorow"

russel said...

i just called the guy who had been giving me information earlier. ( bcoz its better than calling the CC. )
and he said that the management guys are thinking about introducing another package or about charging extra from star movies and world as they are a bit expensive. And also he said the star cricket will be given to the 1400 package holders only. ( u know that already though)
As earlier he maybe lieing.
what i think is the guys in the dtv would just go for it if they can grab an extra penny from the customers. HE also said that the delay is to keep their costomers excited.

now i'm really shocked. so
riky , terry or anyother guy please help

russel said...

and today, the quality of the channels in TP1 is like shit. ITs like watching a scrathed 3rd class vcd. DTV you are a real shit...

Raki said...

Hey guys;
been following the silly antics going on here the past few days.... really disapointed at the comments! Personally i am a fan of 'freedom-of-speech' but whats happening in this blog is sad.

hope everyone comes to their senses and 'ZIP IT' on the un-necessary talk and i can get back to reading about all the latest news and comments you guys have about DTV etc and not waisting time reading 'soap operah' conversations and petty mis-understandings.

AMD said...

@ Russel

Excited ????? More like FRUSTRATED !!!

I really hope ur guy is lying!!!

Raki said...


Say it aint so man! If you are right (which i do hope you are not!), DTV is really pressing the wrong buttons to keep their current customers loyalty.

I am in the 1400 pkg. If i have to pay another cent more for anyother channel (be it the star or the moon for that matter!), i am done with DTV! They can take their "Future Today" and shove it where the sun dont shine! Crazy man!

Anyway, lets be positive and hope they come to their sences and dont add another price hike. Rather aim to recover their investment on a long term plan by increasing their customer base and customer loyalty!

Thanura said...

no signal now!!!!!!!!!!
don't know what DTV people are doing.........

Jesika said...

DTV , Are you going to sell connection to USA ? This is Srilanka. Think about the people in Srilanka. Who will buy 1600 + extra for Star ?

You will definitely going to lose your customers !

The foolished management ever seen !!!

russel said...

yeah. i also hope that the guy is leing.

he lied earlier also know. so this time also he may be lying,

but my problem is why on earth did they delete those names of the star package?( movies and world and the reserved thing.)

riky, terry , laksirif .. we need some help from ya....

cable said...

my feelings exactly mirror those of raki. I wont pay a single cent more for star and the shit service offered by DTV. If they ask for more for star i am going to go for dish TV or wait till LBN come to my area.

i dont mind going for a another connection as i only paid 8900/- for the DTV connection

TechnoGuy said...

I doubt what Russel's customer care fellow told was true.

No company in their right mind would charge more than the current 1400/= for pay television.

STAR channels are cheap on other networks, so why is it so expensive for Dialog.

So it is likely that there will be no package changes.

STAR channels will probably stay in the previously announced packages. Problem was that it was listed on the website before the channels were actually launched. Fault of communication between technical staff and IT staff. They probably forgot to remove STAR Cricket also.

If they go round increasing prices like mad, they will never be able to renew contracts with channels. The channels won't want to sign up with a service too expensive for the people.

I'm sure Dialog has more sense than to add higher than 1400.

But I really wish Dialog would introduce the channels by this weekend, before I leave the country.

hsjaya said...


DTV is a playing cat and mouse game.

We are the small mouse and DTV is the BIG CAT

First they started with giving all channells to every body for two days and suddenly all new channells were withdrawn from all pkgs except from 1400.

Various excuses were given Testing, software isuue , technical issue etc etc. But all forgotton how on earth they gave every thing on first two days.

Now there is a situation which they have puiblished in their web site that Both neo channells will be given for 900pkg and actually they have given one. Explanation is that they have made a mistake.

Finally they have taken out Star movies from 1400+pkg. Upto now 1400+ customers thought that dtv will give them everything.

Mates I dont have inside infromation. But I can tell you what Russel says about STAR movies is the truth.

DTV will be having plans to create another pkg for which they can allocate most demanding channells and charge more. You and I may be not go for that. But there may be people who can afford this pkg and go for that.

Wait and see....

TechnoGuy said...

Now I really hope Dialog is not out of their mind! Adding more to the 1400/= package is unacceptable.

Pay television is going to become "a rich man's thing" once again. Too expensive for normal people.

I can't believe Dialog is planning such a thing.

Aren't they the ones who introduced cheap mobile rates and made the mobile phone popular in Sri Lanka.
Aren't they the ones who offer (at the moment) cheapest CDMA prices in Sri Lanka.

Why on earth can't they do the same for Pay Television?

At least can't Dialog stick on to the current packages? Do they need to add more?

Jesika said...


I think Lankabell CDMA is the cheapest CDMA. correct me if i'm wrong

hsjaya said...


Do you know what there loss for the first quarter of 2007.

That is 348.millions.

THat is almost half billion rs for a quarter. Multiply by that 4 and you can assume what their loss for the entire year if the present situation continues. That is the reality.

The parent company DIALOG will not wait and see for DTV to incurr a loss around 1.5billion for a year.

Do you think that DTV management will not do anything about it.

They will do evrything in this world to have some profit in the current year.

So dont expect charity from them. They will be having many many plans to introduce new schemes in times to come to reduce thier losses.

As customers we have to face this.

Dont think that I am batting for DTV. I presented the reality.

Jesika said...

i think they have to give their decoders for very cheep price, even free to expand their customer base.

Its the solution i can see

Jesika said...

The word verification is added to the blog again. I dont know why. Is there any spamming problem ?

Admin pls reply.

AMD said...

Riky - can u pls comment

Raki said...


All companies face financial losses when they are aggressively expanding man! But now their investments for TP3, TP4, Channel sign-ups etc., are pretty much over. So, your theory of 'multiply by 4' is just wrong bro. Further, Dialog is a big boy, they wont worry too much about a 348.million 1Q loss! Peanuts compared to the returns extected from PayTV mkt.

Anyway, i personally feel that they should (and prob will) cover their investment on a gradual basis by increasing the customer base and reducing customer switching %'s.

Only time will tell what the really do though. Either way, really hope Star comes this weekend!

hsjaya said...


There is a new post. Pl comment there