Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Channels spotted on new transponder

According to information coming, it seems that some channels are appearing on the third transponder. The channels are presently scrambled and the names shown are as follows

1. Channels 37 to 54 shows Test 1 to 18, When selected the message is "Service is not running".
2. Channel 55 - Tensports, When selected the message shown is "Service is currently scrambled".
3. Channel 56 - Hallmark, Same message as Channel 55.
4. Channel 57 - E---5, Same message as Channel 55.
5. Channel 58 - ABC, Same message as Channel 55.

Most of the people seem to be receiving the list as given above but some seem to be getting only Channel 55 onwards (we are unable to confirm this). We are told that last night Tensports was visible for a limited period of time.

To add these channels to their lineup, subscribers will have to do a channel rescan after restoring factory defaults. We believe that Dialog TV will be launching the channels soon.

Please keep us updated on the status of these new channels and any more new channels that are being added.


Gamini said...

hey guys!!!
my channel lineup is as follows.

37-54 Test 1 to Test 18

from 55 - 58 Noname1 to Noname4.( yesterday it was TESNPORT, ABC, E-- and HALLMARK.but not now.)

I think its changed today. Coz today i did a system restore and a rescan.

hey!!! when they did test tramsmission after the cbnsat( i mean after dialog got the cbnsat) was it like this?

did it take a lot of time to activate those channels?
someone pls comment.

@ jessica

u cant get the multi day epg at the moment because you havent done the upgrade. There is no difference between the old and new one, Both are the same. The thing is software different. You will have to wait till DTV activates the online download stream again.
If you wanna see the new channels.do a manual scan. As the 3rd TP is there in the NIT. the decorder will automatically scan for channels in da 3rd TP.
but the thing is after they actiavate the IRD upgrade, duunno wheather they will change the passwords though. Lucky this time it was 1234. We could guess it know. AMD pls comment.

hey!!! in the satcodx it says that the software loader is activatee? u know y?

vips said...

hmmm...... seems like lots of things happened in the weekend :-)

Yesterday IRD upgrade disabled.

I did auto scan and end up with having 54 channels (18 repeat). I've then went to manual scan and I've 4 transponders.
TP1 - signal levels > 60
TP2 - signal levels = 0
TP3 - signal levels > 60
TP4 - signal levels > 50 (little bit lower)

Did they have 4 TPs ?

About EPG (earlier I thought this is available for everyone): I had one week EPG earlier as well. Don't have to wait 3 minutes to get it. Just press EPG button and press <> arrows, it'll come less than 1 min. You can then mark reminders by OK button. Reminders also working(but pressing OK on reminder won't jump to the channel). Once you mark reminders on a specific programme, you can see that on all channels EPG's for that time... pretty cool :-)... Also you can see more details on a program by pressing info (detail EPG). EPG and detail EPG are not available for some channels.

About DVR: I've also tried to get one and seems like we don't have it in local market yet. (Planned to get one from Singapore/Thailand). I saw someone had it.. Please let me know the model/brand and price.

vips said...

"hey!!! in the satcodx it says that the software loader is activatee? u know y?"

@ Gamini,
I think it's because it was active at the time of scan.

riky said...

They are slowly sorting out the technical issues and we may have a full test(Of all channels) around the 15th and DTV will start the press campaign a couple of days after that.

The software downgrade will be done automaticaly or through specific instructions in a couple days and dont mess up trying to do fancy things.

riky said...

It should be "download" not downgrade on the above post.

Jesika said...

Hay guys i haven't done the IRD upgrade. I have manually added TP3.
If i reset to the Factory default will TP3 automatically add to my TP list?

Gamini said...

@ riky

wat did u mean by a full test of all channels? pls comment.

Gamini said...

@ jessica

ya. But u will hav to enable the LNB.

laksirif said...


I hv a LiteOn(Taiwan Make)DVR which bought July last year in UK for Stg.155. It has 80GB HD. U also get 160, 32OGB etc. LiteOn have earlier been famous for DVD drives & other computer components. I friend a mine bought a Sony DVR with 160GB in March this yr for USD 450 in S'pore.

Gamini said...

hey guys!!! theres test card on test 3 and 4. And they have activated test 5 as well. I think they are on to somthing...

murshidm said...

whats the mystery about June 17th?. Any of oyu guys know. can it be Dialog TV by any chance?.

AMD said...

@ Gamini, tks for the news, please keep us updated.

If anyone has see the ad campagin

"Trash ur tv and radio Switch to a new medium from June 17",

its not for DTV, its about a new newspaper that is commin out.

murshidm said...


then what about the TV ad?.. clearly there was some foreign channels dished out in that. I saw that on ARTTV on monday. has anybody seen this.

AMD said...

@ murshidm

I dont think u and i are reffering to the same ad. The one i told about was definetly for a newspaper, and anyways if it was DTV they wont say "trash ur tv... etv "

I havent seen the TV ad, hope it will air tonite.

For info about DVR's

Thease guys deal with CCTV in the local market, maybe they have DVR's or similar products ?




vips said...

Thanks Laksirif,

I've search internet and found model from Samsung for about 100-150 USD. But it has 40GB hard disk and also not seen some features you've mentioned (like DVD copy).

laksirif said...


You should hv at least 80GB which can hold about 25-30 movies & facility to copy.


Gold FM too carries an ad which something abt a new media on 17th or to tt effect. Definitely they mentioned abt 17th & this ad went on the air last morning & again today.

Gamini said...

check in the satcodx. they hav updated it

riky said...

The advertising capaign which many bloggers have mentioned (17th)does not in any way relate to DTV.

They will only launch their campaign around the 20th

AMD said...

@ laksirif

Yes i too heard the ad on radio, they also sponsor the hourly local news on Yes FM. So its for a new newspaper.

AMD said...

Riky is correct.

The ad campaign - Trash ur tv and radio " Switch to a new medium" is for Sumathi Newspapers. They are launching in the 17th

vips said...

Ad itself says it's not regarding any TV or radio channel provider.

"Trash ur tv and radio"

LOL :-)

cbnsatcustomer said...

Now channels come as Test1..Test18
Test3 and Test4 show color bars.

cbnsatcustomer said...


Thanks for update. Are they giving 18 new channels? :)

Gamini said...

@ riky

will they test for channels now itself?
What does the testcard mean?
does dat mean dat new channels are to be broadcasted from that channel?

Gamini said...

@ riky

u mean advertising campaign?

Thanura said...

When i did a channel scan today early morning i found these channels.(first i restored to factory defaults)


then when i did a scan again i found 18 channels. (this time i didnt do a system restore)

* test 1 to 18

so i think they have renamed earlier 4 channels and added another 14 more.
so i think
tensports = test1
hallmark = test2
E``5 = test3 (both has test transmitions , coloured stripes)
ABC = test4 (both has test transmitions , coloured stripes)

reason - when we do a channel rescan, only the channels that aren't on the line up will be added . so channels test 1 to 18 will be added. but the channel scan wont remove the earlier channels. so TENSPORTS, HALLMARK, E5 and ABC will be there.

If I'm wrong please correct me.

BTW it's gud 2 hear from riky again.

cbnsatcustomer said...

A DVR is available in local market!!!

Check out this page.

It's LG DVD Recorder with a hard disk.

Hard Disk Capacity : 160GB
Multi Recording (DVD±R/±RW)
8.5GB Dual Layer(+R/RW) Recording
Multi-Format Playback
- JPEG/Kodak Picture CD/ DivX
3 in 1 Multi Memory Card Slot
DV Recording by IEEE1394
Picture in Picture
Music Photo Album
Time-shift / Chase / Pause / Replay
Simultaneous Record & Play


LG 80GB dvd recorders are available in singapore for less than 30,000/=

cbnsatcustomer said...

Here's a more detailed description of the DVR available at Abans.

Hanees said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hanees said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thanura said...

Yesterday we had 4 new channels.
and 1 was ABC.
Don't knw whether its channel
ABC family
channels ABC has great shows.
(disney and toon disney are sister channels of this channel)

comments please...........

Hanees said...



Gamini said...

ya. As there was test card earlier i just thought that they would add some channels to those channels.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Now on SET and Fashion TV

Gamini said...

yeah. they have just got rid of those two channels now. dunno y...

hey guys!!!! is it how they did did test transmissions earlier also? ( I mean after the closure of CBN and later after they started rebroadcasting?)

cable said...


The abc you are talking about is ABC networks in america thats not available anywhere outside of america

The ABC dialog will be getting is Australia broadcasting corporation which has all the rights for Rugby in the SANZAR countries

cable said...


The abc you are talking about is ABC networks in america thats not available anywhere outside of america

The ABC dialog will be getting is Australia broadcasting corporation which has all the rights for Rugby in the SANZAR countries

sonik said...

something is defintely on the 5 scrambled channels on tp3 (channels with $ at the end) the rest of the all have the same v-pid and a-pid, so they cant be in existance. however, for the few minutes that SET and FTV were on, i did not see much difference in quality. pixxelation was evident, even with only 5 channels.

Priyantha De Silva said...

If anyone want to see the cricket schedule till 2008 Fe.
Around the world including Sri Lanka Visit

AMD said...

@ Thanura,

Yes DTV will be giving ABC -
Australia Network:


U can also subcsribe to their mailing lists.

Check the schedule for Sri Lanka


riky said...

DTV have sorted out the technical matters and they tested with SET and FTV yesterday and it most likely that they will add 4-5 of the new channels today and by the 15th everything we may have everything.

So its going on schedule.

Gamini said...

i have some questions to ask from the guys in this blog.

1. If they gave all the channels in TP2 from TP3 with almost the same picture quality why cant they give the new channels just the same way they have given couple of days ago( when we had the duplication?

2. In the first two test channels and the 5th one it says E16 error. What does that mean?( Currently scrambled)

In the 3rd and 4th channels (tests) it gives the test card. ( If we go to reciever info and CA then to CA status it says that the channel are descrambled.) So that means it is working. so does that mean they will mostly do test transmisiions from those channels?

anyway, what does the testcard mean?

If the channels from 6 to 18. if we go to CA status is has E38 error. Service unvailable. what does that mean?

Gamini said...

thanks riky for the information.:)

cbnsatcustomer said...

riky thanks for info

AMD said...

Riky, thanks for the info. Looking forward to this friday ( 15th ).

@ Gamini,

A test card is the coloured card u see in some of the channels. It is a standard item in television. U can see this same test card before some of the local channels begin their transmission in the morning, EYE, RUPAVAHINI, etc. This test card is usually accompanied by a "BEEP" audio feed.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Riky,
Thanks for the information. It's like a Sunny after the long rain.

@ Russel,
What happened his prediction the new channels come on Aug ?

Jesika said...

Thanks Riky!

we can wait another 2 days

Gamini said...


hallmark channel was there for 2 mins on test 2 channel. At 11.17am. The picture quality was superb.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Test channel number 2
38 - Hallmark

When I switch on it was there. Now, It's gone again. I think the channel comes in the evening.
Now the test - 4 is working with the test card. All others are Scrambled.

Still test 1 to test 5 Active.
Last night
39 - test 3 > Set
40 - Test 4 > FTV
38 - Test 2 > Hallmark

sonik said...


when they say currently scrambled (E 16) that means that dialog has de-authorized our decoders from viewing those channels. all the dtv channels are scrambled anyway so that no one without the dtv reciever can get the channels. only we can.

E38 service unavailable is that there is no video or audio data on that channel. in this case, the channels from 6 to 18 dont yet have a unique v-pid and a-pid, which is needed by each channel for its unique audio and video content.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Gamini,
Thanks. Your in home now.

I'm going to go now. Everyone in home please comment here what happening there to get to know others. Everyone like to know the development on DTV today & after, Because this's the moment we're waiting for 6 months.

It's Cooool...

Priyantha De Silva said...

It's working...
37 - Test 1 > Tensport
38 - Test 2 > Hallmark
39 - test 3 > set
40 - Test 4 > FTV
41 - Test 5 ?

Gamini said...

on test 1 tensports was there

Priyantha De Silva said...

DTV June Schedule

DTV & all 26 channels' June schedule available here. Click on below link & Save the file in to your PC as an Excel sheet.
Than first one,

* Discovery Information Guide,
* Travel & Living,
* History Channels &
* AXN's episode numbers are available in this new DTV Schedule.

Download the file as Excel Sheet on "http://www.divshare.com/download/870174-ffe"

( Again I repeat for this new Page)

Priyantha De Silva said...


Where are you these days,

yakuza said...

help meee!!!!!!

ive Restored factory default

now i cant view any channels. the light is gone red.
when i search for channels under satellite name CBNSat it says "No transponder" or "NIT search failure"
how can i modify the LNB settings for CBNSat?
what is the low frequency i should enter for default satellite CBNSat?
the high frequency is disabled.

(note:i can add the new transponder manually)

thank you

AMD said...

@ Yakuza... dont panic!

Go to the LNB/TP edit page.

Press the red button (Modify LNB).

In the modify LNB screen select Universal LNB and set it to ON. Then Press Exit.

Press the blue button (Manual Scan)

In the manual scan screen make sure "Transponder" setting is set to TP1, if not set it. As soon as you set it to TP1 the signal strength indicators will light up.

On the same screen select "Start Scan" and press Ok.

On the "Search Type" screen set "NIT Switch" to ON and "Scan Mode" to All and press Ok.

12. Scan will be done in few seconds and u should see TP 1, 2 & 3.

Ruwan said...

Help me plzz...

I did a Auto Scan and now my channel list showing duplicated channels.
2- CNN, 2-BBC….original 36 gone up to 72 and including new 18 test channels now displaying 90. How can I revert this to 54?

- Ruwan

Lasa said...

Hey any of you know password to access settings? I tried 1234, but it says it's invalid.

TechnoGuy said...

Because Test CH 6 to 18 do not have proper data running through them, it is difficult for our decoders to scan the transponder. Have you noticed it takes a while to scan TP3. And sometimes different people get different channels (like earlier some got TENSPORTS, HALL-M, etc. while others got NoName 1, 2 etc.)! All odd, but due to a simple problem. It will be solved.

Damn, I missed Ten Sports and Hallmark. Great channels :-) But it'll probably appear again.

I'm sure most of you must be very happy to get back Fashion TV!

@ Lasa
Try 9949 and 1234. These are the normal codes.

@ Priyantha
Very busy these days. Wrong timing too. But I keep checking DTV whenever I can.

AMD said...


If u did the software update then its
1234, if not its 9949

Gamini said...

@ Sonik

thanks for the information. So does that mean that dtv is broadcasting channels in test1,2,5 and they arent showing it to us? If so why is that?

@ lasa

the past one was 9949

AMD said...

@ Ruwan,

Restore factory settings and then scan the channels.

The passwords are 1234 or 9949

Ruwan said...

Thanks AMD

Amalka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jesika said...

In TP3 it takes long time to scan.
Is it normal ?

ruwan ;

Do a "factory Default" and follow the above "amd"s procedure.

lasa default old s/w password is 9949

Amalka said...

i'm not @ home now. i like to know DTV are still showing new channels on Test 1,2 etc...

plz comment

AMD said...

@ Jesika,

See what Technoguy said:

"Because Test CH 6 to 18 do not have proper data running through them, it is difficult for our decoders to scan the transponder. Have you noticed it takes a while to scan TP3. And sometimes different people get different channels (like earlier some got TENSPORTS, HALL-M, etc. while others got NoName 1, 2 etc.)! All odd, but due to a simple problem. It will be solved."

Dont worry about TP3, as Riky said by the 15th everything will be sorted out and will be able to view the new channels.

yakuza said...


thanks man. you are a life saver

channel 39 and 40 working
set and ftv.
hope they wont run in to any trouble showing ftv this time

Lasa said...

Thx guys, will try that password.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Amalka ,

As yakuza said they it's shows
39 - test 3 > set
40 - Test 4 > FTV
Hope they'll do

Amalka said...

thanx Mr.Priyantha

AMD said...

@ Yakuaza & Priyantha,

How is the quality of SET & FTV,
are there any pixel problems with SET ?

TechnoGuy said...

The quality of the channels are low because they are being tested. At the moment, the focus is on getting the channels ready. Later (but soon of course) they will concentrate on increasing the quality.

SatcoDX only seems to scan a few times in the evening and a few times in the morning. At least it is automated, so we can rely on information.

SatcoDX does not detect the channels Test 6 to 18 because they contain invalid information and are not exactly running.

@ Riky and Kalu
Riky, thanksa lot for supporting us all this time.

Kalu, even though you do not post very frequently, you are of greatest importance as a source of information. You have been with us and helped us ever since the shutdown. My heartfelt thanks to both you and Riky.


TechnoGuy said...

SET has the old stalling problem plus pixelation. Fashion TV also has pixelation, but not bad enough to disfigure the models.

TechnoGuy said...

Channels TEN Sports, Hallmark Channel, SET, FashionTV and an unkown channel are now working on the five test channels.


Only SET and Fashion TV are actually authorised for customer viewing. The other channels are running internally, but are not visible to customers! They may reveal them from time to time for further testing.

I suppose they don't mind revealing Fashion TV and SET too much. Other channels seem to be kept in secret.

I really hope they will let us have a sneak peek at the new channels soon.


AMD said...

@ Technoguy

Riky said that DTV wont be giving Fashion TV.

Im sure DTV is planning a real suprise for us, to launch with a real " blast"

riky said...


When did i say that DTV is not going to give FTV? The thing is that I never mentioned about FTV being in the new channel list or not.

And as a matter of fact DTV has a agreement with FTV from CBNsat days and it was removed as a precaution.Authorities have never said that it cannot be aired in SL etc,But you know they may make it a point for something.

Nathan said...

Hi I'm New Here

Nathan said...

ok so ive seen the names ricky, techno guy, amd and jessika a lot. Who are the good gusy ...lol =)

Nathan said...

sorry print error = Guys?

Thanura said...

@ riky,
do u think that they are hoping 2 give 18 more channels. international channels and local ones. coz they have 18 test channels.
otherwise they would have added only the 5 active channels.

AMD said...

@ Riky,

hey sorry, i had u mixed up with russel who said that FTV wont be there.


N300 said...

Hey guys they have scrambled the al Jazeera.i have only the 900 package.can somebody tell me whether that channel is available for 1400 package.if so,this can be taste of things to come with the new channels.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Thanura
The 5 channels enabled at the moment are just for testing and getting the correct settings. Once they complete this phrase of testing, they will move on to fill all 18 channels. Maybe they will shift around the channels in the whole system so that the new channels wont be at the end of the list always.

For the moment, they are likely to test the new channels on the existing 5 channels one by one. Or maybe tehy will fill all 18. Its all up to Dialog TV to do the job right.

Anyway, we can definitely be sure we will get all new channels we hoped for all this time.

@ Nathan
Welcome to the blog!

I am sure you can trust all of us in the blog, exept:
> Russel
> Arnold Perera
> Rahdus

And also do not belive everything said in the other blogs (LBN, COmet and TV Radio Sri Lanka). This is the top place for DTV information and we intend to keep it that way.

Anyway, enjoy DTV and make the most use of this blog. Remember we are always here for you for any problem.

sonik said...

@ Gamini
ya, they probably are testing channels on test 1, 2 & 5. maybe they want to give it all at once.

tensports was active at around 1215pm. pixxelation was present, and since a sports channel always has fast moving pictures it was worse. hope they can make it right.

sonik said...

@N300 ive got 1400 package. al jazeera is scrambled.

does anyone know why??

TechnoGuy said...

No worries, Al Jazeera will probably be back soon. Must be a technical error. Or maybe they upset the Al Jazeera satellite dish while fixing another! Al Jazeera is a free channel, so they have to put it in the first package.

@ Sonik
Pixelation in test channels is there because they are only testing. They do not give all necessary bandwidth to the channels. When they officially launch, the quality will be much better.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Nathan,

It's better to read some old posts one by one If you're free. Then you won't have much problems in the future.Copy & paste some important comments in to your PC that'll help you in coming time. There're so many things to learn if you read so & also can get to know as TecnoGuy said, Who are the bad ones & who are the good ones.

Nathan said...

@ technoguy & Priyantha

Thanks guys for the warm welcome::
It sure feels great to know ppl are so nice.

Yes, i have kept in touch with this blog since its inception and have been reading most comments posted priyantha. However, it was since yesterday that i though i should get into the action too.

I remember someone saying that the 4th TP is on as well, can i insert it manually and if so what frequencies?

riky said...

Al Jazeera is down due to to a techinical fault and will be rectified very soon.The engineering staff is working day and night to get the channels going and they are at it.

Fashion TV may not be in the regular lineup but will serve as a channel which you can get on request,may be charging a nominal sum.

Gamini said...

@ riky

is fashion tv the only channel we will have to order seperately? What about the others? Tensports, neo, star ,hbo etc? will they be added to the 1400 package? pls clarify...

true that ftv is not there now. there is testcard. SET is there though. Not only Al jazeera, Rupavahini is also not working. it also says E16 error.

i thought ftv was banned in asia due to that programme mid night hot. But there was mid night hot yesterday. And also i think ftv is not a great choice while we have a lot of other great channels.

Gamini said...

@ riky

i repeat. Pls tell me wheather if there are some more channels which we will have to order spereately?
( i have the 1400 one.)

Jughead said...

riky or anybody

whats the reason behind having a $ mark against the channel name and why is it that only Test channels 1-5 carry the $ mark?

AMD said...

$ means that the channel is scrambled. Only channels 1-5 are being tested at the moment. The other channels have no audio or video feed in them at the moment

Jughead said...

thanks amd

Looser said...


All audio channels are also having this $ mark so it's mean someting else.

vips said...


mid night hot on FTV is now changed their content (I think this is after the ban in India).

What I think is it's not a problem as long as there is parental control.

YES FM Morning Show Community Blogspot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jesika said...

Riky, Kalu

Any information about GodTV?

podilamaya said...

New Channels lineup for transponder 3

ND TV --> 14/06

HBO Hits --> 16/06
HBO Family --> 30/06
Star Movies --> 30/06

Asustraia Network -->14/06
Star Plus --> 30/06

Neo Sports --> 15/06
Neo Sports plus --> 15/07

Gold TV --> 30/06
The Buddist -->28/06

riky said...

They have God TV in their plans and even the content provider is behind DTV.You will have it in the near future after they overcome some some sensitive issues that go with relegious channels.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Hello podilamaya

Thanks for information.

riky and kalu is this true?

Gamini said...

@ riky

gotta ask u sumthing. normally y are nt u making any comments of what i am asking from you?

u think that im' a jerk who wanna spoil this blog or something?

if so its ok...

Jesika said...

Thanks for your Info

Is it Gold Tv or GodTV ?

And are you sure with those dates?

AMD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
riky said...

There are no jerks in the blog and thats for sure.I am sorry that i cant answer on things which i dont know or have any information about.

cbnsatcustomer- That leneup(dates) are total bullshit

AMD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMD said...

To all new bloggers on this site:
( including Podilamaya )

On behalf of all bloggers i wish to make this request to you:
Please DO NOT POST false or misleading info on this site especially details about the upcoming channels. Please do so only if ur 100 % sure of the sources. Remember this is a blog to help, advice and share info about DTV. In the past couple of months there have been a few people who have spread false news and now they are not even heard of! Please dont treat this blog as a joke!.

@ Gamini, we do not think u r a jerk or anything like that. We are all impatient like you to get the new channels. Be patient and riky will answer ur questions IF and WHEN he can. We trust and have faith in riky but he cant be answers all our questions all the time.

Gamini said...

@ riky

thanx for the information. Sorry for troubling you. I thought u knew the answers for the questions which i asked and didnt answer. Sorry for the second time for the trouble caused.

u think that they will start showing some channels ( apart from SET) from the 15th? dats tommrow?

now itself they maybe broadcasting some, but the prob is we cant see them.


I agree.

podilamaya should be someone from another blog.

AMD , u heard about him earlier?

now in the test 4 it says E16 error.

Free-man said...

Anyone out there.

Do you have to do 'Restore factory defaults' to see new channels? The last time I did it in 2005 September, I got the red light and CBN staff had to visit me to fix it. They didn't charge me that time. DTV will chrage now.

Can someone with responsibility say "Restore Factory .." won't screw-up my decoder again?

podilamaya said...

Thanks jesika, that should be god tv not gold tv :-).

These dates are conformed to be correct. unless some major issue happens.

AMD said...

@ podilamaya

If u and riky are getting the info from the same sources then how come riky says the dates u gave are incorrect ? Who told u these dates ?
Anyway vl see if ur dates are correct but i doubt it !

AMD said...

@ free-man,

did u do the IRD update ?

Free-man said...


Didnt do any updates that time. CBN Staff asked me to 'Restore..." for a small error.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Free-man ,

If you did the IRD upgrade, nothing will be happen when doing 'Restore factory defaults' . It'll auto get the All TP's.
If not , Did u try to Re- Scan ?

AMD said...

To Free-man and anyone else who needs to reset:

DTV Resetting Procedure.

1. Selected "Installation" and press ok

2. Enter the 4 digit password (It’s 9949 of 1234 by default)

3. Select "Restore Factory defaults" and press ok, You’ll see a warning saying all settings will be erased, press ok to that too.

4. Now you’ll end up in Channel search screen with message "NIT Search Failure". Press Exit button in the remote to go to the LNB/TP edit page.

5. Press the red button (Modify LNB).

6. In the modify LNB screen select Universal LNB and set it to ON. Then Press Exit.

7. Press the blue button (Manual Scan)

8. In the manual scan screen make sure "Transponder" setting is set to TP1,
if not set it. As soon as you set it to TP1 the signal strength indicators will light up.

9. On the same screen select "Start Scan" and press Ok.

10. On the "Search Type" screen set "NIT Switch" to ON and "Scan Mode" to All and press Ok.

11. Scan will be done in few seconds. TP1 will show 18 TV channels. TP 2 & 3 will also be scanned,
( TP3 may take some time so scan as it is still is testing mode ) and In some cases TP4 too. It will then say scanning finished.

12. Press exit to go to the normal mode. You’ll have to add you fav list again.

** Please note: - U have change the Time Zone to GMT + 5.30 hrs ( under Common Settings ) after resetting. In the new software this is automatically done.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Nathan ,

Yes, There're 4 TP's on the menu.

According to the Decoder,
4th TP is the one we are talking as TP3 .

All of 4 TP's automatically get the Decoder after the IRD Upgrade.

Did you do it ?

Amalka said...

i didn't do the IRD Update...erlier i did it...but it was failier...how can i do the IRD Update now plz comment

Gamini said...

@ ppodilamaya

according to ur reliable sources On the 14th of June( and dats today) they will be giving ABC and NDTV. Ok then. we'll see...

u think that we just dumb guys u will believe in anyone who just comes and says something.
u know, there was someone called russel who tried to mislead us.
anyway, riky and kalu had given us very true information so far and that makes us believe them. ok?

Looser said...

NDTV is a useless channel?

soorapappa said...

Previously I've very low signal levels and after complaining to cust care they've asked me to restore factory defaults. But I'm so upset with that answer and complained them again. Then they've moved the dish to some other place and now my signal levels are good (>60).
So I think they ask to do so for almost any case and I think it's not a problem.
But to get new channels I don't think we need to do that. I've just re scanned (auto) and everything is there (with duplicates. Not a problem for me because I'm always using favorite list :-)

AMD said...

@ Riky

I understand the Australia Network is a FTA channel. In the line up it says the Rugby Union test matches will be encrypted. Will we be able to view these matches?

Priyantha De Silva said...

Amalka ,

IRD Upgrade Facility not available now. Before they officially launch the new channels , that facility can be available. Until then you have to wait .
That time will be anytime even today.

Gamini said...


epg for tensports is there. ( test 1) But the channel is not working. it gives the e 16 error.
so does this mean that they will activate it today?

ot does this mean that we will have to pay more to watch tensports?

riky said...


Rugby will be available on AUSTRALIAN NETWORK for DTV.The encryption is for ftv receivers.DTV has signed up for the full package.

AMD said...

Tks Rik

soorapappa said...

Someone please post what test transmissions are available to watch at the moment ?

Free-man said...

AMD, Soora....

Thanks for your info. Let me try it. However, can I do a re-scan without 'Restoring Factory Defaults.'?

Amalka said...

Thanks Mr.Priyantha

Free-man said...


Thanks for yr. help too. Let me go home & try. No, I didnt re-scan.

Amalka said...

@ Riky

new channels are come 2moro?

riky said...

They want to do so,but have encountered some technical issues which crop up during this kind of operations,They are being sorted out,Hopefully they will do something.

Free-man said...

Did someone say we cant see new channels without re-scanning?

D.L.R. said...

I missed the software updation as I was out of country last week.

Is multiday epg working for old decorders now?

Gamini said...

@ riky

thanx for da info. anyway, so when will they launch the channels?
What do you mean by

They are being sorted out,Hopefully they will do something. "

will they even enable those 5 channels even?

and for tensports epg is also there. so that mean they can show the channel if they really wants to.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Multiday EPG will load sooner if you keep the EPG information window open.
It will load within 10-40 seconds. It varies from channel to channel.

Thanura said...

riky/kalu/gamini/technoguy and cbncustomer ,
do u think we can trust podilamaya ?
coz some of the channels DTV promised aren't there. (like star world of star tv package)

Now ten sports epg is on. i think they are hoping to show TENSPORTS on same channel number after the official launch.(they will change the name test 1 to tensports)

guys post in your comments.

soorapappa said...

wait until tomorrow. We all can see podilamaya is a fake or real. According to him, we can see NDTV, ABC today :-)

to anyone home,
what is the latest status ? (I'm in office). Still only SET as new channel ?

Nathan said...

@ Priyantha

Hi, I missed the upgrade. what do i do now?

Gamini said...

@ soorapappa

Ya men. Only SET. Didnt u hear from riky that there is a techinical problem and they will do something.

anyway, it appears as if we will have to pay extra for a free to air channel( Fashion Tv) it really sucks

the full multiday epg is there for tensports. and it shows that there is WWE. It really makes me feel sick to see that.

anyway, when we do a rescan now only 5 channels are being scanned not now. ( not eighteen.) So if we do a system restore and do a rescan then it shows only 5 channels.
that solves the prob. It may be that only five would be given for the time being.

Dunno wheather da DTv technical team is qualitfied enough. The prob with al-jazeera and rupavahini is still there.

its so hard to just wait from week to week. I have really had enough with this shit.

@ Kalu

hey kalu!!!!!!!!!! pls comment. we need you also now..........

Gamini said...

@ nathan

u dont have to do anything.

Gamini said...


lets calculate the day of the official launch.

They started to add new channels to the 3rd TP on monday. Today thursday. So four days have gone. And lets say that they have activated 2 channels. The number of days is proportional to the number of channels.


number of channels more to be given 18-2= 16

number of days more to go
=4/2 x 16
= 32

so does that mean that itl take a month more for the lauch???


russel said...

The new channels will be officially launched on the 2nd of August.

Even if they activate new channels, apart from SET we wont be able to see it. Because they will be scrambled.

There are a lot of techical issues to sort out.


AMD said...

@ Gamini,

Rupavahini is ok now.
Only SET is on air, but the quality seems to be better than before.

5 channels on TEST now...

sonik said...

@ technoguy: Lets all hope so!!!! hehe.

about $ sign... its there coz all dtv channels are scrambled. we can recieve them only because we have the irdeto acces card and because dtv is allowing our decoders to view. the $ sign is there on any scrambled channel. if you can check out an fta system. it detectes coded channels with $ at the end.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Now ther're showing

Test1 - TenSports
Test2 - Hallmark
Test3 - SET
Test5 - HBO Hits

cableguy said...

As of 8.30pm 4 channels are being tested and working. I also got a message on the TV screen saying that they are testing new channels on Channels 37 and up, and to enjoy it. The only working channels are:
Ten Sports (with EPG)- Ch37(Test 1)
Hallmark-Ch38 (Test 2)
SET-Ch39 (Test 3)
HBO Hits-Ch41 (Test 5)

Also Al-Jazeera and Rupavahini are up and running.

They are coming along guys. Good things come to those who wait patiently.

riky said...

This is the list for today,tommorow we may have Neo,Neo Plus and ABC.

The others like Star Package etc, will be there within the month and may be even GOD TV.

cbnsatcustomer said...

There's a message too

cbnsatcustomer said...

thanks riky your info is very reliable.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Check & Comment guys Now,

VH 1 has E16 error
So Yours ?

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Nathan ,

Do Re-Scan or

Do as 'AMD' has said an above post in this page titled,

" To Free-man and anyone else who needs to reset:

DTV Resetting Procedure."

Wait to see IRD Upgrade active
If Then , Do it .

Don't worry these are the things you will be able to do.Your problems will be solved.

sonik said...

finally.... lets hope they dont decide to scramble anything again.

Free-man said...

Regarding Restore Factory Defaults

Someone asked me to do 'Restore Factory Defaults' on the blog today, to see new channels.

I did so just now and now see the RED LIGHT; also, no menu. Called DTV - have to wait till they send a team to my house 'within three working days'.

Two years back, same thing happened when CBN staff asked me to 'Restore ..', for a smilar step. CBN had to come over and fix it.

TechnoGuy said...

Well Done Dialog TV!!!

Thanks to Riky and Kalu!!!

I'm very satisfied for the moment with these new 3 channels. I watched a few programs on Ten Sports and Hallmark.

Hallmark has some very good programming. It is nearly at the level of STAR World, except that it does not show the latest shows like american idol. Hallmark even has Oprah (earlier only on STAR World).

Ten Sports quality is not too good. But I am sure the problem will be solved soon.

For those worried about only 5 channels

The other unused 13 channels (total 18 with the active 5) have been removed because tehy were useless at anyrate. But when they test more channels tomorrow, they may create some new valid channels to broadcast them.

Once they complete testing, that channels will be sorted in to the correct places. For example, HBO new channels will have to be moved to the first transponder with the old HBO channels. At least I hope they do so.

And I hope they introduce EPG for all the new channels, especially HBO HiTS and Family, Hallmark, STAR World and STAR Movies.

@ Free-Man
It must be problem with the software. Maybe when you update the software the problem will be erased.

Are you sure you cannot access the Menu? Try all the buttons on the remote. Sometimes the buttons may have changed.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Free-Man,

From Older Posts...I think this will solve your problem.

Jughead said...


instructions received from 'SU'

1. Turn on the decoder and go to menu by pressing the menu button on the
remote (Ignore what ever u see on the screen)
Selected "Installation" and press ok
Enter the 4 digit password (It’s 9949 by default)
Select "Restore Factory defaults" and press ok, You’ll see a warning
saying all settings will be erased, press ok to that too.
Now you’ll end up in Channel search screen with message "NIT Search
Failure". Press Exit button in the remote to go to the LNB/TP edit page.
Press the red button (Modify LNB).
In the modify LNB screen select Universal LNB and set it to ON. Then
Press Exit.
Press the blue button (Manual Scan)
In the manual scan screen make sure "Transponder" setting is set to TP1,
if not set it. As soon as you set it to TP1 the signal strength indicators
will light up.
10. On the same screen select "Start Scan" and press Ok.
On the "Search Type" screen set "NIT Switch" to ON and "Scan Mode" to
All and press Ok.
Scan will be done in few seconds. TP1 will show 18 TV channels
13. Do the same to TP2 (from step no. 9) TP2 will show 18 TV channels + 9 radio
Press exit to go to the normal mode. You’ll have the channel list

it works. i have kept a hard copy @home in case somebody plays with it and screws up again.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Free-Man,

You must do this after the the black switch of the back of the Decoder switch off for a minute & switch on.

laksirif said...

Hi Friends,

Ten Sports, Hallmark, SET, & HBO Hit 'Test' channels r working well even even this morning. Noticed that the quality in each of those channels has improved.

Its better to rely on Kalu & Ricky. Cos they hv always given us accurate information, which encouraged us to wait patiently.

Customer Desk at DTV informed that those who enjoy the full pkg will get all 18 channels added w/o any extra cost. I dunno how v can believe those guys.

murshidm said...

Hi Guys,

Here are some of my observations that i want to share with you.

The following channels were visible from 8.30pm onwards. I guess its visible to all packages.

TEST 1 - TEN SPORTS (Pixelated, very low sound)

TEST 2 - HALLMARK (Again a bit pixelated)


TEST 4 - FTV (OK quality, but went off at 9pm. was only able to catch a couple of thongs :D )

TEST 5 - HBO HITS (OK quality, and guess what they showed King Kong.)

nishantha said...

For all DTV Viewers. Specialy 900
I think Dialogtv must put HBO Hits or HBO Family in 900 Package. Otherwise There will be four HBO Channels and One Star Movie channel to Full Package. If Dialog can give Children's Movie channel Like HBO Family on 900 Package will be very usefull to make higher number of costomers with in two or three weeks after the Advertisment campaign.

What Do You think, Blogers.

Jesika said...

Important :
The guys who reset to the factory Default need to change the time Zone to GTM+5.30 to receive the correct EPG


Thanks for commenting about GODTV

Gamini said...

@ riky

nice to have some new great channels.thank you very much for everything,
Anyway, i remember u say yesterday that neo and plus and ABC would be
given today. is it possible?

are they hoping to give hbo family as well ? I'm asking bcoz u didnt
mention about it yesterday.

riky said...

Gamini- Yes they will,HBO family and Star will be activated to the end of the month, as the cost on these channels are very high and DTV has to settle the content provider once the channels are activated,but be assured they are comming within the month.

We should give big applause to the DTV staff for all the hard work they are putting day and night to get things going. well done

AMD said...

Yes, tks DTV team for all the hard work and for coming this far. We hope and wish u all the best for the future with more channels!!..

Why there is no Sri Lanka schedule for HBO family & Hits like there is for HBO, Sig & C MAX ?

DeJaVu said...

I have seen lots of bogus information over here.

What the DTV say is, they will activate 10 - 12 new channles this month and couple of new channels by August.

They are doing a test transmission with Ten Sport, Hallmark, Sony, HBO Hits & FTV (not all the time).

Anyway they will add low quality Indian feeds.

Which is not acceptable.

Even CN, Discovery, Animal Planet & Star Sports comes with loads of hindi content.

This attitude should be changed.

Cos we need a quality English feed. Better if they adjust thing. Sooner the better.

People who are interested in Hindi, they can watch bloody second class hindi channels.

Better if there is facility to get them remove, if and only if the subscriber doesn't want to watch them.

They can easily get HK, Sing or ME feed. I think these feeds having some quality English compared to bloody Indian feeds.

Thanura said...

@ dejavu,
Indian feeds have lots of hindi content. But indian feed is lot cheaper than HK/Sing feed.
so if they change it 2 HK/Sing feed we will have to pay a higher rental for sure.
I think DTV is showing us the HK/Sing feed of HBO, HBO signature, cinemax, hbo hits.
I think they are hoping to give the east asia feed of hbo family and star movies in the future.