Friday, May 4, 2007

Local channels get EPG

Swarnavahini became the first local channel to have a simple EPG on Dialog TV and this was closely followed by Derana.

The EPG still shows the current programme and the next one and it will be great if Dialog TV can introduce the seven day EPG in addition to their printed guide. The local channels EPG will bear the same problem that the newspapers have since most of the local channels tend to deviate from their planned schedules.

We hope Dialog adds the EPG for all the other English Language channels on their platform very soon.

It should also be said that the on line version of the Dialog TV printed guide was hosted on line at the Dialog TV website from May 1st this month a remarkable improvement considering the last few months and we hope that it has been posted to the subscribers too.

Please keep us updated on the latest news about Dialog TV as the days progress.


TechnoGuy said...

Good job, Dialog!

I've also noticed that the signal quality has increased (I mentioned before), and the signal lasts througout most of the rain, except when it gets to the worst (very bad weather). So the signal is up most of the time even during bad weather.

Its only for me; I don't know what others are experiencing.

And the EPG synopsis for HBO/Cinemax are mixed up again.
The same goes to AXN, where "House" had a description for "24".
Zone Reality names are still upset.
At least the programme names are correct.

Dialog, you have a lot to fix, so get some good IT fellow and fix things up for your customers. Best of Luck!

AMD said...
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AMD said...

yes i agree with technoguy, the quality has increased especially in the ZEE channels. ZEE cafe and studio is now much better.

Same about the signal strength. It jus goes off for me for a few mins as soon as the lighting or thunder starts ( happened this morning ) and then comes back and stays through most of the rain unless it gets very heavy. ( im in Maharagama )

Same comments about the EPG.

SLP said...


Pl let me know a satelite and frequency for receive sirasa tv,

As for yamal202, i 've noted the stream has stopped. cn anyone confirm this.


cuteguy said...


so any news about when we are gonna get the new channels? is it next month?

anyway, when are they gonna introduce the next transponder even? why does it take so much time? and why do they take a lotta time to upgrade the epg? is it a really complicated thing??

and 1 more question. Is the video quality got my S Video cables better than the AV one? if the AV cables get longer will the pic and sound quality be decreased?

normally where can we buy free to air decorders? is it legal to watch channels given by it, ? ( coz it has the LTTE channel as well)

anyone who knows about this please comment



Free-man said...


The Sat-dish is made of a metallic material. When CBN folks sold me the connection, they too said that our dishes don’t attract lightening. I am a bit surprised to hear that our dishes are safe from lightening. Anyway, its dangerous business to operate any electrical equipment during even a bit of lightening.

As Chami said, it’s a good idea to fix the dish closer to the ground. I’ve even advised a friend of mine to do so – he has no problem with signal levels.

Jesika said...

Thanks Free-man for your information.

AMD said...

Does the signal get blocked by plants, trees or branches and stuff ?

Jesika said...

I'm sorry for given you the wrong details.
I didnt check the contents

Gamini said...

In the STAR WORLD PAGE in Wikipedia in says that it is there in the Dialog TV lineup and the channel number given is 51. Does anybody know why?

TechnoGuy said...

@ Gamini
Must be some fool's big joke.

arnold perera said...

DTV adds are only bullshit

Jughead said...


Could somebobody please tell me how to/or whether its possible to get different channels 'within' DTV selection through Picture in Picture (PIP)

eg. have ESPN on PIP while watching AXN on the main screen.


Jesika said...


No You cant watch 2 DTV channels once. bcos the decoder only out one channel a time. You need 2 decoders to do so
Correct me if i'm wrong

Jughead said...

hm; whats happening to the blog.

not more than five comments per day.

sleeping or enjoying DTV? I wonder..

Jughead said...

Thanks Jesika.

that's sad cos i hardly watch channels through the normal antenna.

oops sorry, i didnt see your comments before publishing my last one.

riky said...

The new channels or the two transponders will be launched within the first week of june.

And its going to be a mega lineup of channels.

vips said...


It's ok :-). I've also noticed that after someone posted a comment about that :-). Funny thing is most programs are same as in the previous year.

About lightning vs antenna. I've also been informed by DTV guys that their dish is safe from lightning. But after someone posted that its not so, I've investigated about that and found below:
Since new dishes are smaller compared to the old BIG dishes someone says that it's safe from lightning. But most of the experts say that its not so and proper grounding should be done to avoid lightning damages.

So Its safe to remove the cable anyway, when there are close lightnings (We don't have signals and cannot watch DTV in rain anyway :-). Problem is it's a screw type jack and hard to remove from the TV. I've planned to add male female jacks in between.

LANKA Info said...

Spider-Man 3 @ Savoy & Majestic From 12th May..

More info:

Main Sponsor: DTV

Jughead said...

Radio Channels:

Since yesterday or so TNL (Rocks) is aired under Lite banner and Lite under TNL.

Hope it will be corrected.

hush said...

i think lanka info got their wires crossed cause it is night at the museum featuring ben stiller that was due to be released at majestic.

AMD said...

@ hush

SPIDER MAN 3 will be at Majestic & Savoy from the 12th. Check the papers

Jesika said...

You ar right

check this link

AMD said...

@ riky,

where did u get this info ?

hush said...


but I also saw in a weekend paper magazine section featuring the movie night at the musuem been released at majestic on similar dates.

also another rationale is that majestic used to belong to EAP but now different company think its colombo land but savoy belongs to EAP.its doesnt make rationale that a mega movie like that will be released to two distributors at the same time. anyway if its so it will be first time in sri lanka that 2 distributors and 2 mega cinemas in colombo is screening the same movie.evolution least some progress.

AMD said...


yes u are right,Savoy belongs to EAP and Majestic is owned by Ceylon Theaters Co. Maybe the 2 companies have come to some agreement.

Check this link:

Amila said...

Please Help me.
I dont have TNL radio in my line up.
I only have only
1 sha
2 hiru
3 sun
4 gold
5 sooriyan

But @ the end of the TV channels i have some channels named radio 6, 7, 8, 9....
but those arent working.
please some1 help me.

AMD said...

@ Amila,

I think u need to do a system reset.
If u need to i can tell u the instructions. But if anyone knows of a any other way to get the correct line up, please let us know.

TechnoGuy said...


NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM was released last December worldwide. I thought they showed it in Majestic for Christmas.

I saw the film in Singapore. Its a cool film.

But if Majestic is only showing the film now, they are utterly MAD. The original DVD of the film is now released and you can get a pirated copy of it for unlimited viewing at a cheap price, right underneath Majestic Cinema.

yakuza said...
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yakuza said...
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chami_tv said...

can somebody confirm if Abu Dhabi ODI Series, 2007 on 18, 20 and 22 may will be broadcasted in any of the dtv channels. last year Abu dabi promotional matches were broadcasted on zee sports (Then on Dish tv).

I know that the first tv rights holder was removed after they didn't pay the innitial amount.

Please confirm who are the sattelite broadcaster.

riky said...

@ amd

Doesnt matter how i get the info,It will be defeneitly there from the first week of June.

You doesnt have to go to singapore to watch a movie,If you have a ADSL connection you have the option of downloading the movie the same day or the next day through a spy toreent(Thanks to LST for paving the way).

And for sure,Star package(Movies,world,plus,gold),Neo and Neo plus,HBO family and Plus are going to be certainties.

Gamini said...

@ riky,

thank you very much for the information. Are those channels which you have mentioned gonna be added to the 1400 package? or will we , having the 1400 package pay seperately to view those new channels as well? ( like pay per view) So they arent introducing them this month know?

riky!!! plz comment.....



Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

ZEE STUDIO, Cinemax & Stereo Sounds

Cinemax & Zee studio compare karaddi mama hithanne Zee Studio
eke movies Cinemax movies walata wada handai.

But, Kawruhari note karala thiyenewada Cinemax eke sound quality eka gana.
Cinemax's sound best. Eke stereo hondata thiyenawa. Eth Zee studio sound trasmission eka
stereo unath Mono sound quality ekak thiyenne. Mama me kiyana de note karanna
nam oyala Stereo headphone ekak hari separate subwoofer ekak hari use karanna ona..

------------- STEREO EXPERIENCE ---------------

Oyala niyama stereo experience ekak DTV eken ganna nam separate 2.1 subwoofer set
ekak use karanna.( Creative is a good choice ). Oyala stereo Tv ekak use kalath TV
speakers athara distance eka adu nisa stereo danenne na. E nisa subwoofer eke Woofer eka
TV ekata langin thiyala anith speakers deka TV eka depaththen 8 feets withara distance ekakin
thiyanna. e kiyanne eka speaker ekak TV eken 4 feets withara durin thiyenna ona.

Subwoofer set eke stereo jack eka DTV decorder ekata Direct connect karanna ba.
TV eke headphone jack eka use karanna pluwan nathnam stereo jack base ekak
DTV decorder ekata connect karagaththath hari. But DTV eke okkoma channels
wala stereo quality eka na..

Menna Best Stereo Channels--

* HBO Signature
* Cinemax
* VH 1
* zone riality

Radios - Hiru FM , Sun FM

Niyama satellite TV experience ekakata nam mama me kiapu deta try karala balanna.
Separate subwoofer set ekak use karana eke anith advantage eka thamai oyalata TV eka
off karala radio channels ahanna puluwan.....................

Me gana oyalage adahas monawada.......Plz comment......

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...
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Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

For those who are interested:

Night at the museum DVDrip [700MB/AC3 Audio]
Torrent Download:

Spiderman 3 TeleSync (TUS Release)
Torrent Download:
(Medium quality- Not a DVDrip. Download sample first and see if you like it)

Waruna said...

Does anybody know where 'Kalu' is ?

AMD said...

i guess riky must be knowing some insider at DTV.

ok anyways, what about the packages >
any news on that

Jesika said...

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka : Thanks for ur information.

Riky: how about TenSports ?
now MaxTv wont show the WWE

AMD said...

I checked ten sports schedule, but they are not showing

riky said...

They are looking at differant options and have not decided on the package structure and pay per view may be an option for the lower packages,for the moment or the present position is that these will be their for the 1400/-subscribers.

As for TEN Sports,They were negotiating and basically Ten wants to come in, DTV may be looking at a bargain with comet being vunrable at the moment.

It seems that neither of the sports channels ZEE,TEN,ESPN,STAR have the Abu Dhabi series in their lineup during the above period.

kaluperuma said...

account eke problem

kaluperuma said...

Kohomda machangla,Mama poddak videeshgathawela hitiya e asse mage blogger account eka kelawela gihilla,amaruwen aya set kara gaththe.

Ko bang parana ewun kawuruth nene?cableguy,LST,LISURA,rob,cbnsatvictim,okkoma ewung nethiwela gihilla.

Riky karaya hari,june wala indala niyama selection ekak dei,edakota wena ekekutawath lang wenna beri wei

Jesika said...

Hi Kalu

welcome back !!

Looser said...

Nice to hear from you Kalu

Gamini said...

@ riky,

thanks. Dat means we will be able to watch those channels as well. I more problem, I purchased a 42'' plasma TV reasontly. But the problem with it is that the video quality appears to be a bit bad as well. There is a lot of pixelation. ( Even though it says that da TV has an XD engine and HDMI) U think da problem will be solved affter they introduce the new transponders? ( anyone u knows about dis plz help.)

and what other channels are gonna be in the lineup? Da disney channels wont be there know?

thank you,


AMD said...

@ gamini,

whats the make of ur new tv ?

TERRY said...

What is realy good plasma or LCD,I have heard that there is a problem with plasma and slowly going out of the market.

Can anyone elobarate.

AMD said...

@ Riky -

Can u confirm if any more local channels will be added as well ?

riky said...


Other than sirasa and Tv Lanka all other local channels are possibilities depending on the availability of transponder space,But there are complications as some local channels as ARTV,MAX broadcast direct from international content providers like CNN,NDTV and Ten,

It is most likely that even NDTV and Ten will be in the new set of channels,so realisticaly nothing much in the rest of the local channels which are not in the DTV lineup at present.

Gamini said...


It is an LG plasma 1. (The model no is 42PC1RV.) U know y the problem is occuring??


wats da problem with plasma TVs? never heard of it... I thought the new tred is plasma. Anyone who knows about this please comment.

@ riky
Someone told me that the Zee music channel is an FTA channel? is that true? What other channels in our lineup are FTA?
and he also said that FTV is also an FTA one...

1 more question... is it ilegal to watch the National TV of Tamil Eelam from a FTA decorder?



AMD said...

Im not too sure about plasma, but maybe u need a very high quality signal like HD to have a clear PIC on plasma. Gamini, did u notice this when u saw the tv in the showroom before u bought it ? I have seen large LCD tv's and the quality is superb.

Im not an expert in this field, so anyone who knows this subject, please comment..

hush said...

both plasma and lcd are in final phase of development and each has its unique problem. Plasma TV has a life of about 5 years depending on a average use of about 10 hours per day after that the dustbin. as for lcd similar issue but the screen can be replaced at a much lower lcd fast shots like a golfer hitting a ball can be seen a bit slow than actual, in plasma the issue is also that it will feel like unrealistic colours and true colour is a bit difficult. right now CRT type TV give the best in colour and both have its pros and cons.

both are on the hype in the technology wise like the VHS and BETA war and DVD blue and red type issue. future will decide as to which will survive but at moment LCD seems to be a fore runner in Sri lanka due it been a bit more economical and can last more than 5 years due to replacement of screen.

hope this is helpful

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...


Dialog TV - Sri lanka

Satallite - IntelSAT 12

TV Channels - 36
Radio Channels - 09
Intaractive Channels - 00
Cus.Help Channel - No

Transponders - 02
Trasponder Usage - 18 Channels in each

Compression Ratio - High (Not good)

Dish TV - India

Satallite - NSS 6

TV Channels - 105
Radio Channels - 00
Intaractive Channels - Yes
Cus.Help Channel - No
Promotional Chan. - 01

Transponders - 07
Trasponder Usage - 15 Channels in each

Compression Ratio - Normal (Not bad)

TATA sky - India

Satallite - Insat 4A

TV Channels - 103
Radio Channels - 10
Intaractive Channels - 18
Cus.Help Channel - Yes ( 02 )
Promotional Chan. - 01
TATA Sky showcase Channels - 7

ALL Video Channels - 130

Transponders - 12
Trasponder Usage - 11 Channels in each

Compression Ratio - Low ( Best )

DTH Rating South Asia -
01 - TATA sky
02 - Dish TV
03 - Dialog TV


Transponder ekaka channels ganana adu wena tharamata High picture quality ekak ganna puluwan.
E kiyanne compression ratio eka adu wenawa.
Tata Sky & Dialog TV compare kaloth Tata sky trasponder ekaka thiyene channels gananata wada
2 gunayakata kittu gananak DTV trasponder ekaka thiyenawa. DTV's next trasponders 2 launch kalama
eka trasponder ekaka channels ganana 14 kata witharawath adukaloth nam DTV kiyanada DVD quality
ekata enna puluwan wewi. Chennel gananata wada quality eka wadagath kiyalai mama nam hithanne.

Jughead said...


Try these sites(AV Forums). you maybe able to pick up some good advice.

only thing is,if you are going to change the settings, first check with the agent whether its ok. cos in some cases they advice customers not to change setting before using it for a perticular number of hours.(I'm not sure what would happen if you change it beforehand)

LG 42PC1R model:


AMD said...


Tks for that info.

Tata Sky & DISH have been in existance for a long time, im sure DTV will improve a lot in the months to come.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Gamini

Reason for problem

You TV is a High Definition television. That means it has around 4 times more pixels in the 42" than a normal tv of the same size.

Dialog and local free tv broadcast Standard Definition television (normal tv). So the HDTV enlarges each pixel in the sdtv feed to fit 4 pixels in the HDTV, to fill the screen with the image.

With Dialog's compression, the pixelation will be more noticable on a huge screen. XD will not help much, and HDMI won't help at all (see "HDMI" below).

Possibly Dialog may soon broadcast High Definition television channels (like Discovery HD), which will be completely at home in the latests television sets (like yours).

Possible solution

See if your TV has a facility to show images in the panscan (square) view instead of widescreen. The sides of the screen will not be used to display the image, but the video will not look stretched and ugly. But the pixelation will still be noticable.

Or you can wait till they introduce the new transponders. Then the channels may be spread out and each may have a larger bandwidth space.

About Plasma screens

Plasmas are in development stage and have far to go yet. Plasma prices are high, but are cheaper than LCD screens when over 50" in size. Less than 50", LCD is the best choice at the moment.


It is the best connection method to transfer HDTV video and audio. Very high bandwidth and quality. But it does not increase the quality of local and Dialog SDTV signals!

If Dialog introduces HDTV, we will need a HD copatible decoder with a HDMI connection or Component connections. HDMI is the best, using one wire with high bandwidth, while Component uses threee wires.

Looser said...

@Sinhala Guy

Picture and sound quality of Dishtv is very low comparing to DTV. Don't know much about the Compression Ratio but DTV quality is much better than Dish TV. But Dishtv doesn't have a freezing problem like DTV (SETMAX, AXN) On DishTV sometimes some transponders doesn't work on rainy times and some work well.

Never seen Tatasky so don't know about it.

I think Tatasky started after DTV(CBNSat) not sure

Looser said...


Is there a possibilty to watch HDTV on normal TV sets?

AMD said...

@ Looser

yes ur correct, TATA SKY was launched
on 8th Aug 2006, after CBN SAT.

AMD said...

Is there an agent for TATA SKY over here ?

Gamini said...

@ Hush

hey!!! in the wikipedia it says dat a plasma TV can be used 27 years by watching tv 6 hours per day. Dunno which is correct... I think in a plasma the veiwing angle is like 180 degrees. Dunno about LCD...

@ Technoguy

Thanks so much for the information. yes there is somthing called panscan. But nothing changes when selecting it.



TechnoGuy said...

@ Looser
No normal TVs will not support it.

SDTV supports only 480p, 480i and 576i. The number in these represent the amount of vertical pixels. "i" and "p" represent Interlaced and Progressive.

HDTV requires 720 or 1080 lines (i or p, whatever).

See for more information.

Tata Sky did launch after CBNsat, but put a large amount of money (they have plenty) in to it and booked most of the Insat 4B.

There is no authorised agent here. You can see that SatLanka thing, but it is mostly a scam. YOu can find many illegal dealers worldwide.

Dialog doesnt have as much money as Tata and DishTV, but development should be steady (also slow), and we will soon se a DTV as good as Tata Sky and DishTV. Dialog has the right people, funds and equipment to do the job. They just need to use their brains.

Current quality is not exactly VCD or SVCD. It is still between SVCD and DVD luckily. I compare these from time to time, and the most watched channels look much better and clearer than VCDs :-)

LANKA Info said...

Rahman with a bang for a band...
For the first time in South India, a search for a band is currently on.....

For more INFO:

hush said...

@ gamini

well i also got info from a comparison done on economist a couple of months back, anyway there is a lifetime on plasma tvs and beside who wants to have the same tV for 27 years.if i can find it i will look at number of hours on magazine. same is for LCD where brightness gone down after 5 years .

as for panscan one can view the effect if the TV is 16:9 format wide screen TV.

vips said...


Does anyone know how to get program guide for zee trendz ? I've tried in but it won't load the page completely (I can see days but no contents)
Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

FTA Channels on DTV Lineup -

*Al jazeera
*Z music


FTA Reciver ekak use kaloth godak honda channels thiyenawa...
Menna ewain useful channel samaharak...

Best FTA Channels for South Asia -

7 Star Care
Al jazeera
Asianet News
Asianet Plus
B4U Music India
B4U Music UK
BBC World
DD Sports
DD India
DD National
DD News
EWTN Africa & India
Fashion TV
Gemini TV
Headlines Today
India TV
Jain TV
Jaya TV
Mh 1
Music India
NE Hi Fi
Sahara One
SET Europe
SS Music
Sun News Channel
Sun TV
Total TV
TV 9
VH 1 Thailand
Zee Music Asia
Zee Music UK
Zee Smile

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

@ gamini

DTV Line up eke FTA channels thibunath ewa DTV trasponders walin encripted
channels widihata thamai transmit karanne..

"and he also said that FTV is also an FTA one... " - Its not true.

Ex - Z music FTA reciver ekakin balanna ona nam IntelSAT12 n DTV haraha
balanna ba. Ekata Z music FTA Transmission ekenma use karanna ona.
Z music FTA widihata AsiaSAT 3S & NSS 6 wla thiyenawa.

Anith channelsnuth ehemai..
FTA reciver ekakin Tamil Eealm TV eka balana eka illegal kiyala katawath kiyanna ba.
Eth Tamil Eealam Telivison eka kalin dawaka thahanam kala neda. France wala intelSAT
headquarters Sri Lanka rajaya karapu illimak nisa IntelSAT 12n Tamil Eealam Telivison
remove kala kiya news walata kiwwa. Eth athhatama eka ain kalada kiyala danne na.
Eth Lyngsat wala chek kalama europe beam eken Tamil Eealm TV remove karala thibunath
India beam eke eka thama thiyenawa.

@ Looser & AMD

Looser thanx. Mama hituwe compression ratio ekath ekka baluwama. DTVta wada Dish TV
hondai kiyala. Samaharawita DishTV lage equipment DTVlata wada parana athi. Eth india wala
inna mage yaluwek kiwwa TATAsky nam best kiyala.

Looser oya hari TATA sky patan gaththe DTV walata passe. Dish TV thamai south asia wala
first DTH service eka. Second eka CBN Sat, 3rd eka thamai tata sky.

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

ESPN STAR Sports announces launch of 'STAR Cricket', a dedicated 24x7 cricket channel

The new channel, christened STAR Cricket, will commence transmission in the month of June 2007. STAR Cricket will be the 15th network launched by ESPN STAR Sports in the Asia Pacific region.

New Delhi, Delhi, IND, 2007-04-24 23:17:21 (

ESPN STAR Sports, Asia's premier sports broadcaster, announced the launch of a dedicated Cricket Channel especially for audiences in the Indian subcontinent. The new channel, christened STAR Cricket, will commence transmission in the month of June 2007. STAR Cricket will be the 15th network launched by ESPN STAR Sports in the Asia Pacific region.

Speaking on the occasion, R C Venkateish, Managing Director, ESPN Software India Pvt Ltd, said, "ESPN STAR Sports has recently acquired the rights to many major sports properties including the biggest cricket property in the world, the ICC global telecast rights. The two channels that we have are already brimming with high quality content. Going forward, we intend to further strengthen our content line up both in cricket and other sports, which we will showcase on our networks. The launch of STAR Cricket is part of our long term strategy to further strengthen our offering to the sports fans in the country.

STAR Cricket will showcase live India and non India cricket for the passionate Indian cricket fan. We plan to add quality first class cricket coverage from around the globe as well. The channel will also showcase feature programming on cricket including reality shows, archival programming and magazine shows."

Describing the need for a dedicated cricket channel, Venkateish said, "With lots of cricket and other sporting properties with us, we decided to give the Indian fans the unmatchable joy of enjoying their cricket with the depth they would like to see. While ESPN and STAR Sports will also continue to broadcast LIVE cricket as well as other key properties, STAR Cricket will be the one stop destination of all the cricket action, history, updates, views and reviews."

Ravi Shastri, ESPN STAR Sports expert commentator and the recently appointed manager of the Indian cricket team for the upcoming tour of Bangladesh said, "Cricket is a religion in India -- the interest, passion and emotion this game evokes will remain unmatched for all times to come. With Cricket being an integral part of our lives, a dedicated cricket channel with the right mix of live, non-live and feature programming was always needed and I am delighted STAR Cricket would fill this existing gap. There is a huge interest for live, quality, first class cricketing action from the top test playing nations as well as content meticulously customised for the Indian audiences, which is what STAR Cricket would strive to provide its viewers. I personally believe STAR Cricket is the best thing ever to have happened to the Indian cricket fan."

Harsha Bhogle, renowned cricket commentator and fellow member of the "Few Good Men" on ESPN STAR Sports, said, "I believe STAR Cricket will be everything a cricket channel should be with a combination of live cricket and specially produced programming. I hope a real cricket lover will feel he is at home with STAR Cricket for he will get to see more than international cricket. When I was young, we could hardly follow games unless the newspaper published the scorecards; then the internet arrived but this will give people an opportunity to see and form their own opinion. I would like to believe we will present cricket with a conscience."

With the ICC telecast rights for the next eight years and rights from Test-playing nations like England and Australia, the ESPN STAR Sports network is looking at a total of 24 Test matches and 42 One Day internationals in 2007 alone. In addition, ESPN STAR Sports will also showcase the ICC Twenty20 World Cup later this year featuring 27 matches.

In addition, ESPN and STAR Sports have an exciting array of non cricket properties like F1 and A1 in Motor Sports, Euro 2008 in soccer, the hugely popular English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, Grand Slam Tennis action from the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon, the Premier Hockey League and best of action from the world of Golf and Wrestling.

With STAR Cricket coming on air in June cricket fans will be able to watch the India tour of England where they will play four tests and seven One Day Internationals.

D.L.R. said...

DTV customer care is now answering within few seconds. Thank you DTV for that.

R they going to receive local channel with any good method in future after launching new transponders? B'cos now some local channels like Rupavahini's quality is very poor. At least they have to adjust their FTA receiving anntena.

@Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka
Cinemax vs Zee studio
I agree with you & also I have comment on this in my blog.

Comparing with their content ZeeStudio's selection is best. It shows all types comedy/action/horror/classic etcc. But Cinemax is only horror & Action.
I think giving more room to Zeestudio is worth.

Kalu, Ricky
What are the comedy movie channels we can expect with new transponders

10 days or 1/3 of month is over
We stiil waiting for programme schedule. IF you r sending after 20th pl advice postmans to throw them to dustbin directly.

AMD said...


go to

Free-man said...

Got DTV guide paper copy yesterday. E-copy available at website too. (Hey! We dont need a colouring book for kids in the DTV guide!!)

Still no Nat Geo and Zone Reality prog. guide which are my favourites.

cuteguy said...

@ freeman

u live in colombo? ( maybe dats y u have got da guide so quickly) Itl take like 3 more days for us to get it as we live in matara.

Hey is there a colouring book in the DTV guide this time? u gotta be kiddin....

Hey kaluperuma and riky,

are we also gonna get tensports in our lineup?

AMD said...

Channel 1 MTV is showing the India - Bangaladesh series

AMD said...

@ Riky -

Any news if the NEO channels & STAR CRICKET will be included in the new line up.

Free-man said...


My home's in Kirulapone. My other pals closeby, too have got it.

No kidding! The DTV guide front-cover page itself is a colouring page. Then the last page too is like that. What a shame! Why cant they get some decent pages or at least an advert, to earn themselves some money?

You can get the e-copy from too.

Free-man said...

From next Monday, Nat Geo will show 'Seconds from Disaster' week-days 10 p.m. That's a superb program.

riky said...


NEO will be there and hopefully TEN which they are still negotiating and havent signed a contract for.

AMD said...

Tks Riky.

NEO is showing the India - Bangaladesh cricket series.

CHANNEL 1 MTV is getting the direct feed.

AMD said...


Abu Dhabi one-day series in
real doubt

ORGANISERS of the one-day series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi were yesterday fighting to keep the event alive. Due to begin next Friday May 18, the three-match series has been beset by problems since it was announced. The most recent of which saw the original schedule, due to begin on May 9, put back when the Sri Lankan team was stranded in London on their way back from the World Cup due to air attacks by the Tamil Tigers back home.

But since that hiccup it has emerged that Sri Lanka have demanded an extra $250,000 on top of the $500,000 agreed appearance fee having reached the World Cup final. And this, coupled with problems over selling the television rights for the series, means that there now exist doubts over whether it will be staged at all.
“The problem is that the Abu Dhabi Cricket Council (the organisers) has still not sold its television rights for the series and are facing fund flow issues,” a source close to the body said. “Whereas the Sri Lankans want the payment made by Tuesday May 8 to play in the series,” he added.
Yesterday 7DAYS tried to contact the ADCC for comment but they were unable to respond. And at the time of going to press last night, 7DAYS did not know whether the increased fee had been paid to the Sri Lankan Cricket Board. Sources added that the organisers were still negotiating with Geo television of Pakistan, MTV of Sri Lanka and Ary for the sale of television rights territory wise.
While Geo is negotiating for the Pakistan rights, Ary wants rights for Middle East and Europe and MTV is only interested in showing the matches in Sri Lanka for a small sum of $75,000. It is estimated that the ADCC needs about $2.5 million to put on the series and figure that could be too high for the private venture.
If the series does not go ahead it will doubtless come as a huge disappointment to the many cricket mad fans living in the UAE. One such fan said he would be gutted if he didn’t get to see his beloved Pakistan next week. “It will be a real disappointment if the matches do not go ahead,” Pakistan supporter Saeed Muhammad said. “We all had to watch the World Cup on TV and this was a great chance to see my heroes in the flesh,” he added.
The organisers had already been bowled a bouncer when Sri Lanka announced that three of their biggest stars wouldn’t be appearing in the capital. Should it go ahead, Muttiah Muralitharan, Chaminda Vaas and Kumar Sangakkara will miss the series because they are playing county cricket in England.
The last major international to be staged at Abu Dhabi was also beset by problems. The two-match DLF Cup between India and Pakistan last April was a sell-out, but crowds complained they were denied water in baking temperatures and treated “like refugees”. A heavy security presence also led to leading cricket figures being locked outside the ground. Malcolm Speed, chief executive of the International Cricket Council and Sharad Pawar, head of the Board for Control of Cricket in India, were kept out of the stadium due to heavy security protecting Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf.

vips said...

Thanks AMD, is outdated and is correct.

I still not received printed copy of prg guide. :-(