Thursday, May 10, 2007

EPG needs to made more acurate

Whilst it is happy to note that TNL TV on Dialog TV has also got it's EPG activated making a total of three local channels with EPG and the only other three local channels that are without EPG are ITN, Rupavahini and Channel Eye. It is a fact that the EPG is still facing some accuracy issues.

The Zone Reality EPG is totally wrong from the day that it was activated and the some other channels also show wrong EPG at times. Certain English channels such as Zee Cafe, Studio, Animal Planet, Travel & Living, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera have no EPG at all. Even Hindi channels such as Zee TV, Cinema, etc except SET Max have no EPG. However the EPG should be first completed for English channels before the Hindi channels since most Dialog TV customers watch the English Language channels.

The EPG is an integral part of a DTH service and we hope that Dialog TV appoints responsible personnel to look into the problems with the EPG and maintain 100% accuracy at all times.

We understand that some channels may reschedule certain programmes but most of these content providers provide adequate notice of any rescheduling so this should be picked up by Dialog TV and updated accordingly. Maintaining the accuracy of the EPG of local channels maybe more difficult and is not easy to achieve but the accuracy of the EPG of other channels is a must.

The EPG still shows only the current programme and the next one and we hope that this is updated to provide a EPG with at least one weeks programming in advance.

According to comments we are receiving even though Dialog TV updated their on line programme guide on the 1st of May the subscribers have started receiving their printed guides only yesterday and we hope that Dialog TV enables subscribers to receive their guides by the first week of the month.

We request the management of Dialog TV to immediately appoint personnel to sort out the problems with the EPG and introduce EPG for all the other remaining channels as soon as possible.


D.L.R. said...
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D.L.R. said...
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D.L.R. said...

Accidently I watched good progeamme of life saving techniques day before yesterday on Zone reality (from 7.30p.m. tp 8.30p.m.). Can't remember the name of the programe. It's web site not supporting to search past programme details. Can any body help me to find that program name. then I can record that when it telecast again.

@Free Man
I think Zone reality is not publishing their line up more than 7 days.So it is very difficult to insert that in grogramme guide.

Also I noticed Zee studio's times are not similar to the web sites schedule. It may happend with their advertising time slots. only 9p.m. film is starting on time

Amalka said...

i like to know when DTV giveing new channels (exactly)& what are the channels

AMD said...


Abu Dhabi one-day series in
real doubt

ORGANISERS of the one-day series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Abu Dhabi were yesterday fighting to keep the event alive. Due to begin next Friday May 18, the three-match series has been beset by problems since it was announced. The most recent of which saw the original schedule, due to begin on May 9, put back when the Sri Lankan team was stranded in London on their way back from the World Cup due to air attacks by the Tamil Tigers back home.

But since that hiccup it has emerged that Sri Lanka have demanded an extra $250,000 on top of the $500,000 agreed appearance fee having reached the World Cup final. And this, coupled with problems over selling the television rights for the series, means that there now exist doubts over whether it will be staged at all.
“The problem is that the Abu Dhabi Cricket Council (the organisers) has still not sold its television rights for the series and are facing fund flow issues,” a source close to the body said. “Whereas the Sri Lankans want the payment made by Tuesday May 8 to play in the series,” he added.
Yesterday 7DAYS tried to contact the ADCC for comment but they were unable to respond. And at the time of going to press last night, 7DAYS did not know whether the increased fee had been paid to the Sri Lankan Cricket Board. Sources added that the organisers were still negotiating with Geo television of Pakistan, MTV of Sri Lanka and Ary for the sale of television rights territory wise.
While Geo is negotiating for the Pakistan rights, Ary wants rights for Middle East and Europe and MTV is only interested in showing the matches in Sri Lanka for a small sum of $75,000. It is estimated that the ADCC needs about $2.5 million to put on the series and figure that could be too high for the private venture.
If the series does not go ahead it will doubtless come as a huge disappointment to the many cricket mad fans living in the UAE. One such fan said he would be gutted if he didn’t get to see his beloved Pakistan next week. “It will be a real disappointment if the matches do not go ahead,” Pakistan supporter Saeed Muhammad said. “We all had to watch the World Cup on TV and this was a great chance to see my heroes in the flesh,” he added.
The organisers had already been bowled a bouncer when Sri Lanka announced that three of their biggest stars wouldn’t be appearing in the capital. Should it go ahead, Muttiah Muralitharan, Chaminda Vaas and Kumar Sangakkara will miss the series because they are playing county cricket in England.
The last major international to be staged at Abu Dhabi was also beset by problems. The two-match DLF Cup between India and Pakistan last April was a sell-out, but crowds complained they were denied water in baking temperatures and treated “like refugees”. A heavy security presence also led to leading cricket figures being locked outside the ground. Malcolm Speed, chief executive of the International Cricket Council and Sharad Pawar, head of the Board for Control of Cricket in India, were kept out of the stadium due to heavy security protecting Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf.

TechnoGuy said...

Has anyone recorded the Sri Lanka cricket support songs?

I want one (Asian Paints advertisement song, but full version) with video or only just audio.

Can anybody help. Thanks

AMD said...

@ t GUY, i hav the gypsies one, audio only

Kasun said...

I Have the mp3. post ur Email Ill send it yo you. or is their a wat i can attach it to this Blog.

Will DTV Introduce new channels soon. Cant wait till they introduce new channels.

D.L.R. said...

DTV is promoting new connections to dialog GSM corporate package users for fare rates
12500/= for first connection & 8000/= for second decorder.
But the packages they offered is different. 500+ one does not include AXN.

Looser said...


The name of the that programme is "What should you do?"

Telecast time is 9.30pm to 10.30pm not 7.30 to 8.30.

If you're talking about life saving on Beach, yes it is 8.30 to 9.30 "Surf Rescue".

You can get a programme guide from (you have add 3.30hrs to that time because it shows Southafrican time) or send me an email to

TechnoGuy said...

@ Kasun and AMD
Thanks a lot.

But I found someone who says he has all the song videos recorded. I'll see if he can give it (don't trust him). I he can't, then I'll take it from you.

A new question
What are the prices of extra decoders for Dialog TV? How much do we pay for the decoder, and how much monthly. If there a discount on second connection?


Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Thamath Cinemax eke Chineese CHO CHO CHI wala iwarak na. Dish TV use karana kawruhari kiayanawada Dish TV walath cinemax wala ON LOCATION wage programmes wala CHINEESE ahenawada kiyala. Mama DTV eken ahuwama kiwwa eka DTV eke awlak nemai kiyala. Eth e kathakarapu porath e gana hariyata danne na. DTV
eka dan nam ikmanata answer karanawa.wenada wage paya ganan line eke inna ona na.

Eth dan eke inna porawal gana mage nam kisima pahadeemak na.adu gane un TRANSPONDER kiyanne mokakda kiyalawath danne na. Mama me langadi kathakarala kiwwa Zee Studio eke quality wadi karanna kiyala. E pora kiayanawa ehema wadi karanna ba e hati kiyala. Mama Zee Studio eke pixalation gana kiwwama kiyanawa ehema wenne wahina nisalu... Onna ahaganna Channel eke quality lost wela thiyanne wahina nisa.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka,

DishTV wala Cinemax na.

D.L.R. said...

Thanks looser.

First time I visited DSTV website.
It's wonderful. When can we expect this typr of informative site from DTV? in 2020?

Jughead said...

Watch 'Genesis' in action featuring phil Collins on Saturday 12th May 5.00pm - Zee Studio

Gamini said...

hey, i got the programme guide for this month. AS we are in matara, i think that most of the guys in the island must have got it.

After getting it ,what i first of all did was, I coloured those two colouring pages. lol...


D.L.R. said...

I'm In Kottawa but still waiting for the guide. No need rocket science technology to post the prgm guide on time. Why these DTV people can't handle this small job in good manner

AMD said...

Went to AMW service center - They had
SONY BRAVIA LCD TV with DTV, the quality of Discovery was not that good, but AXN and ZEE channels was excellent.

Amalka said...

i recorded DTV programs from my computer.but recorded clip no sounds.

any one help to me

nishantha said...

After two weeks, I have good news to Zee studio lovers.
I'v got Zee Studio shedule for next 3 weeks. You can attach this to your monthly guide.

Some one need this please give your mail number.

100% Sure

Hora boru Ne Wancha ne

I have alreade mailed to name called Looser.

When you get your mail, post comment that you have it and 100% sure.

Finaly We have to wait until JUNE (BALAGIRI ADA NEMEI HETAI) Wage thamai

Amila said...

i don't have tnl and some other radio channels in my line up. so i hav to do a system reset.
can any one tell me how to do a system reset.
will it do any harm to the system.
what can i expect after the reset.

Looser said...


Yes I got it. Thanks

I'll check it tonight.

Gamini said...

@ nishanta

What do u mean by saying that we'l have to wait until June? Were you saying about the new channels and the transponders and stuff like that?
I'm not sure about that even... Maybe it'll be like the end of June or the begining of July....

u know its the future today know..

riky said...

The new channels will be there in the first week of june for defeneite,It seems that the Star package is going to be the south asian feed.To my knowledge Comet and LBN gives the asian feed

riky said...

Does the feed depend on the country? Every operator (Other than satnet which is a direct indian feed and their illegal dealers like telecave who give Dish maxi package) in SL have the HBO/AXN/STAR MOVIES asian feed.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""Star package is going to be the south asian feed.""

Dont think it will be much of a difference. Star Movies and World (the two english only channels) carry almost the same feed for Indian and Asian versions i think.

Star Plus and Star One are born to be Hindi bullshit channels anyways so you wont be getting anything better in Asian feeds.

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...


Oya system eka reset karanna ona na. Me widihata karanna.

*main menu ekata yanna..
*eke installation option ekata yanna..
*intallation menu eke chanell search option ekata yanna..
*eke manual scan walata remot control eke nil(blue)button eka obanna.
*dan start scan denna...
*scan unata passe menu eken exit wenna...
*system reset nokara me steps kalama hari.


Mama DTV eken aluth traspnder eka gana ada ahuwa. thawa masa 2k withara yawi kiwwa.......

Gamini said...

@ riky

U think Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka is correct? WILL IT TAKE LIKE 2 MORE MONTHS? I think we are just dancing without any kinda music.

Are you really sure that the new channels will be introduced in the first week of June?
( Maybe the customer care guys dunn know what a transponder is)
Anyone who knows about this please comment. U know, it really makes us feel really really sick.


Gamini said...

@ amila,

I"ll tell you how to do a system reset. Just go to installation. Type the password. ( The default is 9949) Go to the last tab, and selectit.( Restore to defaults. )

After rescaning enable the LNB. ( I think its in the system settings)

If i am wrong please correct me guys.


Looser said...

I think Asian feed of Star is much better. You can compare by getting a programme guide from Startv website.

Anyway the SouthAsian feed is also better than HBO. But why do they get South Asian feed while Comet and LBN get the Asian feed.

There are lots of hindi ads in it. You know how we watch the World Cup on SetMax.

D.L.R. said...


Check your recording stream is correct.
double click speaker mark on lower right side coners pane & choose Options->device->Recording

Then select your appropriate device name.

fwd your result to further help

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Im in Kamburupitiya, Matara... Yesterday I recived my May programme guide... What a funny thing
is that..........


DTV Decorder Resting

Kage hari DTV channel line up eke awlak thiyenam, channels adu nam
( Samahara ayage radio channel lineup eka kachal), ehemath nathnam channel names wenas unama
eka ikmanata update karaganna ehe ona unoth decorder eka reset karanna epa. ehema reset kaloth leda
wadi.. ehakota Decoder eke time eke waradinawa. E kiyanna aphu CHADRIKA MADAM ge
welawata decorder eka hadenawa... Oyalage Favourite Lists erase wenawa... enisa decorder eka
resrt nokara channel search karanna( kata hari ona nam mama kalin thanaka kiyala athi karana
widiha )

@ nishantha

Plz send me Zee Studio schedule...


Amalka said...


thanx macho i'll do it.if i have a problem i 'll tell u


riky said...

What does the Customer care guys know?Not even the junior managers know when and what?Its going to happen in the first week of june officialy and thats for sure.

As per the Star Bouquet is the asian feed adverstisment free? The one in Dish TV has a shitload of indian advertisments.I'll confirm to you in a few days whether its the feed from HK or India.

cuteguy said...

@ Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka

hey... i dont think that its such a big deal to reset the system.

After resetting u'll have to make three changes

1. Enable the LNB
2. Change the time to GMT + 5.50 ( Because it'll be changed to GMT + 6 after resetting)

3. We'll have to make the favourite list once again.

You know, normally I reset the system daily. ( Duno wheather its bad) Just to know wheather any names of the channels have changed.

( The earlier software needs to enable the LNB. The new one doesnt.)

Someone who knows about this please comment.


TechnoGuy said...

The DialogTV Wiki is now open for reading and editing!

It works in a similar way to Wikipedia. Visit it now!

Amila said...

@ sinhala guy SRI LANKA

thanx for the solution.
but theres a little problem.
i got all the channels.
but now i hav 2 slots for every channel sayin da same name.

how can i make this disappear.

TechnoGuy said...

OK, guys. After weeks of thinking and dreaming, days of wondering, and 6 hours of developing, DialogTV Wiki is born!

This is a place for all customers and knwoledgable people to inform others about the features, advantage, disadvanages, etc. of Dialog Satellite Television.

The wiki may be freely edited by anyone who is registered. Go to the wiki (link at the end of this comment) and to the "Registration" page on the SideBar. It is then up to the registered users to update the information and create new (necessary) articles in any way they can. Even the smallest bit of help is Very Welcome!

Registered users can edit articles using two interfaces (one like in Wikipedia, and one more simpler). The system is quite similar to MediaWiki used in Wikipedia, although much smaller and less powerful. sers may also hold discussions on the content in each article (comments).

I've already completed the Rules/Regulations and Channel list. But it is up to you to create and update the rest. Of course I will do my part even if no one else is bothered.

This is currently just and experiment. The wiki may or may not be useful, and the limits of PBwiki are likely to trouble us sooner or later. Vandalism will be the worst thing, but can be sorted out by giving registration only to trusted people (on this blog especially).

Thank you everyone and I hope for your support soon. Maybe one da we can start up a larger server with MediaWiki and all.


PS: Max Radio is now available in DTV!

Gamini said...

yeah... MAX Radio is there. Dunno wheather it takes a lot of space to add a radio channel compared to a tv channel.

Will they add Max TV as well?

@ riky

u r sure know, that the new channels will be coming by the first week of June along with the new transponder? The news u have got is from a reliable source know?

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

@ Amila

Oya decorder eka reset nokara ayath parak channel search karanna..

Ehema hari nogiyoth decorder eka reset karanna.
Oytaha samaharawita kothana hari waradinna athi.

Reset karala aphu channel search kranna


@ cuteguy

Decorder eka reset nokara channel search kalama kisi awlak na okkoma hariyata update wenawa..Sure oya kiwwa wage LNB eka enable karanna oneth na..... Me wdihata mama hamadama channel list eke change ekak thiyeda kiyala chek


DTV thama A1 , Natgeo Adventure kiyala wenas karala na...
SET channel eka setmax walata wada hondai...
Indian Ideol me dawas wala SET eke telecast karanawa...English Subtitles wath nathi Hindi movies pennanawata wada SET hondai..

Thanx Techno

bank_dude said...

sinhala guy srilanka,

parana decoders wala LNB enable karanna one reset kaloth. ae wagema manual scan karanna one transponders select karala. Aluth decoders wala reset kalama auto scan wenawa.

yakuza said...


AMD said...

@ Amila,

I hav a detailed resetting procedure of DTV and i hav checked it and it works fine. Send me ur mail add and ill email it to u.

Looser said...

Yesterday On DishTV, HBO telecasted the Film King King in Hindi. Fortunately DTV have the asian feed of HBOs.

I think this will happend to Start Movies also and if DTV is getting Star from Indian feed what wil happen to us. If so DishTV is much cheaper than DTV. If DTV giving the same thing why we pay more money.

D.L.R. said...

Max radio now on line up.
Why DTV cant add Neth Fm , Their sister channel?

I have noted that our decorder's time is +2min from the actual. Can't dtv to adjust this.

Is it possible to upgrade our decorders sowtwares & add active panes chanel like Dishtv do? or only new decorders will help to active/interactine panes.

nishantha said...

I have some Ques-
@ Ricky
As you mention Is that true that Dialog trying to get Star pacakege on South asian feed or South east asian feed which already AXN, HBO's, Cinemax have.

South Asia Feed means, India-Sri Lanka-Pakistan-Ban. India feed also in this South asian feed.

Cinemax, HBo Signature only in Singapore and bangkok feeds Which we called South east asia feed.

Dtv's Nat Geo Adventure (A1) is a Star Tv package chanel. comming from the Singapore feed. (One and Only channel comming from singapore feed and Distributing by Star package)

As I know Singapore and Hong kong Feed have fox news, Fox crime, Fx, Fox reality on their Star tv line up. Is it possible to have those channels in Dtv line up.

Otherwise we will have Natgeo Wild
@ any one
My friend not joinign to this blog have some broblem with his reciever. he said that sometimes on his reiciver have this massage 'E07 error on Sim card. Please Insert your Sim Card'
Does anyone know about this matter.

AMD said...

@ Nishantha,

There may be some dust or some problem with his SIM CARD. Tell him to remove the SIM, clean it and insert it again and check.

AMD said...

Guys I checked the Schedule for Star Movies & Star World from the Star site.

Under - STAR MOVIES IN INDIA and STAR MOVIES IN SRI LANKA, its the exactly the same schedule. But i dont know if the same movie is been shown in Hindi in India.

The same goes for STAR WORLD IN INDIA & STAR WORLD IN SRI LANKA - The same exact schedule.

nishantha said...

@ amd
Thanx, I will tell him to do that,

@ sinhalaguy Sri Lanka,
I have e-mail your Zstudio guide to

@ looser
did you chek it on last two days. I also cannot sure weather their line up right or wrong. because they change thier line up usualy. But I think This one is correct.

@ some one have new connection under dtv
have your sattalite name on installation manual change to dialog tv or still CBNsat. You also can see it on our box wich appear in your screen when you changing the channels.

Looser said...


Check with Cometcable schedule, you can see the difference. Earlier also showed this but now it shows the indian schedule to SL too. Starmovies in india in English so far.

I didn't check the full detail but I think it's correct.

yakuza said...

whats the fuss all about.
they were buying this transponder since last february.
whats the price of a transponder?

AMD said...

@ Looser,

yes i checked with the comet sched, and the Movies line up is completely different and the world line up is a a bit different... Lets jus hope that whatver feed DTV is gonna give is it will be the total English Feed.

And it says that STAR MOVIES is No.1 English movie channel in India, so i dont think that they will show ENGLISH movies DUBBED in HINDI

D.L.R. said...

Pray for God,
Do Bodhi pujas too,
No more Hindi channels!!!!!

D.L.R. said...

Apart from DTV,
Can any body help me to find out a online /downloadable calculator
to calculate loadability of 40ft container for different cargo sizes.
Soory for deviating the subject. But I think there are some guys in Shipping feild will help me

cuteguy said...

Hey Guys,

Does anyone here know when DTV is gonna give the new channels along with the two transponder.
Earlier there was riky commenting about it. But now he is not around. Can he be some guy from DTV who wants to promote a few DTV connections????

@ riky

hey riky!!!!!!!!
are you around here???

please say something.

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LANKA Info said...

International Hit PRISON BREAK Series on ART TV Soon…!

For more info:

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...


Thanx. I got it.

Nishantha oyage shedule eka mama chek kala. E shedule eka Zee Studio Site eke shedule ekata samanai. Oyage PDF eka Zee St. ekata clear. Zee St.
Site eke .xls extention eken thiyena shedule eka patalenawa. eka balanna ona uda indan pahalata. Eeye e shedule eke films godak hariyata giya eth Man in the
iron mask eken passe Stigmata wenuwata giye king Arthur...

Menna Zee studio shedule ekata link eka... Mama chek kala godak durata shedule eka hari....

Mama kiyanna DTV me channels tika drop karanna ona...

1. Zee Cinema
2. Zee Music
3. Zee Sports ( Meeta wada honda sports channel onatharam thiyenawa)
4. SET Max ( Kawruhari dannawada English subtitles thiyena Hindi movie
channel ekak ) ( SET , SET Max walata wada hondai )

Indian feeds wenuwata Nick wage channel wala Asian feed gaththoth rental eka godak wadi weida ??? Habai Chi chi cho gana chineese ekka thiyena asian feeds nam epa.

Nick kiyanne world's first TV channels walin ekak. eth api balana nick dakkama andenawa ammapa...


"Pray for God,
Do Bodhi pujas too,
No more Hindi channels!!!!!" Well said...


Star Cricket nuth DTV lineup ekata dammoth nam ela.. Anith aya mokada hithanne Srar Crciket gana.

@bank dude,

Mama eka danagena hitiye na. Thanx v much - S.G.S.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I was shocked to see King Kong gang raped by few Hindi speaking 'dubbing artists'.
HBO wont be adapting this as a trend if the article below is true (it says KK Hindi was one time exclusive premier)

Star Movies constantly advertises itself as "No 1 English Movie channel" and i dont think they will change that. Besides there are channels like Star Gold which constantly dub good English Movies in Hindi and fuck them all up. We dont need any more.

@ sinhala guy srilanka,
Star Cricket aniwaryayenma thiyenda one channel ekak. It's from ESPN-Star Group who hold ICC rights till 2015. They also have broadcast rights for all tournaments played in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, England and Zimbabwe. With the launch of Star Cricket, i believe cricket action will be shifted to that channel and ESPN/Star Sports will be allocated to other sports (hopefully Rugby). Therefore Star Cricket is a must have for any platform.

AMD said...

yes Riky, where are u ?

Any news if STAR CRICKET will be on DTV ?

Priyantha Wgga said...

Sony bravia TV kiyanne mokakda