Monday, March 12, 2007

Mr. Nushad's Comments

A report in a certain newspaper after an interview with Mr. Nushad Perera, General Manager Sales and Marketing of Dialog Telekom contained the following statement made by him, “More than half of our growth is due to the World Cup, because the normal terrestrial channels only telecast five balls per over at most, due to advertisements or crawlers appearing on the television screen, but Dialog TV has a direct feed from the ground without any such advertisements except when the teams stop for tea or lunch and our customers are aware of this,”.

From our point of view it seems that he implies that there are no commercials in between overs and also no crawlers on the screen during matches(Our apologies to Mr. Nushad if we have misinterpreted his statement). Dedicated sports channels such as ESPN and Star Sports too carry out advertising in between overs but they do it carefully and without interrupting the action that is being played out on the ground. So like we said earlier we are not sure of what he meant but it is our opinion that SET Max will carry out advertising in between overs and will have a few crawlers but it will be certainly very much less than what will be on local fta television, but it will be great if there are no advertisement breaks or no crawlers but it is highly likely that they will be there and 99% of the time we expect six balls per over.

The 99% is due to the fact that there will be human error in the operation and also Sony in this region is not a full time sports broadcaster and we are not sure whether their less sports oriented station operators can achieve 6 balls per over for a 50 over match without a single mistake. However we are sure that they will strive hard to achieve this goal. Anyone who watched the ICC Nations Trophy on Sony Max via Dish TV or Tata SKY will be able to confirm whether they were able to broadcast all six balls of a over for the whole match and achieving a 100% interruption less broadcast. Was it a case of no advertisements in between overs and no interrupting crawlers on screen? Your comments on this will be very helpful? Maybe they do this only for World Cup matches and we will all find out tomorrow when the first match finally gets underway.

Our apologies once again to Mr. Nushad if we have misinterpreted his comments on the newspaper and it would be a real treat for Dialog TV subscribers if there are no advertisements in between overs and they are restricted to only the tea and lunch breaks.


Priyantha De Silva said...

@ DTV & Anae,

It was over 23,000 customers last year.
When I bought that I’ve been informed CBN has
Over 23,000 customers .Even they’ve informed they target
Over 1, 00,000 customers before end of 2007.
( Not about 2,50,000)

My A/C No comes after 26,000.
(Not the bill No.)
That means I’ve bought that after 26,000
People have bought this. Now they are talking
About 10,000. What this means ?
We’re very much glad to hear it has increased
To 50%.

If so as DTV team said, I’m happy .
Because if with 10,000 customers can gives these
Facilities like even HBO, with 2,50,000 customers How much
Will be able to …

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

There is no way SETmax is going to show the WC ad free coz they have already sold their entire ad inventory off.


Free-man said...

SLT has announced ADSL for 1,000/= monthly rental. Great for lankan broadband users.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ 4.30 am today Channel Eye & Rupavahini not activated properly for a while.
Then I called the customer care & ask why ?
Then I got the news they don’t have broadcast right to
Telecast ! I can’t got that. In few minutes It was working
While I’m on the line. I informed him it’s OK .
He never give me an answer & ask what do you
Want to know more ?

That’s Our DTV customer care, Even they don’t know what’s going on.

bwick said...

SLTL new ADSL package is volume based one with you can only download 1GB for this amount. More you download more you have to pay.
But anyway it is a right step, low volume customer's can enjoy. Also unlike packaged based options (home/office) contention ratio believed to have been change to encourge you to download faster.


don said...



Crab said...

Do you guys know what Sony SAB is..

"...During the World Cup, SAB would get converted to a cricket channel with the Hindi feed....."

Read for more info.

Could this only be in India or will we get the same hindi feed ?

Jughead said...


Waruna said...

Did anyone watch yesterday's Scooby Doo movie on Cartoon Network ? It's more than a week now and still our feed is in some funny language (think it's teligu). Hip hip hoorah!

World cup is definitely important. But, shouldn't DTV be looking in to these issues as well ?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

What are the other CN programs broadcast in non English languages DTV platform)? Just want to check whther dish has english feed or not.

SAB is fucked up shit even worse than SET. i have removed every trace of it from my favorites list and i dont think any of you guys will enjoy it on DTV platform. It's full of hindi programming and definitely not a sports channel.

Free-man said...

Rob (Bwick) and Don. Thanks for educating the bloggers about details of the new ADSL.

Crab said...

btw what has happened to Kaluperuma these days ?

Amalka said...

still some channel name is rupavahini & Eye Receved how can i change it

cuteguy said...

will someone please tell me how to do a rescan?( i'm doing some sort of rescan but i'm not sure whether i am correct. )

Why does it takes some time for the EPG to appear?

Cant DTV get a local channel out of the lineup and introduce VH1. ( it's a very hard channel for us to miss)

MOst of my friends best channel is VH1.....
( hope DTV wont do any thing to SET max and sab bcoz they are now in excellent quality,)


cuteguy said...

hey guys!!!

whats the DTV media package about?there is something about that in the dtv team blog.

someone plzz comment

Anae said...

@ Priyantha
Newspapers always get details wrong.

@ Waruna & LST
I mentioned the problem the day before yesterday. Dialog is getting the Hindi audio feed on Cartoon Network programs from around noon (after pre-school programming) till night. Weekends it is from morning till night. Dialog should fix the problem soon.

Lets hope VH1 comes back soon after the World Cup. SAB can wait for the new transponder.

@ Cuteguy
Those must be special offers for the World Cup season. Dont think it applies to existing customers.

SET Max is here to last and there is now minimal interference on it. Whatever others say, SET Max has the best coverage, even with ads. Local broadcasters dont even know the word "Time Management".

@ Those interested in ADSL
The Rs. 1000 package is good for office use by a single computer. But a home user will soon discover and download more everyday. Same happened to me after switching to ADSL a few years ago. Therefore the 1 GB limit is not good for a home user. I reccommend the Rs 2000 package for 512/256 kbits (not sure what speed) with unlimited downloading.

Mihitha said...

@ Matara boy -

World cup opening seromony not telecasted on SET Max or SAB... But it telecasted on Channel Eye...
Eye is better than SET MAX......

Vijaya said...

Entry of TATA Sky, Dish TV Receivers Banned in Dubai Airport


Dubai, Mar 11: It was until last week thousands of NRIs in the UAE carrying Dish TV or TATA Sky receivers walked freely through Dubai airport without any problems. The Indian Direct to Home systems [DTH] offers more than 100 Indian Satellite TV channels which can be viewed by paying mere Rs 300 per month. This has made viewing over 100 channels very cheap as compared to the rates of the official channel distributors in the UAE e-phela and e-vision.

Several subscribers to e-pehela and e-vision have unsubscribed or de-graded their subscription after the successful installation of Dish TVs in their homes.

The Dish TV cost less than Rs 3,000 and thereafter Rs 300 every month saves about 30 % to 80% of the fees payable to e-vision and e-pehela in UAE. Further several additional channels like Zee Kannada, ETV, Sony Set Max, Aaj Tak, IBN-CNN can be viewed without additional payment.

"I think, e-vision must have complained to the authorities to stop carrying Dish TV receivers to UAE. I bought one to enjoy the world cup cricket coverage as our building has still no e-vision connections. At the scanner machine in the airport, my receiver was confiscated. Several other passengers were also stopped at the scanner machine for carrying the equipment," said a Mangalorean who landed through Air India Express on Thursday.

"Many people were bringing the Dish TV systems successfully without any problem and so we too brought one. But we are not lucky enough to carry away with our TATA sky receiver. I think we have to upgrade our e-vision subscription to watch the world cup on Fox Sports,” said another woman to She too had arrived on the same day on Air India Express.

Detaining receivers at the airport is the only way to stop Dish TV service in UAE, as it may not be possible to block the transmission of channels to these receivers. Those who have already installed the receivers may find themselves lucky, but authorities say that, viewing TV channels through un-authorized Dish TV or TATA SKY is illegal!

How does TATA sky and Dishtv work in Middle East?

While the new direct-to-home service providers may go gaga, talking about its technological advances, consumers have already started taking advantage of loopholes in the satellite system. Check this out: Non resident Indians based out if Dubai, which follows the pay TV regime, are routing their entertainment signals via India.

Tata Sky and Dish TV, the Indian DTH systems, are being purchased in various parts of the country and carted off to Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates where they are being lapped up by NRIs who were paying close to Rs 1,800 per month. Close to 10,000 Indians residing in the Gulf have subscribed to either the Tata Sky or Dish TV service in India, and have installed it in their homes in Dubai, getting a cheap deal.

"All you need is a dish on your terrace, which is already installed in several of these countries and you just align it in the direction of the satellite transmitting the signal with the set-top box (STB) purchased and activated in India. You just have to connect the dish there and you are in business," says a Dubai-based resident.

Close to 10% of the DTH connections sold in India, are being actively viewed in Dubai and other Middle East countries, estimate industry sources. "It makes sense to get the connection from India as it costs about Rs 300 which is payable in India. In fact, many of us have subscribed for the entire year package to avoid increase in rates later," says another resident using the Tata Sky service.

The footprint for Tata Sky (INSAT-4A) and Dish TV (NSS-6) is up to the Arabian Gulf. According to residents of the Gulf, the signal quality they receive is up to 24%, while the minimum quality required is 18%.

Tata Sky CEO Vikram Kaushik said: "Piracy is taking place across the region in all our neighbouring countries. However, the moment we notice that the boxes are not in the location they are meant to be, we disconnect them. In fact, we have been approached by distributors from the neighbouring countries to provide the Tata-Sky service, but since the laws do not allow it, we have abstained from doing so."

Dish TV business head Jawahar Goel added: "We are aware of the problem, But there is little that can be done. The only way we control it is to trace the absence of a box and disconnect the service."

While there may not be any official distributors, the neighbouring countries seem to have a lot of self-appointed distributors who can be contacted for installations as well as purchase of the box.

Dismissing the numbers as marginal, Kaushik said the piracy levels are too insignificant to become a matter of concern. However, the numbers are increasing, with the convenience of TV viewing spreading like wild fire. But are the DTH players really impacted? "Not as long as they continue to get their subscription payment. The actual victims are service providers in the region, who lose customers to this illegal alternative,” said an industry expert.

Waruna said...

I think what Anae said is correct. CN's main feature during the weekend is, it's 'Cartoon Network Theatre'. They show this twice on Sunday. @ 12 and @ 7 (I think). Same movie, and same stupid language. They also have 'Scooby Doo' every morning @ 7:00 am. This also is non-english. And the Richie Rich @ 7:00 pm also is non-english. There may be other programs also. But, these are what I've noticed.

But, thing which irritates me most is the fact that DTV doesn't care a shit about what viewers think. Best example is the VH1 issue. Everybody in the blog know that VH1 is far superior to SAB shit. We all agree that dropping a single hindi channel temporary to accomodate SET channels is better than dropping VH1. DTV definitely knows that this is how the viewer feel. But, did they do anything about it ? For Hindi music there are two channels. MTV & Zee Music. Why can't the drop one of those and put VH1 Back. I realy don't understand.

Vishkid said...

@ Vijaya:

Good article, will serve as a reminder to some fools who argue the legitimacy and rights of such pirated connections in Sri Lanka (especially those who argue that the government cannot do anything in such cases).

I hv nothing against ppl using Dish or Tata or anything else. But the fact of the matter is it is not legit to buy in India and use in SL. But as with any thing illegal, you will only be punished if you are caught. So the option here is not ot get caught :D