Monday, March 12, 2007

VH1 removal is only temporary

Angry voices are being raised over the removal of VH1 and according to information being received by us it is said to be a temporary measure in order to facilitate the transmission of World Cup Cricket matches. VH1 will return at the close of the World Cup or maybe even after the Group Stages are over since after the group stages all matches will be on Sony Max and the same match will be on Sony SAB with Hindi Commentary. So they should bring VH1 back after the Group stages are over or if they still want to have it on air (there is no need to have it on air unless it is a contractual reason or a technical one), then they should bring it back after the World Cup is over.

On why VH1 was chosen to be replaced baffles many but there are a few reasons why it may have been done and this is only speculation and in no way do we say that this is the correct reason.

1) It maybe that VH1 is the only channel with provision in it's contract to be taken off air for specific period of time.

2) The quality of VH1 channel is good so the bandwith allocated to the channel maybe higher than those allocated to the other Hindi channels, so to enable an interruption free transmission it may have been a technical decision to replace it.

3) Replacing English entertainment channels, news and Educational channels would have caused a greater outcry, if cartoon channels had been replaced then parents would have had a hard time and in turn Dialog Tv would have had a hard time, most people who express views here are not fans of hindi content but it is understood that generally Sri Lankans are hooked on to Hindi content. So maybe the problems from Dialog's point of view may have been greater if they removed a Hindi channel. Not a lot of Hindi content lovers are blogging here since there is plenty of Hindi entertainment on local fta channels but we know that many Hindi content lovers have bought Dialog Tv too since they provide some 24 hour Hindi channels.

4) Lack of satellite reception equipment resulting in the equipment used to receive VH1 being reset to receive SET Max and Sab. It is understood that Dialog TV is experiencing a delay in equipment causing the delay in the introduction of new channels using transponder 3.

5) It could also be one of the worst decisions made by Dialog TV without considering it's subscribers.

The above reasons are purely speculative and only Dialog TV can give us the actual reason for replacing and if there is a way of replacing some other Hindi channel with VH1 temporarily until the World Cup is over then it would be great as long as it will not mess up Sony Max and Sab channels which are being fine tuned for subscribers to watch the World Cup in high quality Video and Audio.

If trying to reintroduce VH1 into another channel will cause problems to the present transmission then it is better to wait till the World Cup is over and then reintroduce VH1. Whatever the reason it is better for Dialog TV to communicate to their subscribers the reasons for removing VH1.


bank_dude said...

Admin, I agree with your points. But why can't they use CH1 for VH1. No one is watching SET because of the freezing problem.

joanne said...

Admin, i agree totally with u. Is it possible to obtain an interview with Mr Naushad Perera ? I think he would be the best to explain the reasons for the decision reg VH1 and the other issues with reg to contracts, billing, etc.