Thursday, May 21, 2015

Trace Urban & Travel XP on test

With effect from last night Dialog TV have begun testing music channel TRACE URBAN (Ch. 42) & travel channel TRAVEL XP (Ch. 66). Both these channels are HD by default, however Dialog is downgrading them to SD & relaying them. Trace TV which originates from France telecasts Urban Music & Travel XP which is head quartered in India telecast travel related programming mainly focusing on Asia & has many programmes based on Sri Lanka too. In time to come we will likely see the channels being upgraded to HD once they have secured some transponders.

Unlike the past we feel that these channels will be made available to lower level packages & will not be limited to the highest Gold package.

It great to see Dialog TV add some interesting channels as of late after some lacklustre performance over the years.

It seems that the rumor mill hasn't subsided either on the launch of "MTV Europe" on Dialog TV in the near future & it may just come true.

Please keep your eyes peeled since you never know what will show up on those test slots.

Websites: Travel XP -
                 Trace TV -


Mario said...

Well this is certainly good news. Hopefully more good things to come.

maduranga hashan said...

Can SD subscribers activated this two channels?

E2C said...

where the hell is most requested fox movies premium hd ?

Prasanna Sampath said...

A new DISH TV unit Rs;6000/= and NONSTOP (package name ) monthly package with 42 channels
monthly rental -: 550/=

SLP said...

What is this Davinci thing? there's another test slot have been used. but no visuals for me.

Between, Dish Tv LK have uploaded all the local FTA channels to the platform. I wonder how will that end up with DTV.

SLP said...

Ok, Now I have visuals,

Thats a fine addition. Good quality edutainment for teens.

Love your taste. Thanks.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Da Vinci Learning - now testing".