Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Disney Junior, Star Gold & CNBC....

As of yesterday Dialog had another 3 channels on test, namely Disney Junior, Star Gold & CNBC. The Disney Junior feed is Indian while the Star Gold & CNBC feeds are non Indian & most likely to be Asian. We are unable to confirm whether all three channels will be made available to existing packages, although that would be the wise thing to do. 

Previous experience tells that if a channel is allocated as an add-on the number of people activating it will be less unless it's a specialized sports channel. The add-on system was tested with Discovery Turbo & Discovery Science ultimately due to lack of subscriptions Dialog had to add them to existing packages. It worked with Setanta Sports since it's a specialized sports channel, the same thing is to be tried with Ten Golf & it may not be as successful as Setanta. 

Earlier even Bloomberg was an add-on and due to low subscription the channel was added to existing packages.

It's sad to note that there is a small segment that is of the view that local FTA channels is the way forward for Dialog TV. That way is the way forward to the grave for Dialog if they decide to listen and take that route. Eventually we believe that Dialog will have all the local FTA channels, however with present capacity issues that is not the priority and should not be made the priority. 

It's actually great work by Dialog to add 120 channels with relatively small subscriber base, we usually compare Dialog with these Indian DTH providers who have a base of over a million. We know that we tend we to be very hard critics of Dialog TV but lets give credit where it's due and this time they did good and kuddos to Dialog TV for the steps taken to improve service quality. 

That being said Dialog should add all new channels to existing packages and taken quick steps to improve the quality of Varnam TV which is quite bad at present.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


SLP said...

Im not going to be particularly blunt for DTV. yet this is what we have said many years ago. go to mp4 and update with new channels. with low subscriber base compared to today only few decorderes need to be changed and therfore a very low cost investment.

But they are like deaf log and never heard or even came down here to express something.

Between this is fairly very good source for DTV for the consumer feedback. They dont have any feedback service for any of the services except TV. so they can get a first hand info from here.

I see that some prefer for International and some on the local.
Yet now DTV has a fair balance between FTA and Intl.

After 12 years of DTH, 9 years after acquisition by dialog, Now they have matured.

We warmly wishing Dialog TV for passing the Grade V scholarship examination in 2015 and hope they find a better school to attend on the coming years.

Vishwa said...

@SLP.. very well said...

however as the admin said, Dialog is now best among the regional DTH. I'm sure that most of Indians will try to get in to DTV platform now..

Randika Yasith said...

mtv asia ch 48

Vishwa said...

the recent changes in the channel line up can be considered as proactive measure that dialog had taken against rivalry Dishtv sri lanka inaugural launch on next week. so dialog is trying their best to not loose any one from their subsc. base.
However i'm sure DishTV Sri Lanka will be highly price competitive irrespective of quality of their content...
Hope Dialog will the best to retain and attract the customers..

Mario said...

So we DTV customers have to be without Star Movies, while those have DISHTV, Videocon, etc. in Sri Lanka have the benefit of the channel. This is not fair !1

Vishwa said...

In time to come, i guess using Indian DTH will be ban here. That is why DishTV is gonna come

I think no sonner each of these international start Sri Lankan feeds (or indicate SL time on their prog line up..)
the Star Movies incident is an indication of that these channels now understood the territorial difference between India and SL (whereas SL was treated as a part of India in the previous case!)

Mario said...

Ya i wonder if understanding this territorial difference is a good thing in terms of DTH. Well lets see how Dish packages will be.

Fox movies premium HD, Fox Action Movies HD, Fox Family movies betv, Sony channel are all available in the Maldives.

Central Precured said...

Carlton Sports Network (CSN) is to shutdown from 1st March.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "MTV Asia headed your way".