Monday, December 1, 2014

EWTN now on Channel No. 94

For those of you who watch EWTN, if you are wondering where the channel is at present, its now on channel no. 94. If you don't have HD set top box, please call Dialog TV and ask for it since you will need it to access the channel. We hope its provided free to those subscribers. 

As of now God TV is on channel no. 21, and we think it will continue on that channel. No official confirmation as yet but we believe Dialog TV has ended the time sharing and given two separate channel slots after years of time sharing. Viewers of these two channels missed lots of programming on these channels, so its a good move and its only fair by them that these two channels have been separated and will be available on 24 hour basis. Hopefully this is a permanent move and not one targeted at the Christmas season, besides the impending papal visit we believe has also weighed heavily on making this decision.

For those who hoped that they will get a new channel, they will feel disappointed but lets remember that there is not enough capacity to add a new channel. Dialog have probably sliced some bandwidth off the HD or SD channels and created just enough space for a channel. We believe that the broadcast quality of this channel will not be on par with the other channels. Normally Dialog have practiced giving religious channels very little bandwidth. If they added a new channel instead of EWTN on that slot, we believe the quality would have been very disappointing.

Please keep us updated on the very latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

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