Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ADA Derana 24x7

A couple of days ago over the weekend we saw Sri Lanka's first 24hour News Channel launching on Dialog TV Channel 13. A desperate lack on Lankan television was the fact that no one launched a fully news channel despite some claiming to be pioneers in news broadcasts.

On the outset the channel seems to have got its cue's from Indian channel NDTV which ironically calls itself NDTV 24x7. However its interesting to note that the line up comprises of documentaries, etc and doesn't include any entertainment/sports programming.

The channel is exclusively available on Dialog TV for now and maybe made available FTA or to other platforms. However we expect it to be exclusive for now, well at least for an year Dialog probably made sure of that when they allowed the channel on it's platform.

It's regrettable that Sundance was booted out so early in it's life. However it's supposedly a temporary replacement - Dialog's temporary is a lot longer than what temporary really means.

Anyways the only solution for this dreaded capacity issue is to switch the whole platform to MPEG4, which will solve it for a short time. One thing that we need to realise is that in the DTH environment, capacity is always an issue, but in Dialog's case it just  prolongs too much.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

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