Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cricket on Ch.No 12 - Timesharing, Replacing & wasting

While it is commendable that Dialog TV is telecasting the SL vs Ban cricket series which is being ignored by the majority of sports channels in the region on a feed that should be largely commercial free but of course is being interrupted by Dialog inserted ads, the implementation of this commendable act has raised questions.

Firstly the cricket is being screened on Ch.No 12, which carries Neo Prime, while it is true that the Neo channels carrying considerably less live content, it should be stated that the cricket should have been screened on "Dialog Test Channel", without time sharing it with an existing channel. It seems that Dialog have got some sort of addiction, as its the case with heroine or any type of addiction, it prevents the individual from making proper decisions and thinking in a logical manner, the same is happening with Dialog TV's addiction to Timesharing & Replacing, Dialog management isn't thinking straight and is therefore making rash decisions to replace channels at their own will, without taking into account the subscribers who actually pay to watch.

The correct decision should have been is to carry the cricket on "Dialog Test Channel", in the future - whenever they sort out their ridiculous capacity issues - Dialog TV should allocate a few slots to carry content which may be ignored by the Indian centric channels, when required. We hope Dialog TV management will reconsider and move the cricket the "Dialog Test Channel" which is a waste anyway.

In other news it seems that Setanta will not telecast the 6 Nations Rugby this year, it seems that Sony Six which broadcast rugby sports content via Setanta have acquired the rights independant of Setanta and will be carrying it in this region. It's quite obvious that Sony Six is poised to become a major player in the region & is focused on non-cricketing properties. First FIFA rights, then Rugby rights, whats next for Sony Six is anyone's guess and maybe its time to add the channel, sadly in the case of Sony Six, the HD channel & SD ones carry different content at times so any service provider should then have to carry both the SD & HD feeds which means trouble for local pay television providers who on the most part are not HD ready and the only one with HD facilities is having trouble with capacity.

We hope that Dialog TV take steps to rectify all these capacity issues and at the moment make use of "Dialog Test Channel" to carry these extra sports content without timesharing or replacing ANY existing channels.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


buddhi said...

Apparently Sony Six is available on TV Lanka Digital TV

Vishkid said...

To Rugby fans:
Setanta will NOT broadcast Six Nations. But they have given a separate feed to Dialog and other pay-tv partners (possibly at additional cost) and they maybe able to use this feed to broadcast the matches.
Do contact Dialog/PEO/LBN customer service if you want to watch Six Nations on this additional feed Setanta would provide. (your other choice would be online streaming but we know that's far from ideal)

patson said...

CEYLON TV..New Srilankan satellite TV channel test transmission now on Asiasat5.

jagath chandana said...

dialog still not interest about Sony Six channel... if they will not add that, i surely buy Videocon Dth HD connection, connection fee 9000, they will give free installation and 22 HD channels and over 400 sD channels as low as monthly rental Rs 1350... i pay every month Rs 2300 for bloody dialog tv.. if enyone interest videocon please text me...

Buddhika Weerasinghe said...

This for DTV management,
Please replace replace the STAR channels that broadcast Majority of indian content. And Useless hindi channels that shows hindi dramas and movies.
Sky sports Network is Great lot of content is based on UK. As you can see there is cool war between SL and Indian Cricket FANS and the Content writers for those channels criticizes SL . We don't want to watch those -------- Channel's anymore.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

@Buddhika: Sadly Sky Sports network is not available in this region. None of the major networks are allowed to carry their original feeds into all regions since different broadcasters hold rights for different regions.