Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dialog to make HD pack "BONUS" channels available to others?

It seems that the replacement of decoders for "Gold" package subscribers is progressing at a rather slow pace. The last time decoder replacements took place too, it was carried out slowly and never progressed beyond a certain point but this time it looks like Dialog will carry it through.

We believe that Dialog is planning on making their HD pack "BONUS" channels available to "Gold" pack subscribers at a price. It's quite unfair that many who don't have HD TV's are deprived of the SD channels in the HD pack at the moment & Dialog should work quickly at making them available to "Gold" package subscribers without them having to pay for the "HD" channels.

We hope that Dialog will make the pricing of the channels affordable. In addition we are sure that "Gold" pack subscribers will appreciate it greatly if the speed at which the replacements are carried out is increased.

We have been receiving queries as to whether non "Gold" subscribers will be issued with the HD PVR. It looks like this will not take place in the immediate future but might take place after Dialog replaces all "Gold" package subscribers with the HD PVR.

We are also receiving information that still two test channels exist on the HD transponder, we hope whether any Dialog TV HD susbcriber will be able to update us on whether any channels are being tested on it.

We also urge Dialog TV to make "Star Sports 2" available as soon as possible. Since subscribers will start missing out on the football action which is being telecast on it.

Dialog TV should stop wasting precious transponder space on the "Dialog Test Channel" which has not been allocated to any channel whatsoever for well over an year or two. Dialog we want you to make 100% use of your resources so the best option would be to add "Star Sports 2" to it. It has been wasted enough already. With certain channels having to share one slot depriving their respective subscribers of the channel 24 hours a day, it's a crime for Dialog to waste a channel slot.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Chairman | BenQ said...

If Dialog TV hope to convert to MP4,I guess it will have to replace all customers who have the traditional Dialog TV MPEG decoder, to an MP4 one. IS that going to take place in the near future ?

Manjula Jayaratna said...
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don said...
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don said...

April has come. Any news about Sirasa tv ?????

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Sirasa TV???".