Friday, February 1, 2013

Test Channel No. 87 removed

According to reports being received Dialog TV has removed Channel No. 87. This leaves only two testing slots on the transponder carrying HD channels. This decision was taken most likely after a drop in quality was noticed on the HD channels. It is noteworthy that Dialog TV doesn't want to drop the quality of the HD channels after all they charge quite a large sum of money for just a few HD channels.

There is a chance that another test channel would be removed if the quality of HD channels don't improve. It looks like Dialog has filled up the new transponder and most probably with another 1 or 2 channels the transponder will be filled to capacity.

The conversion from MPEG2 to MPEG4 is the need of the hour in order for Dialog TV to be able to continue expanding without affecting the quality of channels. If the conversion cannot go ahead then Dialog TV is only left with the option of leasing another transponder, however since transponders don't grow on satellites, naturally they are sure to run out of space sooner than later.

Please continue updating with the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

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Dialog HD fan said...

Ch 81 comedy central fixed.

Kevin J said...

I wish they had Betv rather than comedy centrel!

Cisco 800 said...

I hate you Dialog :(

Ramishka said...

I actually like Comedy Central. But I understand others tastes can be different. What Dialog should be doing is putting both Comedy Central and BeTV without switching channels.

Also Comedy Central still has that annoying audio out of sync issue. Is it just me or is it happening for everyone?
After all that testing one would think Dialog would know how to freaking sync audio and video in a goddamn TV channel.

Vishkid said...

Well, we were never gonna hv what we ALL want with Dialog. I personally am happy with CCentral even though the shows are not current, it's just easy viewing. Plus, we hv Star World, Fox Crime and AXN already offering many of the current shows and CCentral content is also slightly different to ZCafe. I would hv liked to hv BeTV as well ... but I know better than to ask from Dialog!

That out of sync issue is there for everyone and that's plain BS. If they cannot monitor their newly added channel and correct it or at least acknowledge it, I don't what sort of capability the Dialog Tech team has.

Good news is that Rugby is gonna hit us in a big way for the next few months and DTV is fully equipped this year :) Hopefully more Formula 1 content on ESPN HD too ...

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Comedy Central made permanent fixture with sync issue".