Monday, December 3, 2012

Boomerang relaunched as Toonami & Comedy Central launched

With effect from December 1st 2012 TimeWarner have discontinued the "Boomerang" cartoon channel which used to telecast old classic's and have relaunched it with "Toonami" a cartoon channel that telecast mainly newer action cartoons.

We wish to point out to our fellow bloggers that the switch was not made by Dialog TV rather it was an exercise carried out by the channel operator. We are unable to verify which feed of Toonami is being telecast by Dialog TV, it looks like the Asian feed however information being received by us suggest that it's the Indian feed.

Well in other news Dialog still continues to waste channel space by not introducing any channel into the slot titled "Dialog Test", this has remained like this for well over a year and we hope that a channel is placed in that slot as soon as possible.

In addition Comedy Central India has replaced BBC Entertainment in the Dialog TV HD package. The channel is said to be of much lower quality and could have been replaced by a better one considering the high cost of the HD package.

Please continue updating us on the latest as the days progress.


Mario said...

Sad to see "boomerang" go, cuz it has lots of cartoons from our times like, jetsons, etc. I guess TimeWarner has to keep up with the changing times

nilu said...

yes Comedy Central India is low quality channel..

Anonymous said...

I am really sad to see boomerang relaunched as Toonami. since it was telecasting lot of fun and beautiful cartoons which both my daughter and me adore. Toonami is useless.

Gamage said...

we need Ten Action, why is dialog doing this to football fans of this country, they gave setenta why can't they give us Ten Action?? when there are space for channels being left for waste?

Gamage said...

I hop you guys can edit this letter as necessary and forward it to Dialog tv management at

please do this, this works :)

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm a Dialog telecom, Mobile Broadband customer for years and a DTV
customer for nearly 4 years (Account number xxxxxx). I'm so far
satisfied with the DTV service and introduction of Mytv.

But something that me and my friends, who are DTV subscribers have
always wondered is that why Dialog not adding Ten Action channel to
its line up?

I know there are very little space left for channels in the platform,
but when you look at the real 2nd most watched sport of Sri Lanka, its
none other than Football.I appreciate DTV for launching EuroSports and
Setenta Sports, which mainly broadcasts Rugby games. But a launch of
Ten Action would have provided much more solidity to DTV and a reason
for hundreds of new customers to choose DTV over Peo Tv. Peo has
already launched the channel and many of my friends chose Peo Tv
because of this. Ten Action is not available in Mytv yet, and we're
not sure if the DTV will decide to do so either.

DTV has launched Ten Action in its HD pack, but most of us can't
afford the HD pack and not many of us High Definition Tvs. If DTV can
launch Ten Action on SD Tv platform it will be a tremendous boost to
us football fans of Sri Lanka because Ten Action is a dedicated
channel for football which broadcasts football's main tournaments such
as UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, FA cup, Europa
League and many more. Also programs from Manchester United Tv, Arsenal
Tv, and Manchester City Tv.

Looking at the figures of Sri Lankan football fans who are subscribed
to DTV already, this will surely be a delighting move. Right now many
of us have to watch games that are shown in Ten Action through the
Internet which is a horrible experience.Since this channel is already
available in the HD Tv platform and a few unused slots available in
the platform for channels, I hope that the management will look into
this from a fair point of view and treat SD Tv users who have loyally
stayed with Dialog for a long time fairly and give what they would
love to see on their TV screens.

Your Sincerely,

xxxxx xxxxxx
(DTV account no xxxxxx)

Dallas said...

Comedy Central India may be low quality compared to the USA feed... but I still think it is a good for Dialog to broadcast it in Sri Lanka.

'The Daily Show' which is one of the best shows in all of television is aired multiple times a day. This alone makes Comedy Central worth it. We also get classics like 'Seinfeld'.

In terms of new Comedy Central shows I think only two shows would be missed: "The Colbert Report" and South Park"... both have been cut from this feed due to censorship and their explicit nature which doesn't meld with Asian cultures so well... many people in this region would find those shows too offensive.

I don't think Sri Lankans would miss much other new shows... i don't see the average Sri Lankan liking Tosh 2.0, Key & Peele, etc.

Nokia said...

Good Day All,

Let me give you the latest news early in the morning.

Dialog Pre Paid Tv is to officially launch from the 10th December. (Confirmed) The service is called Per Day TV.

Connection fee
9,990/= with one year warranty
10,990/= with two year Warranty
11,990/= with 3 year warranty

Daily rental
Rs.3/= for 18 Channels
Rs.6/= for 22 Channels
Rs.9/= for 30 Channels
And can add other channels from Rs.2,Rs. 4 and Rs. 24 per channels.

Will try to obtain the channel info ones I get the details.

Admin : Can we start a new discussion on this please

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Dialog's - Pay Per Day TV - prepaid TV".