Monday, July 9, 2012

PVR tips for recording with incorrect EPG information

We have received several comments about the problems with EPG on Dialog TV resulting in problems with recording since the programme being recorded doesn't get recorded properly. Dialog TV EPG mostly reads the wrong information specially on Star Movies India HD & SD.

As one of our bloggers pointed out the safest way to make sure a movie is being recorded proper is to record using the "Timer" record function rather than the "EPG" record function. The most accurate EPG is on the channel website. But we do know that sometimes that too is wrong but in rare cases. Most of the Star Movies "One Break Movie", "Sunday Firsts" & "Movie of the Month" start & end according to the information given on the website but some of the others do tend to start late and end later than the stipulated time. 

Therefore when doing a "Timer" recording, please set the scheduled start time to at least "15min" before the stipulated start time on the website and set the end time to at least 1/2 hr after the stipulated end time for a Movie, if there is sufficient space even a 1hr late end time would mean that the entire movie would be recorded. If its a regular TV series then an end time 15min later than the stipulated end time would be sufficient we believe. 

We do hope that Dialog TV take immediate steps to sort out problems with the EPG.


Adfree said...

Just got my HD pack installed. Quality looks great. Didnt get manual for the decorder. Menu apperaince looks rich. Within a day everything got installed. Need to review the PVR. You can fix upto 1TB hard drive. I fixed my HD to the docrder.

Nelson senaratna said...

Why they give Indian Star Movies? Never come Star Movies Asia?

Priyantha said...

I think Dialog Add ESPN HD and Star Cricket HD. Also Other Star HD channels also. Sony Bee also good channel.

Sulantha said...

Ok. For all of you who has PVR issues. Please use a USB HDD. (SATA prefered.) I used a USB HDD and PVR function works perfectly. You can format using the Decorder and Do that way becuase the PVR file system is not FAT32 but E2FS which will be created only when the format is done using the decoder. Do not use USB flash drives. They dont work well enough. You can watch any channel while recording or reserve record, only thing is, that the recording channel and the one you are watching has to be in the same freq. band. The decoder will not let you switch to another band. Please replay if you have issue.

Nokia said...

Yet another milestone of Dialog yet to come….

Dialog is to go for MPEG4. Most wanted, Requested service from all of us.

As per the information received they are to enable one of their existing transponders to MPEG4 (I guess it’s TP 4). And they may add existing channels to this transponder in MPEG4 format while making other transponders free, to have sufficient space.

In the meantime Dialog will distribute MPEG4 enabled decoders to new customers and replacements also will only be on MPEG4.

This will be a good news to all of us and please update on this if you get any more info.

nilu said...

If it So,

This will be a good news to all of us.

Mario said...

Thank you Nokia. This is very good news indeed.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "MPEG4 conversion to be resurrected".