Saturday, July 21, 2012

Channel "Time sharing" spreads to HD channels

In a not so surprising move, Dialog have followed up the positive HD channel launch with a negative move. The time sharing of channels has spread to other channels and this time the highly priced HD channels are being targeted. Ten HD will be time shared with ESPN HD from today or tomorrow. According to official information on the Dialog Facebook page, it was indicated that the time sharing will be for the F1 races but other information suggests that it would cover the time period of the Olympic games too.

Regardless of how and when it will take place it's now almost certain that Dialog has no more capacity to add another HD channel to their brand spanking new transponder otherwise why would they want to time share Ten HD with ESPN HD. Which means that Dialog will have to purchase additional transponders to add new channels or accelerate the MPEG2 to MPEG4 conversion programme to free up space in other transponders.

Dialog haven't learnt from the past that time sharing is not an option for them and continue to do so despite protests raised by subscribers. If time sharing of HD channels occurs then many subscribers will discontinue the HD pack that they activated only a month or so ago. Dialog in a hurried effort to launch HD before others are now in the process of messing it up.

We urge Dialog TV to immediately scrap the planned time sharing move and add ESPN HD as a separate channel to the HD pack or refrain from adding it totally until transponder space is available.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Vidhura Ranatunga said...
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sonik said...
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Priyantha De Silva said...
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Priyantha De Silva said...

What is DTV doing ?

for the last month , I've received about Rs. 5 000 bill( nearly Rs 1000 as Tax ). I've upgraded my package to get free the HD equipment and added HD package.Because I thought they will add another 8-10 HD channels. Without doing so, now they are replacing existing channels proving that they can't add more in near future.

Now, I'm not going to pay the bill and will keep waiting with disconnected till I'm getting satisfactory solution for the money that I pay.

With the speech of someone's, that a man can be served by Rs. 2 500 for a month, what are they doing with the money that innocent people pay for their entertainment in the stressful life.

Specially I hoped they'll add HD music channel like "TRACE Urban HD" and 'HBO HD' with 'Discovery HD'.
Now the dream is gone...

sonik said...

So what happened? Did they time share ESPN HD with Ten?

Dialog should have plenty of bandwidth on the new transponder, I really don't understand why they have to time share a channel. And since the Olympics are starting next week, it would make sense to introduce ESPN HD permanently.

In other news, it appears Dialog have now mobilized door to door salesman to sell their HD package, as one walked into my house this morning.

I of course did not subscribe to the package, but, when I asked the salesman if the HD activation fee was being waved off he said "yes". But, since the salesman was from Dialog I don't believe the guy...

Has anyone else encountered such salesman?

Sulantha said...

The other stupid thing is that Dialog took off Ten HD right in the middle of the India tour of SL. Though it is there in Ten Cricket, some of us do not have Ten Cricket. How dumb are they?

Mario said...

This was DTC CC response:

We would like to inform you that channels are liable to change in the future as well.

Bunch or jokers !!!

Anonymous said...

Can any of you guys tell me that espn hd was on dialog tv(those who has activate dialog hd ). i don't care that time share with ten hd or any other channel.. ple......

leyland said...

yes, ESPN HD is in place of TEN HD since yesterday. Personally, I don't mind this arrangement until the Olympics finishes as long as they switch back to TEN HD for the duration of each SL v IND match. Although not the ideal solution, I guess they will do the same during the T20 WC in September and have Star Cricket HD during that period.

madushan perera said...

Digital Video Broadcasting — Terrestrial (DVB-T).

Now started transmission of digital terrestrial television in Colombo by "TV LANKA".

Smart tuner box Rs.4,900/= with UHF antenna.

Montly rental Rs.490/= with 10 local channels and 30 International channels.

Coverage limited to Colombo City.

Channel list:

1. TV Lanka
2. TV Lanka-movie
3. TV Lanka-songs
4. Rupavahini
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6. Channel EYE
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8. Derana
9. TNL
10. The Buddhist
11. BBC
12. CNN
13. Net Geo HD
14. Discovery Planet
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16. FOX traveler
17. POGO
18. Cartoon Network
19. Sun TV
20. KTV
21. STAR Vijay
22. Kaliganar TV
23. Adithya TV
24. Jaya Movies
25. Chitti TV
26. Jaya TV
27. Sun Music
28. TEN cricket
29. Neo Prime
30. Star Cricket HD
31. TEN HD
33. HBO
34. Star Movies HD
35. Movies Now HD
36. STAR Plus HD
37. Zee TV HD
38. Angel TV
39. Peace TV
40. CH40
41. Chanel 41

All the HD channels will have the HD feed only. No HD quality.

Expect to add few more channels

Priyantha De Silva said...

wt ? now they Officially time sharing AXN HD/Ten HD

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much leyland

I'll wait for the 18th of Aug to activate hd to see Barclays P L on HD feeds if so i will get it.

From this season La liga not in Ten hd bcz ESPN got it...

So for a football fan only Ten HD is a waste...

tasymac mark said...

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leyland said...


The message sent to our decoder before the ESPN HD switch stated that it was temporary for the Olympics and F1 races. It's better to check with CC before activation closer to the 18th since the Olympics would have concluded by then. Given the trend, they may also switch to Star Cricket HD in September during the T20 WC.

Anonymous said...

Ya I called them today...Even they can't confirm Which Sports feed they'r giving.

Let's hope for the best...

Anonymous said...

wE WANT ESPN HD TO STAY ..........

Unknown said...

Was TenHD shown during last Ind vs SL match? I was not at home.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Unknown ,

leyland said...


They are time sharing AXN HD with Ten HD during the SL v IND matches. So ESPN HD is uninterrupted for the moment if that's what you want to know.

Priyantha said...

I think Dialog should replace NAT GEO HD foe TEN HD.After Dialog can add other HD channels. Two Sports Channels and One movie and Drama channel is very good for first.

Dialog Should Add

Star Cricket HD
Ten HD
Six HD
Star Movies HD
Ftv HD
Fox Movies HD

as soon as.....

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "ESPN HD full time, AXN HD/Ten HD time shared".