Monday, June 18, 2012

Dialog testing HD on new transponder

It's highly likely that the new transponder will contain several HD channels, according to unconfirmed reports that we are receiving. It seems that four channels are testing on HD and one of the channels is said to be HBO HD. If this is correct this will make Dialog TV the first pay television platform in Sri Lanka to carry HD channels.

Dialog uses MPEG2 as the broadcasting standard at the moment and with MPEG2 Dialog will only be able to squeeze very few HD channels onto the 4th transponder therefore its highly likely that Dialog TV will operate the 4th transponder on MPEG4 to increase the number of channels that they can squeeze onto the transponder. However instead of maintaining MPEG2 and MPEG4 on the platform Dialog should move all channels to MPEG4 which will enable them to increase the number of channels on the platform at a lower cost per channel on a transponder which will benefit Dialog on the long run and also benefit the subscriber.

Several subscribers who scanned their decoders are unable to get the 4th transponder. We hope one of our fellow bloggers would kindly post instructions on how to the add the transponder. We assume that since Dialog have several decoder models distributed amongst their subscribers, the process may vary from decoder to decoder.

It's very heartening to note that Dialog TV is finally taking steps in the right direction to improve their services and we hope that Dialog TV would follow in the steps of Dialog GSM and become the regional trend setter in the DTH business for the subcontinent.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.


Mario said...

Finally !!! I wonder how much the HD packages will be ?? Lets hope they add some good HD channels as well as others like TEN ACTION, AXB BEYOND, etc..

DTV pissek said...

Anybody can advise me t get new channels list to the DTV plz? I did try with scanning and I can get nothing? Please advise us the exact way to do this. Thanks

rupavahini said...

4th Transponder MPEG4 DVB S2
Old transponder MPEG2 (not change MPEG4)Only HD Customer order new set top box (Still not free)

sonik said...

If the new transmission is in DVB-S2, then the decoders that we have will not detect any of the channels. The decoders provided by dialog till now have been compatible with DVB-S only, and even their transmission until now is in DVB-S. So even though the transponder will show up and signal will be there, a channel scan would indicate no channels.

I am still trying to access satbeams to confirm this information. If, as has been told, the broadcast is DVB-S2, there is a high probability that it is indeed an HD broadcast.

Sanjeewa Wijetunge said...

Did anyone noticed that Star Movies is getting stuck since last Saturday. Every few seconds there is a pause in the picture... Don't know whats wrong with the channel.

දිමුතු said...

Can anybody give the transponder details like Frequency, Symbol Rate & Polarity of the new transponder?

sonik said...

As per Lyngsat:

New frequency on Intelsat 12:

TP3 (Indian Subcontinent Beam)
Freq: 11550MHz;
Polarization: V;
Symbol Rate: 30000MS/s; Modulation: 8PSK;
Encryption: Irdeto 2 (DVB-S2);

Eight "testcards" with MPEG 4 DVB-S2 compression. For now labelled as "SD/Encrypted". No mention of HD yet.


Anyone who owns a DVB-S2 receiver can confirm this information by adding above transponder and performing a scan.

Dude said...

@sonik : While trying to detect the new transponder on my Dialog MPEG4 decoder. I noticed this transponder at 11550MHz.

What I want to know is whether the MPEG4 decoders issued by Dialog are DVB-S2 compliant. I think DVB-S1 is MPEG2 and DVB-S2 is MPEG4. If so then all Dialog TV MPEG4 decoders should be compliant right??? Hope someone can help in this matter.

Plus I did a scan and this new transponder doesn't show on the channel list.


SLP said...

I do have a DVB-S2 receiver but i'm not in near of it and therefore could not confirm yet.

If the broadcast is being made in DVB-S2 then it cannot be viewable by the standard DTV receiver. The signal tuner with the decoder could not tune the s2 signal of the stream.

Lyngsat updated the stream as MP4.

will inform later...

rupavahini said...

Freq: 11550MHz;
Polarization: V;
Symbol Rate: 30000
(Now 4 HD and 6 SD Channels on line)

E2C said...

so are there any news about their new HD set top box ??

sonik said...

@Dude: DVB is a broadcast standard and MPEG is a video compression standard. They are not related to each other. So, you can have, for example, a DVB-S transmission using MPEG 4, or a DVB-S2 with MPEG 2. There is no rule as to which MPEG standard you can use.

Even if the Dialog decoders are MPEG 4 capable that doesn't mean that they are automatically DVB-S2 compatible as well. Hope this answers your question.

Isura Nirmal said...

I think you may be interested in this. But only 4 channels

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Dialog TV HD Pack... too little for too much".