Monday, December 19, 2011

Star Movies Asia replaced with Star Movies India & HTV is kaput

Dialog TV have angered all their subscribers by replacing Star Movies Asia with the commercial ridden & lower quality Star Movies India. Subscribers are complaining that customer care is consistently giving them different reasons for the switch ranging from stories about technical glitches to the most pathetic of reasons.

During this festive season when people are on holiday and looking forward to enjoy movies with their families, Dialog decides to become "The Grinch who stole Christmas" and takes out the most popular movie channel in it's lineup and adds the Indian masala version.

Star Movies is rebranding to "Fox Movies" from 1st Jan 2012 and whether this has something to do with the switch is not certain. It is a well known fact that Dialog let go of the Zee channels once they increased channel cost after upgrading the quality of their channels and replaced them with lower cost options. Now we wonder if the same has happened to Star Movies too.

We certainly hope that the switch is temporary. This has been handled in the most unprofessional manner possible by the management of Dialog TV and no communication has been made to subscribers who are subscribed to the channel by paying high rentals regarding the switch. A totally unethical and unfair business practice on the part of Dialog TV.

We urge all Dialog TV subscribers to communicate their displeasure to the non subscriber oriented folks at Dialog TV who think that their subscribers will watch anything that they push down the subscribers throat. Dialog must remember that Star Movies India is available in Sri lanka via all the Indian DTH providers, so if this is also what they will provide to their subscribers at much higher rentals then they are sure to lose subscribers.

Dialog TV we demand you to take immediately steps and rectify the issues and add Star Movies Asia back and get rid of that masala indian feed.

In other news it is now very clear that Heritage TV is kaput and Dialog TV seem to be testing a new channel and it is not a locally available FTA channel and we believe that it is a local channel catering to pay television platforms.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV as the hours and days progress, specially the situation regarding the Star Movies feed shift.


Nishan said...

Bad move again by the useless DTV management...Pls bring back STAR MOVIES ASIAN FEED..we do not want Stupid Indian Feed, BRING BACK THE ASIAN FEED.

admin said...

i called the customer care and they said it is a temporary measure,and star movies Asia is going to come back..

Pubu said...

can u pls tell me what hapnd to TV DERANA??

Smax said...

now tv derana channel 63, 64 hirutv test trans...

TV Pissa said...

What is testing on channel 64? Is it a new channel? anyone know about this?
In between What will happn to citi hitz ?

bank_dude said...

It's not a good move to remove Asian feeds. Now all Indian content are under Indian broadcasting authority review. Why the hell we need to watch Indian approved programs. We are Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka is not an Indian state. Pay tv providers should be able to negotiate with content owners regading about this and get more Asian feeds.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "first Star Movies now.... God TV".