Monday, August 22, 2011

Locally inserted advertising going out of control

When Dialog stated that they were going to insert advertisements into some of their pay channels we made it very clear on this blog that those ads shouldn't in anyway affect the way the user experiences Dialog TV because Dialog is not FTA & subscribers are paying to watch it. However it seems that Dialog TV are doing exactly what we told them not to. The problem has worsened during the Sri Lanka, Australia cricket series on Ten Cricket.

The insertion of ads & crawlers are adversely affecting & having a negative affect on the viewer.

We are told that a subscriber called to complain & the highly intelligent aka Genius customer care executive said that they are not inserting the ads rather the advertising agency does. Really, does the advertising agency force itself into Dialog & insert advertisements by force? What an excuse & only a fool will think that a subscriber will believe this lie.

Dialog have obviously got greedy & are now trying to earn the maximum out of advertising just like any FTA channel would do and this will definitely have a negative effect on Dialog TV.

We are not asking Dialog TV to stop running local advertisements but to do it in way that it will not affect the viewing experience, but if they cannot maintain that standard then they should stop the advertising. So since the damage has already been done now, then the option is to immediately stop all such advertising for this cricket series.

We urge Dialog TV subscribers to call Dialog TV on their hotline & Taj Television Sri Lanka (the local branch of the company that operates Ten Sports/Ten Cricket) on 0112351351 (ext 104) & speak to Upekha Abeykoon or any other individual within the company or email them to & urge them to instruct Dialog TV to halt all local advertising. Vanguard Management Services is the company that sells Dialog TV advertising space to customers & you can call them on 0114614333 & urge them to halt all advertising sales. Furthermore you call the adverising departments of the corporations carrying out the advertising too & urge them halt advertising on Dialog TV.

Unlike FTA channels Dialog TV cannot swamp any channel specially Ten Cricket during a series involving Sri Lanka with advertising & negatively impact the viewer after all the viewer pays to watch without any interruption, if not the viewer would have stuck to Channel Eye without paying additional money to Dialog TV.


kavanr said...

During the worldcup DialogTV advertised some specials for the Duration. I signed up for the Starcricket option as advertised on that Special World Cup offer.
When the new bill came a few days ago I found that I am being charged for beyond the WorldCup period.

When I phoned customer service today I was told that since I signed for only starcricket I should have sent a deactivation after the world cup was over.

AI said...

this adds pissed me off more then loosing the match.. dialog seems to never learn the lesson.. this same attitude they had against mobile now look what had happend. its just matter of time airtel or some new indian company gonna start direct tv.

ridma said...

According to sources Maharaja channels Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV & Channel One MTV are now on PEO TV.
pls add dtv.i like .pls add.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

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