Friday, May 6, 2011

The sluggardness of Dialog TV

With lack of transponder space being a definite issue on Dialog TV, it seems that they are not managing their existing transponder space effectively. With many requests being made for "Setanta" & with negotiations failing under mysterious circumstances it seems that no effort is being made by DTV to add a new channel, instead of wasting transponder space with the "DTV-Test" slot.

Some are wondering whether Dialog's negotiations with "Setanta" really failed or were they forced to cancel the negotiations due to "CSN" getting FTA broadcast rights for certain rugby matches on "Setanta". If DTV is either being prevented from getting "Setanta" on it's platform or has failed miserably in securing a broadcast contract with the broadcaster, then it should move on and add a quality channel from the many that are already available.

The other issue is that "Warner TV" is becoming a bad choice as a replacement for "Zee Cafe". With Zee Cafe showing more current content on par with US television & Warner TV running reruns of older content, it can be clearly stated that the replacement was a bad decision. A more wiser decision would have to use "AXN Beyond" as a replacement for "Zee Cafe".

Please keep us updated on the latest on DTV as the days progress.


Lasith said...

warner tv is really good when comparing with zee cafe.

Nokia said...

Dialog Switches On 4G – LTE Pilot Network in Colombo
Friday, 6th May 2011
Dialog Axiata announced yesterday that its pilot 4G network had been powered up in several key zones of Colombo city, signaling South Asia’s first touch exposition of Long Term Evolution (LTE) services.

The flagship telecom service provider said its pilot network has demonstrated the delivery of over 100 Mbps in indoor demonstration mode and 40 – 50Mbps under outdoor mobile conditions, within the Colombo Fort, Colombo 2 and 3 regions of the city, with demonstrations at the Dialog Future World at Darley Road Colombo.

Dialog Axiata will conduct extensive trials of 4G-LTE technology in parallel with the expansion its of High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA)+ services across all provinces of Sri Lanka.

ajithanl_j said...

i can confirm that csn has got the rights to all setanta content since last Saturday(30 April)and for them to relay the setanta content as of now has met with technical problems...

a source confirmed to me that dialog had decided to get setanta channel after all the customer requests.and they even had tested the channel.but at the last minute setanta had hiked the price a bit and dialog had walked away when they were just about to sign the agreement...
the source told me that dialog pays for tens sports around 8000$ a month and setanta had wanted about 3000$-4000$ per month which dialog later said is too much.which is a horrendous claim when dialog earns so much from us.
the other excuse they gave is that they have to replace Australia network if they are going for setanta and that australia network has a customer base and they are unable to do it.and the source told me that dialog believes that rugby dose not have a customer base
which is a give all these excuses when they almost signed the agreement is so hard to believe..
its highly likely there is a powerful hand who dont want setanta on any platform other than CSN.was it a co incident at the same time when setanta launched CSN launched???
its highly likely that there are collaborators on every side who didn't want dialog launching setanta..
with all this who is goin to be the winner CSN and who is going to be the looser all the dialog tv rugby fans because they will never be able to see the full setanta channel ever...
the funny thing is though csn has got the right to air the full content of setanta they are going to air only a limited amount because they have got there pathetic csn programmes to air according to head of programmes of csn...

leyland said...

This 4G stuff is all marketing BS. They should first get their 3G service to deliver at least 90% of promised bandwidth/potential capacity on a consistent basis before talking about 4G!!! Thats my 0.02

nilu said...


I agreed with u. warner tv also telecasting some what old tv series but without adds.


there are no point to go for 4G without providing at least 90% coverage on 3G.

Nokia said...
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Nokia said...

@ nilu

I too agreed on your comment.

And what I feel is, that Sri Lanka is only leading only on Hi tech.
We should all proud on that :)


Digital Broadcast Sri Lanka

SLP said...

About 4G

Don't be greed guys, Having the technology in to some portion of the population is far better than not having it.

I know 3G sucks, I myself in the middle of it. But having new techno here sure will enhance. Now Mobitel did provided 28Mbps in colombo sub urban for last two years without any big marketing.

Now also they are in LTE providing 96 Mbps. I don't mind about chasing and running. The more they run the best we get. Since with this new trends, SLT ADSL sure need to adjust their self or they get the worse.

I'm proud of this technological advance. Bit fuzzy about their actual commitment to cover the whole island in one single bandwidth value. Nevertheless having this even to some area is better than not having it.


Nokia said...

I happen to check the Dialog's 4G @ their Darley Road 4G Centre (Previous Arina Outlet)

It was amaizing the speed was exceeding 110 mbps. But they have a big box in it and with that only the speed comes out. Further they were having a USB Modem which is little similer to the exsisting modems.

I too wanted to see the cost for the subscriber for this service and wanted to have one if it comes to my budget. :)

As I have mentioned in my comments above. In Sri Lanka we are fast moving with this technolodgies.

We are amoung
1st In south Asia to have
SMS (Dialog)
GPRS (Dialog)
3G (Dialog)
3.5G (mobitel)
3.75G (Etisalat)
4G (Dialog/Mobitel)

Nokia said...

The performance of the Dialog Television and Dialog Broadband Networks units continues to improve, the company said.

DTV revenue rose 15 percent to 561 million rupees in the March 2011 quarter from a year ago with its pay television business adding 13,000 new customers to reach a subscriber base of over 181,000 as at 31 March 2011.

pax said...


Does anyone know whether the dialogtv equipment is a property of dialog tv ? I was away from the country for a few months and dialog is demanding to return the equipment. As far as I can remember I have paid some 12k when I registred.


SLP said...

As far as I Know CBNSat Equipments are belongs to Customer, Dialog Tv equipments are belongs to DTV.

However in both case If the new contract was signed, All eqipments are property of Dialog nevertheless how much you pay for it. (Until someone raise the case on court)

Between, If someone raise the event in Supreme Courts, Dialog will lose by providing unjustificable contract with its customer.

Either they have to give the equipments free of charge or lease basis to retain the ownership of the equipment. If its sold as per our cases, the equipments belongs to the customer as of the rights have been asserted to the customer by gaining money to it.

So, Until the case opened in courts, Dialog can and will demand the equipments. But if you take it to courts, they have to pay the full coaurt and other charges while accepting the equipments are property of the customer.

SLP said...

One extention to the above comment...
This does not apply to the smart card embedded in the receiver,

At all times irrespective to the posess, the smart card is a property of Dialog TV enen though it was issued by CBNSat ( Rights will assign to DTV through aquivision of CBN)

sattvmania said...

Is it possible to disconnect dialog tv for few months without paying monthly rentals? I want to try videocon dth or airtel dth but don't want to give up dialog tv right now.anyone any info pls.

Mayuran said...

Hi friends invite you to do discuss here too

Asoka said...

For me also same issue came up. I have disconnected my DTV connection temp & they send me the invoice of adding Rs.500 for keeping charges for the STB & others.

Why is this? why i pay that much of money to them. even im not watching? Rs.500 is a huge amount. why dialog doing this? are they running out of money?????

SLP said...

if you guys have guts to muddle with them, just give them back the smart card and fight.

we also will work with you in all ways. And if you cant, either leave it entirely to them or reactivate the service without any asks.

damn it

Chandika Gunawardhana said...

No Ten Action, No champions league final....... :(

Larukh said...

We pay thousands to Dialog but still no CL final which is the biggest footballing event of the year..

Mario said...

Sri Lanka IPL ( SLIPL ) will be telecast on CSN. CSN is to go islandwide with this launch. Former head of marketing @ SLRC now at CSN.

sattvmania said...

I had my dtv disconnected few days ago but was hoping for temporary disconnection but they said i would have to pay existing pkg rental for 3 months more as it is the normal procedure. why should i pay for something i am not using .@asoka thks for the info

Asoka said...

Im also asking why these rules for us?? In other countries like in India they dont care about the STB & others. If we stop paying & sub is over, then they stop our service. Again if we top-up money, again they will activate service without any talks.
Why is this DTV people also do like that??
I dont understand their attitude towards to clients?
I think better we all have to do something about these things.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Ten Action, increasing pixelation plus Setanta".