Friday, February 11, 2011

Setanta confirms launch on Dialog TV

According to information being received Setanta Sports Asia is hoping to conclude a deal with Dialog TV & launch on the platform shortly.

It is highly likely that another channel will be removed to add "Setanta Sports Asia", it is not clear as yet what channel will be taken out. According to reports being received it seems that the channel name for "Ranaroo" was made blank from last night.

Let's hope that a good deal will be entered into enabling the channel to be made available cheaply for non premium subscribers as well.

The launch of "Setanta Sports Asia" is certainly looked forward to by many Dialog TV subscribers.


nilupa priyanka said...

good news for the rugby fans.

V8 said...

Very Good News .. Lets hope they take off one of the least Popular channels like CCTV ,NHK & Even MGM is not a good movie channel..

Hope this will be available soon

12398 said...

if v buy tata sky 4m telecave can v pay directly 2 da mother company or v hv 2 pay da rental 2 telecave thing....they ar da only ones with indivedual channel sellection facility?

Nalin Kiing said...


Please share the information you have about Kokavil Tower. Specially about which media stations are going to use the Kokavil Tower and etc....

sattvmania said...

I am not saying telecave is better than dialog or any company for that matter.But in case if there is trouble with the setup box/dish , lnb you have to ask for a tech/help from the shop you bought it from.You can pay by credit card by going online but think about customer care too.Dish tv also has individual chl pkg too.Dish tv has agents here telecave,satnet lk. I also think tatasky is little bit better than dish tv but risk is there being no real agent in case of trouble your money would be wasted unnecessarly.

sattvmania said...

check sundaytimes hitad there are shops for tatasky but ask everything you need to know before commiting and tell us also what you learned.sorry i can't put you in trouble by saying these agents are honest.telecave and satnet too.only advice is get 90cm or lager dish better signal even when it rains. never 65cm.

ajithanl_j said...

thank god.and thank you Nushad Perera,cant wait to see setanta sports channel.this is all i want from dialog tv a good rugby channel,sic of the Indian channels..
dialog tv you are the best

Mario said...

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 - Warm Up Match: India vs. Australia

14.10, Star Cricket

Vishkid said...

Ahh .. Setanta!

Who wants Cricket when Setanta is available for all the Rugby fans!! :)

Thank god that DTV management has woken up to that plea (and threats) at last. It took the initiative of LBN chairman to knock some sense in to DTV management.

C'mon we need DTV to take the initiative if they are the premier DTH service in Sri Lanka ...

... at least I hope they don't go and spoil it all by trying to exploit the eager fans by pricing it exorbitantly!

Any news on the launch date?

Shanaka said...

What the hell are you doing Dialog??? By the time you get the rights the tournaments will be over...

ajithanl_j said...

what is the delay of launching Setanta sports channel...please dialog hurry up.cant wait to see the six nations and the super 15 that is coming this Friday,already missed the weekend of the six nations..any one has any news of the launch date,we are eagerly and impatiently awaiting of the Setanta launch

Mihiri said...

COMMON D-TV , time is runnig out for all rugy union and league fans in sri lanka , get SETANTA tv on your network before the super rugby and league season kicks off next weekend

Mario said...

Why is ESPN/STAR CRICKET only telecasting the INDIAN warm up world cup matches ??? Other matches are not important is it ???

sadesh said...

Probably DTV believes in Others Lead we follow..............We want Setanta.....Does it take so long for DTV to make a simple decision to get Setanta on board

kappa said...

Very Good News indeed.. I think dialog should take off channels like TH TV,CCTV ,NHK & MGM.

MGM which was recently added is of no use...:(

Hope dialog will add Santana in such a way we will not have to pay and add that channel. :D

Mario said...

Anyone heard of the CARTON SPORTS CHANNEL ? PRIME TV is supposed to be launching this channel.

Mario said...

SLRC will be using newly installed tower at KOKAVIL to for coverage expansion in North to broadcast the 2011 world cup matches.

Proposed channel is UHF CH 8 transmitting from KOKAVIL.

FM DERANA who will be broadcasting the cricket commentries have 3 new proposed frequencies and may use KOKAVIL as well.

They are:


ajithanl_j said...

This is a copy of the email sent to me from SANZAR

Dear Sirs

We thank you for your email/s enquiring about Super Rugby being televised in your region.

While some areas are still being worked on we wanted to give you an update on the broadcasting of this years Super Rugby and the Tri nations in Asia Pacific.
Sri Lanka: negotiations are ongoing with networks and we will update you as soon as these are confirmed.We would like to encourage our fans, rugby clubs and organisers to approach the TV providers directly in their local areas to encourage them to add Setanta Sports to their channel line-up as customer demand would certainly motivate them more to play our competitions

Kind Regards


ajithanl_j said...

Help Us Get Setanta Sports in your Area

16 February 2011

Setanta Sports in the new rugby channel for Asia showcasing the best rugby in the world including the RBS Six Nations, Super Rugby, the Tri-Nations and the NRL.

Setanta is currently in negotiations with a number of Pay-TV Platforms in Asia.

You can help get Setanta distributed in your area by contacting your local Pay-TV Provider and expressing your interest.

Please see the list below for contact details.


Astro - Setanta Sports is available on Astro as programming blocks on SuperSport

Hong Kong

Now TV – Setanta Sports is available on Now TV

I-Cable –


First Media –

Indovision – Email Indovision TV


Macau Cable – Email Macau Cable


Astro – Setanta Sports is available on Astro as programming blocks on SuperSport


Sky Cable – Email Sky Cable

Global Destiny – Email Global Destiny

Dream Satellite TV – Email Dream Satellite TV


Singtel –

StarHub – Setanta Sports programming is available on SuperSports



LBN – Setanta Sports is available on LBN


Chunghwa – Email Chunghwa

China Network Systems – Email China Network Systems

Dish HD – Email Dish HD


True Visions – Email True Visions TV

ajithanl_j said...

the above request was made by setanta today,
so all the srilankan rugby fans please email dialog tv at or call their hot line o777679679
and plead the case of adding setanta before the super 15 starts this weekend

Vishkid said...

I sent below and suggest all the rest of you to keep the pressure up. I really don't understand the thinking of DTV management. At the speed they move, you'd be forgiven for thinking you're dealing with an antiquated government department!


Dear Dialog/DTV team,

As a long standing Dialog TV customer (A/C # XXXX and A/C # XXXX), I was dismayed to note that there will not be a single match of Super 15 Rugby or ANY international rugby match shown on Dialog TV in 2011.

Super Rugby and Tri-Nations which were shown previously on Australia Network has been moved to Setanta Asia.
Dialog is no longer showing Zee Sports/Ten Action, which telecasted Asian 5 Nations – where Sri Lanka will play a pivotal role this year.
All that is left is EuroSports, which only shows selected European Club matches.

A glimmer of hope was given to Sri Lankan rugby fans when LBN introduced Setanta Asia over 3 weeks back.
As DTV customer though, our pride was hurt that the premier DTH service in Sri Lanka is unable to do what an operator with a smaller reach can do.

Rugby is the 2nd most popular sport in Sri Lanka and takes precedence over Cricket as the #1 sport in DTV subscriber base in Greater Colombo.
I fail to understand why DTV is still inactive in this matter (as per reports being circulated in web, DTV has dismissed the possibility of getting Setanta Asia in to your lineup) and alienating majority of your core customer base.

Since LBN is widespread in Colombo, I fail to see how you would secure above key set of customers going forward.
I am looking forward to hearing any positive news you hv in this regard.

Looking forward to your reply


Keep sending mails/calling .. guys n gals. Good luck

ajithanl_j said...

geat work vishkid,come on srilankan rugby fans stand up yo..keep mailing keep calling till the cows come home.prove that dialog tv customers are not second class,please dtv management help us in this endeavor give setanta soon

Dilukshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dilukshi said...


Thanks for bringing that important question about Kokavil Tower to this forum.


Thanks for you also for good infos about Kokavil Tower, and keep us update all the time about it.


Now almost High time to open discussion posts about ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP's transmission in all four (LBN, DTV, PEO & TVLANKARADIO) forums. Bring the cricket fever to this blogspot...

V8 said...

come on Dialog .. time is running out .. Add Setanta .. Take out one of the least watched channels if u have a capacity issue !!!!!!

kappa said...

Compared to other channels the quality of the local channels are so bad. It appears to show shadows and I wonder why those channels are included in the DTV line up. :S Either they should improve the quality or just replace those low quality channels and get more room for better channels.

Jan said...

Thats because DTV receive local channels by normal terrestrial TV transmissions and rebroadcast them to the satellite. But for ITN and Prime TV they use microwave transmissions for transmit TV signals from TV station to DTV complex. Thats why they are more clear compare to other local channels.

But,, shame on you Dialog!! being a leading Telecommunication company in SL, you are unable to link few TV stations using microwave.. really shameful!!

Rukmal said...

DTV Setplans are not available in dialog website. Have they removed setplans ?

AR said...

The main 02 reasons for me to buy my DTV connection were
01. - English Movies
02. - Footbal

It is sad to note that Ten Action+ (Former Zee Sports) have been removed without any reason and replaced with Ten Cricket

Ten Action shows UCL / Europa league / Italian / Spanish / Scottish as well as English second division and all you get in Ten Sports is few UCL matches and boring Golf games and WWE

Hope you will look into add Ten Action again. If you realy need to keep Ten Cricket may be you can look at dropping Eurosport which is a hapless channel

ajithanl_j said...

i can confirm that setanta has started negotiating with peo tv and they are going to launche setanta very soon on the peo tv platform..

great work dialog tv management for being true to your motto 'future today'..may be you are punishing your customers.. may be your future today days are long gone.

wake up dialog tv management.and be true to your selves and have a motto 'they lead and we just follow at are our own coooooooooooooooooooool time....'

laugh and be arrogant dialog tv management till you can..
you only have to see the price on your stock at the stock market,it reflects the confidence people have on the management,you are a big bully when you dont have competition,but when you do have you suck...

please take your own cool time in taking setanta on board and watch how peo tv will put you to shame

Mario said...


Edward Maya - Live in Colombo, Taj North Lawn, Sat March 25th

Tickets 2000, 3000

Asoka said...

@Mario, what is the mean of UHF CH8? i never heard of CH8 in UHF?

About Setenta TV, i like to say its a FTA channel on C band from the satellite at the moment. any body can get with a mpeg4 receiver.

Mario said...

Check today's Daily News pg 2.


New connection 34,990/-
Upgrade existing 24,990/-

Mario said...

@ Asoka

Sorry I think its VHF CH8, u can check in under "coverage".

Asoka said...

I think that price for Personal DVR for Dialog is too much. Because other DTH providers in India offers less price for even with HD channels.

This price is too much. They have to catch customer not this way, have to reduce the price, other wise will go for Indian DTH packages.

Mahesh said...

There's unconfirmed news that the deal between Dialog and Setanta is off.. Pls confirm

Nokia said...

We cannot have PVR on the given STB's by Dialog. They might have to change the exsisting unit to have PVR enabled.

As Asoka said the unit is too expensive and it's not for me, as I cannot afford that much.

If they reduce or intraduse a test period then I might consider!!

Vishkid said...

Yes .. Dialog hv epically FAILED again!
I think they screwed up big time with Setanta ...

I hv cancelled one of my accounts with DTV and other will go as soon as LBN gives me a workable solution.

Infact a group of friends are working with LBN to help rugby loving ex-DTV subscribers to easily migrate to LBN .. they will keep you updated .

For those who cannot get LBN, PEO is also supposed to be talking to Setanta... so you too will be able to ditch DTV and go for a better service with better channels.

For me ONE CHANNEL is enough to make my decision to dump the douchebag that is DTV .. I think it will be so for many others as well!!

Asoka said...

YES! I think still dialog management is so fool. they dont know how to catch clients. See the full pack price? compare with Indian DTH even with HD packages, they are much cheaper to dialog full pack.

so why this cant see? i think still dialog wearing a black thick glass. Any client who looking for packages, they looking round & see the things. Not like Dialog management.

sattvmania said...

Yes what everyone says is true but for old pkg holders dialog is still better than lbn or peotv.I am not going to give up on dialog as long as they don't do anything to olg pkg rentals if they do greedy dialog u will lose so many old pkg holders like me.I also a rugby fan so hard to understan why they can't do a deal with setanta as HD is not the priority having all sports covered is the main thing.

Kumar said...

Why dialog tv blocks Channel Eye for Worldcup matches? Those who don't have Star Cricket how are they going to watch? They want to suscribe this? Can Dialog Solve this problem?

Asoka said...

Its a copy right issue. As official broadcaster in SL is SLRC. But dialog rebroadcasting CH EYE & it covers outside of SL also. so they dont have rights to broadcast specially ICC matches other than Star Cricket.

YES, you're correct. But if you do have a FTA mpeg4 box you can receive Setanta TV from Asiasat satellite. Its FTA on C band.

Mario said...

Channel EYE is also blocked on MY TV on Dialog Mobile as per instructions from SLRC.

sattvmania said...

@ asoka
Thanks for the info ,yes that is the only option .But for me it would be waste of money just to see 1 chl.If you have FTA box then it is worthwhile.

Nokia said...

Hot News
Zee TV will be back on DTV from tomorrow onwards on channel 74.

ajithanl_j said...

i can officially confirm that the negotiations with setanta is off.and dialog tv customers will not privileged as the lbn customers in watching good quality management has stopped the negotiations.if peo tv adds setanta this will be the beginning of the end of dialog fans please call 0777678700 and show your disappointment to the dialog tv management..useless calling the hotline because they are so clueless and dumb..

to asoka
About Setenta TV, being a FTA channel on C band from the satellite can get with a mpeg4 receiver.
dear asoka
this particular setanta broadcast that is free is not the asian feed,hence dont have rights to the super 15,six nations or the the tri to the rugby lovers its a useless cause...............

Asoka said...

To ajithanl_j,

Im not sure that feed is Asia or any other. But it shows all the rugby. If so what is that feed? Is it European feed?

About CH EYE on Dialog TV,

I think my comment on above is wrong. Because if Dialog showing CH EYE, they have a right to show what there going. As dialog customers have a right to watch CH EYE from dialog tv.
But I didnt see any conditions about ch eye in dialog tv agreement. Any customer have a right to watch ch eye on dialog tv as they pay to dialog.
Dialog should say before with the agreement about this earlier then. Other wise customers can go to courts i think.
If im wrong pls comment on this.

Mario said...

They have removed PRIME TV ??

And Channel 41 is scrambled ??

jagath said...

Yes Prime TV removed and they added TH TV to the above slot and now earlier TH TV slot is empty.. what channel they will add ?

Dear nokia, your news is true, Zee tv back in Dialog Tv.. it is good move by dialog Tv.. i think Zee tv is free for all packages.. i asked DTV hotline and they said to activate zee tv type ON Account No 74 and send it to 679.... but still not activate zee tv...

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Zee TV is back, Setanta deal off".