Friday, September 17, 2010

May Dialog TV Rest In Peace

Well it has been several weeks after the launch of Ten Cricket and their is still no sign of Ten Cricket on Dialog TV. LBN launched Ten Cricket first and for a company that carries the motto "The Future Today", Dialog TV certainly has never lived up to its expectations.

Well now it looks like Hallmark Channel will become Diva Universal from September 19th and Zee Sports will launch off as Ten Action soon. We hope Dialog TV updates the screen names on the exact launch dates.

Well with the increasing migration of subscribers to Indian DTH operators. We can confirm that Dialog TV is taking the path of pioneer pay television operator "Comet Cable". May All of them Rest In Peace.

We hope the management of Dialog TV of Dialog TV take steps to rectify the situation otherwise their monthly paychecks will also RIP.


Lisura said...

It's bit hard admin but the truth is bitter. Not only to indian operators, the subscribers are turning onto peo tv as well.

DTV will not add more channels cause their transponders are full at the moment. if they need to add more channels they will have to take away an existing channel.

They will not go ahead with mpeg4 so nothing much to expect from that too.

it is clear to us that DTV is running after money and neglecting the improvements to the service.

Most people have DTV cause there is no other alternative.

Satnet have advertised on sunday times hitad this week as the sole distributor for dish tv. Some other dealers have also advertised.

Why cant Airtel launch their DTH services in SL to give DTV a competition ?

Sujith Gunawardana H P Keerthi Abeywickrama said...

Haw can we see fashionTV and MTV English?

podiman said...

You are wroung by saying Comet cable as the pioneer pay tv operator in SL. It is "Channel 9" who started pay tv in SL.

Neel said...

please ad the CHANEL V & WB movie chanel on dialog tv

jagath said...

Please add Ten Cricket channel to Dialog Tv channel lineup as soon as posible.............

jagath said...

Dialog Tv has no Ten Cricket...... In October Ten Cricket broadcast South Africa vs Zimbabwe series and in November Sri Lanka vs West Indies match series. we miss the live action.............?

podiman said...

Dialog tv don't have enough TP space to add any more channels. Only thing they can do is replace some channels.

Lisura said...

DTV have no space on its 4 TPs at the moment. So either they have to replace an existing channel. Other option to increase the compression and squeeze it to an exiting TP. It will reduce the quality of the existing channels.

Not going ahead with MPEG4 is the root cause of all these issues. With MPEG4 they have the capacity to increase the channels to 150 at the same time increasing the picture quality.

Or else they can utilize only 2 TPs and give the reduction of the TP cost to the subscriber.

Rather than considering these service factors DTV management is more keen in making profits.

ekaterina said...

Heard that DialogTV got a proposal from their old-friend russian company to buy satellite trade-in STBs in MPEG-2 with embedded DRE Crypt CAS for only 18 USD, but they refused for the price seemed to be very high, for dialogtv wanted to earn more money

Lisura said...

@ Podiman

Channel 9 never started operations right ? It was Ruhuna 2000 multivision who started operations under the brand name comet cable.

There was LBN also operating in a smaller scale and Grant Cable TV operating from Ratmalana.

leyland said...

New software update available for MPEG 4 decoders. Changes noted are:

1. Volume indicator now appears on Top Left hand corner
2. EPG (Current & Next program) on Channel preview screen
3. New Dialog logo at bottom right
4. Faster EPG loading

podiman said...

Channel 9 started their operations as a C-band DTH package. I had a connection with them. It was there for sometime and stoped it. I reckon still you can get that package from Satnet. It was pretty expensive.
Comet cable came after Channel 9.

Lisura said...

@ Podiman

That was a package from Star right ?
They were not uplinking from Sri Lanka as far as i knew.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "New Software update".