Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aarti TV channel off air????

Hindu Television "Aarti TV" has been off air for the last couple of days leading to speculation that the channel is to be replaced. We hope that the reason the channel is off air is a technical problem since Dialog TV should take a hands off approach to religious channels. Let the channels be there as they are, any replacement will definitely hurt a section of their subscriber base.

It is now time for Dialog TV to start taking steps to increase channels & improving the present services. The MPEG4 conversion should be carried out with immediate effect in order to increase channels without a significant contribution to the overheads.

Any proposed rental increments should be scrapped as it would mean a loss of business. According to reports no more new Rs 999/= packages will be offered.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Priyantha De Silva said...

1st of all I must wish this blog admin for happy and prosperous new year with all your dreams come true ! also must wish for keeping this blog alive as a service for the whole nation without any personal gain not like many others as some bloggers here. Some people don't know me and many old bloogers who kept this blog alive hour by hour. Those time there wasn't EPG on the screen that's why I had to make a DTV monthly guide and made public here on this blog. I can't see any of old supporters here now as before.

The most remarkable reason for that is, those days at CBN Set, it was a new era in Sri lanka to have a satellite TV and we ware amazed for even 15 channels. when I bought there were only 15-17 channels. we were discussed everything here. when there was a "Dot" on screen , we log on net and made a comment here and others also kept some comments regarding those dots etc.

Don't think we are kept away from this blog. this was like a home. we were shared everything here , some times we fought and again we were friends. One of the most amazing place was this blog and we never left you, the only thing we have done was less of comments.

I think because of lack of interest for satellite TV and not for this blog. I came here every 2-3 days and gone, after reading all the comments.

Also I must thank all other new comers for keeping this blog alive and mentioning current situations as happened. if you have time, please read past posts and comments and there are many thing to learn. Sometimes this blog was a educational master for us. I came here today for wish our dearest Blog admin and to remind you are not alone.

If any other pioneer members see this comments I request for them,
please come from your past username and made something for one time our home !

thanks all for reading this and to stop here...

Looser said...

Thanks for reminding old thinks Priyantha and Wish you the same.

I also visit this blog almost daily without making any comment.

Actually there is no much serious thinks happening like past in this blog now.

kumara said...

Nice to see some old fellows. Keep going. all the best for everybody and DTv.

SLP said...

Hai Priyantha, hai Looser
N most of all Admin and rest of the bloggers

Wish you all a splendid new year. Yeah I second, We are behind. We always come and seek for the things.

As looser says, No key issues to discuss and going back. Yes this is home for a big battle. We fought, Learn, hail etc.,

We are backing things, You're not alone. Keep up the good work.

chami_tv said...

Hi Everybody. Thanks every one for reminder on good old days.

I still have the habit of visiting the blog though didn't comment for long time. thanks Admin to keep the blog running.. all the best fellow blogger s..

තුෂාර ජයරත්න. said...

Max television in colour bar

Anonymous said...

如果你不思考未來,你便不會有未來 ..................................................

Rukmal said...

Yesterday I received a mail from Dialog says my DTV package price is increased by Rs.200/= from May

I had 500/- package and now its 700/-


kumara said...


Sometimes I actaully feel sad when come to the blog and see no old fellows. It was actually fun and learning we blogged day and night and most of the times fighting with each other. good old days.

may be there will be a time again for all of us to come back.....

DLR said...

Hi Priyantha and Admin,

I also a good member since the black out period. I made lot of comment to improve the service, but unfortunately Dialog do not wants to come to the correct path. So I down graded my connection , just to watch local channels and watch films in a computer by torrent download.

Any way as a habit I visit this blog at least once a week, just see what are the trends in DTV.

Those days we fought for even editing the Wikipedia. But Now I know Dialog is not worth that much. I hate Dialog.

Wishes to all bloggers!!!

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ kumara,Looser,SLP,chami_tv ,DLR and all others including admin..

very nice to see you all back and now we all know all of us are here everyday without any comments. I think this is the most lovable home this new year place than any other relatives homes.Like we came to see our grandparents etc.

Now you know Admin we all are here I know others come later. Then keep it up your work. don't think this is boring , one day in the future people will understand that your great service.

As Kumara said, I feel sad too when every time I visit this blog. when I came here for the 1st time I didn't know the meaning of a blog.everything learned from here. all 24 hours we were here. also, every hour there were 2-5 minimum comments. if admin was unable to update a new thread there were more than 40-50 comments daily. What a wonderful Days !

Hope someday we'll meet again !!!

Priyantha said...

nice to see priyantha de silva, actually i am very disappointing with Dialog. world Television going very high, but dialog shutting high. they don't do anything. actually i am CBN sat customer.CBN better than Dialog. they give us to Fation Tv, Zone realty,Gall TV 1-2. but day by day dialog replace thire channels and give poor local i am using dialog 1999 pak. but also i am using videocon (d2h), because dialog only doing increasing rentals and replace channels. i dont know what we doing??????

WELE said...

Nice to See the OLD bloggers!!

happy newyear to you too.. its the same story here too... I too dont comment- but check the blogsite once in a while... for old times sake!

not much developments.. heard Dialog wants to dispose of the Satalite TV thing-- as it is a loss making venture for them... it explains why no improvements are made to it. said...

Fox history is not available

Rukmal said...

What's wrong with the History channel ? Its not working now. Anyone knows any reason ?

Raj said...

Blog admin is dead.DTV tookout an international channel and replaced with a local.Now History TV is gone..But are rentals going up up and up.This blog is voice to preassure DTV to change their attitude.We are just posting without a purpose.
If admin's GOD TV channel was taken out he would be here naked typing all sorts of threatning posts.He was active on christmas day.But now he's sleeping.

Radikal Zee said...

where's ALF and jessica? Good old days LOL

Nipuna Dananjaya said...

Can You Add Siyatha TV for Arthi TV?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Fox History to resume on May 2nd".