Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Prime TV to launch on Dialog TV

According to a report in the newspapers yesterday, Prime TV the English Language sister channel of ITN will be launched on Dialog TV when it is launched on Nov 12th at 10am. Lack of transponder space on Dialog TV would mean that either Prime TV may be squeezed in or Siyatha TV will be removed and Prime TV will take its place.

It is highly likely that Siyatha TV will be removed as Siyatha is still indicated as test by Dialog TV and it has not been included in the lineup on the website.

Either way Prime TV will become the only 24 hr English channel to be on Dialog TV which we hope will pave the way for other English channels to hop on board Dialog TV.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


: said...

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Vishwaje said...

Hey My Dialog tv is dead!
I turned on STB at 5:45. Time displayed as 1200. I turned on using remote. STB says seacrching for signal. After short time STB said no signal. I have silver color(MPEG2) STB. I pressed info button. Quality is 51% As normal. I switched to DTV demo. pictures are come and go...pictures are appear for about 2sec. and No Signal, After about 4secs. pictures.......
What was that?
I think They Adding more transponders or My STB or Dish(or LNB) has problem.

Vishwaje said...

Now I have Only 3 transponders. 36 Channels.
Whats happening?
They are going to add TP's???

Vishwaje said...

Now I have all channels. 75 is test...!!!

Anonymous said...

Same happened to me at around 17:45 pm and it was 18:33 pm at the second time clock stucked and nothing on the screen. But Ch. No. 1 (DTV Demo a.k.a. Play TV) is working. In both times all channels recovered back automatically in few minutes.