Wednesday, September 2, 2009

of local advertising and adding of AXN Beyond and SET Asia English

A local Cargills advertisement has been spotted on Dialog TV on the Discovery Channel at 1:30pm on September 1st 2009. This is the first local advertisement on Dialog TV on one of their regular channels.

As mentioned in previous posts these advertisements should not cause displeasure to the viewer. It is alright for Dialog TV to carry out local advertising for channels in place of some of those annoying Hindi ones but we reiterate that it should be carried out properly.

Once Dialog TV has a continuous flow of revenue from these advertisements it is time for them to consider reducing rentals.

We hope that Dialog TV will take steps to allocate the Channel 7 blank slot for either AXN Beyond or SET Asia English. Rival operator LBN has already added these channels and we feel that these two channels are far better than Fox Crime and Fox FX in terms of programming. Now what is done has been done, Dialog must use the Channel 7 slot for AXN Beyond then speed up the MPEG4 conversion and add SET Asia English. We have been calling for the addition of these channels for a long time and we hope that we will not have to continue like that for too long. Dialog TV can delay the addition of CCTV which is expected to be inserted in the Channel 7 slot since AXN Beyond will make better business sense than CCTV. Dialog can also remove an Hindi Channel such as "Zing" or English channel "NDTV Good Times" and add SET Asia English temporarily until they get the MPEG4 conversion sorted out.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


SLP said...

I wonder why DTV is still not concluding to the remaining channel.
it was used to depict CCTV in the earlier channel shuffle and yet is blank slot.
They are using this slot for up linking duplicate channel of HBO Signature till date.
As for Local ads: as we were concluded in our previous posts, User experience should not be affected by inserting such.
They can embed anything they like on any ads made by Indian source. However original programme should not be allowed to affected by any means.
If this golden rule will be followed than they can glued to both customers as well as revenue.
Hope they are on the right track.

Rukmal said...

Discovery Networks has received government clearance to launch three channels in India. These include Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo and Discovery HD.


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Rukmal said...

Hay !!
This is not palace to publish your advertisements

Pls remove this

Rukmal said...

can we use Sachet Pack Set Plans now?

Harindu said...

hey everyone .. i sent a email to dialog saying to add following channels

"We would like to have following channels on DTV:

BBC Two (It airs a worldwide famous auto program "Top Gear")
Disney Channel
Sony SET (Asia)
AXN Beyond
Channel V (Asia)

and I got a reply from Dialog:

" Thank you very much for taking the time to write to us.
With reference to your e-mail, we are pleased to inform you that your e-mail has been taken in to higher consideration and your valuable suggestion has been escalated to the relevant personnel in charge.
And, if the said suggestion is been decided and introduced by the management, all subscribers will be notified via media. Until such time, please bear with us.
Assuring of our best services at all times.

Thanking you,
Yours Faithfully,
Poornika De Costa,
Contact Centre Associate.
Dialog Telekom PLC."

so i say to everyone to send a email saying to add channels with a channel list as above ...

send to:

Tharindu Hasanka said...

Hey Rukmal,
Yes we can use Sachet Pack setplan,Dnt u knw abt it?ln

Rukmal said...

@Tharindu Hasanka

Thanks for the reply
But have they officially announced it?

Rukmal said...

I got it from DTV CC

CNN 49/=
BBC World 49/=
Zee Studio 49/=
Zee Café 49/=
Australia Network 49/=
Nat Geo Adventure 99/=
Zee Trendz 49/=
Nat Geo 49/=
Discovery 49/=
Travel & Living 49/=
Animal Planet 49/=
Fox History Ent 99/=
Star Sports 99/=
ESPN 99/=
Neo Sports 99/=
Neo Cricket 99/=
Star Cricket 99/=
Ten Sports 99/=
VH1 99/=
MTV 99/=
Cartoon Network 99/=
POGO 99/=
Nickelodeon 99/=

Sachet Pack setplan minimum period for the activation is 1 month (30 days)

Rukmal said...

and only for Rs 500/= or below packages

dialog tv mf said...

wtf.... y do dtv treat customers differently. as to activate single channels only to 500 or below package holders....

hp said...

DTV CC replied negatively (some time back) to my query over activating sachet plans in other packages.

But they claim that they are piloting it with the 500 and blow pkgs and they may introduce it to the other pkgs in the future.

To be pragmatic, dont expect them allowing the activation of Tensports for 99/- for Big Deal Pkgs or 99/- per channel of the Movies suite.

There seems to be a definite change in business. They reply to all emails in return.

V Have to wait & C patiently.

AMD said...

Ten Sports now has a live webcast of all the matches they broadcast.

yakuza said...

anyone knw wht time the "star wars" animation series is on cartoon network?


pax said...

The matches are interrupted by local ads. Very annoying!!!

Lisura said...

Siyatha TV on UHF 32
Vettri TV on UHF 46

Test transmission was visible yesterday (12th Sep) from 7pm till 10 pm.

Good picture quality !!!

Elvis said...

MPEG 4 decorder doesnt support sorting of channels according to our interest. older decorders support this. hope dialog will change its software in the future.

hp said...

Siyatha TV test transmission seen on Channel 7 last night and this morning with color bars. Seems like it will replace the empty slot.

LANKA INFO said...

Vettri TV - Tamil Box Office Channel Launches today... more details :

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Siyatha TV now on Dialog TV".