Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fox FX on trial?

Last sunday the advertisement indicating the launch of Fox FX television channel had a condition for Rs 1949/= package holders. It indicating that this channel is added free for the Rs 1949/= but will be on trial until December 31st 2009.

So what does this trial mean? Either Dialog may discontinue with the channel after December 31st depending on its popularity or there will be a Millionaires Package which will include this channel free of charge ultimately moving this channel to the new package. So what Dialog will end up doing is yet to be seen and we will find out soon enough. There is still one more channel to be revealed, and it will be out this Sunday and if that channel also carries the same condition then the case towards a higher priced package will become stronger. However lets not jump into conclusions here.

The new educational channel Nenasa TV will not be revealed to subscribers since it is only for schools. It is great that Dialog TV is becoming a major player in the education industry by incorporating distance education facilities.

We hope that Dialog will look for alternative sources of income like advertising, ect without reducing the user experience instead of increasing package rates which are already high.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Gloria said...

i have fox fx it is a good entertainment channel. good comedies if your into that. it is a knock out for star world.

podiman said...

I reckon your dish is not aligned properly or the site of satallite is been blocked.

podiman said...

Dialog tv has started testing with NatGeo Wild. That will be the next channel they are going to add.

ddwsoft said...

Fox FX is more of an adult oriented channel. So DTV will look at the feedback to this channel until end of December and if everything is okay they will most probably continue with it.

madhusha99 said...

I think FOX FX is great channel with good programmes. I recon add FX is very good move by Dialogtv!!!!!!!!
If they add Set asia,BBC Entertainment and AXN Beyond asia Dialogtv will be a best channel line up in south asia!!!!!!!!!!!!

wik said...

They already have da best channel lineup in south asia. Even we cant compare with indian dth providers. In india they hav their own feed with many ads.(Eg: AXN, HBO)

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting on the new post titled - Channel Number 7 is "Nat Geo Wild" and more on the "trial" saga.