Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Play" and "HTV" on air

Dialog TV has recently launched the "Play" channel after launching "HTV" a few days ago. The "Play" channel which is presently FTA will showcase trailer and snippets from programming available via all channels on Dialog TV. We hope that instead of only using this channel to play previews & snippets, Dialog TV should try to upgrade this channel to the standard of the interactive channel on Dish TV. What happens to this future is yet to be seen.

In other news the local channel "HTV" is being greeted with optimism by Dialog TV subscribers and seems to have the best content out all the local non terrestrial channels being aired by Dialog TV.

Please keep us updated on the latest post regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.


Rukmal said...

I have uploaded the SETPLAN list (XLS)

Pls check this out


hp said...

All following are available in 999 package.

but the 5 set plans cost 950 rupees...


SET 29 SET / SET MAX RS. 300

Bkhan said...

F.ck dialog.....
set plan cost is too much

Bkhan said...

Hey Rukmal.
Link was not working pal,can you email that for tharindujayaweera@gmail.com

podiman said...

Dialog tv has rearranged their website. Looks better than before.

bank_dude said...

I must agree with admin. Htv is the best local channel that Dialog has.

Rukmal said...

The CNN web site and the TV are now conducting a vote on , "Should the
International Community intervene in Sri Lanka"? Pl click the link below and
vote NO.

Also please tell this to your friends & asking them to do the


Nokia said...


As I have revealed Dialog Logo change done as per the TM International logo change….

AMD said...

Out of topic just some interesting news for u guys.

One of my friends went to Killinochchi and DIALOG actually had coverage there, he just spoke to me and the clarity was superb.

But whats even a better suprise is that out of curiosity i just asked C/C about it, and the reply was

"We regret to inform you that still haven’t given the coverage to Killinochchi district
But the particular mobile phone might pick signal from a closest tower "

Closest tower???? in Killinochchi ??

Hmmmm looks like some things never change... well maybe in the case ONLY THE LOGO !!!

AMD said...

you can watch all the IPL matches LIVE & for FREE

got to http://www.iplt20.com/

and register.

SLP said...

Dialog never sell lies. They know everything, There cant be any hole in their system. Heh.. Your dude has not gone to kilinochchi, heh,, dialog sucks,,, heh heh
HTV is nice, Finally some channel to watch. But indeed it still does not indicate the Channel Name and wonder how many fans know that it's exist.

New LOGO of dialog aligns with the business today. Not looks so rigid as compared to previous regid logo of dialog. It looks to me a bit shaky though and indicates that 'not enough confidence on the image it render' as against to the previous.
But its align right.

Rukmal said...



The leader of the LTTE, Velupillai Prabhakaran, was shot dead while trying to flee government troops, a senior defence official told AFP.

Prabhakaran tried to flee the area in an ambulance along with two close aides, but was ambushed and killed, the senior defence ministry official said on condition he not be named.

“He was killed with two others inside the vehicle. There will be a formal announcement later,” the official said.


Vista said...

All signals from Bloomberg upwards are very low and are often not visible specially during periods of cloud cover.

Are any of the other viewers experiencing the same?

There is absolutely no point in DTV adding more channels via the new transponder if we can only view them about 10% of the day!!!!

podiman said...

I reckon somthing is wrong with your dish alingment, get it checked. With all DTH and satallite systums the rain fade is there. If you use a bigger dish it could be minimized otherwise you have to live with it.

Bkhan said...

Tax rate is climp up to 15.3% guys,
now all rentals are climbing up

AMD said...

Red Ink
20 May, 2009 19:19:50
Sri Lanka Dialog pay TV, broadband still making losses

May 20, 2009 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's Dialog Telekom said its broadband and pay TV units continued to lose money in the March quarter, contributing to a group loss of 1.86 billion rupees but that a turnaround in the group's fortune's was visible as overall revenue stabilised.
Dialog, the island's dominant mobile phone operator, said it added over 337,000 mobile subscribers during the March 2009 quarter, and now had a total subscriber base of 5.85 million, up 29 percent from a year ago.

The company, a unit of Telekom Malaysia, said its broadband subsidiary lost 437.3 million rupees while the pay TV unit lost 303.2 million rupees.

But it said in a statement accompanying the quarterly financial results that Dialog Broadband Networks (DBN) and Dialog Television (DTV) continued to grow and capture market and revenue share in the fixed line, broadband and pay television sectors.

Its active pay TV subscriber base increased by 68 percent to 130,000 from a year ago while CDMA and broadband subscribers increased by 149 percent to over 182,000.

DBN revenue grew three percent from a year ago mainly derived from a 51 percent growth in broadband and a 140 percent growth in internet services while DTV revenue grew 49 percent over the same period.

However, overall group revenue was down five percent to 8.4 billion rupees for the three months ended March 31, 2009 from a year ago.

Revenue at company level fell marginally to 7.71 billion rupees although the number of subscribers grew in response to hefty price cuts.

"Stabilisation of revenue and usage dynamics evidenced during the latter part of 2008 and in (the March 2009 quarter) augurs well for a reversal of the revenue trend on a quarter on quarter basis going forward," the statement said.

Dialog also said foreign exchange translation losses on borrowing and foreign liabilities resulted in an exchange loss of 286 million rupees in the quarter which contributed to the increase in non-operating costs.

alf said...




Vista said...

@ Podiman

Thanks!! DTV changed the LNB and cable and all was back to normal!!

CKB said...

Please include "TEN SPORTS" Chanel to Big Deal 999 package

Conny said...

Ten Sports is the most demanding channel of the sports channels and it is only available in the Premium pkg too...

and out of the 7 sports channels available on DTV, all other 6 channels are included except Ten Sports in the big deal..

I think DTV will never add Ten Sports to the Big Deal.... ( marketing trick )

AMD said...

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nalaka77@gmail.com said...

New software upgrade is available from tomorrow

LANKA INFO said...

Dialog TV Software upgrading announcement

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Dialog TV software upgrade".