Sunday, April 12, 2009

Suba Aluth Awruddak Wewa and Heritage Television

We like to take this opportunity to wish the Management & Staff of Dialog TV, the members of Dialog TV Subscribers Unite and our fellow bloggers "Suba Aluth Awruddak". We hope that you will continue to be with us as you have been with us giving us the breaking news many times even before we get them. A big Thank You goes out to all of you.

In other news Dialog TV is carrying out test transmissions of local channel "Heritage Television" on Channel Number 63. At the moment the channel is said to be free for all packages and since it on test mode it has to be activated by giving a call to customer care. There are some customer care agents who are clueless of this channel so the best thing is to refer to the channel number and ask for activation.

It is good that Dialog TV is looking at adding channels focusing on Sri Lanka but we feel that Dialog TV should not neglect on adding international channels when they are launched. Channels like Disney, AXN Beyond, BBC Entertainment, WB, SET Pix, Trace TV, STC, ect are long overdue on Dialog TV. So hopefully these will also arrive soon on the Dialog TV platform.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Cricket Tragic said...

why the hell does the customer have to go through the trouble of talking to some idiotic customer service agents to get the Heritage TV? Can't they just activate it on all the subscriptions? Another reason why Dialog is losing customers as fast as Ranil is losing fans...:(

TheXB said...

HTV can be activated by doing a rescan. When I first checked the channel it said "No Signal", but after a rescan it was available. Give it a try and see. Easier than hanging on the phone on hold with the CS agents.


bank_dude said...

Ok... Posting here after a long time. I read few comments about card sharing and thought to add a comment on that.

Yes it is illegal and there is risk of losing your money. At the beginning of CBN we thought it was a legal service and ultimately was not as per the laws.....? We paid for a legal service. Dialog or any other service provider cannot sue the CS guys. There are two steps normally pay tv providers follow. One is blocking the sharing card and that's it. Secondly providers change the keys of the card more frequently. Then most of CS servers get stuck. Dish TV India doing this.

What I'm saying is if you have the opportunity, go for it and see it yourself. There is a wonderful world of pay tv channels out there.

Anuruddha said...
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Anuruddha said...

oh... this Dialog TV sucks :S.... u know they removed the Set plan 6 and 7... that set plans contains SETMAX....

ysday i called to DTV CC to get activate the SETMAX for watchin IPL matches.... then CC guy told me that set plans already removed.... I can c one thing on this.... their cheap marketing plan.... he he he he pool beggars/buggers.... i think they remove that set plans because when smone wanted to watch IPL matches they hv to upgrade their package to Great 1375 or Value Plus1949........ :)

Actually they dnt knw how to do a bizz witout loosing their existing customer.... poor losers..... hmmmmmm now im tinking to give up DTV :)

Guys do u knw tat guys..... please tell me how their service nd their reputation....

anybody here using satlanka packages....

how z their DishTV package ( z that package from original DishTV india (

thx guys

madhusha99 said...

You are right!!!!!!!!!!
Dialogtv buggers dont want to stop for loose their customers, i think Dialogtv loose their customers very soon!!!!!!!! Dialogtv Rogues go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suckssssssss!!!!
I also thaught satlanka packages better than dammm dtv!!!!!!!!
Sundirect package is best and cheap for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iptv said...

Sad news dialog tv doesnt have rights to telecast IPL on there platform since they are still negotiating and sex max im going to buy a PEO tv connection dialog is not giving value for money dialog tv is a shit

madhusha99 said...

I also buy a peotv this week !!!!!!!!!! dilaogtv is really bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bank_dude said...
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Radikal Zee said...

are u really sure about this?

bank_dude said...

@ anuruddha

don't go for Dish tv. Total hindi and Indian crap. Dialog is far better comparing to Dish when look at the channel lineup. Go for Peo. I think it's a better choice for you.

AMD said...


Dialog tv has SET MAX and therefore they will be telecasting the IPL.
There is no issue here.

I just called DTV and they said they are showing.

Transporter said...

Don’t play ur dirty tricks here & pls don’t spread rumors…

Is this the way u’ll sell connections…? Now I got the secret PEO TV Sales… :( hehe...

Hope u’ll remember, some time back DTV got the exclusive rights to telecast the ICC world cup….

for details:

shit said...

dialog cc doesnt no in regard to the IPL this message was given to by 1 of my friend at dialog tv that they are still negotiating with set max ok let wait and see till the 18th

shit said...
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shit said...

dialog has to pay a certain amount to telecast the IPL even though they have the channel the rights has to be there im not supporting any one coz i have a dialog tv as well as a PEO tv connectiom

sachin94 said...

god..set plan 6 hz bn removed and thr z no way to watch local coverage for thr any other set plan with set max plz?

sachin94 said...

is thr any other way 2 watch IPL ?

sachin94 said...

can the big deal be activated any time ?

Anuruddha said...

hey guys thx for da comments.... :)

@ bank_dude yep DishTV z total Indian crap :S. thx alot :)

I contacted the satlanka guy over da fone and...... he said all Indian channels ex:- DishTv, tatasky, bigtv.... etc.. everything has indian feeds.... at india they only allowed for HBO Indian feed...... :S Star movies also same......

Now Im really confused here... when we comparing the feeds DTV nd PEOTV movie feeds are better. others are same like indian feeds.

SatLanka has good packages with asian and europe feeds.... bt price is too high :S

Guys do u knw any agenta in sri lanka that providing good package with less price....

LANKA INFO said...

@ Anuruddha: check out the Dialog TV asian feed channels details.

HBO Signature
HBO Hits
HBO Family
Star Movies
Hallmark Channel
Australia Network
Cartoon Network
Baby TV
Nickelodeon (Pak)

Dish TV indian list...

HBO - Indian Feed
Star Movies - Indian Feed
AXN - Indian Feed
Australia Network - Asian Feed
Cartoon Network - - Indian Feed
Boomerang - Indian Feed
Nickelodeon - Indian Feed

HBO Signature - Not available
HBO Hits - Not available
HBO Family - Not available
MAX - Not available
Hallmark Channel - Not available
Baby TV - Not available

Anuruddha said...

@ LANKA INFO yep thx for da info bro :)

DTV and PEOTV feeds r far better than the Indian DishTV.... DishTV has loootz of chanels.... bt most r useless for me coz i dnt knw Hindi, Tamil, teligu.... I knw only Sinhala nd English :D

bt DTV Nickelodeon smtyms spinning between Indian and Pakistan feeds ryt :)

anyway DTV dnt knw tips nd tricks to satisfy da customers.... dey always doin poor marketing tricks nd finally they loosing their customers :S

if DTV wants to keep the existing customers....,

1)they have to reintroducing the all past set plans from Set 1 to 22.

2)Introduce new set plans like "HBO, Star movies, Max, Hallmark", "Ten sport, Espn, star cricket, star sports".... etc....

3)adding new channels regularly... like animax, axn beyond, E!... etc

4) adding more channels to existing packages......

podiman said...

Please send me your e-mail address.

Anuruddha said...

@podiman my email addr is anuruddha094 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Do you know any places to buy Dreambox in Sri Lanka models like,

DreamBox DM600 or DreamBox DM7025 or DreamBox DM7020 or DreamBox DM800 HD PVR

sachin94 said...

can any1 tl me sum more details abt da big deal rs.999 + it worth it

shalus2310 said...

Gud for DTV to add channels focusing on SL.

samaru said...

at sachin

I have a big-deal package..there are almost every good channel thats available on dtv..except for 4hbos and hallmark + cinemax and star movies.. so thats alot of movies but u have to activate star world and axn too..thse are in 2 set plansso that will cost u about 200..overall..if you are not a guy who stys home all day and bored so u want only movies on the tv..this is not right for u..but if ur a average busy guy this is great..make sure u add 2 set plns so that will make 1200rs.