Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Of programme guides & CiTi HiTz.....

On April 1st many Dialog TV subscribers informed Dialog TV customer care that they do not want to continue having CiTi HiTz in their lineup because they will charged for it but according to Dialog TV customer care they said that the channel will be available for a certain time period and will be deactivated by the end of April.

However according to information that we are receiving now it seems that many Dialog TV subscribers who requested for deactivation of CiTi HiTz are still continuing to receive the channel. We are not sure why this is so, since the Dialog TV bill for the month of May will contain the rebate for the SET Plan that was charged during the month of April for CiTi HiTz (only for subscribers who requested for Citi Hitz deactivation). Is this because Dialog TV have decided to give the channel free of charge for certain packages or has the trial period being extended until Citi Hitz increases the quality of their content and make themselves pay worthy.

In addition we are receiving information that subscribers have not got their programme guides yet for this month with some subscribers not receiving the April guide too.

Pixelation is continuing on HBO channels and no solution has been given after several months since we first highlighted this.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


hellbreez said...

I remember sometime back few bloggers were saying DTV will be introducing MPEG4 and another transporder.New channels will be available from 10th February.5 channels including 3 fox channels.What happend to them?? what happnd to the channels??I do not see any improvement.Same old channels same old horrible low picture quality same old dumb CC guys.

Maddumage said...

Don't worry Sri Lankan company earning money like this. Sri Lanka "Best Company" 2nd Year ?.
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Anura said...

Do they provide programme guide??
If yes how i can get that??

Lankikaya said...

I got my program guide at the start of the month. Last month also it came in the first week. I thought they have improved, but now find that some subscribers even don't know about the guide, meaning they have not recieved even one.

Further, I may have missed any mentioning of the fact that the radio channels were gone, if that was discussed in the blog.

But it seems that they have taken those out when the ABC network was banned. They say e-mails were sent through the dialog-tv e-mail system, but I have not seen any.

Not having radio channels is not very important as many would not use the service. But my second connection is in a room where I do not have a radio set, so I tried to use the channels in DTV, hence discovered they were missing.

Can any one confirm that they have been notified?

yakuza said...

the radio channels went missing long before the ABC incident if i remember correctly. there was a post regarding this in the blog. don't think that dialog officially mentioned this.

agree. it was like a well shaken soda bottle. no one even mentions about this 4th transponder anymore

LANKA INFO said...

According to the information we are getting, DTV Service will be interrupted for scheduled maintenance on the 10th and 12th midnight till 6am on 13thth.

| Stay tended for more details.

CN said...

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TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under "DTV Scheduled Transmission Interruption".