Friday, January 25, 2008

4th Transponder appearing on decoders

According to reports being received, the 4th transponder is now appearing on the decoders. Anyone who does a system rescan is able to see the new transponder. As per the information there are 16 channels allocated to the 4th transponder and they are named as CH1 to CH16. In addition the channels are all encrypted.

Channels may begin to appear over the weekend. One of the main concerns among subscribers is now much additionally do they have to pay for these channels. The last time when Dialog introduced the 3rd Transponder there were many practices that were questionable and hopefully this time around things will be handled more professionally.

Dialog should not take this opportunity to force the Rs 1600/= (the premium package before rates were increased) to upgrade to the new overly priced Rs 1949/= package (the present premium package). They should allocate these new channels free of charge to both the premium packages and they should also allocate some channels to the other lower priced packages without complicating things by asking them to subscribe to a puffed up and over priced SET Plan. If this is done then it will reflect badly on the image of Dialog TV.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


hush said...

yes tp4 after scanning shows channels 1~16 but all are scrambled at the moment.

LKDOOD said...

Another TV Network on air for Sri Lankan and Sri Lankan expatriates in other countries


LKDOOD said...

Dialog tv top package is 2241.35 with vat !!!

it is just too much :(

podiman said...

With the 4TP and the new set of channels what will be the price. It is going to be far too high.

janaka said...

I moved from the Rs. 900 package to 1400 package (before the rental hike) on the assurance that all new channels will be included in this package. The Rep Assurede me that all new channels will be included and adviced me to upgrade before the tariff revision.

But now they DTV indicates that I have to pay 50 for citi hitz after march and dont know what their policy is going to be for the TP4 channels

I dot know where this consumer protection uthority people are?

Jay said...

There is no consumer protection authority in this country when it comes to consumers like us and especially when it comes to companies like Dialog. If people really knew how Dialog operates they would keep away. [Do you see the numbers that you send SMSs to in your bill, and what happens to the sender when the receiver gets duplicate messages? Important calls get dropped and you get missed call alerts. How did CBN become DTV?]. Getting back to the point DTV will go about their operations the same way they did their mobile operation. [If people remember how they started with 100/= 300/= packages at the start and later didn’t give the latest updates to these packages without an additional premium]. We cannot expect much from DTV except higher prices until proper competition comes. I have seen posts on this site like “Buy Lankan. Dialog TV will soon get much cheaper than it is now.” Don’t get miss led by comments like this. As someone rightfully had pointed out Dialog is a fully owned subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia. Think free and trust only known sources.

In one sense the consumer protection authority should look into DTV, but I think the authorities should first look into the Comet Cable operation which cheats, lies and a hold lot more of dirty dealings to their customers. The question is how can a company like this operate in this country?

LKDOOD said...

very sad situation for the customers of pay tv !

'podi' people always gets crushed :(

if things go on like this people will don't buy/continue paying the rental

rupavahini said...

six channels now on air
E entertainment television (USA)
S S Music (Tamil)

NadineYunoki said...

Does this mean animax is out too???? pls let me know

Dimu said...

I'm on full package. But I can't see any new channel as of 7.31 pm

Looser said...

I'm also not getting any new ch.

Can anyone get new channels?

yakuza said...

56 to 66 E16
67 to 71 E48

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

I hope they unscramble the channels soon. If they are planning to unscramble in February, I ask Dialog to kindly unscramble at least DW-TV and TV5 Monde for the moment as they are free-to-air channels.

I've sent an email to NGC Asia regarding the Fox channels being on Dialog TV. Hope for a reply soon. That is, if we don't get the channels before they reply.

LKDOOD said...


what are the new channels that are scrambled ?

SS MUSIC ?..... what else ?

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

Enupul at SaveOnDish Forums says:
E (usa)

It adds up. But what is the fifth and sixth Fox channel?

Priyantha De Silva said...

I think the 1st, 10 channels are active now ,
Check that ,

Micheal said...

Hi Guys,
Been some time since I was last here.
Good to see that some new channels are arriving.
First 10 channels are active on the system, but clearly not activated to subscribers, for viewing yet.
Anyone getting visuals kindly comment as soon as you are able to. thanks.
Stay cool.

cbnsatcustomer said...

For me 1-10 channels are encrypted and others no signal.

yakuza said...

need updates, not at home


AMD said...

same story as cbnsatcustomer for me too

cable said...

The ppl at customer service says they are testing at the moment but customers will be able to view only after the official launch


do you know of any time frame when we will be able to watch these channels? and what are the six fox channels?

Nalin said...

Did you arrange an interview with Mr.Nimal Laxapathiarachchi , to know the in side & out side of Sri Lankan electronic media industry, what we can expect from Sri Lankan media industry in near future & what are his plans to do in Sri Lankan media in future, etc..? Hope you'll post a feedback to inquiry as soon as possible.

Tharu said...

Please don't trust DTV customer service for any informations. They are just bunch of babies who think the customers are babies too..

They don't understand any AV issue or basically why people bought DTV.. They always think they are doing a free service and they can fool the customers as and when they want.

If you have any issues regarding DTV email them to: and that's the only way you can get something done properly.

AMD said...

DTV CONTACT INFO: ( dont know how useful they are but u can try!! )

Customer Service

TEL +94 777-679679
FAX +94 0014-619207



TEL +94 777-679679

FAX:+94 114-606099


LANKA INFO said...

Its confirm you can expect some channels on DTV line up from Feb 2008.

FOX - 6 channels
TV 6
SS Music - Not clear

bank_dude said...

I'm sure these buggers will tell us again to change our 1400/- package to 1949/- to view new channels. I'm not willing to pay more to view new channels. I'm sure most of you are like me.

bank_dude said...
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bank_dude said...

Further to my above comment, picture quality of TP3 channels are very poor specially sports channels.

Looser said...

Yes bd,

I'm also not willing to pay more for new channels.

cable said...

not only TP3 but as i am saying all along a lot of channels quality is not good. This can be seen quite frequently in HBO when fast moving pictures are shown.

Dialog should really improve the quality before cramming the TP4 with channels

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"I'm sure these buggers will tell us again to change our 1400/- package to 1949/- to view new channels. I'm not willing to pay more to view new channels. I'm sure most of you are like me."

Oh yes dialog will royally fuck Rs 1400 package owners no doubt about that. TP4 will be used to lure Rs 1400 package customers towards the 2200 package.

Anyway no more package upgrades for me. Anything above 1.5k per month for a cable tv connection is way off.

Tharu said...


I too 100% agree with you. The picture quality is hopeless in all channels. They promised DVD quality, but sometimes I wonder these guys have ever seen a DVD?

No point adding a channel after channel, first they should improve the quality of exsisting ones.

yakuza said...

no new channels yet.
hopefully within this month

sonik said...

back again after a very long time.

i hoped dialog would use the 4th transponder to increase quality of their service.. but turns out, they're trying to increase the no. of channels. which is ok, IF they already had they're service running 100% properly.

this morning, .. i noticed all 5 HBO channels getting stuck. this i think is because of a signal reception problem on dtv's end. and, they still havent changed the audio feed from chinese to english on the HBO channels.
Pixxelation is very evident on almost every channel. whatever happened to the disney network!!??? they were supposed to give this with tp3. and what happened to the "islam channel"? some muslim viewers i know have complained that the islam channels programmes are better than that of peace tv which is shown now and that peacetv also has hindi programming, which srilankans quite obviously cannot understand. I saw the same with "shruthi". correct me if im wrong but im sure the srilankan hindu community doesnt exactly understand the hindi language.. apart from the religious channels and citihitz.. nothing has "improved" on dtv.

Either way,.. i certainly dont think i'm going to pay anything more than i already am for new channels. and can anyone elaborate as to what these so called "FOX" channels are? for all i know, theres only foxcrime and fox news shown in asia.

AMD said...


Do u have any news as to if they will give all these new channels to the old 1400 subscribers ?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Subscribers weary that TP4 may be used for luring them to higher packages".


Maddumage said...

I need to ask Dialog Tv This channel we can't watch outside SRI LANKA. You can improve your saterlite power middle-east people can watch same india TATASKY.TATASKY Middle-east people can watch. any news for this pls. inform.

NadineYunoki said...

Hem hem..Can some one let us know if Animax is going to be reintroduced or what???