Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas - Happy New Year 2008 and more

The last few days have been eventful for Dialog TV subscribers with the removal of SRTV and the technical failure at Cartoon Network. SRTV is to be replaced by another Tamil channel supposedly known as TBO (Tamil Box Office). We hope that this replacement is activated soon and hopefully Cartoon Network sorts out problems at their end.

We like to take this opportunity to wish our Bloggers, the Management and Staff of Dialog TV and Dialog Telekom "A Very Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year 2008".

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV throughout this festive season and into the New Year.


yakuza said...

@admin and all fellow bloggers

merry xmas and happy new year

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

I've posted a review of the New Dialog TV Decoder on my blog.

Click Here to see it.

CN said...

@ Technoguy

Thanks for the article. Can you try to find out the following too?

- What are the outputs on the new decoder, and quantity?

e.g 1 set - Composite, 2 sets SCART, 1 set Audio only

- Is there an "exchange" policy with Dialog if I need to update my existing CDVB5110D Decoder with the Technosat Decoder?

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

@ CN
OK, I've updated the article with the connection I remember.

There is no exchange programme as far as I know, and I don't think upgrading is important at the moment. The New Decoder is mainly made for new customers.

City Hits said...

Yureni with "Dilly's work" - Official Teaser

Find more details:

LANKA INFO said...

cartoon network is back.... (Hong Hong feed - so nomore hindi...) Happy..????

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Thanks for the heads up. Is this temporary or permanent?

yakuza said...

recently i had the chance to operate the new decorder with the wider dish

the quality level of axn, discovery were upto 85% (64% in my decoder)

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

Cartoon Network on Dialog TV is definitely the Asian version. Thanks to LankaInfo for the information.

All times are in Sing/Mal and Thai. I hope that Dialog will provide the EPG soon.

I also hope that this is a permanent move, because the children don't have to learn Hindi to watch cartoons.

Please Dialog, try and get Nickelodeon Asia because Nick India is an even greater mess than Cartoon Network.

By the way, what do you think of the New Design of my Blog. Click Here to have a look and vote.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"Please Dialog, try and get Nickelodeon Asia because Nick India is an even greater mess than Cartoon Network."

You are spot on there techno. Only a handful shows in Nick India have survived Hindi dubbing. In a few months i'm sure they will be raped too.

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

When I first got CBNsat in December 2005, All the Childrens' channels showed English programming except for Pogo.

But two years later, I cannot beleive the difference. Nickelodeon has most of its programmes dubbed. If your kids want to watch a programme in English, keep them awake till midnight. I've seen English programmes on Nick at that time.

Cartoon Network India has managed to hang on. They do not show so much Hindi programming, because sister channel Pogo is available for that. Its a good way to balance programmes.

Actually Cartoon Network India shows Indian programmes in English too, a great contrast to what Nick India does.

Nickelodeon should learn from Catroon Network India and reduce their Hindi-dubbed programming. After all, most Indian kids who have DTH and Cable also learn good English in school. Many schools teach fully in English medium there.

Nick India should make use of the DTH Audio systems to provide both Hindi and English so that the viewer can choose what he/she wants. I wonder whether Dialog is relaying the Hindi audio feed to us?

But its a real treat to the kids that Cartoon Network Asia has been introduces. I hope it is here to stay.

If Dialog changes a few other channels to Asian feeds as well, Dialog TV may become more attractive to users of other services.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Cartoon Network Asia replaces Cartoon Network India".


Mythly said...

hi citihitz guys,
ur doing very gud job. i think u all are working very hard job. i heard abt small team but working superbb.

all da best 4 u all