Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Transponder Signals

According to information being received from us it seems that the levels on transponder 2 and 3 have been inconsistent over the past few days. Over the last week or two there have been instances where transponders 2 and 3 have suddenly stopped working. This has happened on two or more occasions according to our fellow bloggers.

Generally TP1 is the one that has the highest quality and signal level and TP2 comes in second with TP3 in third. However there have been instances where TP2 has gone below TP3 and there is not a big difference between TP3 and TP2. There was an instance last week (Oct 19th) when TP2 went down for sometime and it seems that the drop in TP2 level and signal, happened after this.

We also hope that the replacement for "Animax" arrives soon since subscribers are being tortured with this no good run of the mill channel "SET SAB".

Please update this blog with the latest information as the days progress.


cable said...

we have been saying over and over again that the bandwidth allocated to channels is not enough but nothing has been done by DTV. They just dont give a shit! Look at HBO when there is fast moving pictures pixelation is very much evident. I dont think DTV is going to fix this issue. Only hope is LBN increasing coverage Or SLT IPTV

sonik said...


well, no the problem is with IS 12. not with the satellites dtv is recieving channels from.... well, at least, its a practical problem. theoretically, dtv should work perfectly!!!.. but it aint happening...

Looser said...

You cannot expect same signal quality on all TPs. If you align you dish a little you may get better signal on TP3 but then TP1 or 2 might get lesser signal. We are getting the average amount of signal from all TPs. I think more than 40% of signal quality is enough to recieve good quality pictures. (Increesing the signal quality upto 70% or more wont make any difference, DTV have to give more bandwidth to channels to increase picture quality) But if it's around 30% you have to align your dish or ask DTV to do it.

Someone mentioned that DishTV doesn't have this rain effect but it's a lie. On DishTV there are signal losses on some TPS for about 20 mins.

What happened to the TP4 Or City Hitz? Ricky .Terry, Kido where are these guys.

AMD said...

@ Sonik - Thanks.

Does anyone know who is showing the SL tour of AUS ?

Priyantha De Silva said...

If any one want the schedule of Sri Lankan tour in Australia,



Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"Does anyone know who is showing the SL tour of AUS ?

Gotta be them coz they have broadcast rights for cricket events played in AUS

Kaushal said...

SL vs. Aus Test Series will be shown live on Star Sports. It was mentioned in the "This November on Star Sports" advertisements.

DTV & ME said...

Hong Kong Sixes live

NEW DELHI: ESPN-STAR Sports’ Star Cricket will telecast live the Hong Kong Cricket Sixes to be held on October 27 and 28 in Hong Kong.

An All Star team featuring Shane Warne, Brian Lara, Glenn McGrath, Shahid Afridi, Anil Kumble, Craig McMillan and Heath Streak will also be seen in action.

South Africa is the defending champion while Pakistan, four times winner, and India, winner once, are the other participants.

DTV & ME said...

The licenses of the ABC Radio Network withdrawn this morning.
Fri, 2007-10-26 14:39

By Ruwan Weerakoon

Colombo, 26 October, ( The licenses of the ABC Radio Network has been withdrawn this morning.

Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa withdrew the licenses of ABC Radio Network (Hiru FM, Sha FM, Sooriyan FM and Gold FM) today early morning after conducting a preliminary inquiry, as well as recording statements from editors.

He said the news was misleading and the public had panicked with regard to news carried on 24th between 7.45pm to 8.00pm which stated that LTTE had infiltrated close to Thissamarama Ranimithanna.

The Media Ministry yesterday launched an inquiry against the private radio channel for allegedly airing a false news report which led to a panic situation among the public.
Officials recorded statements from the private radio channel regarding a news report on an incident at Ranminithenna at Tissamaharama.

- Asian Tribune -

MERINO said...

Doubts cast on suspension of ABC Network Print E-mail

[26-10-2007 12.40pm] The government suspended broadcasts of the five radio stations belonging to the privately-owned ABC Network Ltd. with effect from yesterday (Oct. 25th) for broadcasting an incorrect news item and causing alarm among the public.

However, the broadcaster says the news item in question was carried by Hiru FM, Gold FM, Sun FM, Sha FM and Suriyan FM only after verification.

A group of villagers in Tissamaharama that had gone to the Ranminitenna jungle to collect firewood were confronted by the LTTE at around 6.30 pm on October 24th, the ABC Network Ltd. said, adding that this report from the area was broadcast at 8.00 pm. Again at 8.36 pm, the same news item was aired with voice cuts from the agitated villagers.

However, Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said it was only a rumour that had been caused by a couple clad in black that had gone into the jungle to collect firewood.

According to Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, people in Ranminitenna were much agitated by the news items carried by the private broadcasting station, and that an inquiry was conducted.

Security authorities have found that the rumour was spread after a child had mistaken a heap of firewood for firearms, the Minister said.

Police Spokesman Senior DIG Jayantha Wickremaratne said the police carried out a search operation in the area following a report of several suspicious persons in black being seen in the Ranminitenna jungle, but found it to be a false alarm.

Meanwhile, Director General of the Media Centre for National Security Lakshman Hulugalle alleged that certain electronic media were misusing media freedom and carried reports that endangered national security.

People of Ranminitenna were much agitated following such a false report on the night of October 24th, he said.

However, reliable sources close to the government say that the suspension of the private broadcasting station was in fact due to a shortage of radio frequency bands.

The Director General of MCNS Lakshman Hulugalle has been given a license to operate a radio station, but that a radio frequency band has not been made available to him, the sources say.

Therefore, a suspension of a radio station already in operation could give the opportunity for Hulugalle to claim that radio frequency band, the sources said, adding that the top MCNS official was a key player behind this fa├žade.

In another development, the management of the ABC Network Ltd. was due to file a petition in the Supreme Court today and challenge the suspension.

In the event of an incorrect news item being carried, it is the accepted practice to suspend only the news broadcast after an inquiry. Therefore, the intention of suspending all programmes of all stations belonging to a broadcasting station in this manner is rather suspicious, media experts say.

Furthermore, the Military Spokesman, the Media Minister, the Police Spokesman and the Director General of MCNS have made contradictory statements regarding the suspension of ABC Network Ltd.

cbnsatcustomer said...

It's again hori balu huluballa.

MANIL said...

In this case i think even Huluballa is right,You just cant compromise national security in vested interest and lately all news highlights on GOLD were the news that was appearing in the "daily mirror" and they were trying to promote the image of UNP orgernizer Duminda Silva who is the brother of the owner of the station "Raynor".

They were promoting and abiding with the destructive elements of the UNP and compromising National Security,so there is no question about withdrawing their licence.

Matara ayiya said...

We don't care about ABC networks politics.They have right to say what they want,promote some ones image or support political party But not have right to broadcast lies about national security. they are playing with national security.As my friend in thissamaharamaya they created panic in hole area. This time government is right.

MANIL said...

matara guy

Dont talk bullshit,Radio stations should be impartial and politics is the key here,They are compromising national security in the interest of the political affiliations.

If you cant understand a simple explantion as that,You lack common sense brother "koheda yanne malle pol"

soorapappa said...

TP2 and TP3 signal levels are horrible. Guess what, it's the biggest match played so far in premier league last night between Arsonal and Liverpool. Just before the Arsonal equalizer goal, COMPLETE signal loss. No rain at all. TP1 levels > 60 at that time and TP2,3 levels way below 30. Sure enough, these f...ers don't know how to operate DTH service. I don't have suitable words to type here. So I'll stop.

alf said...


cable said...

I can commiserate with surapappa i was also watching the arsenal vs liverpool match and the last 20 (most exciting) minutes was tottally f..ed up

cable said...

Regarding the banning of ABC werent other channels also broadcasting the same news> how come they werent banned?

The goverment is putting a lot of things under the National security blanket. just beware guys that goverment dont ban all media outlets except Rupavahini and ITN. then this country would be the most perfect one in the world (at least to the people watching Rupavahini & ITN news)

soorapappa said...

Totally agree with cable, regarding ABC ban. We live in 21st century. If one is so stupid to hear only one source and believe everything, I don't think government or anyone can correct him (by banning or covering). Today we have lots of info sources and should be smart enough to find the truth among all garbage. So, I don't agree with banning all these channels, just ban news broadcasting and warn them.

AMD said...
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AMD said...

for those who dont,

REAL Radio, is owned by popular actress sangeetha weeraratne's husband, who appreantly has some like with the PSD, so he has been given a license to operate a radio station + TV + SAt & cable tv too. Good old sri lanka!

After Siyatha TV, there will be an english tv station called Real TV, and subsequently a cable or DTH service. They appreantly want to be bigger than MBC!!

MANIL said...

Its not you guys who are getting paniked but the innocent poor people who are living in border villages who fear for their life.Its a pity that some people doesnt understand the imporatance of national security when the brave soldiers are fighting a war against the most ruthless terrorist orgernization in the world.These people who live in conflict areas doesnt have a time or the resource to analize which news is correct and the only imporatance is survival.

All these kind of news is promoted by the UNP and ABC is a propaganda machine for them and they are playing with nnational security to promote their political future.

So dont be idiots,The situation in colombo is not the same as the situation in these remote villages and they are not watching premier league,they are just trying to survive.


Patriots: Now here’s proof – again – of what many of us patriots have been saying for a long time:

Ranil Wickremesinghe jumps out of the declaration to defeat terrorism in Sri Lanka

Mon, 2007-10-29 12:12
The leading opposition party, the United National Party led by Ranil Wickremesinghe, has not joined in signing the joint declaration of 16 other political parties to defeat terrorism in Sri Lanka. This declaration also noted that it is responsibility of the government to ensure “the legitimate aspirations” of the Tamil-speaking peoples, which includes the Muslims. Among the signatories are SLFP, UNP Democratic Group, MEP, LSSP, SLMC, UPF, NUA, CP and JHU. Taking a dim view of the UNP’s refusal to sign the joint declaration, commentators said that this would reinforce the public opinion that the UNP is a tool of the Tamil Tigers. They added that the UNP never had a comprehensive strategy to combat Tiger terrorism and this will be viewed by the majority as a another concession by Wickremesinghe to win votes in Tiger-controlled areas at the expense of peace and the victims of Tiger violence.

All RW supporting pansy-gooks here: Eat your heart out you pathetic scum! You are as good as the filthy cesspit LTTE maggots! Your cheap politicking, by covering up for Ranil at the expense of our
national security, makes me want to puke – in your filthy face!

Aha, OaO Asithri is angry…small wonder why! LMSSAO!

OaO Asithri

October 29, 2007 11:04 AM

cable said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cable said...

this is not the blog to talk about political or security situation in the country but dont try to hide every thing wrong done by the country under National Security banner as this goverment is doing then it's you who's an idiot ignoring facts

I quote another posters post from the defencenet blog in reply to the above post

"All those who signed the deceleration are constituents of the government. 15 years ago when the UNP were in power fighting the war and Chandrika was proposing peace talks, the exact opposite will have been taking place. That's just how politics is in Sri Lanka."

alf said...


MANIL said...

You seem to be very worried about not letting ABC promote LTTE and UNP propaganda.I dont think people like you have a single feeling towards this suffering masses in the conflict areas and the security forces personal who are giving everything,Its not Liverpool - Arsenal,Its the country we are talking about.

Dont get your cables crossed,I dont think the country will go forward when their are humbugs like you who think the poor people should suffer on the actions of a media institution with vested interestwho compromise security to let some idiots like you watch Arsenal - Liverpool.

cable said...

"You seem to be very worried about not letting ABC promote LTTE and UNP propaganda"

where have i said anything to this effect? and what is this about a Liverpool-Arsenal game and the country

"I dont think the country will go forward when their are humbugs like you who think the poor people should suffer"

Yeah the country will really go forward now that ABC is shut down and the 300 odd ppl who worked there will not really suffer will they. I dont know why i reply to you.I really cant be bothered to argue with half witted dumb twits like you who cant present at least coherent argument based on what i ACTUALLY said. what are you 15?

Lankikaya said...

I dont' care about all the politics, but as per ABC media petition filed aganist the media ministry, the news has been verified from the Grama Seveka & some government spokesman (either media or military, I cannot recall) before being published.

They have acknowledged that there are unconfiremed reports to that effect and a military unit has been dispatched to investigate.

If that is not news I wonder what would be? Should the media wait until every thing is proven before publishing. In that case all the currupt parctices like VAT scams, Malaka Perera antics etc. should not have been published until the court cases were over.

As the rumor is false every body is accusing the media, although they had sufficent material to publish at the time. Further they have corrected the news once they got to know that it was false.

What if it became true. Would'nt that be a positive warning for the villages to safeguard them-selves.

I hope media would warn as quick as possible if they hear danger signals, without waiting until somebody get killed to prove their news items are right.

Lankikaya said...

Further, it looks like we are seeing a repeat of CBNSAT Saga.

Lankikaya said...

Further, it looks like we are seeing a repeat of CBNSAT Saga.

Lankikaya said...

My comments & thinking are based on the news papers, but as I did not here this news item.

It may be good if somebody can publish the exact news item to see how severe the impact was.

If they said that the people are being massacared as some body published in the TV & Radio Sri Lanka blog, it would be a real bad news item. BUT if they said that LLTE has been spotted in/near the village, then that would be a very good news item according to my view.

soorapappa said...

I don't argue about what they did was correct or wrong. But what I don't agree is the punishment. For me it's clearly a political ban. Stop ALL channels ALL programs ??. How much % heard and believed only that (without listening to all other media available). How much % enjoy all other programs. (But, when reading some guys comments, I have to admit that still, there are people who ONLY listen/see/believe government media. Problem is still they use internet. Maybe they speak for others, because they think they are the only smart asses having internet and all other media)
I don't know how many of you've experienced a false news ALERT given by sirasa, a couple of years back. They've given news ALERT saying curfew is enforced in whole island. This is alerted every 10-15 mins for about 2-3 hours. Whole island telephone lines were jamed. Government at that time (Don't sure. But as I remember it's CBK government) ban ONLY news telecasting. So, all other listeners continue enjoying other prgs. But Sirasa itself lost their credibility. That's what should happen. Gaining a credibility is hard thing and maintaining it will be even harder. Only political brainwashed guys continue to believe that kind of media.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Decoder Time too fast....."