Friday, September 21, 2007

Rumors of 4th Transponder

Rumors of the pending activation of transponder 4 is being received by us. It seems that the 4th transponder is now ready, however we are not able to confirm any of this information. If the fourth transponder is made available it would mean a further increase in the channels available on Dialog TV.

It seems that the replacement for SET SAB which was said to be a Islamic channel is not on air still however according to the latest information it is supposed to become operational by this evening, lets just hope that it does instead of being postponed again. We believe that the name of the channel is QTV (Quran Television) but it could also be the channel called "Islam channel", whatever it is we will know exactly what channel it is after it is launched however it is likely to be QTV. We are sure that Dialog will be able to attract Muslim subscribers with the introduction of this channel.

We are also receiving reports that the channel "Animax" has been taken off air until further notice. We hope that Dialog is not planning to replace this channel with another since they can use one of their rarely viewed Hindi channels to in order to carry out a replacement. We know that Animax does not always carry quality programming but there is even lower quality programming in some of the Hindi channels on Dialog TV unless of course Animax is temporarily replaced with a channel such as "Disney" and is returned once the fourth transponder is activated. But then again a Hindi channel that does not carry good quality programming (eg: Zee TV/Zee Cinema) can always be used to introduce another English/Tamil Channel. We hope the management of Dialog TV seriously considers what has been said here.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


AMD said...

@ Terry or Kiddo

Any idea what sort of channel they
will replace animax with ? music ? movies ?? HINDI ?????

Dude said...

TERRY said...

Its not QTV and its ISLAM TV that will be activated within the day.

ANIMAX may also be replaced with another channel very soon.

Why replace Animax? Like Admin said can't Dialog replace one of the Hindi Channels since I feel that there are too many Hindi channels wasting transponder space.

KIDO, I have to ask the same from you.

cable said...


Make a complaint to DTV regarding shutdown of Animax.

These guys are just shutting down channels without any notice or replacement for days on end.
Do we get a reduction in our bills for the days that the channel was off air? in our dreams

TechnoGuy said...

Animax is back. It must have been a false alarm.

And Islam Channel now has channel 54, but is still scrambled. But there was a message from Dialog about it. It will be enabled soon.

And Zee TV also scrambled.

Micheal said...

Hi All,

Guys please respect the newest religious channel introduction by Dialog TV. If it had been your own practiced faith, this sarcastic tone will not prevail, I bet.
whilst blog feedback did not indicate the need for another religious channel, this was because there were not many bloggers of that particular faith, and not due to any other reason.
Mis information is nobodys fault. Its just the way it is. Information from within Dialog Tv is beneficial to us. Lets ignore the bloopers.
So guys, c'mon...
Meanwhile lets look forward to TP4 and a better line up of channels in the future.

stay cool,

Gamini said...

Animax never was taken off. I monitored every hour.

Zee TV is back. To fill the space of SET SAB they shifted from one channel to the other. And at 53 they added Islamic Channel.

If you need to activate it you need to call CC and tell them to do so. Just read the message more carefully. It says so.

So now we have two scrambled channels.

ALF and Russel please dont criticise other religions.

I hope that they wont take away Animax.
I'm quite happy with the current channel lineup, but I wont mind to have another couple of channels.

Free-man said...

There's news that DTV is going to add a dozen channels this year. Don't know if this is their sales talk or something realistic.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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russel said...

I got Islam Tv and God TV activated. But now some of the other channels arent working.

Zee Studio, Swarnawahini, Zee sports, TNL and stuff. Does any one know why. and pleas check and tell me wheather they work?

TechnoGuy said...

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KIDO-CMB said...
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KIDO-CMB said...

Dear everyone,
“CITY ***” (pls wait for some time...) the new channel will be available in the DTV line up from Monday evening.
Stay tune for more…

KIDO-CMB said...

Channels all are working fine now.

Upcoming Channels:
CITY ****
Channel V
Tamil channels (2-4no's)

TechnoGuy said...

What is CITY ****? Its not an adult channel is it?

If it an adult channel, I STRONGLY OPPOSE IT. But I doubt it is.

Come on KIDO, tell us the full name.

And are the upcoming channels on TP4?

Dimu said...

As of 10.55 AM on 23rd Sep, the following channels are not working

Star Movies
Ten Sports

rupavahini said...

Sun DTH Channel List

Courtesy deva.cse03:

1. Sun tv*
2. K tv
3. Sun music
4. Sun news*
5. Chutti tv
6. Raj tv
7. Raj digital plus
8. Raj music
9. Kalaignar tv
10. Jaya tv*
11. Makkal tv
12. Win tv*
13. SS music
14. Star Utsav
15. B4U music
16. Sur Sangeet
17. ETC
18. Zee smile*
19. Etc Punjabi
20. Zee music*
21. MH1*
22. Jain*
23. Zee jagran*
24. Balle Balle
25. YO music
26. Nepal
27. Akash bangala
28. Lemon tv
29. Care tv
30. Kasthuri
31. Suriya
32. Kiran
33. Asianet
34. Asianet news
35. Asianet plus
36. Mega
37. Jaihind
38. Amirta
39. Jeevan
40. Malayala manorama
41. Indus vision
42. Kairali *
43. Kairali people
44. ETV urdu
45. Aaj tak
46. TV5
47. Tara news
48. DW*
49. Aastha
50. Sanskar
51. GOD
52. Angel
53. Day star
54. Shalom
55. Shakthi
56. Bakthi
57. DD national*
58. DD news*
59. DD sports*
60. DD urdu*
61. DD india*
62. DD bharathi*
63. DD bagala*
64. DD chandana*
65. DD Kashmir*
66. DD northeast*
67. DD oriya*
68. DD podhigai*
69. DD Punjabi*
70. Lok sabha*
71. Rajya sabha*
72. DD saptagiri*
74. DD malyalam*
75. Gyandarshan*
76. DD gujrathi*
77. ENTER10*
78. Total tv*
79. PTC news*
80. Time tv*

11 telugu or 10 kannada channels will be available for additional cost of Rs.25

Telugu channels Gemini, teja, Gemini music, Gemini news, etv, etv2,maa tv………

Kannada udaya,udaya varthagalu,u2,udaya movies, etv kannada………

*Channels available in DD direct+ (35 channels)

Another 150 channels coming soon.

Atleast these people doesnot count test channels of dd direct+ as their channel count...only 35 channels from dd others are from sun direct....soon the count wil be 75+150=225+ tv channels......[/align]

russel said...

The problem with the above channel lineup is that all the channels are really useless. ( Except for VH1 and DD sports maybe)

AMD said...


Is it Channel V International or
Channel V India ?

619 said...


Whats wrong with TEN SPORTS ?

When do they hope to activate TP4 ?

soorapappa said...

Please add a poll with suggesting channels to this same blog (enable multiple choices). Seems like some buggers try to steal your bloggers (I'm damn sure about this bentara gangen eha puus patiya mokaada kiyala). To start with I would like to suggest, Boomerang, Disney channels, Nat Geo Wild, fox channels, Channel V, BBC entertainment channels ect.

Please put forward good channel suggestions to Admin to be able to include in the poll.

@Kido, Riky, Terry, Kalu, Others with DTV links,
Please put forward results to DTV.

PS : This is just a thought from me. If you think this is a stupid one :-) well.... just ignore...

cable said...

Guys dont you watch TV on sundays?

There was a major distruption of DTV services yersterday with a lot of important channels being off air. When i called customer service a guy there said they were "upgrading their system" and that it will take 4 hours.what a load of crap. do DTV upgrade their systems on the day(sunday) when most ppl are at home watching TV

The channel outage was corrected in about 2 hours but Ten sports is still off air when i checked today morning. Wonder if they are testing to see if they can cram more channels in to the existing transponders (which is totally unacceptable) and some thing got messed up.

Do anybody know when Ten will be back on air?

KIDO-CMB said...

CITY HITS (Owned by Dialog) Local Home box office channel is coming on 10th of Oct.... (not today)

cable said...


do you know when Ten Sports will be back?

Any new details on the 4th Transponder?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Of Bugs and Upcoming Channels".


prabakaran said...

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