Friday, August 24, 2007

A la carte selections

Dialog TV has introduced a system from which you can select channels that are allocated to a higher package and pay extra to view them. For example if you are in the Rs 500/= package and you want all the HBO channels then we are told that you will have to pay an additional Rs 400/= (the amounts quoted for the extra channels are not confirmed and it is better to call Dialog TV and check on the rates). At the moment the extra channels are all grouped together with different payment plans and we are not sure whether you can just request for one channel out of a group and pay additional for it. This has not been highly publicized by Dialog and they will probably publicize it once the package rates are increased from October 1st for the new subscribers.

It is best if every channel is priced individually with reasonable rates so that subscribers can select the channels that they want and leave out the ones that they do not want. For example there are many here who do not want to pay for the channels that they do not watch (eg: The Hindi Channels) so if this system is introduced then they can call and get these channels canceled and pay only for the ones that they watch. For this to be done the agreement that Dialog TV has with its content providers should enable them to pay the content provider according to the number of subscribers who view the channel. HBO, Star Movies and certain other channels charge according to the number of subscribers who view their channels but unfortunately most other channels charge a sum of money irrespective of the subscribers who view their channels. However it will be very beneficial if Dialog explore the possibility of providing this facility to all the channels.

At the moment we do not have the exact rates and what channels are available as A la carte and we hope that those who have them will comment. It looks like the problem of having different sound levels on channels have been solved. We hope that Dialog will now look at the tweaking their system further in order to provide a much higher picture quality and hopefully they will take a serious look at the suggestions that we have posted on this blog earlier.

Please keep us posted on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


nimal said...

Thanks for the new post.

I beleive most of these unwanted channels are free to air.So I dought we can get credits for that eventhough we pay extra for premium channels.

Forecaster said...


What's the development of makeing micro links with our local television services? Please update our self.

Nathan said...

It is now clear that this blog is losing its punch, with fewer comments made on a day to day basis.

I always knew this was going to happen, once subject matters were consumed.

Wish you luck anyway

Dude said...


When things are happening this blog is buzzing and when not too many things are happening then it slows down.

This is a blog dedicated to Dialog TV affairs and over the last few months, this place was buzzing with new transponder issues and new channel issues. The people who blog here are regular working people. We cannot expect them to blog all the time.

So I do not think that this is a case of the blog losing its punch but rather it a case of nothing new happening and the quality issues being sorted out, so the people are concentrating on their work related matters. I guess even I do not comment often except when necessary but this blog is always open on my browser window. I know several like that who have never commented but keep reading the blog. I think it is safe to assume that all the bloggers are here but are only not commenting but are rather reading.

thushtorrent said...

Thats very true dude even though I didnt put any comments in this blog it's always open in my firefox.

AMD said...

What dude said is 100% true.

We will comment when the need arises.


Please advise DTV to activate EPG for zee trendz & vh1 and also correct epg times in Hallmark.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"It is now clear that this blog is losing its punch, with fewer comments made on a day to day basis. "

Dont talk cock. You cant judge the readership of a blog merely by the number of comments. For example FILEnetworks blog is read by average 1500-2000 people per day but there are very few comments (or none at all) for most articles. But the number of unique visitors increase daily (although normal readers cannot see it as they dont have hit counter access). I'm sure it's the same scenario with this blog (and with most blogs out there).

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CN said...

Regarding the blog loosing its punch, another angle to consider is simple, couch-addict "satisfaction"

I, for example, was a viewer since the CBNSat days, but only started blogging after the rumors of the Star Bouquet coming in. That was my prime objective, after jumping ship from Comet.

Now, despite the pixelation, epg & audio level issues (which should be sorted out, fully support that!) - I am pretty much otherwise comfy. Unless a question is asked which I have explicit knowledge to answer, or some debate which extraordinarily interests me, I refrain from blogging & just read the blog a couple of times a day.

This blog plays a crucial role for the future, and has proved its effectiveness beyond any doubt in the past.

star said...

Zee Talkies to go on air from 25 August

Zee Talkies, the upcoming Marathi movie channel from Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd's (Zeel) bouquet, will start airing from 25 August.

The channel will screen five movies a day along with other film related programmes and fillers.

Marathi classic films like Maratha Tituka Melwawa, comedy film Hamaal De Dhamaal, Jait Re Jait, Gammat Jammat, Kalat Naklat, Gadbad Ghotala, Khabardaar, Khichadi Sadhi Manase, Jagachya Pathiwar, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Molkarin, Gulacha Ganpati to the Oscar nominated, Shwaas have already been acquired for the channel's library.

Sinhala guy sri lanka said...

Thanx Dialog....

Audio problems godak durata hari...

Z cafe.... Hallmark.... Australia network.... Zone Riality... Now in stereo...
Today I watched X-files on Z-cafe, stereo audio quality is breath taking..
We want Discovery & Nat Geo in Stereo..

Plz remove SET SAB.... No one watch that crap channel and plz add Discovery Science Channel insted of it.....

Discovery Science channel is not avilable on any south asian DTH or Cable. ( TATA, Dish or Dialog )
It's available on DTHs like DSTV, Athina...etc. Discovery Science telecast high quality
Science & Technology Programmes.

DialogTV must connect with local channels via Microwave....

Sinhala guy sri lanka said...

Megen Free IDD gana ahala ewpu katath invitation link ekak mail kala. Hamu une nathnam hari mokak hari awlak thiyenam mama aye link eka ewnnam..

Sinhala guy sri lanka said...

(Dialog TV walata adala nathi deyak nisa Sorry>>>)

About New 4ne 2 4ne IDD service..

Send me a mail. Then I'll send u an invitation..

incoming call eka labena kena me service eke register wela inna ona..

Eyage web link ekata gihin oyage 4ne number eka denna.. Ethakota oyalege 4ne 2katama calls enawa...
ita passe 4ne ekata anser kalama 2nnata 4ne eken kisi awlak nathuwa kathakaranna puluwan..

Ita passe eyata direct dial karanna number ekak gannath puluwan...

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Dude ,thushtorrent , AMD ,Lightning_Struck_Tower...

Yes, All of you are correct. Even I, always dedicate one of my fireFox Tab for the Dialog forum , But don't comment regularly .

I everyday visit 1-3 times to FILEnetworks blog and, sometimes use the download links, but don't comment.

with all of above comments, it means all the past senior bloggers are here regularly ( without comments).Some times, we are tired with attempting to get the New TP 3, in all the past months, and now, we have it , so it is the enjoying time with new channels.( or, if we try another one, we have to pay more,)

with time to come something will happen we don't expect or thought.then we can see all the bloggers will unite together again with comments ( Not only watching )

this blog is always developing with many kind of aspects
It's nice to here this blog has added to the "Kottu".That means number of visitors will increase for this blog with time to come.

Jesika said...

Does anyone have "A la carte" channel groups ?
anyone called c/c regarding this ?

Micheal said...

Hi Guys,

A small issue that I am facing.....

When I select the radio channels button on the remote, it opens up but then immediately reverts back to the tv channels, in most cases neo sports channel. So I am unable to select and listen to the radio channels on Dialog Sat.

anyone else experiencing this?
Some one who is knowledgable on this issue kindly help me, thanks.
Kido CMB - anything you can tell me with regard to this? thanks.

Stay cool.

star said...

No commit for almost a day. All in good holiday.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Received the September program guide today. A guy on a motorcycle delivered it. I got the August one on 20th August in normal post.

Free-man said...

Jesika, last night, cust care says a la larte is not yet avaialble. Dont know when available.

They also say after September 30th, for new customers - no package called Rs. 1400/= or Rs. 900/=. They will have to go for the new rates sent in the mail from DTV.

We are lucky to have got the new channels 'free' ? Marketing tricks to earn more?

Who can give us clearer info. on this?

Nizi said...

Yup I agree 100% with Dude! Even I dedicate a tab for this blog and I personally know a lot of ppl who are updated thru this Blog! U dont necessarily hav to Comment, we all read this for latest info. Keep it Rollin guyz!

Hey Nathan, introduce a Hit counter to count the number of hits on this blog so that u can accurately determine 'The Punch'!!! Lol..

bank_dude said...


do a factory reset and your problem will be solved.

AMD said...

20/20 world cup schedule:

DLR said...

Kido or any DTV guy,

Why DTV is keeping SETSUB with so much of effort?


soorapappa said...

This is what cust care guy told me last Saturday (don't sure about accuracy. If anyone knows exact details or any more, please confirm/share).

"Regarding a la carte : There is no changes to the package prices. New customers won't get any new channels after 30th Sept 2007. There are 13 pre set a la carte menus (kido is on the dot here). For example movie pack, sports pack, movie+sports pack, infotainment pack, bla bla bla (didn't mentioned exact channels in different packs). These will be priced from 50-400 rupees. Any customer can select pre set menus as required. This is not yet launched officially. Will be launched within TWO weeks.
Regarding upgrading (old customers) : Deadline to upgrade with new channels was extended until 30th September 2007. In summary : Any new customer or existing customer can join to 500, 900 or 1400 with new channels until 30th September 2007."

@kido-cmb, riky or anyone who provide info,
As I've already said, whatever the info you shared with us is mostly appreciated by most of us. Don't get away because of anyones comments. This is a free posting blog and everyone can share their ideas. Sometimes you may hurt due to comments from someone. But I think you're mature enough to bear with that.

Free-man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Free-man said...


Like to see your cartoon logo. Thanks for the encouraging comments despite lots of gutter comments from some folks.

What you are saying is that, the 1,400 pkg and the 900 pkg will remain after 9/30th for new customers? Some CC guys dont seem to think so.

Guys - its not necessary to do a 'Restore ...' everytime there is a new channel. You can do an Autoscan and retain all your Favourite lists and other settings.

LANKA INFO said...

*** Special offers for HSBC credit cardholders. For more info: pls call 777679679

bank_dude said...


It's true that you don't need to do "Restore..." everytime. But when DTV adds and delete a channel from their lineup ex:Ch55, "Autoscan" won't remove that channel from your list. That's why Micheal is having that problem. To overcome that, you have to do a restore. I had that problem and "Restore..." done the trick.

russel said...

so any idea when fashion tv is gonna launched?

what avbout the 4th TP?

KIDO, riky, terry , laksirif and otehrs. pls comment on this.

@Dialog TV MF

machan, you dont have to show who you are. Your name really shows what you are. So pls shut your ass up.


dont get carried away with guys like dialog tv mf. It rreallly decreases the quality of this blog.

admin, pls delete those comments with filth.

thank you

rupavahini said...

National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) has launched Nat Geo Music, a 24-hour music channel. It will debut on 15 October in Italy on the Sky Platform to 4.2 million subscribers.

Securing the support of multi-national labels, Nat Geo Music channel will feature top artists from international

Nat Geo Music’s label partners include EMI Arabia, Warner Music Latin America, Sony/BMG Asia and Universal Italy. Following the launch in Italy, further expansion of Nat Geo Music is expected globally.

Free-man said...


Thanks for the comment.

In the Menu, you see the option 'Home channel...". Does anyone know what that does?

bank_dude said...


Sorry bro I really don't know about that.

Micheal said...

@ bank_dude,

Thanks bro. It worked. Much obliged.

Stay cool.

Free-man said...

No one has written in the blog for over 1.5 days. This is a record?

Good that bloogers are active now.

Micheal said...

Hi All,

Anyone got any news on what the special offers are for HSBC credit cardholders?

any info on the above? Thanks.


Micheal said...


Long time no see, no news from you.

Your info was and is, very valuable to us.

Lets hear from you dude.

Stay cool.

yakuza said...


yakuza said...

do you guys think that dialog will actually change the package structure or is it a scam?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "More fine tuning taking place".

Thank You