Monday, July 23, 2007

God TV now on air

God TV was added to the Dialog TV platform from last thursday (19th July) at about approximately 10pm according to the information that we received. This is old news to some of you but we were unable to update the blog because we were out of colombo and unable to obtain access to the internet.

God TV becomes the second religious channel on Dialog TV after The Buddhist. All Sri Lankan pay television operators have this channel except for Comet Cable. This channel along with The Buddhist has been termed as channels available on request in the Dialog TV website and we are unable to ascertain to which package onwards God TV is available. However it is likely that this channel is also available free to all packages. Many are able to view this channel and those who are unable to view this channel may call customer care and ask them to activate it, if required.

It should be said that all the channels that were in Dialog's plans have been introduced except for the Star Package, which could be expected in a few more days.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

God TV Website :
(Please select the appropriate region after the website opens)


AMD said...

AHH hello Mr. ADMIN, welcome back!

hsjaya said...


When are we going to have our bills for May, June , July 2007. ?

Do you expect customers to pay all the bills at once ?

What is wrong with your billing system ?

Does your billing system also need a software upgrade

AMD said...

so far my bils have all come on time

AMD said...

Amalka - any news ?

cable said...

DTV is really driving me up the wall. look at cnn, al jazeera always problems with pixelation and loss of signals, HBO boquet low bandwidth this weekend NDTV & SRtv were also having problems and where is star? who the hell is working in its technical team bunch of incompetent idiots if you ask me.

Oh well there is always Reliance Industries Blumagic DTH starting in India in a couple of months Their set top boxes are going to be MPEG-4 compatible!

AMD said...

Lets hope that DTV rectifies ALL ISSUES with STAR before they launch it.

TechnoGuy said...

I can't understand whats happened.

Last week everything seemed to be working miraculously well, with no freezing on any channel.

Now ALL the channels have freezing.


AMD said...

im sure some technical hitch must have happend when they they tired to upload STAR

cable said...

As i said incompetent dithering idiots!

CN said...

Ah Admin... finally a new thread. The last was concluding towards spawn of The Simpsons, The South Park gang, with a touch of Beavis & Butthead :)

Anyway, so you were out of Colombo without access to the internet huh...? So many options available these days for such "emergencies"

1) Dialog 3G/GPRS PCMCIA cards (you can even use any 3G/GRPS enabled phone connected via bluetooth, infrared or good ol usb cable to your laptop. I'd guess almost anywhere is covered by Dialog GPRS these days...

2) Failing which, Suntel CDMA PCMCIA cards, again pluggable to your laptop...

3) Failing which, the same alternative as (2) above from Lanka Bell...

4) Failing which Tigo/Mobitel GPRS linkup as in (1) above...

Forgive me being a smart-ass on a Monday evening, but today's been a slow day at work, and the previous thread really got out of control. You need to be more online! :)

russel said...

Amalka, riky laksirif , terry

guys we need you. please tell whats up with dtv, and please tell if you guys know when the star package is supposed to be uplinked? i;m getting a bit impatient now.

guys please comment

Free-man said...

At last, they have added God TV even without a request. (Though DTV says both 'The Buddhist' and 'God TV' are given on request.)

hsjaya said...


Yes, I checked with the DTVcc about billing.

But the answer was " Yes sir there is a delay, In future we will send the bill in time "

So far that future has not arrived for me.

I dont know when it will be for DTV " FUTURE IS TODAY "

Perhaps this may be also one of their " INNOVATIVE BILLING SYSTEM "

hsjaya said...


Do we have to do a rescan of channells to add GODtv.?

I thought it will happen automatically after the software upgrade.

So far GODTV is not in my channell list eventhough I have done the software upgrde.

Looser said...

You have to do a rescan to get new channels.

AMD said...

Hi guys..

Called C/C yesterday,
The guy said, the engineering dept. is currently testing the feed from STAR and within this week ( by the 1st of Aug ) definetly STAR channels will be on air.

I got my bill yesterday.

nishantha said...

Finaly We have come to the end of 3rd transponder. Only 5 spaces in line up to fill. As far as we know those spaces for star channels. We can expect star on couple of days. because Dtv must advertise about new line up from the bigining of August.

We know Dtv guys giving some attenton and 24 hr alert on this blog and comments that we made and will make in the future.

We already have good line up of channels in tp 3 except set channels.

So Dtv Guys,
First You have change set Sab to Set PIX

Then There is a valuable channel list for tp 4 (some day in the future)

Toon Disney
Disney channel
Sky news
Fox news
Channel V (asia)
BBC Entertainment
Sun tv
Sun music
Fox sports (middle east)
Press Tv (iranian news channel)
Natgeo wild
Doordarshan Sports
Doordarshan News

(Those channels are avalable in Asian region)

Guys any changes....

Dude said...

How about Dubai One...

I think DD News should not be included but DD Sports is a good option.

Hey guys do u know who will show the Olympic games live (it is next year). I know Rupavahini/Sirasa will show it but who is the pay channel that shows this stuff.

TERRY said...

@ Nishantha

Changing SAB to PIX is not easy as you say,and they are governed by an agreement with the content providers.

And its not fair to look at things in our own perseptive as there enough and more subscribers who wants HINDI stuff and they have to look at that segmant too.

And as for record,DTV is in the opnion that there are enough and more movie channels for the English viewer.

Jesika said...

What is the feed we have for Godtv ?

Dude said...


It is God TV Asia feed. Check the website. It is more or less the same set of programmes for the whole of Asia.

There are differences in the Australian, European and US feed though.

soorapappa said...

Do you have any idea why NEO+ is included in 900 (in official web site and handbills), but don't give to 900 ?

cuteguy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kavan said...

Why are HBO Family and NDTV not listed in tariff page

What is so Super about the 100 Package. Shouldn't it be called Basic 100

Boris The Bullet Dodger said...

wazzap peeps,

well when i called DTV to upgrade my package from the 1000 to 1500, they said the Star Package will be available in about a month. Fingers crossed.

And someone with the know-how please tell me if it's possible to add FTA channels to the DTV list. I already tried searching but nothing happenes. I have a feeling DTV has blocked access to all FTA channels from the smart card. Is there a way to get around this?

I'm sure there's some technical jargon that we don't know about. Any help is much appreciated.

russel said...


any news about the star package? can the boris the bull doger be correct? will it take a month

cable said...

really one month! the DTV "technical" (and i use the term very lightly) team will probabaly understand what the fault is by then we should add one more month for them to rectify it

AMD said...

ESPN signs nationwide distribution deal with Hathway

New Delhi, July. 23 (PTI): Sports broadcaster ESPN today said it has signed a nationwide deal with multi-system operator Hathway for carrying its new channel Star Cricket, which is telecasting the ongoing India-England series.

The broadcaster had already signed up with cable operators including Incable and Siticable and DTH service providers Tata Sky and Dish TV.

"Within three weeks of the launch, the new channel Star Cricket has been able to garner national footprint," ESPN Software India Pvt Ltd Vice President Rajesh Kaul said in a statement.

ESPN has priced Star Cricket at Rs 28 a month, which was the bone of contention among the sports broadcaster, and cable operators and DTH service providers.

cableguy said...

If DTV is seriously looking at this blog for feedback, why not DTV form a more official way to solicit our feedback.

DTV can officially write to this blog on different upgrades, technical changes, testings, package changes etc that they are performing and ask us to provide feedback. This can be easily done by DTV making a request to the admin each time any kind of testing is done with a brief explanation. Admin can start a new thread explaining it for each of these requests, and the bloggers can give constructive feedback from the viewers end. This would be very valuable feedback for DTV since we have bloggers with a variety of packages and from all over the country. What better and FREE way to get feedback from viewers for DTV!! This would be a very efficient way for the DTV techies to fix any problems faster too.

What do you guys think of the idea??

Of course the non-DTV related entertainment provided by Alf, Kumara, jesika etc should be kept away from these threads by the admin. They can continue with their blogging in a general thread. Otherwise DTV will not bother with the feedback and will not take us seriously.

AMD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
D.L.R. said...

Hey Cableguy,
Are you mad? As a old blogger you must now understand that this DTV people are very Pre matured, air headed. Can we expect this type of customer friendly service from this mud head people.

Even they don’t know how to use decoder’s inbuilt messaging system to inform status to customers directly.

This people don’t know the difference between MONO & Stereo.

This people don’t know how to direct FTA antenna to get good reception to local channels like Rupavahini.

They do not know how to re- transmit Rupavahini’s stereo streams back.

They don’t know how to continue our previous account manage system called “MYCBNSat”

So can you expect such a advance thing like blogging here as an official with this background.

Earlier I expect , but now I know DTV’s capacity. They are far behind our old CBNSat

(cableguy,Sorry for asking mad, but only mad people asking anymore advance thing from DTV nowadays)

cableguy said...


You crack me up. LOL.

I was looking for some ray of hope from DTV's quest for Innovative Technology in Future Today.

You clean bowled that hope with a Yorker!!
(BTW: I am quite aware of DTV's incapabilities. In fact I have raised many of the points that you mentioned in this blog previously. But I had a renewed ray of hope when bloggers confirmed that DTV reads this blog seriously.)

Maybe DTV's tech Dept depends on the bloggers to do their job.

In that case, maybe DTV should hire some of the good, tech savvy bloggers to fix their problems!!

Jesika said...


You absolutely correct !

They even dont have a online payment method !

AMD said...

@ Amalka - Any news from your DTV friend ?

Riky ?

Kido-CMB ?

Jesika said...

I take this opportunity to apologize for my previous NON-DTV related argues with Alf.

from this moment i'm not going to argue with Alf for useless things
I want to make this blog a respectable one !

I'm sorry


hsjaya said...



It is always better late than never

Radikal Zee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

To All Bloggers

We understand the need to keep the blog clean but there are limitations to what can be done.

1) If we implement "Comment Moderation" then the flow of comments will get restricted. We do not have the time nor the resources to keep moderating comments for 24 hours and also throughout the weekend. What will happen is that the discussions will get restricted.

2) There is no option in Blogger to restrict individual bloggers unless the blog made viewable for bloggers who are members of this blog only. However there are several who come to this site just to view information and do not take an active participation in the discussion. Activating this option will restrict them from viewing the blog.

We are trying to find a solution around this problem. Your feedback is also welcome.

Let's not disturb the trend of Dialog TV discussions, so please email your suggestions to


Radikal Zee said...

u can pay d DTV bill using even if u do not have an account with sampath bank by using ur Master card.

Jesika said...

Radikal Zee

Your information is very useful

star said...


Singapore pay TV platform StarHub will launch a new sports channel dedicated to Premier League programming.

'Football Channel' will be made available to all StarHub Digital Cable's Sports Group customers when the Premier League season kicks off next month.

The new channel will be packaged fully by Hong Kong's Goal TV, in association with Ten Sports in Dubai. 'Live' Premier League matches and magazine programmes on the channel will be produced by TWI, the FA Premier League's official producer and distributor of its international coverage, while Premier League highlights, studio previews, half-time studio shows and match summary shows will be produced by Goal TV and Ten Sports.

'Football Channel' will also be made available to StarHub's Digital terrestrial television (DTTV) customers.

alf said...



Jesika said...


they shipped it 2 days ago. I can receive it this week

CN said...

I called CC with this question:

"Why does the EPG take 1-2min to load? Cant Dialog stream the whole EPG content for all the channels in the background, regardless of the channel being watched. Presently, I have to change to a channel, press EPG, and wait for 1-2min to get the guide for that channel"

Answer from CC agent 1: EPG? What do you mean Electronic Programme Guide?
[Author's response censored]

Answer from CC agent 2: Sorry, you have to wait that time period to get the full day EPG. We (Dialog) do not send the EPG for all channels in the background, you have to switch to the channel you want, and get the EPG loaded at that moment.

[Author's response Thanks, have a nice day]

Ok: Can the DTV experts in this blog confirm the response to my question above? Is the answer I got correct? If not - please enlighten moi on how to get some degree of EPG streamed in the background, so I don't have to spend 1-2min per channel to see whats in store during the day.

hsjaya said...

TV & Radio Sri Lanka - Admin

Please accept our sincere apologies for what is happenning in this blog during sometimes.


I think we all should take reponsibility for what is happenning and what is going to happen in the blog.

AS it is , Admin will be unable to have any control on what is going to be blogged here.

So why cant we have a self restrain on what we are going to blog.

Making unnecessary comments will definitley create lot of friction and bad feeling among bloggers.

It is not sure what type of objective could be achievied by insulting, critising and humiliating people in the most uncivilized language.

We all are mature people who had a good education, having some good income, and having a good family. But the type of comments made here doesnt reflect that good social background.

Why cant we become more responsible and be sensible about other peoples' rights.

Why cant we use this blog to educate people as most of the people are doing. Make other people happy. Make other people feel wanted.

Come on mates we are capable of doing that. Behave sensibley. Be mindful about other peoples right as much as you are mindful about yours.

Dont think this as a bana preaching. I thought of putting this comment as I was really dissapointed to see some of the comments made here during past months.

I hope you will take this good spirit. No offence to anybody.

AMD said...

Cant DTV uplink at least 1 STAR channel, even some Hindi thing ?

This wait is getting really annoying now......

hsjaya said...

It is clear at the moment DTV has given top priority to have maximum no of channells in DTV lineup.

Every other thing has become secondry. They will not concentrate on solving pixalation and freezing, billing, packages composition, EPG, Customer care problems.

I hope they will start concentrting on these areas once DTV will finalize their channell line up.

So far there is no communication whatsoever from DTV about this though their mother company Dialog is world renown for providing excellent commnucation facilities.

We are at their mercy

When they feel it is time, I am sure they will solve all these problems.

Till such time wait and wait and wait........wait

russel said...

laksiri ,tery , riky, KIDO, amalka

guys. why arent you guys coming noow ? please telll us about WHEN THE STAR PACKAGE IS GONNA BE UPLINKED? will it take a month more? pls comment

Amalka said...

hi Everyone,

Star Package definitely will come within this month or 1st week of August(Confirmed)but u have to wait nather two month for the Star Cricket...but they will try to give it as soon as possible..most probably it will be two month

TERRY said...

They have received all equipment yesterday (must be the boxes) and they will start uplinking on test mode in the next two three days,and by week end we may have everything.

AMD said...

ah finally some news, tks guys.

I think 2 weeks for star cricket is unaccpetable, but at least vr getting it...

cable said...

didnt somebody tell that they have recived the equipment 2 weeks back and there was a problem with the signal because it was coming from the direction of colombo port.

star cricket in 2 months? we are gonna miss the 20/20 world cup in september

Radikal Zee said...


Amalka said...

@ cable

they will try 100% give it b4 20/20 world cup

alf said...



soorapappa said...

do you get all these for 900 pack ? or you just provoke us ?
(seems like I did a BIG mistake... hmmm...)

laksirif said...

@ russel

Sorry for not posting any comments since yesterday. I hv been very busy during the last two days.

However, I hv been constantly calling my contact at DTV for updates on Star Pkg. Unfortunately they are still not able to give an exact date except saying that 'trying their best to give very soon'. Meanwhile I complained about the freezing of picture especially in the night. They attribute this to certain interferences in the night and their technical guys are trying to work out a way out.

russel said...


pls be a bit more precise. What boxes do you mean? u mean the setup boxes of the star package? I thought they have already been recieved.

or did u mean the boxes of star cricket?

1 more question mate. wht did u refer to by everything? u mean the star package plus star cricket? pls reply soon. thanx 4 da info

cable said...

I did a big mistake getting a DTV connection. this is one of the worst execuses for a company if there ever one!

cable said...


This is not something against you. i'm just venting out my frustration against these DTV buffoons. i know you just give out the information you recive which i really appreciate.

What the hell is try 100% to get start cricket before 20/20 world cup . are you running this company as a charity. there is no trying 100%.thats a statement attributed to a small childrens play club.either you get it or dont get it

fewking DTV! get some competent people into the engineering departmant and sort out all these problems. I will activley discourage ppl who are going to buy DTV connections unless the pixelation,quality and star package problems are sorted out

alf said...



Sheran said...

Just FYI,
The new update also fixed the reminder feature when you schedule a programme. It now shows the exact channel instead of CNN and the name of the show.

TERRY said...

@ Russel

Yes,it seems like the set up boxes of the star package arrived yesterday

alf said...


D.L.R. said...

Admin, Thanks for giving nice appearance to the blog.

I don’t know the reminder issue? B’cos my old decorder always remind me the program & when press OK it change to the desired channel too.Anyway now it is sorted out.

alf said...


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Zee Trendz
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AMD said...

ADMIN - Cool new look !. tks.

Looser said...

Nice work admin


CN said...

Anyone willing to answer my question above? Or am I the only one who faces this issue?

Appreciate some feedback from the "seasoned" bloggers...

AMD said...

Here we are:

KIDO-CMB said...
@ Russel:
DTV have received the STAR Pkg Setup box on Friday. Only the problem is getting clear reception. Even SONY & the SET SAB channels (GOD & the NDTV) having the same problem. This because of the Colombo Harbor high sensitive laser alarm. (Signal or reception coming from 45*% sea side)
July 17, 2007 7:34 PM

TERRY said...

They have received all equipment yesterday (must be the boxes) and they will start uplinking on test mode in the next two three days,and by week end we may have everything.
July 24, 2007 4:04 PM

Can someone tell me whats going on ?
Different sources at DTV have different views...

yakuza said...

called c/c to upgrade my package from old 850/= to 900/= last monday.they said the upgrade will happen within 24 hours

but they've yet to activate the new channels for me

Jesika said...

CN :

Is your problem the EPG ?

If so, Yes we also facing the same problem. Its a common problem of DTV.

lyconshamira said...

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All Harry Potter lovers. I have a good news just 4 u.

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russel said...


u said" by the week end we may have everything". is it quite possible?

TERRY said...

@ Russel

Yes its possible and they will do it before the 01st

hsjaya said...


Are there any good channells in DISHTV suitable for children which we dont have in DTV.

DTV is trying to give more and more channells for cricket, movie and hindi audience. They have completely forgotten that there are children also watching tv.

Out 47channells only 05 are suitable for children. All others are more or less for adults.

Is not possible to get some good channells suitable for children to DTV lineup

AMD said...

@ hsjaya

If u want ur children to learn Telingu, malayalam & hindi, this yes, certainly u can go for DISH !

star said...

Reliance DTH service in india include a few HDTV channels

DTH players hit on a new ploy to hook customers - niche channels in india.

For those who’ve seen high definition television (HDTV) abroad, there’s good news back home. When it launches later this year, Reliance DTH service, Big TV (that’s Blue Magic re-branded), will include a few HDTV channels. HDTV allows high resolution pictures that can be captured only on special HDTV sets (Plasma and LCD TVs).

HDTV is popular in Japan and the US. Not a mass service, it can be exploited in Mumbai and in Delhi. In the US, channels like Golf TV, NGC, HDNet Movies and Food Network are available in HDTV.

HDTV is just one among the special services that multi-systems operators, DTH service providers and IPTV companies are looking at offering to hook consumers. Other premium channels, which may have limited viewership, are also eyeing India’s addressable pay TV market.

NGC Network India Private Limited, for instance, is said to be negotiating deals with DTH operators for introducing niche channels from the Fox stable.

Television 18, which runs four news channels, is setting up a new company with former Dish TV head Sunil Khanna to create niche channels that could drive revenues for DTH operators.

Penetration of set top boxes, installed for cable (conditional access system), DTH and IPTV, is growing, allowing platform owners to talk to the consumer.

hsjaya said...


Good point,

Any way AMD do you know any good children channells ? Cant we get them on DTV line up ?

alf said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AMD said...

Well, we can start with the 2 disney channels that LBN has.
Disney TV and Toon.
There is also Playhouse Disney.

I think we should wait until DTV sorts out its other issues and launches STAR. Then through subscriber unite, we can make a list of the channels and send it to DTV

hsjaya said...


Thanks for your information. Yur comment may have looked so much better if you could have avoided a...h.... Dosent matter. Try that next time. Any way thanks alf.


Thanks for your response. So we can have Disney channells in DTV line up. But will there be enough space in the transponders.?

AMD said...

@ hsjaya

We could make the suggestions to DTV, at least they may consider and introduce it in the future.
We still dont know what is the list of channels they are planning for TP4.

hsjaya said...



TERRY said...

From what i get star cricket will also be introduced along with the other star channels.

So the two months story is all wrong.

AMD said...

@ Terry,

Tks for the news -We certainly hope so!!!

nimal said...

For some reason this blog has become bit monotonous!!!!!

Somebody makes few points; others say, good point, thank you e.t.c

Nothing interesting is happening!!!!

TERRY said...



star said...

Sony launches three channels on SingTel's mioTV in Singapore

SPE Networks - Asia, the parent of cable channels AXN and Animax, is set to introduce three new channels on SingTel's mioTV platform in Singapore.

Recognising the increasing power and importance of the 20s and 30s urban career women market, SPE Networks - Asia is launching Sony Entertainment Television (SET) - a brand new 24/7 English entertainment channel dedicated to females.

While television programmes have long catered to women across all ages, SET meets the entertainment needs of the urban career woman by delivering the smartest, trendiest shows all in one channel, in their medium of choice - English language entertainment.

Also making their debut will be SPE Networks - Asia's two video-on-demand channels, Pix and Pix Thriller. Pix showcases Hollywood movies, blockbusters in genres like comedy, romance, action, drama. Action movie fans will find in Pix Thriller the best in non-stop action and suspense movies in one thrilling channel.

alf said...



hsjaya said...


Could you start with something interesting.

And whats wrong in thanking people.

soorapappa said...

Thanks for the info. From your list I think there are 40+ English channels we can watch. I think you are referring to SATLanka connection ( I've already sent an e mail to them asking more details (still no reply). Is there any way I can get more info from you (e mail) ?

As per situation now, I think DTV will allocate star cricket also to 1600+ only. So I don't recommend DTV to my friends who cannot afford 1600+.

TERRY said...

@ Alf

Take it easy no offence and no hard feelings keep going mate.

Free-man said...


Yes, you have to re-scan. Didn't trasfer packages. Still on CBN pkg. Even Australia Network is working on my old CBN pkg.


God TV is there finally after a long time of waiting. We had a long wait. Didnt we?
* Very little distortion on the channel
* Good quality stereo sound
* Can record the audio on a cassette if needed
* You can go to and get prog. guide

alf said...




hsjaya said...


How did you get that ZEE STUDIO movie list ?

I have been trying to visit ZEE STUDIO site but it throws up an error message during this month ?

nimal said...

@ hsjaya
There is nothing wrong in thanking as long as you do it interestingly. Since you speak without thanking this time…it is bit interesting. Keep it up :(

AMD said...

@ soorapappa

In case ur thinking of getting DISH, pls be aware that they have the INDIAN feeds of HBO, CMAX, & SIG. Which means they are not AD free. Im not sure about STAR MOVIES.

They do not have HITZ & FAMILY.

cable said...

Star Movies indian feed is also ad supported

Dude said...


DISH TV does not have Cinemax and HBO Signature

The only HBO channel in India is well HBO.

Star Movies is also the Indian feed not to mention AXN is also the Indian feed. Programmes like "LOST" are not shown on AXN India.

ZONE REALITY is also the Indian version.

Yes we did have to wait a long time to get GOD TV but it is here finally.

alf said...
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alf said...


soorapappa said...

Thanks. Send me all info you have to

I've downloaded it previously. If you want I'll upload full list. Comments (including genre, awards ect. ) posted by me using IMDB. I've not shared it with you all since I doubt I'll have time to update it continuously. If anyone interested, here it is
(If you have 1600 pack, don't bother... you have better movies than this :-)

Thanks mate. Yes. I'm aware that AXN, star movies and others you've mentioned are Indian feeds. But as far as I know, ads are between movies. Mainly these info is not for me (most of my friends have comet and some relations keep on asking me about DTV. I've asked them all to wait until the BIG launch of DTV. Now seems like its not good for 1000- packs). Doesn't matter for other channels, since they are same as what we get now.

AMD said...
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alf said...
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AMD said...
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Priyantha De Silva said...

@ lyconshamira,
Good news lyconshamira,Thanks.

There are only 397 pages. (PDF)
Can anyone confirm there are only 397 pages on new Harry Potter 7 book or more .

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Admin,

It's nice to see the new outlook after a long time. Thanks.So much thanks preventing unnecessary arguments. That will provoke to post comments even other people who are only visiting people.

@ Is there any Hindi channel available with subtitles in English other than Zee TV ?
Dish or Tata sky ?
If there's any we must request DTV for it. ( It's in vain to let a TP space for Max and Sab , But Set is OK with Indian Idol or Film Fair )

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

That 397 pages is when converted to PDF. The book has 750 odd pages but when converted to PDF there will be 397 pages so this is real.

Lycon's links are genuine coz is a popular site which hosts many transcribed books.

Alternate links can be found here:

Priyantha De Silva said...

MTV Europe ?
Why DTV can't give MTV Europe ? Is there any problem with Asian feed ?

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ LST,
Thanks very much for the information. Both of your comments will help thousands of Harry Potter fans in Sri Lanka to get some fun, after Today.As Hollyday comes next week, all of them will have time to read.

AMD said...

@ Priyantha De Silva

I think MTV Europe feed will be much more expensive.

hsjaya said...


When I try to access ZEE STUDIO I came acroos following error during this month

Unable to display page

"It has not been possible to display the page you requested for the following reason:
502: Bad Gateway. The website you requested could not be found. Please check the website address you have entered and retry the request. "

Therefore I could not see their daily schedule.

As you say there are good movie channells in 1600/-. But on some days none of the channell has a good movie around 9.00pm. ZEESTUDIO has some times very good films during this time. THat is why I am interested in thier schedule. But I cant access it.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ AMD,

So,We've heard, Neo channels are also expensive.then there must be a way to get MTV Europe as Neo,

Radikal Zee said...

at least can't DTV get MTV Asia pacific feed which contains more english language programs than MTV india which is crap !

AMD said...

I wanted to mention about getting some other ENGLISH Music video channels after DTV sorted out STAR issue but since it has come up now...

What are the other music channels that are available in this region ?

soorapappa said...

yes. it's not working now. I've uploaded it. copy and paste below url and save as type .xls,%202007.xls

Radikal Zee said...

@ amd
MTV South East Asia
Channel V International
Channel V Australia

MTV 2 would be bloody awesome as it has loadsa cool things specially related to rock..but guess it would be very expensive..

Radikal Zee said...

List of MTV channels in Asia Pacific...

cbnsatcustomer said...

Are these people saying LTTE is behind Buddhist TV now? This is hilarious.

Below is the AsianTribune interview with founder of CBNSat Mr. Muhunthan Kanagey.

Sri Lankan Tamil sets up Buddhist TV channel
Wed, 2007-07-25 06:54

Colombo, 25 July, ( In an interview with the Asian Tribune, Muhunthan Kanagey, a Sri Lankan-born Hindu Tamil, said that he set up the Buddhist TV channel because he felt that all religions must be respected. He said that he set it up and gifted it to Ven. Kusaladhamma Thero, the Chief Incumbent of Sri Sambodhi Viharaya, Gregory’s .Road, Colombo, and he has nothing to do with it now.

He said it cost him Rs. 60 million. It would have cost about 100 million but because he works in the IT industry it cost him less.

Excerpts of the interview is given below:

Muhunthan Kanagey: I was born in Colombo and lived my life in Colombo of course. My childhood was in Zambia because my father was a charted accountant by profession. And he was the head Coopers & Lybrand for Africa.

We lived our life in Zambia and came back to Colombo and studied in the international schools. Then I did my Masters in Information Technology at Keele University, Manchester, UK.

I was involved in computers right along. For the last 10 years I am also involved in software. That is why we build up our company and even for CBNZ the Home Direct Service company we build up with our own software and we did not purchase any from outside.

Editor : Why is that the police and government suspected that you are also aligned with the LTTE?

Muhunthan Kanagey: No, that is not correct. Even today I am talking to you from Colombo. What has happened was that there was a misunderstanding regarding a channel run by the LTTE which was on the Eurostar satellite.

Editor: I know I was the one who took up this issue still it is with the Intelsat.

Muhunthan Kanagey: Now it was owned by the Intelsat. There was a misunderstanding in the Defense and they thought that someone who is transmitting to the satellite. They came and shut down our DTH service. They were misled. They were told by someone that we are handling that transmission of that channel to the satellite from Colombo. They shut us down and then they realized that the LTTE channel was being continued to be broadcast in the satellite when our network is still down.

Editor: The suspicion is that you would have provided the technical know-how, and equipment needed for up-linking the Tigers TV channel from Klinochchi.

Muhunthan Kanagey: Someone who does not understand the system has done this. Today you can transmit any channel with a very small piece of equipment. BBC or CNN reporters carry all these equipment with them by which they can transmit to their channel. Conventional thinking is that you require huge equipments, but they are not needed. It is a very simple operation to transmit to one channel which is working for one or two others. It is a standard thing. There were lots of competitors in our TV broadcasting business . One of our competitors who were at Defense Ministry is holding a very big position.

Editor: What is his name?

Muhunthan Kanagey: His name is Lakshman Hulugalle> He is actually director general media centre for national media centre..

Editor: I was told that there is a move to institute investigation against you regarding your involvement in the Buddhist TV channel. According to our investigation it is to ascertain how you managed to assist this Buddhist channel with such a huge amount of money? It is suspected that LTTE has pumped in the money to you to get closer to the Buddhist clergies?

Muhunthan Kanagey: No . This is ridiculous. It is very open and nothing for me to hide in that. The Venerable Daranagala Kusaladhamma Thera and others know the people who were involved and we have come together and we worked as a team. It was Sri Lanka President who opened up the Buddhist TV channel. Even the Defense Secretary Gotabya Rajapakse was present on that day. I mean if they had all these suspicion how could I be seated just behind President at the inauguration ceremony of the Buddhist TV channel?

Editor : I am calling you to find out whether you are aware of the looming suspicion about your involvement in this Buddhist TV Channel? We learnt that you have been instructed by LTTE to be near the Buddhist clergies?

Muhunthan Kanagey: No, I am not aware of it. There can be lot of things. Because people are quite disturbed as to how I have done this. I have done it in good faith. I have nothing to do with the LTTE. I completely deny this insinuation against me.

Editor: Do you know our ambassador in Washington DC was with Intelsat Ltd., a Washington DC based satellite company to negotiate with them and to demand them to shut down of the National Television of Tamil Ealam channel broadcasting as free to air in one of its satellite – Intelsat 12? Up to now Intelsat is unable to shut it down. Why is that?

Muhunthan Kanagey: But I thought that the Intelsat has already shut down the channel.

Editor: No it is still on air

Muhunthan Kanagey: Are you sure?

Editor:I think so yes. It is still on the air and they are finding it difficult to shut it down.

Muhunthan Kanagey: Are you sure?

Editor: I think so.

Muhunthan Kanagey: I am not quiet certain of it, because I have not seen it myself.

Editor: But I also didn’t see it but I know that it is still on air. Four hour transmission daily, National Television of Tamil Eelam.

Muhunthan Kanagey: Right, I haven’t seen it … honestly. I have just read report on the newspaper.

Editor: This is the report. It is Asian Tribune that initiated it in the beginning and from Asian Tribune, it was taken up by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Paris and then referred to the Foreign office in Colombo and from there the Foreign office referred this matter to our Ambassador Bernard Goonatilake in Washington DC, to take up the matter with the Intelsat Ltd. management. Sri Lanka’s Ambassador according to news report had at least one meeting with the Intelsat people. Though Intelsat people were very arrogant and they were not accommodating the request at that time. Still that they are not able to do it. They think that they have to shut down the whole transponder to remove this people. They think that this will be a costly affair and they are not prepared to take the issue as it may be an expensive exercise.

Muhunthan Kanagey: Right

Editor: Is there any other way of shutting down the illegal transmission of the National Television of Tamil Eelam in the Intelsat 12 satellite?

Muhunthan Kanagey: No, that of course is true that they have to shut down the whole transponder to take down this channel. You know if you look at it technically, transponders are like mirrors they reflect the images. So if you are to shut it, you need to shut down the whole transponder. That is the technical aspect. There is nothing else that can be done. This is how all the satellite work not only Intelsat but all the other satellites in the world work that way, until the next generation of satellite concept come.

But I really don’t know what Intesat stand on this issue, because I have dealt with Intelsat earlier for only a short period of time. How they operate, I am unable to comment. But technically these are companies which sell capacity. These satellite companies will never know what is being transmitted through their satellite except that they sell slots for feeds. They will never know technically what is going through. I mean if you sell a capacity to Sri Lanka Telecom, for argument sake, and Sri Lanka Telecom send all their voice-calls through them. Now what people speak on their voice call, might be a terrorist or organization or any other person may be using that, but Intelsat will never know that. Most satellite takes a stand that it is none of their business what goes on. It is a we-sell capacity and that is about it.

- Asian Tribune -

AMD said...

@ Radikal Zee.

Tks for the info.

Channel V International would be a good option at present. Its part of STAR, right ?

Fahim said...

Actually, the hardcover version of
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" has 607 pages and the PDF version I've got has 398 pages but comparing the two seems to indicate that the PDF with 398 pages is indeed genuine :) Of course, there's supposedly another version out there which is simply photographs of individual pages of the book :p

Fahim said...


Can you please provide a URL to where the Asian Tribune interview with Muhunthan is available? The English for that whole interview is atrocious and I don't believe Muhunthan would have spoken (or written) that badly or have given some of the answers which are attributed to him. Not saying that you made up the interview, mind you :) Just want a link so that I can verify the source and forward to Muhunthan as well if necessary ...

Radikal Zee said...

@ amd
yep its a part of star networks

cbnsatcustomer said...


Fahim said...


Thanks :)

hsjaya said...


Thanks. I got the file downloaded.

hsjaya said...

This is really atrocious. To accuse that Muhunthan Kanagey has obtained LTTE funds to start BUDDHIST channell may be the most funniest thing I have ever heard in my life.

What a way to show gratitude to a person who devoted time, money and knowledge to donate BUDDHIST channell to the world.

Priyantha De Silva said...

First of all I can't believe what's happening with, if so..

If Mr. Muhunthan Kanagey wanted to get friendly with Buddhists, he can do lot of things without spending huge amount of money with a new channel, which is going to do much against the LTTE in the future as to their sources. Then, some jealous idiots are trying to make his name bad . Not only now , Even The Load Buddha’s time so many things happened like this. Like this time , we must stand for Mr. Muhunthan Kanagey, without him, we can’t Blog here.

Surly, he must see this blog, Then, we must say, Don’t worry! Be happy ! what you’ve done for all the Sri Lankans and for the Buddhism without nothing like them. We’re always your side as before. Usually, people are throwing stones for a tree that contains ripe fruits, Not for the one it contain nothing.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"Muhunthan Kanagey: His name is Lakshman Hulugalle> He is actually director general media centre for national media centre.."

Well said.
Mr Muhunthan has once again proven that he's got what most ppl lack in Srilanka; balls

russel said...


thank you very much for the information.its really nice to have an information source like you in this blog. keep up with ya great work. so they will start testing very soon. and by the week end we are gonna have everything.....really cool

Micheal said...

Hi Guys,

Looks like things are moving...
Star package should be up this weekend? At least on test mode? Lets hope so.

Admin, Great new format! Thanks.

Stay cool.

Cyberboy said...
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Sinhala guy sri lanka said...

Hi machagla,
Kalekin me paththe awe...

Blog ekath wenas wela...

Monawada aluth news ehema......

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Sinhala guy sri lanka ,

welcome ! I wish you're going to post more comments as before again.

" aluth news ehema....."

Most of our problems are getting vanishing now regarding DTV.Now we have much waited channels lineup.

Now we all are waiting till STAR channels fill the remain few slots in TP3.So eying to TP4 soon.

soorapappa said...

@Sinhala guy, Priyantha,
Are you guys not sleeping :-)
1:18 AM, 2:35 AM hmm... or the time is wrong ?

AMD said...

@ Sinhala guy

Welcome back...

The latest news is that we may finally get star by this weekend.

bank_dude said...

Priyantha & Sinhala guy, are you guys doing a security job :)

AMD said...

hey where is this Kido-cmb fellow ?

Very silent....

alf said...




hsjaya said...

If anybody is interested in news I can give a news which I was shocked hear today morning from DTV.

As I have not receved my bills for last three months I inquired the reason for the dalay.

I was rather amused and shcoked when the CC guy told me a completely different address which they have in thier records.

Luckily I had the bill for March with the correct address. The CC guy was clueless how the records shows a different address.

Then I had to contact their billing department to get the error rectified and had to send a fax confirming my address.

How on earth my address has been changed. Is there billing software is defective as their customer care ?

But to the credit of DTV, they immediatlley acted upon my complain and another lady spoke to me apologising for the error and informed me they will immediately correct the address even if I dont send the fax. However I sent the fax to be on safe side.

So mates if anybody has not got statements for last few months immediately contact Mr. Anojan of Billing division on general line.

cableguy said...

Looks like Hulla has still not given up on Muhanthan!!

So as accused by the Editor, if LTTE funded the Buddhist Channel via Muhanthan, then based on the action they took with CBNSat:
- they have to immediately close down the Buddhist Channel
- Dialog will have to remove all the billboards showing the Buddhist channel(as it is indirectly funded by LTTE)
- The Hon. President and the Defence Secretary must be questioned by the CID for their involvement. After all, before they attended the opening ceremony and endorsed the channel, they should have done their homework as responsible rulers of this country.
- They should have arrested Muhanthan before the opening of the channel and cleared things out, instead of letting him sit behind the President.

This is all a big joke beyond comprehension.

Is Hulla running this country without the knowledge of MR and Gothabaya? Scary thought!!!

Enupul said...

LTTE SATELLITE channels start new satellte now

hsjaya said...


Aiding abd abeting terrorist activities is a serious offence.

Therefore cid should also arrest
Ven. Kusaladhamma Thero for accepting terrorist funded gift from Muhunthan Kanagey.

cable said...

@priyantha de silva

"Most of our problems are getting vanishing now regarding DTV."

mate what planet are you in?

what about the pixelation issues ,lack of bandwidth for channels resulting in poor quality, sound problems (now HBO family volume so low cant even hear) not to speak of the according to C/C "we have signed but cant tell a date yet Star" channels

DTV has a long way to go before "most of the problems getting vanished" stage is reached

cableguy said...


Bloody Hell. This whole suspicions and accusations will then open a huge can of worms....

Inside the can you will find the most disgusting worm of them all: Hulla Panuwa

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Cable,

I mean it for "Sinhala guy sri lanka" .Because there weren't these new TP3 channels when his last visit to this blog. It meant comparing his knowledge with the past, not with us.

yes, still we have more thing to solve out.Now, NDTV quality is also low. CNN hadn't signals last night.

@ soorapappa and bank_dude ,

These day's I've more paper works to do with. I'm not able to get time in day time. I use the time from night. Usually my bed time goes to 2am - 3am. That happened from the school era.That's why I need more English song's channels like MTV Europe to keep me awake.

alf said...


alf said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Priyantha De Silva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
russel said...


are you still in the opinion that the new channels will be given bythe end of this week? any new news with you?

@ priyantha

ugotaa be a genius man. u sleep only 1 hour per day. u know, its not that good for your nerve cells in your brain.

Jesika said...

Hi guys

can you tell me how the pay-per-view works?
Will it come to DTV ?

AMD said...

@ Riky - If u still read this...

Any news ?

Jesika said...

This blog is sleepy today

TechnoGuy said...

Dialog TV - Unofficial Website

Much more informative than official website on prices and packages. Don't forget to enable ActiveX. Please visit and see.

Also don't forget to visit my website:

TechnoGuy's Blog

AMD said...


Good site, but is it legal ?

U can find the logo for star cricket on this link:

and this is the link for MAX radio:

alf said...




cableguy said...


Pay-per-view is a custom service where you pay only for what you want to see. This can be in the form of a channel, or even a particular program or movie. The service provider(DTV) will have to set up the system for this to be possible. Once its active, you may get certain channels that you can add to your channel list by paying a nominal fee. This can be a monthly fee or even a prorated fee for as long as you want access to the channel. For eg. If you have the 1600 package and DTV decides to have a separate channel(s) where they will show latest movies(this is very commonly available in many Western countries), you can pay and activate that movie channel for the length of the movie, and the charge will be added to your bill. Hence PAY-PER-VIEW.

I am not sure how well this will catch up in SL, but on a late night, after all the Video stores are closed, and you cant rent a DVD, then this Pay-per-view service would be your choice if you are really in the mood to watch a movie. Its an extra convenience at a price.

In the US, popular sports events(like Heavyweight Boxing matches) are shown this way too.

Hope this helps to understand Pay-per-view.

From the sounds of it, it looks like DTV is concentrating more on offering a-la-carte Channels for a nominal fee(per channel) for those who dont want to pay 1600 for a bunch of channels that they may not watch most of the time.

I have the 900 package and am looking forward to this feature very much. If DTV offers any channels that I like, I will add them individually for a reasonable fee, instead of paying Rs600 extra/month.

alf said...


hsjaya said...


At the moment 900+ pkg does not have 04 channells of HBO group , 10sports and ESPN and Pogo. All together 07 channells.

DTV will design a pricing mechanism for offering a-la-carte Channels, in such a way that when you ask for more than two or three channels, it will be advantageous for you to upgrade to 1600/-

For example if the price each channell Rs.100/- ( DTV charge Rs.200/- for World CUP )and you ask for 03 channells you will have to pay 1380/- with vat.

The difference between this 1380/- and 1600/- is 220/- but for Rs. 220/- you are going to loose 04 premium channells.

This will be the design. Customers will be tempted to go for 1600/- rather than a-la-carte menu.

I have my doubts whetehr this will be benificial to customers except when you are asking less than three channells.

Hope we will get a better deal from Marketing

hsjaya said...


Technoguys site will become illegal if he is going to use it for commercial purposes.

But His site will be for the benifit for the DTV. and it will be used to educate cutomers, and provide information about dtv. So in that context it is not illegal.

On the other hand a customer can go to his site and read all confirmed information at one place rather than surfing through this blog.

I think his site is still at the formative stage. If he can develop it further it will be a good place
to know what is happenning in DTV.

star said...


Reliance is coming with measat-3 satellite. This is the best satellite all over asia ,gulf country, philippines, malaysia, korea ,dubai all over asia with HD
technology with good best channels. Also HD tecnhnology and smart card is nagravision not conax. Wait for 2 months only.

russel said...


why arent you coming regularly as earlier? are u angry with us?

any news as if when the star package will be launched?

TechnoGuy said...

@ AMD, Alf and others

Lets take this step by step...

According to today's laws, we have the right to publish information about anything for informative purposes. But when talking about a registered company or service, it should never be mentioned in commercial operations without the necessary permissions.

The Unofficial Website of Dialog TV is solely for informative purposes. Surely Dialog can't blame me for making people understand better about the service. Ultimately, it can be benifitial for both company and customer. Remeber, the website I made if non-profit, non-commercial.

Laws on registered logos are a bit more strict. But THIS blog already shows the logo on the side. It is an informative blog too. So I belive I can use the logo too for informative purposes.

If Dialog does something?
If Dialog asks me to close down the site or remove the logo, I WILL do it. If it is illegal, I am not too keen on breaking the law.

But remember Dialog, if you close down the unofficial website, it is your customers who will have to suffer understanding "Disc. T & L", "10 Sports" and other crap you have written in the official website.

Why new website when there is a Dialog TV blog?
In a blog, you have to scroll through all the comments to find new information.

I my website, I take up this task. I find the news, verify it, and publish it in clear English for the people to understand. Or else the people will be waiting for months to know that NDTV and HBO Family were already available since a long time ago (not yet on Dialog's own website).

Therefore those who want quick and correct information can get it from the Unofficial Website when they want. They do not have to scroll through comments to find information. Also, there is little risk of coming across false information and rumours.

But I still respect this blog and believe it is an important source of information. Because the Unofficial Website will first get information from this blog only. Probably nowhere else. Because I don't watch TV 24 hours, and I find new channels turn up only when this blog tells. Only exception is from 10 pm onwards when I watch Doc Martin, Without a Trace and other programmes on Hallmark, where I do Channel Scans from time to time.

What happened to SAT Lanka?
SAT Lanka were, evidently, illegally selling Dialog TV connection, or else some other crap under the disguise of Dialog TV.

If they were legal, they could have very well used the logo legally. Only if illegal, they are banned from using the logo because they are using it for their own commercial benefit.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Sri Lanka Dialog H1 group net down 1 pct
COLOMBO, July 26 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's top mobile operator, Dialog Telekom , a unit of Telekom Malaysia , posted a 1 percent fall in first-half net profit on Thursday citing losses by its satellite TV business and the impact of civil war.

January-June group net profit slipped to 4.87 billion rupees ($43.5 million) from 4.93 billion rupees during the same period a year earlier -- slowing sharply from full-year 2006 growth of 44 percent. Overall group revenue rose 25 percent to 15.36 billion rupees.

Dialog Telekom has suffered from renewed fighting between the state and Tamil Tiger rebels because a drop in tourism arrivals has hurt roaming revenues and the military have switched off sections of the network in conflict areas for months.

The military has now captured the rebels' last foothold in the east, confining the Tigers to the far north, and Dialog expects normalised services to help boost revenues.

"The upturn in macro-economic indices in tandem with the recently concluded (military) clearing operations in the northern and eastern province of Sri Lanka are expected to assist the company in delivering enhanced growth metrics during the second half of the year," the company said in a statement.

Analysts had also expected slower growth because of group investment in broadband internet and TV services, but expect those businesses to bring dividends in the long term.

"It was expected, because Q1 showed slower growth and their network in the north and east was switched off due to the security situation," said Vajira Premawardhana, head of research at Lanka Orix Securities.

"The third and fourth quarters will be much better than this. They are launching CDMA (wireless) phones, and at least the eastern network will be working, but it will be less than we had last year because of increased competition," he added.

Shares in Dialog closed 2.27 percent firmer on Thursday as small investors purchased the stock in small quantities. Results were released after the market close.

Dialog Telekom listed on the local bourse in July 2005 and, with more than 3.6 million subscribers, commands around 60 percent of Sri Lanka's mobile market.

Rivals include Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd.'s Mobitel, Hutchison Telecommunications International Ltd. and Millicom International Cellular SA .

cbnsatcustomer said...

DTV Group (inclusive of subsidiaries Communiq Broadband Network (Pvt) Ltd (CBN) and CBN SAT (Pvt) Ltd) recorded a revenue of Rs. 285.42 Mn, on the backdrop of over a 100 per cent growth in subscribers within the first- half of operations.

The company recorded a net loss of Rs 349.51 Mn during the first half of 2007, as characteristic of a Satellite Television operation in start up phase. The achievement of a break-even volume of subscribers and operating revenues will see the company in a position to override its fixed cost base, leading thereafter to positive bottom line contribution.

cbnsatcustomer said...

Group results of Dialog Telekom PLC, post consolidation with subsidiary performance, recorded a Profit after Tax (PAT) of Rs. 4.87Bn for the first-half of 2007, representing a marginal drop by 1 per cent relative to the first half of 2006, precipitated by a negative contribution of Rs 349.51 Mn from the recently operationalised subsidiary Dialog Television (Pvt) Ltd (DTV) which had a dilutive effect on the profit growth of 8 per cent delivered by the core operations of DT.

Dialog Television is currently in an aggressive subscriber acquisition phase on the backdrop of the rapid expansion of channel (content) portfolios. DTV increased its channel portfolio by 45 per cent in the second-quarter of 2007 thereby establishing a robust product offering for the highly under-penetrated Pay Television market in Sri Lanka.

The Direct to home (DTH) Pay TV business operated by DTV is characterized by a substantial fixed cost base (comprising of satellite capacity costs, minimum payments to content providers and other operation specific fixed costs).

hsjaya said...

It is no wonder that DTV is incurring losses to the tune of Rs 349.51 Mn when you consider their marketing strategies.

Their marketing is more or less geared to drive away custeomers.

Badly packaged channel line up, Growing dessent among CBNsta customers, Keeping existing customers in the dark, Discrimination meted out to 500+ 900+ 850+ 1375+ pakages, insensitive Customer Care, Bad billing etc etc, have contributed to this position.

If DTV wants to find out reasons for loses first they should go through this blog site and note the comments made by so many customers and if they want find out who are responsible, entire DTV management should go stand in front of a large mirror.

AMD said...

@ Amalka / Lakrisi / Terry

Do u have any news for us for the weekend ?

lyconshamira said...