Friday, April 20, 2007

Introducing Al Jazeera English

Dialog TV is presently running Al Jazeera English on CH03. CNN International has been moved to CH01 and the channel that has been moved out is SET.

We believe that Dialog TV is presently testing Al Jazeera English and have not launched it formally. We are not sure whether the channel will be launched officially now or after the activation of the next transponder. There is also the chance that Dialog TV might remove Al Jazeera and then test another one of their upcoming channels in the days to come. This type of testing is usually carried out prior to the launching of new channels by DTH service providers who have still not activated their other transponders. However this is pure speculation and there is equally a good chance of Dialog TV continuing to broadcast Al Jazeera English. We hope that this channel is added to the basic package.

We are of the view that the SET channel will return once the World Cup is over however this is a channel that will not be missed by many. SET channel may replace the SET Max channel or it may have been dropped for good. It is great to note that Dialog TV have finally realized that dropping of English channels upsets the subscribers and the effect is greatly minimized if a Hindi channel is dropped.

There seems to be some problems with the EPG of certain channels that has to be sorted out by Dialog TV soon and we hope that Dialog TV starts work on the May programme guide and takes steps to make sure it reaches the subscribers before the commencement of the month. A delay in the guide similar to this month is totally unacceptable, but this month the guide must have got delayed due to holidays and the heavy load on the postal department however Dialog TV should have foreseen this delay and taken alternative steps.

Please keep us updated on any information regarding Al Jazeera English such as the package that it will be introduced on, when it is to be launched officially and will it be permanent now or will they remove the channel to test any of their other upcoming channels.

Al Jazeera English website :


TechnoGuy said...

@ Admin
Are you positive that it is being used as a test channel. If so, I'm starting a 24 hour watch for new channels. At least to get a sneak peek at them, before they are officially launched.

Also, the channel has been renamed Al Jazeera, so the change may be permanent, not testing. But also they change for the slightest thing.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...


Like we said in the post, we were only speculating that this may be a test channel. This was said because some operators carry out testing such as this.

But if they have renamed the channel to Al Jazeera then it is highly likely that this is a permanent channel and not testing.

However until Dialog TV launches Al Jazeera as a permanent channel anything is possible.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Admin
Sorry, my mistake. I should have read the post twice.

Also, a very surprising thing. See this:-

Note that someone has said Dialog TV shows Star world on CH51. A prank? I found it when I was just surfing through. I'm going to check the other channels.

Jesika said...

Hi Guys!
I'm here after long time

pls check the followinf link

as the Admin said the SET is replaced by "Al Jazeera English".

TechnoGuy said...

Hi Jesika!

I edited the article ths morning.
We should all work to keep Wikipedia updated with latest information. It is probably the best source of information for anyone today, and I'm sure many people look there before purchasing any services, goods, etc. So it will be a help for the people.

Does anyone know if you could send the video/audio from RF Out to a house-wide TV system and watch anywhere in the house
I have a centralised TV system at home. All antennas input from one gadget, and output to every room in the house. So I can watch normal TV anywhere if I have a TV or computer.
But is it possible to connect the decoder output to the system, set a UHF channel, tune to it and watch the cable tv from anywhere in the house.

Awaiting your help and comments...

Jughead said...


I dont know much about technical stuff, but i have one aditional connection of DTV to a TV in another room thorough a RF connection. (the decorder can accomodate both RF and AV) so i dont think you should have any problems in that aspect.

However the problem would be when you want to change channels on the cable connection. cos the decoder will be in a different location.

Kasun said...

Will DTV Introduse More Channels like this in the Near Future? what are the channels they are planing to give us. I have the 900 Package. do i have to go for the 1400 Package to get those Channels.

TechnoGuy said...

Thanks Jughead. I'll try it out and see. Might work.
At the moment I connect the decoder to a second tv nearby using about 4 AV cables interconnected. I have to keep disconnecting or I'll fall over them at night.

@ Kasun
Lets hope DTV introduces more premium and good quality free-to-air channels. Lets also hope that they will be placed in affordable packages.

Mihitha said...

Al- Jazeera - I think it is very good chice - Welldone DTV

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

@ tachnoguy

Yes tchnoguy oyata eka kisima awlak nathuwa karanna puluwa. samahara wita Oyata RF male &
female RF jacj 2k ona wenawi. Normal antenna wire eka TV ekata connec karanna use karanne
RF jack ekak ( Oya dannawa wenna ona ). DTV decoder eke back side eke
RF in ekak & RF out ekak thiyenawa. Eken RF out ekak use karanna. Male Female jack use
karanna ona wenawa nam ewa use karala RF out eken out ekak aran oyage gedara
thiyenawa kiyapu TVcable network eke onama thanakin input karanna. Next decorder eka on
karala cablenetwork ekata conect karala thiyena TV ekak hari TVcard ekak thiyena PC ekak
hari ona karala UHF band eke tune karanna. Sure ekatama eka wada karanawa. Oyata UHF band
eke decorder eka tune wena channel eka change karanna ona nam, DTV main menu eke
system settings wala UHF settings walata gihin channel eka change karaganna puluwan.
UHF settings wala UHF mode eke PAL BG select wela thiyenewada kiyalath sure karaganna.

But DTV decoder eka RF output eka tikak week.cable godak dura adala thiyenawa nam oyata RF CONVERTER
ekak use karanna puluwan.eka use kaloth oyata cable adinna ona na. eken mulu gedaratama VHF
band eken signal transmitt karanawa. Local market eka RF CONVERTER ekak wenne Rs.350
withara ganak.


Mama hithanne DTV Al Jazeera add karapu eka godak honda deyak. Al jazeera, CNN & BBC
wlata wada wenas. Godak news diha wenama angle ekakin balanna puluwan.


SET MAX eke quality eka langadi indan godak low. SET MAX dan VCD ekek balanawa wage.
Mama eka complain karanna customer care call karama kiyanawa e wahina nisalu. Mama kiwwama
wahina nisa nemai eka DTV eke awlak kiwwama uu magen ahanawa " oya kohomada eka danne ?"
kiyala. DTV ekatath dala thiyenne maru buwala thamai. Api tharamwath un danne na.
Ane ane DIALOG TV...........................

Jesika said...

Hi Sinhala Guy Srilanka !

I'd like to know about that RF CONVERTER. Pls give us some more details about it. If we use it ,how will we get the signal to the tvs?. Do we need to use small antennas in every tv?

D.L.R. said...

@ tachnoguy & Jasika
Gadget called AV transmiter is available in the market for 750/=. It has AV IN line (But sound in mono only)& small transmittinf antenna. you can connect it to decorder's out put. then you can tune TV to the transmiter's out signal(can adjust to Ch 21- 33). when you switch on this your neighbours also can watch your channels.I've tested for 100m radius.

Jesika said...


Thnaks for ur information

But how the TV receive the signal? By using the normal antenna?
Do we need induvidual antenna for every TV ?

TechnoGuy said...

@ Sinhala Guy

Thanks a lot.

@ D.L.R

Thank you too. If that works then I don't need to bother my electrician on making new cabls. He originally made cables with both sides Male port, but luckily I had two old cables left.

Can I get the AV Transmitter from any hardware store, or should I look in a certain place.

@ Jeskia
Yes, you receive from the normal antenna. But if you have a TV system then you can use the same antenna for all TVs.

Otherwise you can fix an extra wire to the the existing antennas and connect the other end to the other TV. Contact a suitable electrician or TV set-up-guys to do it. I know some people called Clearview who set up everything for two TVs in my old house.

D.L.R. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
D.L.R. said...

I bought from 1st cross street of petta. There are plenty of electronic shops & special place called Bazar (But don't go to Electrical shops). First they will tell the price as 1500 but definitly you can bargain to 750 ( Or less if you r good on that).

Unit's has small Arial anntenna like in small FM radios.
when your normal antenna is connect to the TV it can watch as rupavahini or itn. But if you do not have any antena, then have to connect at least a Arial antenna.

In Maharaga KALUM Electronics also selling these type of gadgets

LANKA Info said...

Starlet arrested for attempting suicide at Abhishek's gate.
More info:

TechnoGuy said...

@ LANKA Info, Jessika, D.L.R and all
Thanks a lot for your help.

I didn't get the AV Transmitter, but I found a sutiable RF cable and fixed the decoder to the TV system. Now I can watch SAT from anywhere in the house, and record the World Cup Finals on my computer (I was originally planning to move it upstairs tomorrow).

Only problem is that the channel is not very clear. I suspect interference from other TV channels. There are so many channels, that the UHF area is mostly filled. Any solutions to this?

Nadeeka said...

@ Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka & D.L.R

plz tell me about RF Converter & AV transmiter.i don't know about that.i like to know about that A to Z.plz help me i like lern it then i can testing it...

laksirif said...

I found that the Programmes scheduled for 23rd under HBO is a mere repetion of the 22nd schedule, on DTV's Printed Programme Guide. This a mistake. DTV should chech the proof carefully before printing. It looks like we can not rely on their Programme Guide. Laksirif

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

@ jesika , Technoguy , DLR & Nadeeka

Yes, D.L.R. kiwwa hari. Mama use karana RF converter eka une Rs.350. Rs.500 - 750 wenakam RF convertes thiyenawa.
Sound modulation eka nam MONO. Eth VIDIO quality eka nam best. Prize eka wadi wenna wenna
GAIN eka wadi. e kiyanna SIGNAL trasmitte wena dura wadi. Loku gain ekak thiyena converter
ekak use kaloth oyalage neighbourslatath DTV balanna pluwan wei. Mama use karana RF converter
eken 60m radius ekakata signal trasmitt karanna puluwan. Gedarakata mama nam hithanne Rs.500ta
kittu prize ekakata thiyena RFC eka thamai hondama. DLR kiyana AV transmitter eka RFC ekata
godak same. AVT eke apita ona channel ekak thoraganna puluwan (VHF). RFC eke channel eka fixed.
eka ITN eka tune wena channel eka gawamai tune wenne.

(RFC or AVT-both are almost same) RFC or AVT ekak onama Electronic shop ekaka wage thiyanawa.
Prizes -

RFC - Rs.350 < --------- Rs. 750
AVT - Rs.500 < ----------- Rs. 1500




*Signal transmitt wenna AVT ekema antenna(arial) ekak thiyenawa.
*Channel eka change karaganna puluwa.

*Prize eka RFC ekata wada wadi.(gain eka same)
*Godak welawata POWER PACK ekak use karanna wenawa power denna.

*Prize eka AVT ekata wada adui.
*Main power line ekata direct connect karanna puluwa.

*In built antena ekak na. Antenna eka widihata TV arial ekak hari ekata same wena ekak hari
use karanna wenawa.
* Channel eka fixed . ITN eka tune wena thanama godak welawata tune wenawa.
*Installation AVT ekata wada tikak amarui. ( Antenna eka nisa thamai )

Mama waradi nam D.L.R. plz correct me.

Signal receive wena TVs walata TV arial ona. Gedara tiyena FTA anyenna ekama use karanna
giyoth tikak amaru wenna puluwan.

Installation gana details eelangata kiyannam.........

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

@ technoguy

"Only problem is that the channel is not very clear. I suspect interference from
other TV channels. There are so many channels,
that the UHF area is mostly filled. Any solutions to this?"

DTV decoder eke GAIN eka godak adui. Interference ekata wada godak hethu wenne
gain eka adu nisa signal week. mama kalin nuth eka kiwwa oyata note wenne nathuwa athi.
kalin kiyapu widihata UHF channel eka DTV decoder eken change karala try karala balanna.

Eth hari yanne nathnam oyata thiyena ekama solution eka AVT or RFC.

Oyata cable laine ekak gedara thiyena nisa oyata match wenne AV transmitter (AVT)
ekata wada RF Converter eke (RFC). RFC eka cable line ekakata direct connec karanna

Anith ayata AV transmitter eka thamai godak match wenne.

@ Nadeeka

AV transmitter/RF coverter ekak kiyanne, VIDEO input ekak AVT/RFC ekakata dunnama
eka VIDEO input eka oyata 100m wage durak athulatha thiyena onama TV ekakin VIDEO
input eka balanna puluwa. E kiyanne ITN, RUPVAHINI, EYE wage oyage Video input ekath
TV ekaen penawa. VIDEO input eka denna DTV decorder eka DVD/VCD player ekak FTA
reciver ekak wage onama ekak use karanna puluwa. eka 10cm diga 7cm palala 4cm withara ganakama
thiyena podo gadget ekak.

Kalin thiyena blogs walin oyata thawath therenna athi.......................

TechnoGuy said...

@ Sinhala Guy

I changed the UHF channel to 24, and it is quite clear upstairs on my main tv. But downstairs on the computer, the signal is weak. The signal is getting weaker by the time it comes to the computer.

So I'm trying to get hold of and AVT or RFC.

Thanks again for all insturctions and help.

Gamini said...

In wikipedia I saw that new more channels will be added to the lineup.. if so when will it be added.

Nice to have Al Jazeera too. ( Rather than having this shitty SET) Will they also be giving HBO Family and Hits and Tensports? Are they just rumors? or wat?

anyone who knows about this plz comment


Micheal said...

Hi Guys,

I still have not received the guide for April. what gives???

Aljazeera is a welcome addition.
Any news on the new channels?


Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Sinhala Guy sri Lanka...

Also i've read the article published by you so You've changed the topic to a new era. I've learned some new important
information from your comment & it will be useful even for me in the future. thanks U a lot for giving information like this wasting precious time of yours.

@ Technoguy..
We read every comment you publish & you are giving different kind of articles every time. This Blog is always alive from the people like you. Keep Going...

AMD said...

hi guys, there is an inverview with MR. Naushad in Sunday's Nation paper.
He says DTV is getting 2 new transponders and they will be launching the new channels soon. No date was given.

Also from the last few days the quality of SET MAX is not as good as it was earlier. DTV should do something to rectify it.

hush said...


banuka said...

I think the new transponder will activate from 3rd of May, Dtv havent update their new channel line up on Lyngsat. Because they have some mess with their channels. their Promotional channel (dialog tv) have been out of service for a month. ITN replaced to Set, VH 1 repalced to ITN, To give a complete service they have to wait until the end of worldcup, then they can use their normal lineup. because their Advertising campaign goes on mentioning Channel 24. After the 29th of april we will have a good news on our decorder.
Wait for it.

hush said...

no wonder old bloggers are out cause the password system has changed and takes quite a bit to get the same activated to new password.

any how to technoguy, its possible to watch 1 channel of dtv on another tv apart from rf out.

take a splitter and route dtv out to splitter and take two output cables from the splitter to 2 tvs. connect tv in to rf in in decoder and choose video settings and set to pal tv system for output and choose a chaneel UHF60 as anything below will cause a interference with normal tv channel creating blacklines or lines to appear on the other TV, as UHF frequency is clogged between channel 21~48 with local stuff.

if you want to watch mutiple channels then best option is to get only a set up box and connect to lnb out on the other setup box using the same system.

hope this helps..

guys yesterdays paper had a article where mr. naushad was talking about a test trail of HDTV. I beleive they are test trialing on inter connection of dicovery europe which is on pas 12 and interconnectivity is possible on IS12 satellite.good move to great a niche over other DTH by offering something different.

Nadeeka said...

@ Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka

AV transmitter/RF coverter wireless or with wire network?

bank_dude said...


bank_dude said...

Finally I'm back on track again. Thank you very much admin for your guidence.

Interesting topic about AV transmitters & RF converters. I like to add some more details for that.

You can view channels using the above methods but if you want to switch channels you have to go and change the channels. To overcome thatproblem there is a device called IR extenders. By using that you can send IR signal from one location to another. But now this device comes with AV Sender where you can send an AV signal from one location to another by 2.4GHz signal. There are 4 2.4GHz frequencies to operate you can use either one. I'm using that device and I'm not sure both devices I mentioed above are available in SL. I got down it from Thailand. Just seach AV senders, CATV tuners or IR senders and you will be able to know what I mentioned here.

Jughead said...

wow! great news bank dude.

i have a terrible time when switching between channels on the 2nd TV. (running from one room to the other)

could somebody let us know whether AV senders are available in SL. i saw lot of online stores having it(shipping worldwide). but paying online is deadly.

Jughead said...


its not the AV sender that i need to know about but the IR extender.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Bank_dude
The system sounds interesting. One question: How does the IR Extender get the signal to the decoder.

@ Priyatha De Silva
Thanks for the compliment!

@ Banuka
Great news! Thanks a ton for the information.

I can already imagine trying to decide on which of the 60 channels I should watch...

@ AMD and Hush
Where did you get the article from? Was is the Sunday Leader? If so, I can't find it on the Leader website.

@ Hush
Thanks. I've already done this by connecting RF out to the wall TV port.
And I will try using UHF channel 60. At the moment I am using UHF 23 or something.

AMD said...

@ technoguy

The article is in yesterday's (22nd) Nation newspaper. But its not available in the online edition.

bank_dude said...


It operates like this. The consists of 2 units. Sender and the receiver. Receiver captures the IR signal and convert it to 433MHz frequency to transmit IR signal to the sender. The sender converts the signal back to IR and trasmit to the device.

AMD said...

If i wanna get DTV to another TV, ( watch 2 different channels on 2 tv's do i hav to get separate connection ? If so does DTV need to install a separate dish or will only a decoder do ?

N300 said...

It is very easy to get a second connection using your Dialog TV.What you have to do is this.
1)Get a separate AV cable and connect that to the AV out jack in your TV.
2)Use the AV cable from the Decoder to the AV in jack of the same TV
3)The AV out cable(connected from the 1st TV) can be connected to the second televison.
4)Select Video mode on both TVs to watch DTV

You can watch Dialog Tv on the second TV without any quality drop using this method.This method can be used with any number of TV sets.

I was wandering how guys at Singer Showroom had DTV on so many TVS at once.The sales guy there only showed me this simple method.

If you use RF connection the picture quality drops.

bank_dude said...


You can use existing dish but have to purchase another decoder.

Looser said...

Dialog TV takes Sri Lanka by storm

By Marianne David
Based on cutting edge technology, Dialog TV took Sri Lanka by storm with its state-of-the-art satellite digital video broadcasting, DVD quality picture, stereo quality sounds, and its line-up of top channels.
Turning around the trend of television viewing in Sri Lanka, DialogTV, with its tag line of ‘Wake Up To The Next Generation Of Satellite TV,’ boasts a wide range of international content, including CNN, BBC, HBO, Cinemax, AXN, ESPN, Discovery Channel, MTV (Music Television) and Cartoon Network, amongst many others.
Dialog TV is operated by Asset Media, a subsidiary of Dialog Telekom Limited. Heading the Dialog TV team is Dialog Telekom General Manager (Sales and Marketing) Nushad Perera.
In an interview with The Nation, Perera said that Dialog Telekom has now become a quadruple player. The company is the first in South Asia, to enter the quadruple player field – boasting of a mobile operation, a fixed line operation, a broadband operation, and a media operation.
Speaking of the challenges faced by DialogTV, Perera said that challenges included reinstating confidence in customers, after the suspension, re-awakening the whole organization, because it had been in limbo, and taking the product to the hands of the consumer.
Elaborating on the challenge of taking the product to the consumer, Perera said, “Traditionally, viewers don’t pay to watch TV. We are coming in with a game plan, saying ‘here is a television media where you have to pay, to watch TV.’ Then, we have to build massive value, to attract the consumer.”
In order to do this, Dialog TV structured the product into three categories – Super 500 with 16 channels, Great 900 with 25 channels and Value 1400 with 29 channels, plus the local channels.
“We recently got the ICC World Cup, which was the main puller. We spent a lot of money on that. There was no return on investment, because we paid a massive amount, to get the rights. However, we chose to do so as a confidence building mechanism. It was also a way of telling the consumers that we are here permanently,” added Perera.
Dialog TV is now moving into adding more and more channels into the network. “There is space in the satellite. We had two transponders and both of them are full, so, we have now bought two more transponders. Therefore, we can add more channels and improve the quality even further,” explained Perera.
When Dialog TV took over CBN Sat, there were 10,000 subscribers. Dialog TV has managed to increase the number of subscribers to 22,000 within three months. The company is currently adding 4,000 customers a month.
Explaining the rationale behind the ‘buy one, get one free’ spot promotion, Perera said, “That was a loss to us, because we are giving the equipment free. However, we wanted to test certain price points. We found the results overwhelming, which meant that consumers were willing to pay about Rs. 9,000 for the connection.”
Dialog TV has also taken the step of investing in distribution and installation. Distribution is vis-à-vis all Dialog centres, of which, there are around 300 across Sri Lanka.
Dialog TV also formed 50 fully trained and skilled installation crews operated by Dialog TV to carry out installations for customers. A team comprises of two people plus a vehicle. Once a customer’s payment is realised, Dialog TV provides the connection within three days.
Dialog TV has also been successful in getting large enterprises in Sri Lanka, including 95% of Sri Lanka’s star class hotels, connected to DialogTV. This includes John Keells Resorts, Aitken Spence Group, Confifi, Trans Asia, Cinnamon Grand, Hilton, etc.
“We have also connected most of the apartment complexes. We have a dedicated enterprise solution, where we run a single cable and connect all the apartments,” added Perera.
As for signal quality, Perera said, “What we must emphasise is that, with satellite TV, rain degrades the signal quality to a certain extent. When there is heavy rain, signals do not penetrate. This is a worldwide phenomenon beyond the control of Dialog TV. In Sri Lanka, by and large, this is limited to 10 to 20-minute spells.”
Another challenge faced by Dialog TV was to motivate the staff. “We put the cart before the horse, where we showed the staff the potential of the product and we infused some of Dialog GSM’s key players into the organisation. Key people were brought into the organisation from many divisions and we infused the Dialog energy into the defused CBN Sat,” asserted Perera.
As for the challenge of instilling confidence in the people, while the Dialog name itself created a lot of confidence in the product, people were skeptical whether Dialog could carry it through, after the events that led to the closure, said Perera.
Therefore, the Dialog technical team did a complete study of the system and Dialog TV partnered only its very reliable business partners.
“We made it a point to ensure that it was absolutely ethical and honest, in all the dealings we carried out. We were transparent with any organisation. We also obtained all the clearances and catered to all the legal requirements,” Perera emphasised.
So, what’s next from DialogTV? “More channels coming in. You could expect us to bring in the digital experience into television. Right now, people are not accustomed to seeing good quality, high definition TV. We are on a pilot project now, results of which we could announce within four weeks. Then, we can bring in a high definition digital experience into television,” Perera pledges.
Dialog TV also plans to increase the number of channels to about 50, by the end of the year and provide value for money.
“We will continue to provide value for money. That has been Dialog’s framework. It’s in our blood. We can promise that, if we offer a discount for any of our new packages, it will be extended across the board to all existing subscribers,” he concluded.

TechnoGuy said...

I'm sorting out a rather complicated system with my electrician. He is doing al wiring work, and we are trying to work out a system without using AV transmitters, etc. But if it comes to the worst, it will have to be the AV Transmitter or RF converter.

Thats a good article by Mr. Naushad. Looks like they do know what they are doing. I wonder what happened to the Lord Anthony.

Can't wait till the 3rd. I hope they meet our expectations, if they do not exceed expectations.

Does anyone know the frequencies of the new transponders? Or is it a secret at the moment.

And guys, where is Kalu? Haven't seen him for over a month, if not longer.

LANKA Info said...

Latest updates


+ Starlet arrested for attempting suicide at Abhishek's gate. Exclusive VIDEO

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

@ priyantha de silva

Thanx v mich

plz read above more carefully...
Av trasmitter eka wireless video signal send karanna use karanna puluwan.
RF converter eka wireless signal send karannath, wire use karala signal send karannai
dekatama use karanna puluwan.
Microwave video senders

Microwave video senders local market eka ganna puluwan.petta 1st cross street eka tikak
try koloth hoyaganna bari wena ekak na.

Microwave video senders(MVS) prize eken godak wadi. Mama hariyatama kiyanna danne na.
Eth minimum Rs.5000 wath wewi.

MVS wala thiyena advatage eka thamai eka onama TV ekakata recive wenne na. E kiyanne
RFC or AVT ekak wage UHF/VHF band eke tune karala MVS eke signal ganna ba.
MVS transmitter ekath ekkama RECIVER ekak hari eeta wadi ganak hari ganna puluwan.
MVS transmiiter ekan trasmitt karana signal reciver ekata aragena reciver eken thamai AV output
ekak widihata TV ekata denna wenne.

MVS godak welawata use karanne secretly video signal send karanna.

Local market eke nathi unath 10km walata wada signal send karanna puluwan MVS thiyenawa.
(Google wala search karala balanna)

MVS wala thawath advantage ekak thamai video output ekakta wdaiyen stereo audioth ekka
ekapara modulate karala send karanna puluwan. Reciver eken ewa wena wenama gannath

SET MAX eke quality enna ennama lost wenawa.
Heta mach eka welawatath ehemama weida danne na.

DTV eke inna bakapandithayannta kiyala wadak na.
Unta kiyanawata wada hondai kata bima ulagena ainak allan nidaganna eka.
Api me kiyana ewa DTV team eka ahan innawada kiyala api hariyatama danne kohomada.

Technoguy, Admin,

mewa DTVlata assawanna apita mokak hari karanna bari wevida....

Issara nam DTV team kiyala porak blog ekata awa neda.....

AMD said...

hi guys, todays match starts at 8pm Sri Lanka Time ( 14.30 ) GMT.

Amalka said...

mama video sender ekak gatta mage computer eken DTV balanna (AV Transmiter)eka podi gaget ekak eriyal ekak thiyena cable 2k thiyenawa eka pattak sender ekata anik patta video out put eka eth computer ekata signel enne na ne any body help to me

AMD said...

@ Amalka:

try connecting the receiver to the tv and see if u get the signal.

How much did it cost and where did u buy it from ?

Amalka said...


i can't understand.cost 1400

Amalka said...

i got it from kollpity they have a any eqipment for the tv , satalight

AMD said...

@ Amalka,

receiver eka thawa tv ekata ghala balanna signal eka enawade kiyala.

Kolpity kohede gatte ?

Amalka said...


eka tv ekakata gahanna ba eke audieo video cables dekak thiyenawa ekema anik patta out put ekakata plug karala tune karanna thiyenne but picthur enne na

D.L.R. said...

Have you connected Arial for Computer or Tv. There should be a receiving antenna (Arial) to recive signal from the transmitter.

bank_dude said...


Can you tell us the transmission distance. Further what's the name of the shop you bought that?

Amalka said...

@ D.L.R

i didn't pix arial to computer.

@ bank_dude
transmission distance is 20 feet.transmiter support 60 mtr.i bought it from kollpity i can't remmember shop name it' very close to Mcdonald.

bank_dude said...


Can u check and let me know whether each unit (sender & receiver) has 4 dip swithes.

Amalka said...

sender have 2jack audeo input and video input

AMD said...

guys, both LBN and Comet seem to be showing the matches. WOnder what happended to DTV's exlucsive rights ????

bank_dude said...

amalka, there should be some small switches in your AV sender and receiver to select the transmitting frequency. Both must be in same frequency. Do the following. Connect your AV sender to decoder. Connect your receiver to TV. Tryout that setup first. Then you will know that the equipment is working. Normally they say 60 meters. That is line of sight. But when the signal transmit through walls and concrete, it drastically dropped.

Jughead said...

bank dude

i was following the discussion you and d.l.r. have been having with Amalka.

i think Amalka is talking about just one unit. there is no mention of sender & receiver.

I'm sure its not the usual AV sender.

isn't that the case Amalka?

bank_dude said...


Maybe Amalka is taliking about an AV sender that transmit AV signal either VHF or UHF band isn't it?

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...


AV Transmitter ekak DTV decorder ekata conec karaganna hati step by step
insruction oyata dennam.

Therena widihata oya mokak hari waraddak karagena thiyenwa.

*AV Transmitter eka UHF/VHF ekakda kiayala sure karaganna

*issella AV Transmitter(AVT) ekata power dena hati balanna. PowerPack ekak
use karanawa nam eke voltage ekai +/- i hariyata select karala thiyanawada balanna.
( Me gana mokak hari awlak thiyenawa nam Plz comment here )

*AVT eke power switches on karala thireda kiyala sure karaganna.

*AVT eka eriyal eka digarinna.

*DTV Decorder eka on karagena. Kamathi TV Channel ekak daganna.

*DTV decoder eke VIDEO output eka AVT eke Video input ekata denna.

*DTV decorder eke Mono Audio output eka AVT eke Audio input ekata denna.

*DTV dec. eka on ekema thiyanawada kiyala sure karaganna.

*Computer ekata kalin oyage TV eka tune karala signal enawada balanna.

*Enawanam PC eke TVcard eka tune karala balanna.

PC ekata witharak signal recive wenne nathnam TVcard eke awlak wenna puluwan.
Distance eka ganath care karanna.