Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dialog TV to expand and HDTV project underway

According to the interview with Mr. Naushad Perera carried out by "The Nation" which is posted below, Dialog TV has divulged that they have already acquired two more transponders on IS-12. At present there are some complaints that there is a drop in quality on some channels on the platform and is due to the fact that the number of channels have exceeded the capacity of the transponders.

We believe that they acquired these transponders some time back and the fact that this is being made public now means that the launch of the channels is now very close. There is some speculation of the probable dates but we will not get into that since it is only speculative. Once the new transponders have been activated Dialog TV could improve picture quality by decreasing compression rates.

It was also said that Dialog TV is carrying out a pilot project on HDTV. The results would be announced in about 4 weeks. If Dialog TV launches HDTV they will be adding to the number of regional firsts that Dialog GSM has become known for.

According to this we believe that Dialog TV would be expanding it's channel base very soon and could also introduce HDTV very soon depending on the success of the HDTV project. It is also great to note that Dialog TV has decided to pass the benefit of any discounts in their new packages to their existing customers as well.

Please keep us updated on the probable launch dates of the new channels and what may consist of the new channel lineup as well as the status of Dialog HDTV.

In other news it has been revealed that "Al Jazeera English" which was launched last week has been activated to all subscribers at no extra cost.


Nadeeka said...

i like to know what are the up coming channels to DTV

TG's Blog Owner said...

@ Nadeeka
Thats something we all want to know. But I think they are keeping it a secret at the moment.

Can anyone confirm the new channels yet?

Will they be letting us watch by around May 3rd?

Banuka, do you know anything?

> Did you know?
IS12 has 30 transponders, of which 11 are used. 2 are used by Dialog TV, and another 2 must also be utilised now (at least we think so). Adding the 2 new transponders, IS12 actually has 17 transponders left. Plenty for DTV, so they will not have to struggle for space.

But why aren't any new Indian providers trying to get hold of the free transponders on this satellite. After all, it is the most powerful satellite covering Asia.
Are the competition scared of Dialog TV?
Are IS12 transponder prices very high?
Are Intelsat only giving out transponders to broadcasters already using the satellite, but not newcomers?

Mario said...

GO SRI LANKA, congratulations to Mahela and the boys....

Yesterday the quality of SET MAX was much better than the previous few days....

Mario said...

Hey guys, news about SLT IPTV, from
today's Daily News: 25/4/07

SLT to introduce internet protocol television

Shirajiv Sirimane

TECHNOLOGY: For the first time Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) would be introduced to the country by Sri Lanka Telecom. The company hopes to invest Rs. one billion to bring this service to the country.

SLT was granted the licence by the Media Ministry to operate IPTV last week and the service would be available in Sri Lanka by the end of the year.

Head of IT Division, Deepa Liyanagama said this service is offered specifically to deliver and broadcast quality video and new integrated TV services over broadband networks on demand.

She said the introduction of IPTV would also contribute towards the ICT knowledge initiative initiated by President Mahinda Rajapaksa. “This would take knowledge to the rural areas too,” she said.

She said a decoding box costing around US $ 100 would be provided for the subscribers and the system would be delivered through telephone lines. The existing Television set and SLT telephone lines are the only two requirements needed to connect to this service.

“This service would be initially offered to Colombo subscribers who are already using copper lines for voice and data,” she said.

The SLT hopes to provide the decoder on installment basis so that there would not be a big financial commitment for subscribers. “We want this service to be available for the less affluent class as well and this is why we are offering instalments,” he said.

The SLT is yet to decide on a rental for this service and it is likely that IPTV would be billed on a usage basis.

The SLT already has nearly 2 million subscribers.

The IPTV subscribers in addition to watching local TV channels would also have the benefit of viewing other educational, sports, news and leisure channels that are connected through this service.

“One of the key features of this service is that a customer could even watch a programme that was already telecast a few hours ago,” she said.

The service would also be a very effective education tool during the secondary stage of the installation as it could be a good guiding tool for school children specially to increase knowledge, as there would be special educational programmes that would be aired. IPTV had a very successful growth in the past 6 months especially in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe and in Asia.

“Forecast shows service provider revenue in this area would grow from $3.6 billion in 2007 to $20.3 billion in 2011.

DLR said...

I asked dialog GSM to insert DTV customer care T.P.NO to my family friends list. then I can contact (Rather shout at) them for a resonable rate.

yesterday arround 5 p.m. (when the SET MAx was out) I contacted customer care & they put me on hold for 12min.
that is 5x12=60/=
But with my new RATE 1X12=12/=

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Breaking News,
New Dtv Transponders are
11513 V - 1953-3/4
11536 V - 6111-3/4

Mario said...

@ Banuka, where did u get this info from ?

hush said...


some transponders on IS12 is used for teleporting media from east to west and is reserved.some are reserved for regions as it covers europe, africa, india, se asia beams.so they have four beams in total.

true there is enough of transponders on IS12 indian beam but indian DTH is hampered by indian government as any satellite space transponders has to be booked through the space agency of the indian govt and they prefer to work with dutch based satellite providers for their own reasons and security and cost on IS12 is about a 1 million dollars per transponder which is higher than others.

Unknown said...

Don’t we get broadband internet (Ex. WiMax) from DTV/Dialog. who ever gives broadband high speed internet for reasonable price will never fail in sri lanka.

hush said...


the transponders and frequency you have mentioned is allocated for a teleporting media,that was until a couple of weeks ago unless the client has finished rental period.

are u sure about this frequency?

Mario said...

Guys where did ull get this info from ?

the site http://www.lyngsat.com/intel12.html, mentions those 2 frequencies as "FEEDS"

TG's Blog Owner said...

I tested those frequencies on the decoder to see.

11513V - 1953
CH02 CNBC-LAHORE - Service not Authorized

Thats all in there

11536V - 6111
No signal at all.

So what could this mean guys? Are these really being utilised by Dialog? Is CNBC really in the lineup? But why is the service not authorised?

Awaiting your ideas on this.
And Banuka, please provide more info about this and make things clear for us if you can.

Mario said...
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Mario said...

Banuka, pls tell us how u got this info

SLP said...
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SLP said...
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SLP said...

Reading these interesting topics all the time but a lot lazy to comment on the meanwhile.

its been a long time from my last post from here, admin u do a nice work, keeping the blog alive with each and every accent. However it looks like plenty of guys are watching the site but is not making his voices all the time. Our famous rabbit-hole, LST, Lisura, Kalu is not ceen for quite some time.

ok, Al-Jaseera is here to stay, it looks a lot like the channel is living with the line up after this moment, DTV web site has updated for the al-jaseera logo as i have cn it recently.

Meanwhile, Banuka, let us know the specification which you are sure of dtv 3rd and 4th transponder.

r u sure on this,

A healthy CWC in the Caribbean and a lot of sleepy days in the work period after all. Today do, Some times you never realizes that time went so fast as it's 4am in the mor, Keep the gud work, all the very best SL.

Things are happening very slowly in the meanwhile, Late Programme Guide, unattended customer service, uncertain deadline of transponder space allocation, ad-free world cup, improper compression ratios for channels (both audio and video), dtv you need to clarify this since now you are in business for six months.

DTV needs to take the lessons soon. Its now or never, when competition arrives (say IPTV), it might be too late. you know what we means.

A happy new year to all of the bloggers, readers and also our fellow Mr.Muhunthan.

Rodrigo said...

Its really frustrating to hear all these news but nothing happening on the real front. The signal problems as usual after this rain.

Anonymous said...

Real Interview with LBN Engineer

Only at http://lbnsucks.blogspot.com

arnold perera said...

DTV also sucks, hell with their service

Anonymous said...

The real Arnold Perera goes under the name Rahdus, and his profile ID is 09912944869749995220.

Impersonators are kindly requested not to hack into Blogger servers and edit profile id information as they will be severely punished by Google.

Arnold the Impersonator,
You can go to hell with the DishTV service you are talking about. Oh, and LBN too.

TG's Blog Owner said...


They advertise an impossible 2000 channels on satellite, take RS. 28,000 and give you a basic DishTV package.

They are cheats. Do not buy satellite tv from them!

Unknown said...

Anyone watching the LTTE channel on FTV,Have they jammed the transmission as per the press release from insat.

The activation of transponder 3 and 4 will take a couple of weeks as they have only just commenced the installation of equipment at DTV end it may take a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 weeks.With that you can expect around 20-22 channels of premium content(basicaly agreed)

riky said...


Looser said...


What are you talking about 2000 channels?

Mario said...

The whole site sounds like a fake :


chami_tv said...

Well Sri Lanka has selected to the world cup final. I think its time to thanks for those who suppooted us to witness the whole tournament.

So my thanks go to

1. Dialog TV to bringing Sony max the best Cricket match broadcast I have watched by giving recorded advertisement match broadcasted sponsored by a live cricket match not other way around.

2. For DTV to bringing Sony max who rained us with latest phones of Abishek Buthchchon and gave valuable information on Hutch and Nokia and took off unwanted and irrelevant discussions of the commentators during overs and live broadcast of the cricket match

3. Thank you DTV to and the management to telling the very truth about commercial free or six balls cricket prior to the match and thank you Sony max for materializing it by showing exactly six balls and cutting down all the other parts even the run up of the first ball of an over

4. And congrats DTV for the marketing campaigning they had prior to the world cup and enabling the Sri Lanka to be umbrella by DTV antennas through selling by telling the truth.

5. And thank you for taking off Channel eye during the matches because they broadcasted far more cricket than adds and thank you dtv again for not making an effort to giving that feed on your platform and not making any logical points to icc or Sony max about channel eye as it will not boost dtv customer base which is a worst thing comparing to any other because customers are really rude as they did not tolerate e your legal problems with government neither they encourage you by having unions or blogs..etc so do not let customers to relax with mere 500 packages let them keep on increasing.

6. And thank you for not giving the opportunities like dish tv India gave to Indians where 6 months subscription free for world cup for new viewers because here we do not like cricket that match and you should not honor Sri Lankan cricket public because making to the final by Sri Lanka was mere serendipity.

7. Further thank you for making me buying a better local antenna too after paying 18 000 to DTV ( then CBN SAT) to watch channel eye just to watch news and other documentaries and not cricket matches.

8. Finally read in the blog that you have earned transponders to broadcast new channel thank you dtv now I think you can add them and increase our package chargers too and shift my 1375+ package to somewhere around 2500.

Thank you DTV. I am proud t o be a DTV (CBNSAT ) Customer

Mario said...

@ Chaminda,

you are entitled to your opinion, but why do u hav to be so rude and scastic about DTV. If you are not happy with DTV switch to some other provider. Im sure if DTV didnt show the world cup matches, u would hav scolded DTV in all the languages u know. At least be grateful that u got to watch that at least.

Unknown said...

Hey Guys,
Chaminda said that The rental for the package would increase to around 2500? Is it possible?

Hey DTV,

What we need is not a ton of channels. What we need is some good quality channels. Its not the quantity we need, JUST THE QUALITY.


after for some time we people are gonna switch to another provider. Maybe DishTV.

the quality of the SET max is also poor. There is a lotta pixelation.

The signal qualities that i'm getting are 78 % AND 54%...

They say that they are giving DVD quality pictures. lol

Anyone who knows about this, PLEEEEEEEEASE COMMENT !!!!

bank_dude said...

If Starsports or ESPN had the oppotunity to telecast the CWC, we might have enjoyed a good cricket match coverage. SetMAX is not a purely sports channel. That's why they are are showing more ads between overs. Further sports channels know what is the time gap between ending and starting over and adjust the ads according to that. Fortunately Star & ESPN will show all ICC event for next 8 years. Hope we can enjoy good coverage. But have to agree with Chaminda for misleading the public by DTV by announcing to show 6 balls overs and less ads. As Sri Lankans we must proud for Channel Eye by letting us to have a good cricket coverage. I'm only watching extra inning program on SetMAX and I watch the cricket match on Eye.

Mario said...

my quality has always been 76% & 60%.
Yesterday and day before ( sri lanka match ) the quality of SET MAX was better than the previous days. Sometimes during heavy rain or very cloudy days it drops a bit. But the quality in some of the ZEE channels is poor.

I think this will all be rectified once the new transponders are activated.

riky said...

I agree with Chaminda on the cricket broadcast in DTV (SETMAX)but to be true its the content provider who has messed up and that happens as SETMAX is not a sports channel.

DTV has not decided on a renatal increase but they are looking at differant angles like More options(packages),pay per view etc

arnold perera said...

What kind of scrap services these companies are offering, if rains no signal, if lightining no serivce. Screw with yor transponders

Mario said...

@ arnold, i dont know about cable tv, but there is something called RAIN OUTAGE AND SUN OUTAGE, which is a common occurance with any DTH provider. This cannot be prevented 100%. But like i said earlier DTV should try and minimise it as much as possible.

Mario said...

Some of u may be wondering why DTV had to get the SET MAX feed instead of the DIRECT FEED from the grounds like EYE is giving.

The reason being that DTV has to pay a big fee to SET to obtain thease rights, but it is much less than paying to obtain the feeds direct from the GCC ( global cricket corporation ), like EYE has done. EYE can cover up their expenses becuz of the advertisements they provide. DTV dosent show any ads of their own so they cant cover up their costs. Its fair that they are charging and extra Rs. 200/-.

Jus for your info.

Unknown said...

Did anyone notice? World Cup match coverage on DTV is about 5 seconds behind Channel Eye. May be the signals are downlinked from satellite, processed, uplinked and again downlinked to our homes in DTV.

Mario said...

yes Gayan, we all noticed it. We discussed it in this blog, the days when the world cup started. Its a normal delay in DTH, becuz the signal has to be dowlinked, processed and beamed to our receiver. This is know as round trip delay.

DLR said...

I also agree with Chamina,

Hey Amd, we know Eye paying lot of money , but comparing to setmax their quality is high.
What DTV has todo is obtain retelecasting licence from rupavahini. If they done with good quality pixel rate, our world cup (DTV customers world cup) is greater than what we watching now.

Another big, BIG mistake DTV management was done was misleading us saying they r telecasting add free match.

Channel EYE's telecasting is much much better than SETMAX. they r telecasting all the balls. But in MAX if the 6th ball is noball or a wide, Sorry you have to watch Abishek Buthchchon's Motorolla phone instead of extra ball.

Conclusion #1 SETMax people dont know how to telecast a cricket match

Conclusion #2 DIALOG TV doesn't know to choos good quality channels. paying less they could get the eye's rights

Mario said...

@ D.L.R. yes I agree, that they should have 1st found a good source feed and then decided to show the matches. I guess they were in a big hurry so they didn't do some research before. They could have got the feed from some other re-broadcaster like ESPN STAR SPORTS who are showing the matches in Hong Kong, Thailand.

Anyways, lets hope that DTV learns from their mistakes.

Max Payne said...

all I know about satlanka for now is, its a copy of dish tv website. The help section is 100% from dish tv. They have chaned the skin and content here and there.

Mario said...

From the SATLANKA site:

" If I move house or if I am transferred what will happen?

Yes, you can carry the equipment anywhere in INDIA. Get in touch with the local satlanka dealer wherever you go. The dealer will help you in installing the equipment at your new premises at a nominal cost "

It says, INDIA, this shows that its a direct copy from the DISH TV site. They also mention 2000 channels!!! Who on earth wants 200 channels!!!

arnold perera said...

See the satlanka site, they using dialog phone.what a funny site. DTV also same, WC over now trying to sell connections in the name of third transponder. all want to fool the customers

Mario said...

ARNOLD u clown, anyone can use a dialog phone as a hotline !!! SATLANKA are authorised agents for DISH TV in Sri Lanka. This is said on the DISH TV site too!!
1st get ur facts straight without misleading other bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Arnold Perera, the impersonator,

1. The real Arnold Perera is me, also known as Rahdus.

2. Yes, SatLanka is a funny site. Because they are cheaters and are a scam.

3. DTV is not selling connection in the name of the transponder 3. Hardly any new customers actually knew about it when buying.

4. LBN has not even had a 0.1% increase in their customer base since the relaunch; Dialog gets over 1000 a month, World Cup or not.

5. Shut up. Permanently. And stop using my name.

Amalka said...

satlanka given rs.1000 package 140 channels.

DTV 1400+VAT 36 channels how diffarant

SLP said...

This is some technical info 4 the guys who interested.

In a Digital transmission (DTV), the signal strength is not a huge matter, because picture quality is not depends with the receiving signal strength. so if you receive the signal 78/57 or 45/40 still you receive the same picture quality. This is not the case in analog transmission (SLRC, EYE, Sirasa etc...). In analog transmission the more the signal strength , the clear the picture (low noise).

However in digital transmission the ratio used to compress the data signal affects the whole picture quality. So if dialog decide to compress into 75%, no matter how our signal receiving strength, we all are having video in that quality.

In this transponder case, what dialog does is they uses different compression ratios to cover the bandwidth from 18 channels. so some channels get more compressed (more pixelization) and some is not. So we can receive some channels in DVD quality, Some in near DVD quality and some in lesser quality.

In example, Transponder bandwidth say is 1GB, then you need to compress total of 18video channels, 18 audio channels, 3 radio channels (If DTV provides 6 radio channels, im not sure the count) and meta information (such as channel name, allowed package info...etc) into this space.

so they use more higher quality of info from MTV in considering more of sound quality than Nat Geo, and low video quality for set max on no match period, and high video quality on Match (CWC) period making some other channel to degrade its quality.

bandwidth is limited, you need to tolerate your channel quality under the circumstance. Its saying that only 6 DVD quality channels can be provided on an any given transponder of IS-12 satellite.

When using internet, You can download a video from any connection speed(say 28.8, ISDN, ADSL,T3..etc) but the quality you obtain is the quality that the video was recorded by the original owner who published the video. This is exactly the same scenario here too.

Again, if the signal strength dropped less than 30% then your decoder cannot descramble the video feeds properly. so your picture on screen get cluttered.

Also in the other hand, if DTV going to do the compression making it exceed the transponder bandwidth, as its in internet where you are going to view stream of 512k over ISDN, your stream get struck ed. making the picture freeze at our end. I suppose this is the case on SET in previous days.

any comments welcome, this is how i think of it, the actual may also be bit differ as such. but i don't think so.

TG's Blog Owner said...

@ Amalka
If you want 165 channels with the majority being in Hindi, then pay Rs. 28000 and get a connection from those cheaters. But don't complaing if, when something is wrong, no one is there to help you. Not even the people who sold the connection.

PSH said...


To all cricket lovers…!

Show your support to the SRI LANKAN team by gathering at the GALLE FACE GREEN as soon as we lift the 2007 WORLD CUP.

Be a True SRI LANKAN! We are the LANKAN LIONS!!!




arnold perera said...

Hey rahdus, mind your work, whats matter with you idiot. My name and I have right to use, your using dam rahdus, what hell with you.
I own dialog I speak here, what you doing here if you have something else, mind your work

Rodrigo said...

@rahdus, as arnold said mind your work to the blog you belong. Please do not make this blog looks like a jokers place.
you rahdus you are every where are posting some unwanted shit

Mario said...

hi SLP, thanks for all that info. I learnt a lot.

Max Payne said...

thanx SLP, I learned a lot too...

Max Payne said...

thanx SLP, I learnt a lot too...

DLR said...

Today is the Due day for Posting our June Program schedule

Unknown said...




chami_tv said...

Now we all wonder the DTV and other service providers takes our opinions regarding their service through this blog. In their hard times of course they kept in touch with us now I think they do it but in very seldom.

So would like to propose to admin to contact and propose a news paper and try to expose the interesting comments weekly on newspaper. Say for an example have an extra page for tvradiosrilanka blog in TV times on Sunday times and admin can select effective comments and forward them to that news paper they can filter if they want and publish them.

I have seen CNN getting news items from youtube regarding some news and give publicity. This blog is helping us in many ways but to turn the TV radio industry in our country in to right track we need much publicity and a effective feed back to appear on the papers, as our shouts here are heard by ourselves only I feel for more or less.

In that manner what will happen is admin can select ST or any other newspaper after provideig a proposal as a partner and forward selected comments for the new paper weekly, and on return can give a link the new paper from this blog.

ST my try to have their own blog but I think this blog by far is the premium blog regarding ht subject and will continue to do so..

It’s up to you admin.

Chaminda alias chami_tv

vips said...

Hi All,

I'm reading this forum for about 2-3 months now and this is my first post :-)

First of all I would like to thank DTV for adding Al Jazeera English. This is good.

I'm also heard from Asset media guys that DTV is going to add some more channels including star channels. Also they told me that, they've planned to give extra channels on request by paying additional monthly fee. (i.e. we can get what we want extra).
That sounds good for me, because I love to have Star Movies.

Mario said...

Hi Vips,

welcome to the blog.

Did they say when they will be giving the star channels ?

Im waiting to have STAR MOVIES & STAR WORLD.

Unknown said...

New 20 Channels in Dtv on May
Starplus, Star World, Star movies, Star Vijey, Channel V, Star News (notsure), Sun TV, Sun Music, DD Sports, Fox News, Skynews, NDTV Profit, Toon Disney, Disney Channel, Tensports, Set pix, HBo-family, Hits, Rajplus, Star Gold,

Unknown said...


Amalka said...

@ nishantha,

from whom u got this infomation

vips said...

Thanks amd,

No they didn't told me exact days for that. But told me that discussions are in progress with star network. I've specifically asked for Star Movies because it's my personnel best (Over HBO, because picture quality is much better in Star Movies). The person I've spoke is the Sales Manager at Digital GSM(Asset) as I remember. But I don't know whether he's like a cheap household equipment sales guy(who tells anything, just to sell the cheap product) or a real sales guy in a BIG REPUTED company(who never tell lies to their valuable customers). Time will tell :-)

Mario said...

NISHANTHA, where did u get this info ?

VIPS: Yes i also feel that STAR MOVIES pic quality is better and they hav a better lineup that HBO & C-MAX.

Lets hope that what that sales guy was saying is true and lest hope we get some good entertainment in May.

Chanaka de Silva said...

i have purchased aconnection on the 5/4/07 which was installed on the 6/4/07 . Since that evening I have been having bad reception. When I called to report it the main answer is that I should know that this is a problem due to the rain. When I asked them why i was not told it only worked in fair weather they said that the sales people had told us. Which was never the case. Since then I have had to call eight times. They then sent a 'technical team' who did nothing and the problem is still on. I cannot watch any channel for more than a few minutes without the signal E48 and the screen going blanck. I have been trying to get some service but to no avail. I have trying to get through to a higher level to complain but to no point. Perhaps Dialog thinks they are too big not to be bothered by bad service.

arnold perera said...

Chanaka you are located where? This is now a common problem and you have to take it easily. After all you just got the connection, just wait, more to come like this ..........

Mario said...

@ Chanaka,

Ok, so lets repeat this again !!

To all new DTV customers of customers for any sat connection: There is something called RAIN OUTAGE. The connection goes off when there is heavy rain of strong lighting or thunder. This is becuz the sat signal cannot penitrate through thick clouds. Its a normal occurance and cannot be stopped totally.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Asian Tribune tries to undermine DTH in Sri Lanka and raise a dead argument.

Please read "TV Radio Sri Lanka" Blog post titled "Asian Tribune Insane"

Kasun said...

I Gave a call to DTV Helpdesk. They said still they are finalizing the Packages. As he said they will include some channels in to our package also Im using 900 package. They are hoping to send us mails on the details of packages. Lets wait and wait will they introduce.

Mario said...

@ Kasun, thanks for the info.

DLR said...

Hey DTV People.
tell your tech people to broadcast CHANNEL EYE just after winning the match on 28th. (It is better if you can continuously telecast both).

We want to listen to our sinhala commentators. Also like to see how our sri lankans celebrate after the match.

I’m sick of listening to 3rd class hindi actress’s cricket commentary. Also I do not like to watch sri lankan politician (Earlier great cricket hero but now only a politician Arjuna) blaming our team.

Gai said...


HBO Family (asia)
God Channel
Hallmark Channel
SR TV - Movie Channel
NDTV 24 x 7
Star Movies
Star Vijay
Star Plus (in)
Ten Sports
Australia Network
Neo Sports
Neo Sports +
Star World

Mario said...

Niroshan, where did u get this info ?

when will they activate the channels?

Naleer said...

Dialog tv recording function is very poor. It strucks so much. How ever I tried I can't enjoy recording. Recording jumps often. I don't know what is the issue. Singal and Quality are over 60. To view channel don't have any problem. But recording is the problem. My USB drive is Kingtan 32 GB 3.1 any one knows how to fix this issue please let me know. My email is naleer0066@gmail.com