Monday, March 19, 2007

"Channel Eye" taken off air during cricket

As of last friday we are told that Dialog TV has been taking Channel Eye off air on its network during the times the cricket match is being telecast.

This may be a result of the fact that SLRC rights does not cover satellite transmission or may be due to some other reason such as to avoid a conflict of rights that are held by Dialog TV and Channel Eye.


Looser said...

There is nothing about rights here.

DTV can't charge Rs. 200 from 500 Package customers if they telecast it on Eye.

Anyway DTV should show PIX if there is a match on it.

Jesika said...

Now Cinemax is not in English. I think DTV have selected the wrong audio channel. When they show upcoming movies .etc they ar in another language..chinese or something..

Vijaya said...

Channel Eye available FTA on Edusat satellite covering India and Sri Lanka and it is very popular among the ku-band free-to-air viewers in South India.

Priyantha De Silva said...

I’ve one DTV connection & One SIM But received 2 bills for different AC numbers
And same name with same address for same 3 months ( From January to March,
One of them has been written Total amount of 12,088.93 must pay) .Also different Total amount. I don’t know to which AC number I should pay. If I wouldn’t paid, it will be disconnected automatically on 28th of March .

Again, The Future , Today.

I think if I pay for one , then also my connection will be terminated. Because, other
Bill ( Which, I don’t pay ) has the same SIM number.

Still I'm trying to solve out this problem, But nothing happened.

sonik said...

this is nothing to do with rights. even if rupavahini hasnt got satellite transmission rights, this is an encrypted transmission to a selected audience only.

its everything to do with money. dtv is forcing its subscriber base to pay extra and watch the match on eye. this would be especially unfair to the folk in rural areas who got CBN connections with the lowest rental to view local channels.

this is what happens when one operator can dominate, it can afford not to care about its customers. like "sathosa" in the early days.

D.L.R. said...

DTV Idiots (I think I'm right) still playing with our money. Yesterday they telecast only one match with english & Hindi comentry.
Hey DTV idiots, in sri lanka no one can understand Hindi. This is Sri lanka , Majority speek Sinhala & rest speek Tamil. If you telecast the match in tamil if that audio is available it is reasonable.(Even though I'm Sinhala ). But this crap hinidi commentry is useless.

Use your brain Idiots.
we know Sinhala audio is not available for any international channels. But , give us English.

Your Idiots are saying in marketing campaign You R giving MTV- Original. We know what a crap you r giving.

Like this unit act to get the cbnsat BAck, It is high time to act against this Idiot's foolish Decisions.

Kalu where r your. I think you also agree with us, but can't do anything against your new master, is it?

yakuza said...

can anyone tell me how to get the programme guide for march

yakuza said...

though its bit late it will be usefull

yakuza said...

i think it is fair for dtv to charge rs.200 from customers to view the world cup. who knows what they spent in order to get the broadcast rights to show the world cup.

AMD said...

DTV has got the rights only for MAX & SAB. Not for PIX. When there is an Indian match on, MAX is in English and the Hindi is on SAB. The other match is shown on PIX.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Yakuza,
Go to this link(Which has provided by Admin)

After submit Redraw, you can freely Download the March Schedule.
Also you can download March schedule by going to the site of "Comet Cable". It's easy to use if you download Excel scheet of it.

D.L.R. said...

Is this Sri Lanka or India?

One of DTV advertisement in radio said 30 International channels are in DTV .But it should correct to 14 Hindi & 16 international . Because as per my knowledge to be an international it should telecast in English, Spanish ,French or German. Hindi & Chinese are the widely used languages in the world but not cosider as an international language yet. (Correct me if I'm wrong). And also telecasting through satellite is not sufficient to become an international channel. Remember “TV Lanka 1 & 2, Sri TV, Sri Lakvahini are consider as Sinhala channels broadcast internationally. But they are not considering as international channels.

But look at these list. All are Hindi craps. But DTV says these are international.
1.Zee TV
2.Zee Cinema
3.Zee Trends
4.Zee Sports
8.Set max
9.Set Sub

Also in these channels most of programs are in Hindi
11.Cartoon Network
13.Star Sports

That means 14/30 are Hindi. Hey Load Anthony.

At least do your marketing with ethics. Lying through advertisement is not good for the Future (Yesterday)

Priyantha De Silva said...

These days signal of DTV decreased, Signal Level to 70% & Quality to 37%.
Has anyone this problem? If not tell us your signal levels…, Thanks!

Day by day our faith with DTV going to end. Do something DTV.
Even we can keep a little faith on you if you tell the truth not like add
free Set Max. Why are you cheating us.

@ D. L. R.
“Animax” is a 24/7 English channel. I never see Hindi adds on it.

AMD said...

Priyantha, No problem with signal for me, Early morning and late nite its
76% , 60%. Sometimes it becomes 76% and 58% or 57% in the evenings. But SET MAX and SAB signal is always 76% , 58-60%. Im in Maharagama.

SET MAX and SAB can never be ad free.

D.L.R. said...

I also face some signal loss, but doing small aligning it came back to signal70%& Quality 60%. becaus slight deviation cause to this type of drop. when it happend to me last time (When CBNSat operates) I called them & team came & Put wooden jack under the dish. & Charge 1200 some thing for aligning. but this time I did by myself. Remember , first remember the current position.

Crab said...

LST , what has happened to Filenetworks Blog ? Or moved ? Let us know the new location, if there is any

firi said...


You can fine tune by rotating the LNB. First you loosen the nuts & then slowly turn the LNB both ways to get the maximum signal level. It's better if you can keep someone near the TV while you turn.

my signal level is 78% & quality 58%. Of course it drops heavily when it rains.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""LST , what has happened to Filenetworks Blog ? Or moved ? Let us know the new location, if there is any ""


Chan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mihitha said...

DTV wasting their transponder space. Better they drop unnecessary Hindi channels and improve quality of picture.
Normally 2 transponders can only carry maximum 28 Channels with better picture quality. Tata sky have 12 transponders and
120 channels on their flat form. They carry only 10 channels on one transponder. But DTV have 36 channels+9 Radios.
It is like a DVD with 6 or 7 movies..

DTV should transfer channels like Discovery, Animal planet, Travel&living, Nat Geo, History...etc to their Asian
transmissions instead of Indian. I'm tired of Hindi crap. Because most Asian transmissions of these channels are commercial
free or less. ( Eg - A1, Zonerialty, AXN ). I think time comparison also not difficult and others agree with me.
Sometimes Discovery, NatGeo, Travel n living , Animal palent carry long Hindi commercial programmes.
Nick also carries huge number of programmes with Hindi feeds. Most of these channels have less commercial Asian transmissions.
Sri Lanka is not a Hindi country and no one can understand Hindi. .......... Why DTV can't do that? Anyone know...?

Mihitha said...

DTV should have to face strong competitor, "SLT IPTV" within next few months. SLT already take steps to launch SLT IPTV, which is Internet Protocol based cable TV system. IPTV comes to home through ADSL telephone line. That means IPTV available, ware ADSL available. IPTV technology is newer and handy than DVB (But there are some limitations).

IPTV is packed with High speed internet, TV Channels and VOIP (Voice over internet protocol). And TV decoder can simply plug with PC. Then you can fully control your TV on your PC. IPTV is provided conjunction with "VIDEO ON DEMAND (VoD)". That means viewer can request what they want through the decoder. Other reason is now ADSL available most parts of the island. I live in small village which is 23 km s away from Matara town. But my phone line already ADSL available. These days SLT is upgrading their all exchanges in the island for ADSL and other data services. My friend who works in SLT engineering division said SLT planned to give both TV and Internet at very low cost. So is DTV ready for this huge battle??????....... And what about their 250000 subscribers DREAM.......????????

laksirif said...

I live in Moratuwa & my signal strength is 73 & 57 for most of the channels while Setmax & Sab its 73 & 53.

laksirif said...

It will be really good for the subscribers if moe service providers come in to the market. Latest is that DTV is charging in advance for march. When I inquired from DTV I was informed that they are following the same policy as for mobile phones. However, this was not a condition in our agreement.

Mihitha said...

@ Pathirana de Silva

I saw some hindi ads on Animax few days ago.
My signal Level - 73 - 56/57/58 ( Matara )

Channel 1 -18 ( Transpnd 1) & 18 - 36( Transpond 2) Show different signal levels.
Because, different transponders has different signal levels.

sonik said...

well, this is digital tv. just like the internet and net tv, if the bandwith is not enough, the picture quality will suck. the maximum number of channels i have seen any DTH service carry is 10 per frequency. this includes indian state run DD Direct +, which by the way is much clearer than dtv.

dtv promises near DVD quality, but most of its channels look like things off a SCRATCHED VCD! By far, the only thing succesful about dtv is their advertising campaign.

dtv also needs to use a satellite with a better foot print on sri lanka and a higher number of dBW. they also need to reduce the number of channels (including radio channels) broadcast on one frequency, coz picture quality is inversely propotional to the number of channels on 1 frequency. i know dtv is needs to make profit, but they need to do these things if they want to give quality service to their customers. ... that is IF they are interested in their customers.

and also, steering the IS12 beam, in my humble opinion, isnt going to happen. intelsat will decide their coverage area, not dtv or its poor customers...

sonik said...

well, this is digital tv. just like the internet and net tv, if the bandwith is not enough, the picture quality will suck. the maximum number of channels i have seen any DTH service carry is 10 TV channels per frequency. this includes indian state run DD Direct +, which by the way is much clearer than dtv.

dtv promises near DVD quality, but most of its channels look like things off a SCRATCHED VCD! By far, the only thing succesful about dtv is their advertising campaign.

dtv also needs to use a satellite with a better foot print on sri lanka and a higher number of dBW. they also need to reduce the number of channels (including radio channels) broadcast on one frequency, coz picture quality is inversely propotional to the number of channels on 1 frequency. i know dtv is needs to make profit, but they need to do these things if they want to give quality service to their customers. ... that is IF they are interested in their customers.

and also, steering the IS12 beam, in my humble opinion, isnt going to happen. intelsat will decide their coverage area, not dtv or its poor customers...

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

doesn't dtv have zonereality India? Indian beam is commercial free as well.

""transponder space in a satellite closer to home though currently transponder space is not available on satellites which are very near to us and would not be for the next 3 years as the latest satellite launch failed about a month back.""

Doesn't NSS6 have better coverage over Srilanka than IS12? Coz every time I check signal strength on Dishtv it's 80% strength and 78-80% quality. Rain outage doesn’t occur that often either.
Now that Dooradharshan moved out of NSS6 to Insat 4B, there may be few transponders available on NSS6. Dunno whether dishtv has already booked them, but don’t you think NSS6 will be better suited to downlink to SL than IS12?

""maybe also have a relook at era when CBN was operating cause under much similar weather patterns last year the outages were less frequent and was limited to more or less 20minutes.""

I agree. I haven't switched on the decoder after re launch but when cbnsat was there rain outage didn’t affect me much. The maximum outage was around 5-10mins and that was only during heavy downpours. My Cbnsat signal strength was 65% in normal weather conditions.

@ mihitha
""Tata sky have 12 transponders and 120 channels on their flat form. They carry only 10 channels on one transponder. But DTV have 36 channels+9 Radios. It is like a DVD with 6 or 7 movies.. ""

It's not. DTV quality is on par with Tatasky . Believe it or not dishtv beams 28 channels + active services from one transponder using compression mechanisms. 18 channels can be down linked using one transponder without compression so DTV is not at all bad.

Priyantha De Silva said...

A lesson from my signal problem,

Thanks for the all of your comments regarding my signal problem.
After that I tried my best to solve out the problem & accelerate the
Signal .

I record important DTV programs in PC using a TV Card & a RF output cable
From the receiver. My Quality level was 29% - 30%. When I unplugged the
RF Output, Quality level increased to 54% - 58% thanks to you.

That means if we want to keep the quality level we shouldn’t use a RF output
Cable anyway.

“ Channel Eye” Taken off from the Air when IT shows a cricket match.The funy
Side of the story is “Rupavahini” is on when it shows the same match with “ Eye”on DTV in the late night.

firi said...

Guys, Any update about Ten Sports & Star TV?
When will the third trasnponder be activated?

Looser said...

DTV is having some other beam of zonereality (I think its from DSTV Africa cos there are ads of DSTV on it). It's not the Indian beam. (I got DishTV and DTV both) Zonereality on DTV is much better than DishTV cos on DishTv it's the same old programmes repeating.

The rain outage too doesn't happen to me very often.

What about the EPG for 7 days or atleast for 2 days? We may not watch much other than WC but we need EPG.

chami_tv said...

Well been a Dialog TV subscriber I think as customers we have the right to ask questions regarding what we are getting from DTV. And If we are not breaching any agreement with them such as not paying bills at correct time etc.. then DTV must also not breach any of our rights.

Its about channel eye taken off from air. Now one of the main reasons that I bought DTV
( I bought by the time it was known as CBN sat and I am a primary package (1300+) holder.) is the fact that it broadcast local channels also. In my place I am getting a poor reception on those through normal antenna.

Now once I watch the sony Max TV broadcast it is total India way and in channel eye the advertisement were much less comparing to the SONY MAX and SAB. But DTV took off channel eye off air claiming that it’s about TV rights.

This is bad ploy implemented by DTV based on their bad unethical marketing criteria.

(Even though in the interview with this blog this ethical term was used for many clarifications by their senior manger)

Now the Lets discuss the case here.

1. If Channel eye has the authority to broadcast this cricket match within Sri Lanka well that is the case even for Sony max broadcast over DTV. Actually DTV does not have rights to broadcast Sony max for any other country in the region ( Check the web site under the broadcaster page). So this channel is scrambled and authorised only for dtv customers. And so is channel eye.

2. The point here is even if a satellite broadcast is not their still channel eye is available freely through terrestrial TV for Sri Lanka, and for that channel eye has paid money. So how come it is take air from DTV saying that it doesn’t have rights to broadcast. ( For sri lanka even if through DTH)

3. A problem occur only if a satellite paid channel is broadcast freely through terrestrially like ETV1 and ETV 2 did back in 90’ ( when they broadcasted bbc and star sports) or if a channel is broadcasted freely to any other region and not vice versa

4. Lets take an example of Dooradarshen in India. Only thing Nimbus broadcast has told them is to scramble the cricket matches permitting only to view in India and not take transmission off the satellite tv, because in such a country in no mean they can cover the transmission only though terrestrial broadcast.

5. Then there comes the issue of whether DTV has done this or whether Sony TV or any other officials has pushed to do this to channel eye or DTV. If DTV has done this (which I am most sure based on the fussy excuses given from their marketing team) its yet another prove of their unethical marketing tactics and high time to learn from Dish TV India ( in India of course and not shit net feed) which broadcast doorarshan feed ( as well as espn or star sports, TEN sports or any ohter sports channel simultaneously and giving those channels to compete each other through programs like third umpire.. to attract viewers.

6. If SONY TV has pushed to do this to DTV then it’s a proving of nonprofessional staff at DTV who can’t elaborate above to those people in the interest of the customers

7. In both ways the guilty part is in the hand of DTV and it’s a good corridor to wonderful competitor to come up and do new channel and alarming bad impact for dtv and management to take good stance.

8. Further then what about the Programms like X-FILES or English and Hindi films or any other program which are broadcasting on local channels in DTV. Why don’t you taking them off as they also don’t have satellite TV rights to broadcast. No you are giving them to customers only for Sri lanka may it be through sat or normal Tv. Thats why a problem is not arising,

9. And it will be a problem only if right has given to broadcast through a pay TV or sat and you broadcast it normally or to any other regions and not vice versa

10. Well remember you are not a TV station you are just platform which broadcast many TV stations and you can’t take decision on the conflict of interest based on two TV channels in air and importantly can’t take off local channels by aligning in to an Indian channel. Only the variety even within same broadcast will give the advantage to you. And Sony can have two matches broadcasted on two channels and such a thing would boost your income not this bad third class (Pettah Market) Policies

11. We as customers were really behind in your hard times (CBN ) and its really bad the way you are treating us. I as a customer challenge any of the dialog persons to break the above argument and give a reasonable reason.

12. Hope a new person with more common sense would take the control in DTV.

13. Until then Keep on counting your income based bad policy of business you DTV.
14. And would prefer if Admin make a thread on this and invite dtv to reply.

MANIL said...

Dish TV is not broadcasting the matches on DD.

D.L.R. said...

I totally agree with chami_tv.
I have another story. Our company put several advertisements on channel eye during the matches. I have don’t have normal antenna to watch FTA channel eye at home. As a DTV customer (although I bought my connection from CBN SAT) I have right to watch match in either channel. (Channel eye was there when I purchased). DTV IDIOTS cant decide the channel , B’cos I have paid for Channel eye too. DTV can’t force me to buy another antenna, because I spend nearly 17000 odd rupees for dish antenna.

Hey any IDIOT of DTV,
Come forward & answer for this.
Why are you IDIOTS playing with our money?
Where’s those DTV TEAM?

How do you justify these unethical bussiness?
Is this the way you r treting us as loyal customers?

bank_dude said...

I knew these type of incidents will arise someday when Dialog bought CBN. The attitude that they have is totally unacceptable. I'm looking forward to see DTV add more premium channels to their lineup and say old 1375/= package holders to upgrade their package to new one.

Jesika said...

I receive my bill
Their rentel is Rs 9##/=
Network charge is Rs 19##/=

What is this Network Charges?

hush said...


dish tv uses 7 transponders on NSS6 4 been horizontal and 3 vertical while DTV uses 2 vertical on IS12.

interestingly power of both transponders on IS12 and NSS6 is 36Mhz. both beacon down link frequency are same.(IS12-11.45~11.7,12.5~12.75Ghz, NSS6- 10.95~11.20,11.45~11.70,12.5~12.75Ghz) uplink frequency on Nss 6 is 13.75Ghz~14.5Ghz and IS12-14~14.5Ghz)

only major difference is there are 60 transponders on NSS6 while only 30 on IS12.

coverage wise IS12 has a EIRP footprint of 52 while NSS6 is 50 over sri IS12 is better. NSS6 is over sumatra which is more closer than been over beaches of Kenya for IS12.

IS12 was launched in year 2000 and NSS6 in 2002 but High definition Tv is possible on IS12 while NSS6 is not so. another plus for IS12 is that transponders can be interconnected and as such discovery europe and such other channels on is 12 can be downlinked without the need of a earth station so if some people do not like discovery india or some of the channels there is a way to get the best feed by inter connectivity.

so the only conclusion that we can come to at the moment with available data is the issue lies either in the uplink from DTV been not powerful enough cause dish tv beams fron new delhi to a satellite over sumatra which is of more or less equal distance to that of DTV uplink to IS12over kenya.

well yes DD gave up 5 transponders on NSS6 but due to shortage of transponders new DTH providers in India such as bharti(Airtel), blue magic(reliance) are having a dog fight to get hold of transponders.

also a transponder on NSS6 costs about 1million USD per year.maybe IS12 gave a better option to DTV than that.

maybe the fault lies in the operation and not the thing to remeber though that the current rains were persistent over the western skies where the IS12 beam is while Dish TV beam from NSS6 is from the eastern side of sri lanka. best explanation as to why there is no disturbance mabe a cyclone in bay of bengal will change all of that equation.

one thing that defies everything is when CBN was operatinf same weather had minimal effects on transmission, maybe there is a room for improvement on uplink of DTV as well.

AMD said...

Hi guys, some info, i happend to find:

Dialog TV broadcasts using the DVB-S System through the IS12 Satellite positioned at 45° East. KuBand Signals are received using a 60" diameter Alluminium Mini-Dish and a Sharp LNB. The LNB is connected to a COSHIP CDVB5110D SetTop Box. Irdeto 2 technology is used to unlock the encrypted signal.

The SetTop Box is also programmed to block Free-to-Air satellite channels. Software updates are downloaded thorugh the satellite network.

[edit] Competition and Coverage

Dialog TV now has the highest number of cable TV customers in Sri Lanka. Its main competition is currently Lanka Broadband Networks (LBN), providing cable based television services both in analog and DVB-C digital in a few areas of Colombo. The picture quality of LBN is better than that of DialogTV possibly due to bandwidth restrictions on satelite.

Comet Cable opeated by Multivision (Pvt) Ltd is an analog MMDS network with limited coverage in and around Colombo. Their service is declining and subscribers are already switching from Comet to DialogTV or LBN. Competition may also come soon from SLT IPTV, planned to launch at the end of this year.

Dialog TV has coverage over the entire of Sri Lanka and up to Nepal and neighbouring countries. The service may be purchased in Sri Lanka from any island-wide Singer Corporation showrooms.

[edit] Development and Expanditure

Dialog TV expresses its hopes to soon expand their digital network to other neighbouring countries. It is said that there are already CBNsat customers in Maldives.

A 3rd transponder will be launched in March or April 2007. Dialog said that they will have a total of 50 channels by the end of the year 2007. They also expect 250,000 subscribers in 2007.[2]

Dialog TV signed an agreement with ESPN and Star Sports on 7 March 2006, and launched the channels on 24 March 2006. The Zee package (Zee TV, Zee Cafe, Zee Cinema, Zee Trendz, Zee Sports, Zee Muzic, Zee Studio) was launched in January.

Dialog TV will launch Disney Channel, Toon Disney, the Star TV package and SET Max together with the new transponder. Ten Sports, Neo Sports, Neo Sports + and the Sun TV package may also appear on the service. HBO HiTS and HBO Family are also expected this year. SET Max will be broadcasted on the current SET channel or on the DialogTV channel when the ICC World Cup is broadcasted until it gets its own channel.

[edit] CBNsat Subscribers Unite

Due to the stoppage of transmission of Dialog TV (CBNsat at the time), a large group of subscribers gathered together to form CBNsat Subscribers Unite in July 2006. The group works to spread the news about the Dialog TV affairs, whilst also working hard to save CBNsat from unjustice and further turmoil. The group provides information on a blog dedicated to Dialog TV Affairs.

for more details:

Jesika said...



What a interesting news! Have you born yesterday?? LOL

Jesika said...

Where is my friend KALUPERUMA ?

Jesika said...

Have u noticed as i said before DTV never adverticed about Star Sports.
See their banners and posters, Even see the rear side of the Printed program guide.all the channels ar there but Star Sports is missing
You have any idea ?

bank_dude said...

apart from the rental are they charging seperately for network????

Lycon said...

b_dude machang, rental and network charges patalawa ganna epa... Mun (dtv buwala) ape monthly rental eka dekata kadala, ea kiyanne rental+networkcharges=monthly subscription

dtv eke porawal anthima kupadi wadak karanne channel eye eka block karala...

Mun oaka block karanne brodcasting rights issue ekakata newei, ara 500 package eka thiyena ewunge rupiyal 200 ta widinna. Mr Anthony, uba tin ekak aran gihilla pitakotuwe higakawanam oyita wada nambui.

Tata Sky eka world cup season eke connection ekak gattama, three months free subscription period ekak denawa ( mama kiyanne na dtv unuth ehema karanna one kiyala ). Eath munta free thiyena channel eye ekawath denna bari kummahiyo.

"i think it is fair for dtv to charge rs.200 from customers to view the world cup. who knows what they spent in order to get the broadcast rights to show the world cup."

redda thamai ! yako YAKUZA, uba dannawada medawas wala wikunapu dtv connections gana kochcharada kiyala. dtv un viyadam kalata wada thun hathalabayak un hoyagena iwarai. Eath Mr Anthony wage pukadena manager pakayinta oane thawa kieyakin hari profit eka ussala lakunu daaganna. Thopilaga ammalata dewiyangema pihitai !

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

thanks mate. very useful information. I wish dishtv would switch to IS12 now coz it seems far more advanced than NSS6 :)

The african feed should definitely be better than the indian feed. I wonder if dtv could get the Asian feeds of NGC, discovery and such the same way..

I watched the match today with Eye (I'm outstation and no sat tv here) and in fact found the Eye transmission to be better than setmax. In setmax you get all kinds of freak show ads all over the screen but Eye displays them only within the dedicated space.

by the way, Jayasuriya kicked Bangladeshi ass again! The dude's still got it.

shamil said...

hush - One of the facilities of IS12,HDTV will be utilized very soon by DTV and the ground work has already commenced for same.The third transponder will be activated in late April or Early may and you can expect high quality channels such as hitz,family,neo and optomisticaly star,ten and disny with the activation.

AMD said...

can someone explain to me what these "network charges" are ?

Free-man said...

Lycon looks like a familiar chap? Blogging since October last year?

Free-man said...

It looks like DTV will get some good competition at last. Go to TV and Radio Lanka website for more info.

TechnoGuy said...

Hi guys!
(Its Anae, under a new name)

@ Shamil
If your info is correct, this should indeed be a looooooong step forward from other pay tv providers. At least they should build up the base system and keep reserved space for HDTV. Dialog should be able to get Discovery HD channel on the IS12 satellite itself. Might cost a bit though.

Once more HD channels appear in Asia, Dialog will even be able to beat Dish TV and Tata Sky (unless by then they too set up a HDTV system).

@ Free-man
I agree. With the competition, Dialog will finally start doing something to knock them out. That means that they will provide a better service to us.

But I have my doubts that half these new license holders will ever really do anything. After all, Hulla will use all dirty tactics to push them out and prevent them from getting new channels (something he cannot do with Dialog anymore). Ad could these people afford it. There goes our tax money...

I'm the one who actually first wrote the Wikipedia article on CBNsat. I recently renamed it as Dialog TV. By the way, anyone can edit articles on WIkipedia, even you all. So keep the world's largest online encyclopedia updated with the latest information.

@ Jesika
DTV advertises Star Sports in two places. One is a banner over the highway at Elvithigala Road, Kirulaponna.

Where is Kalu? The last note I saw from him was deleted by the Admin.

@ LST and others
It is good that Dialog continues to use IS12, as it is probably the most powerful satellite in the area (whatever the Indians might say; no offence), even though it is in Africa. I wonder why the Indians ran after NSS6.

@ Those concerned about Channel Eye
These is likely to be a legal clash with Eye and MAX being shown together on the same platform. Eye has rights for free-to-air terrestrial, whilst SET MAX has rights for all other satellite, etc. in pay tv. So a pay tv broadcaster may not be able to show the two together. Is LBN showing Channel Eye?

Anyway, its better if DIalog keeps out of harm's way. Hulla nad others may do anything to upset DTV. Rs. 200 is not so much conmpared to what Dialog must have paid for the rights.


Best of Luck to Sri Lanka at the World Cup. You put on a jolly good show against Bangladesh.

sonik said...

can an original CBN subscriber (someone who had CBN defore dialog took over) tell me if they had the pixxelation issue at that time as well?

Mihitha said...

What are yours favorite CHANNELES--- ( 1-2-3-4-5 )

Here's my choice.......
01 - Discovery
02 - AXN
03 - Nat Geo
04 - CNN
05 - Cartoon Network

Least favorite ( 1 -2 -3-4-5)

01 - Zee TV
02 - Zee Sports
03 - Zee Music
04 - Animax
05 - Z cinema


Why DTV can't Transmit DISCOVERY Asia, NAT GEO Asia instead of Indian transmission of those channels. HINDI..........HINDI...........HINDI................Mokak dammath HINDI................ Dan nam malapanalai thiyenne.............. PLZ...........
Explain me.........

Mihitha said...

I have lost my mycbnsat username & password. Is that service work yet...
help me........

cbnsatcustomer said...

I prefer to watch matches on setmax over channel eye because they have not reduced the screen size to display ads.

ROSHAN said...

pixxelation issue Never arise it was a cristal clear DVD quality. I am with CBN from the beggining

TechnoGuy said...
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TechnoGuy said...

@ Mihitha
Asian versions of these channels are expensive, and are not an option for our market yet. For example, HBO and Signature Asia cost about 300 or 400 rupees more than other channels.

Hindi is irritating. I know. Maybe if we have a bigger pay tv market, they will cater specifically to us to. Keep your hopes high.

@ Sonik and Roshan
Picture was very good before the shut down. Except that Cartoon Network got too much of pixelation for some reason. Now that problem is solved and other channels have small amounts of pixleation. Imaging if Cartoon Network's pixelation was on all the channels? Hell!

Those days the trnasponder power was higher than now. For some reason, Dialog increases power only when necessary. The power used to be 10% more than the average today.

shamil said...

There is no such differance in pixleation as then and now.The same engineer who handled the technical part still continue to do so after the takeover.These are minor matters to do with the equipment which will be sorted out very soon.The are not increasing the power of uplink as their is a possibility of damage the transponder if the power is increased over the requirement.The microwave link they used for the Sony channels has been sommewhat a faliure as it has been sensitive to differant climatic conditions and causing breakdowns.

DTV will very soon be the the first in the region to have HDTV and we can expect a lot with the launch of transponder 3.

AMD said...

The HBO, CINEMAX & HBO SIG that DTV gives is HBO ASIA. For India the feed is HBO SOUTH ASIA. U can notice the name change when u select the country on the HBO Site.

When u select sri lanka, it showns HBO ASIA. if u select India or Pakistan its HBO SOUTH ASIA.

D.L.R. said...

Hey cbnsatcustomer ,
then what about missing bowlers. During India vs Burmuda, SetMax missed several bolls displaying adds. What is Better, Full screen or Full Match?

How did they pay to put comments?

sonik said...

thanks for the information about pixxelation.
as for HDTV, well, its welcome, but personally i think dtv should first try to give its customers good service and picture quality on its existing transmission, before they intro something new and mess it up...

Vajee said...

DTV you son of a bi***...