Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rupavahini and Channel Eye back on Dialog TV?

We are getting information that Rupavahini and Channel Eye are back on Dialog TV. We are unable to confirm this however it is likely since today is the 25th anniversary of Rupavahini. We expect that one of our fellow bloggers will verify this piece of information.

In addition we are getting reports that the third transponder that Dialog TV was to secure this month has been delayed due to a delay in bringing down the equipment and it may take until April/May to more channels on the air. It seems that along with the new transponder the Star Channels, Ten Sports, Disney Channel will be on air and if negotiations are successful it is likely that the controversial Neo Sports channels will also be on air. However we are certain that the Cricket World Cup tournament will be broadcast on Dialog TV via SET Max but it seems that when calls are placed to Dialog TV hotline the call centre is not aware of the Cricket World Cup broadcasts.

Due to a technical glitch last night the Dialog TV broadcast of Swarnavahini has been interrupted and being replaced by Shakthi TV which was corrected about half an hour later. According to information that we are getting it seems that MTV/MBC is not coming aboard the Dialog TV platform and the spoil sports have refused to carrying out advertisements on Dialog TV.

Finally of all we would like to request our fellow bloggers to stick to the focus of this blog and that is to have discussions about Dialog TV. Anyone is allowed to place a request for channels on this blog and it will be looked into by Dialog TV Subscribers Unite and then forwarded to Dialog TV management. There is no need to intimidate anyone because of religion or anything else and have arguments on religion because this is not the blog for such a topic. We should learn to respect others religious beliefs and requests. So lets stop arguing about religion here please. Anyone who wants to request for God TV or any other channel for that matter is welcome to do so and anyone who opposes it is welcome to do so but lets just request and oppose giving our reasons and not go beyond that by running down others religious beliefs.

UPDATE : It has been confirmed that Rupavahini and Channel Eye are available on Dialog TV.


bank_dude said...

I'm requesting DTV management to drop Animax and replace it with one Disney channel for the time being because no one watch Animax.

Lisura said...

I confirm that from last night Rupavahini & Channel EYE is on Dialog TV.

The quality is not so good. So Dialog should think of getting the final signal straight from the operator via a microwave link. Hope they could do it easily with Dialog Broadband.

Getting the signal from a normal antenna and uplinking it will lose the quality of the signal.

D.L.R. said...

I hv several questions
1.some channels still freezing
2. as we r Srilankans we can’t understand Hindi, Pl replace these channels with English feeds,
3. Local channel’s picture quality is very poor
4.Animax and some crap channels are there with poor quality programs .Take a customers feed back report & remove unnecessary/ Un popular channels & introduce worth pay channels.
5. I’m listening radio news through dtv so pl add Neth FM
6.I’m with CBNSat from the beginning & now with Dialog TV, Untill another satellite provider comes to me with good quality price structure. (I don’t care if the quantity is less but content of the channels should be woth for the money.)

Jesika said...

Which channels you think useless & suggest to drop from DTV ?

Pls fill the poll at

TrackZeroBad said...

I think you just cant poll and drop the channels.. they might have agreements signed with DTV.

What I suggest is switch the channels that unpopular at the moment to TP3 and get the good channels (Star, Ten, Disney..etc) .. to current transponder space..

bank_dude said...

agree with trackzerobad. What they should do now is to switch Animax with one Disney channel. Once TP3 is secured, they can re-introduce Animax in TP3.

D.L.R. said...

As rupavahini has bilingual & Nicam , Can we swith the language? Can we receive stereo sounds?

Vishkid said...

Dialog TV - pls try to take out some of the least watched channels to be on TP3 (you can take customer feedback if you want to, but this blog is a good representation of the client base), and put some of the most awaited channels IMMEDIATELY to TP2, if the contracts are finalized for those.

Subscriber unite - use your influence here.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

All of Rupavahini's dubbed programmes are not Bilingual and all films are not stereo. Only a few are broadcast this way.

Over normal broadcasts it is possible to switch between languages when they use dual language transmission by using the dual button on Nicam enabled televisions.

Over Dialog TV it should be possible by selecting the left or right sound signal on the remote only if Dialog tv links both sound feeds.

D.L.R. said...

As a CBNSat viewer I removed my antenna within one month after I purchased Satellite tv connection. But during last 6 months banned period I connected it back. Our satellite connection is back & my antenna still exists. But now I’m not switching on my booster regularly, so not watching local channels through antenna.
As Rupavahini & Channel eye also in this platform (Total 6 Local Channels). Definitely I’m removing my antenna , while I’m shifting my place. If any other channels want to catch segment of satellite viewing people they should have to come to satellite platform.

Vishkid said...

"If any other channels want to catch segment of satellite viewing people they should have to come to satellite platform."

Exactly - but as the pay tv segment grows, it would mandatory for any local channel to be available in DTH medium. Advertisers would take note and it's the natural flow.

kula said...


Comet Cable guys already started selling their conections :)

MANIL said...

Doordarshan wiil telecast the Sri Lanka India match live on 17.02.2007 on a court order.

So the Dish TV subscribers are in for a bonaza

Janaa said...
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yakuza said...
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yakuza said...

ok guys
let start praying for star package on dtv.
do u think they will include it to the 900 package

Looser said...

From Yesterday DTV shows 54 channels. What is going on?

TP1 has 32 or 36 channels. (Duplicate channels from 1-18)

don said...
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ROSHAN said...

When can I Have Tamil Channels????

don said...
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kaluperuma said...


Amila said...

WAT IS TRANSPONDER 1 n 2 n 3 MEAN ?????????

some say dat DTV shows 54 channels,,,,
i dnt get it.....

and da new channels will be shown n transponder 3.........
wat does dis really mean ????

Looser said...

It shows as 54 channels but have only 36. 18 duplicate channels are there since last night.

sorry don't much about transponder

ROSHAN said...

Thanks Kaluperuma 4 ur information regarding Tamil Channels

Yuktiya said...

why dont dialog tv order the 4th transponer now it self.

Nadeera said...

why not the 5th one all are in dream world. it's time to awake. be realistic guys.

Lankikaya said...

Why are we debating about the religions here?

Whether there is a GOD or not does not matter here.

I am a buddhist. But I am opposed to having religious channels here, even a Buddhist one.

How can you listen to sermons all day? I find it terrible that too many Buddhist programs clutter the local channels during a poya day, taking all the entertainment out.

I wonder why people want a channel entirely devoted to a religion.

Further as we all know, such things may start a controvacy that might create problems & threaten the existence of the DTV.

If one of the extremes such as Adult television is not allowed lets avoid the other extreme which is Religion as well.

D.L.R. said...

Your are correct Lankikaya,
I'm also budhist, & obey budhist methods as much as I can. I'm going to the temple on Poya day. But not ready to dedicate my tv set for Bana on poya day even. B'co this is mainly a entertainment media. It should be like that.
If any religious person want to listn to their preaching there are enough other ways. (going temple & church, asking preist to come to your home etc..)
So pl dont misuse this blog for unnecessary arguments.

Also like to request from Admin, pl delete all the stuff related to this GOD.
B'cos there are so many things still we have to clarify with DialogTV mangement. By these nonsense the prioraty may not given to the our problems.

bank_dude said...

What is this 54 channel thing. Still I'm getting 36 channels. But last night I noticed that the picture quality dropped heavily. But after 5 min everything was normal.

don said...
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SLP said...

For Dude n all 54 Channel Seekers,

There is an issue of resetting the set-top-box of DTV which makes a duplicate list of TP1,

If you going to master reset the set-top-box then after serching for the channels, the TP1 channel listing is duplicates.

This issue was arisen a week or so ago but which not affects to any of the DTV customers unless they going to master reset and search the channels,

This i suppose happens with some tech prob of DTV and once you going to search the channels through channel search, this duplicity occurs,

H/E DTV only got 36 channels and this 54 issue is the 36+ duplicate 18 of TP1 (these are the same content with their counterpart)

However its up to DTV to rectify the matter and set the correct Meta information on TP1.


Lankikaya said...

Few days back I received a letter from the Asset Media, addressed to my name.

There they thank for waiting etc. and go on to say that they have provided Z Channels (including Z Cinema, all mentioned by name) as a gratitude, FREE OF CHARGE.

I have the 900/- package and I dont get the Z Cinema, but the letter received from them is in conflict.

I think they should honor their written word and give the Z Cinema also. That is the only valuable channel for me in Z package other than the Z Studio, as it shows hindi films with sub-titiles.

a7a43 said...

when dtv gives ftv

Jesika said...

It means They gave the Zee package Without increasing the package price.
If you have the 1500 package you can watch Zee Cinema also free.
The problem is you have 900 package

D.L.R. said...

The truth is they removed some FTA channels & Add another FTA(Zee package) and anouncing they give it free. earlier 34 out of 36 can be seen to 900 package, but now it reduced to 33 isn't it the truth. What dialog try to do is cheeting us. as a gratitude thay should have to give us (900 packeage) at least HBO Signature. What they did was, cheeting us.

wait people, Tata Sky will available here soon.

bank_dude said...


Doing master reset and re-scanning won't add 54 chnnels. There must be someting else causing this problem. I think it is bacause what ever the settings provided by DTV may not allign with some decoders. So I think this problem relates to decoder software, not the transmission. But the picture freezing for SET and sometimes AXN is still there and I request DTV tech guys to correct it before the cricket worldcup.

MANIL said...

Zee package is not FTA(Other than ZEE MUSIC),So your aligation is baseleess.

TATA Sky is already here illegaly and so is the Dish TV,So there is nothing to wait/

MANIL said...




a7a43 said...

i bought cbn sat long time a that time there was fashion tv but not at the present.can dtv give us this

bluenote said...

Correct,Rupavahini and Eye are back.
Also see:
But little strange - after a re-scan I get all channels double.

bluenote said...

After restoring factory defaults and rescanning the channel list is now OK.
Good Packages from Dialog (CBN) at affordable prices.I hope that they don't get again troubles from their competitors.

Janaa said...
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Priyantha De Silva said...

Welcome !
I'm not like to drop of any channels even Aniax.'Cose someday in the future it'll be very importent channel, we can't imagine.It should be kept & add more channels without dropping any one.One of DTV's has said , They can add 150 channels easily then don't comment about dropping of any channels exist now. Can any one tell me which channel shows the Filme Fare Award in India ? I think It's the channel ZOOM. In the future we need the channel 'Zoom' like before. Please people, Talk about how to develop the Doalog TV Than arguing. I reqest to add Dooradarshan English channels to the DTV as well. But Don't blame the DTV, 'Cose We LOVE Dialog TV very much, then Only we want to see DTV is the best in the Future in Asia. Yes, You can Do that, Dtv is a child Now, We like to see he grow very strong than anyone else in the continent. But you should increase signel strenth to even 95 %, Now 45% to 57% I Think.Please confirm my coment or not. channel Eye hasn't good quility now, someone said It's a test transsmition Now, Then wait & see what happen in the future before the worldcup On channel Eye.
I have ask From Maharaja Group, How they react to CBN Sat, then he said They can't trusted on CBN, But not with DTV. Then we can hope Even Sirasa & Mtv , Shakthi will also come via DTV, Cose Mtv cann't watch otherthan Colombo, Which is their importent Channel.Exactly they have said Sirasa & other channels will come via Dialog tv, The date is 8 or 9 on this month. I think It's time to show Sirasa & mtv with the new TP 3 or TP 4 comes.
It's better to line up these channels on DTV with the increase of selling of DTV sets. ( We hope & Wish them to reach 2 50 000 target very easily)
1. Channel ABC
2. Action channel
3. AMC Cnannel
4. MTV europe
5. Channel 'V' ( Borth 2 channels)
6. Bravo
7. CBC
9. CMT
10. Comedy Central
11. Disney Channels
12. HBO Hits
13. HBO Family
14. Fox News
15. Sky News
16. Sky Sports
17. Fox Movie
18. Fox Sports
19. HBO Comedy
20. NBC
21. Zoom
22. PBS
23. Playboy Tv
24. ShowTime
25. Showtime 2
26. ShowCase
27. Show Time Family Zone
28. Starz
29. Starz Cinema
30. Starz Family
31. Starz theater
32. TBS_ very funny comedy
33. TCM_ Movie
34. Thrmax
35. TMC - The Movie Channel
36. TNN - For Men
37. TV One - Adult
38. UHD, (from NBC)
39. Tensport
40. Other "Star" channels
We expect not nere future all of this ,
Then Dialog TV is the best in the region. We Love so much DTV, Then what what I'm talking about. Please be with me all of you ' till we get these valuable channels with ones they gives(not written here)
Make ur Voice people, & search about these channels via Internet.& Don't thank me, please ask from DTV teames till we get those.
I've seen someone has said he see Subtitles on Zee Cinema, But I don't think so other than Zee TV. Anyone there Who can tell me the real circumstance.
Thanks U very much For read This article till now. This is the satalite age. Expect More to come. ( I think They add adults channels , We can put a password & lock them Not reach children, This the Universal age & Don't keep in the dark, "Cose others aren't in the dark like us) .
see U !

Jesika said...

If Swarnavahini is with DTV why ETV is not there ? They both belongs to EAP group. !

Looser said...

Priyantha - We will never get Adult channels not even in 50 years thats for sure. Other than that you got a very good channel list.

We hope Dialog TV can get those channels in near future.

Sat Viewer said...

DTV team

I receive all Z channels in mono sound tracks. Sometimes the Z-Trends audio sounds like faded old cassette.

Is it a technical problem or that's the way they transmit?

ravin said...

Priyantha- No MTV channels are not comming to the platform as they have other agendas.As somebody said they are even refusing to carry out any advertisments of DTV.The simple reason is that they are considering DTV as another TV station and a company,Whoever told that they are going to come is a lie.

Anae said...


Note that most channels you have mentioned are American channels. Getting them to Sri Lanka will be an expensive process. Some channels may also have to book transponder space on satellites.

So for those channels you will have to pay Rs.6000 or higher per month.

Try to concentrate on channels already available in Asia, like HBO Family and HBO Hits, which are avaiable in Hong Kong and Singapore but not in Sri Lanka or India.

My wish list of channels:-

Disney Channel
Toon Disney

Hallmark Channel

Ten Sports

Neo Sports
Neo Sports Plus

STAR World
STAR Vijay
STAR Movies
Channel [V] International
Channel [V] India

Sun TV
Sun Music
Sun News

Jaya TV

Channel NewsAsia
Bloomberg TV
NDTV 24x7

Al Jazeera English
NHK World

DD Sports

Total - 26 Channels - 2 new transponders

If Dialog reaches its goal of 250,000 customers, they would easy be able to pay Rs 400 million for 4 transponders.

Wish Dialog TV good luck in the Future!

Anae said...

Please visit my blog at:-

kaluperuma said...
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Janaa said...
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Anae said...

Dear Kalu and others,

I'm not related to Jesika or anyone. I hate her as much as you do. Please explain why you relate me to Jesika in English (sorry, its hard for me to read Sinhala in English typing).

I support the service that Kalu is doing to the blog by giving latest information. I do not support those who cannot shut up about dangerous subjects like religious channels.

Even Dish TV must have rid of God TV for a reason. I think people should concentrate more on going to temple, church, etc. instead of watching religious programmes on tv all the time. A litte is OK. But putting religious channels to Dialog TV is like presenting a grenade to Hulugalle and Abeywardena. They will only throw it back at us.

So, dear bloggers, keep off subjects like religious channels and lets use this blog for its correct reason.

Remember I am with Dialog TV at all times. I'm not going to switch to another network as soon as one pops up.

Wish Dialog and this Blog the best of luck!

Also wish that Kaluperuma will continue his service to us and Jesika will go away and Rest In Peace (with God TV).

a7a43 said...

priyantha de silvage list eka hondai habai lankawata nemei.

kaluperuma said...
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Priyantha De Silva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Priyantha De Silva said...

Thanks all of you, who have replied my first comment.

Sunday (18) in the night about 9.30 pm , it was interrupted for few minutes due to the rain. We think that is our fault or something has happened to the dish. Then I propose If The Dialog TV is going to stop the signals for sometime, Please Let us know via a Mail Information before that. I think It can do very fast & we then know it isn't a fault or not with the receivers.

Anae... I agree with you. But I'm not talking about very near future,But It Must be. That will be the different between Dialog & Other Networks in the region. If Dilog reach Nepal , Pakistan & Even India with the competion with Dish TV, Tata Sky Etc, Sometime later Dialog TV is the Best, we should make it happen 'cose the benefit remains for us.

After sometime Dialog TV is one of our dream & the next generation, who'll get the benefit of DTV from there childhood, Like Discovery & NatGeo channels.

All The local channels must come under DTV, These days we don't know how many radio channels are there on the Radio & which one are important or not.All other TV channels like MAX, Art , Etv, TV Lanka ( A FTA Channel) & even Sirasa, We'll not see it much as before 'cose it isn't on DTV. Do you agree with me ? If They are not come under DTV, Those Maharaja's channels will be as OUTDATED before not very long.

If DTV want to get much publicity , they should take advantages, Ex: Spiderman 2 will be on air on AXN on Monday @ 4.00pm & also On This Wednesday, Why thay don't get advantages like these because other local channels even not ready to air Spider Man 1 or 2.Advertise on papers even on other local channels before these moment.
I've give another example " like Kumara Sangakkara on 18th Sunday On ZEE Sport , Next week, Mahela On Zee Sport( Sunday 10.30 am) with conversation. Why don't advertise like this moment to get peoples mind. If not you can't attract the Peoples pocket to Buy DTV.I Don't think these days ads get very attractive like Dialog Packages on Phones. In vain, You are wasting money, Do Attractive Ads & Even Channel No.01, Dialog TV on DTV.
If you (DTV) read these articles on the Blog, You'll see there're so many lovable & valuable customers with DTV, You must proud of, 'Cose All Of us Love DTV So much, That’s why all of us want to see quick develop of DTV.
You are very very LUCKY "DTV". You Have Wonderful Customers Here, Anyone in the world hasn’t.

Looser said...

The freezing trouble on SET is getting worse now. It was there even before the June 06.

Those days they told me that they were having a problem in their receiving satellite. Set Max is also coming through the same satellite, if they cannot solve this we have depend on Channel Eye for the World Cup.

Yesterday AXN also had the same problem but not as bad as Set.

Jesika said...

we i had red light on my decorder for more than 5 mins. I think its because of rain. Anyone experienced this ?

bank_dude said...

As I requested long ago they should increase the signal level more than 80% inorder to minimize inturruptions.

Lisura said...

Read about rain fade on :

Lisura said...

Rain Attenuation on Satellite Transmissions

THE FACTS - Satellite transmissions are carried on one of two frequencies: C-band or Ku-band. When operating at the higher frequency Ku-band, the strength of the satellite signal may be temporarily reduced under severe rain conditions., To compensate for these potential effects, earth stations located in heavy rain areas are designed with more transmit power. C-band transmissions are virtually immune to adverse weather conditions.
Signal attenuation due to rain is a characteristic of both microwave and satellite transmissions. It is the interference caused by raindrops on electromagnetic signals travelling through the atmosphere. When this phenomenon occurs, the transmission is weakened by absorption and scattering of the signal by raindrops.

The level of attenuation is the product of a number of variables, and to minimize its effect, Telesat includes a rain fade margin when designing its services and equipment. The rain fade margin is the amount of extra power Telesat adds to the signal strength to compensate for the possibility of rain attenuation. In most cases the reduction in signal strength due to rain does not surpass the rain fade margin and does not have any noticeable effect on transmission.

MOISTURE - Because satellite signals travel through the atmosphere, a rain cell anywhere in the signal path will cause some reduction in the strength of a transmission. Telesat's satellites are located in the a geostationary orbit 35,800 km above the earth, and since rain only forms in the troposphere which extends seven miles above the earth, a signal travelling through a rain cell will experience attenuation during only a small portion of its transmission path.

Terrestrial microwave transmissions are more susceptible to the effects of rain attenuation because their signal paths are entirely in the troposphere, and the signal may pass through an entire rain cell.

FREQUENCY - Generally, rain attenuation increases as the signal frequency increases. Therefore, transmissions at 6/4 GHz will experience insignificant attenuation, while transmissions at 14/12 GHz will experience greater attenuation. For 6/4 GHz signals to be affected would require rain storms approaching hurricane conditions. Signals at higher frequencies can be affected by less severe storms.

This is due to the wavelength of each frequency and the size of the raindrop through which the signal has to pass. Transmissions at 6/4 GHz have a longer wavelength than transmissions at 14/12 GHz, and are less susceptible to rain attenuation. For example, a 6/4 GHz frequency has a wave-length of approximately 7 cm, and a 14/12 GHz frequency has a wavelength of approximately 2 cm. Any raindrop in the path of either signal which approached half the wavelength in diameter, will cause attenuation.

TIME - How long a transmission will be affected by rain attenuation and how deep the attenuation will be is determined by the amount of rainfall. Generally, signal strength can be affected for two to three minutes during an average rainfall, and up to 15 minutes for extremely heavy rain periods. However, attenuation periods of up to 15 minutes are extremely rare, and although signal strength may be affected, there will be no noticeable effect on transmission as long as the attenuation does not exceed the allocated rain fade margin.

WEATHER PATTERNS AND ELEVATION ANGLES - Weather patterns and elevation angle must also be considered. The various regions covered by a satellite footprint experience different weather patterns, and the antennas in each region are pointed at different elevation angles.

For example, there is considerable difference between the weather patterns in Vancouver and Toronto. Although it rains very often in Vancouver, the rainfall is not as heavy as in Toronto. In Toronto, it does not rain as often but rain periods are heavier. Consequently, transmissions from Vancouver will experience minor attenuation which will probably go unnoticed, and there will be very few deep attenuation periods. Transmissions from Toronto, on the other hand, will experience deeper attenuation but less frequent fading.

The elevation angle at which the antenna is pointed toward the satellite is also a factor. This angle is dependent on the latitude and longitude of the earth station . The lower the latitude of the earth station the higher the elevation angle, and the less atmosphere through which the signal must travel. The higher the latitude, the lower the angle, and, therefore, the more atmosphere through which the signal must travel, the greater the probability of it having to travel through rain.

THE SOLUTION - To offset the effects of external forces on satellite transmissions. Telesat builds a link margin into its calculations when designing your service. This margin is the amount of extra transmission power of signal strength Telesat provides so your service is not affected by rain attenuation during normal rainfalls.

The rain fade margin is a component of the link margin, and is a calculation of expected rain attenuation over one year. It is based on rainfall data, elevation angle, and weather patterns. This margin gives each customer more power than is needed at any given time, so that when rain attenuation occurs, it rarely affects your service.

Based on the link margin and the built-in rain attenuation margin, each customer should typically meet or exceed space segment performance specifications 99.9 per cent of the time over one year for 14/12 GHz service, and 99.95 per cent of the time over one year for 6/4 GHz service. This reduces the possibility of rain attenuation affecting your service, and confines the effects to very heavy and very infrequent rain periods.

Source :

D.L.R. said...

DTV is not receiving stereo signals of Rupavahini. It seems, they just converting FTA signal using an antenna & a TV set. But that picture quality also very low.

Yesterday, When I’m watching Derana around 11a.m.(I was in Maho, in between Kurunaga & Anuradhapura) I noticed On Screen Display of volume up & down appeared same as our DTV. Are these local tv channels use DTV connections to transmit their channels in outer Colombo area?

hush said...

I had disruptions of over 10 min before 9pm and more than 25min around 10pm north of colombo. total signal failure on both instances.

even though it might be a expensive option the power should be upped at least during periods when heavy cloud formations are over Sri Lanka.

the best I got on clear sky is Signal at 76% and quality 58% but on average is 75% and 55%.

also sun outage is expected on this satellite during the month of march lasting for a week and ranging from 3 min to 11 min. Best if dialog TV could advise people of this natural event.

SET channel is having lot of Pic freezing, this is yet to be sorted.

Janaa said...
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kaluperuma said...
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Janaa said...
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D.L.R. said...

Why No1 channels still allocate for dialog TV. It is better if they include any negotiated channel to it. B'co currently running ads are very bad quality & useless.
My personal openion is ,DTV cant get any marketing advantage by advertising using this. B'cos only peole who owns DTV can watch these ads. Id they add atleast disny they can get more advantage.

Somebody said DTV is still a child.
But I can't beleive it. B'cos As per my knowledge, Same old staff of CBNSat is working there. So thay have enough experience to operate this type of station. Why they cant update EPG for all channels (Including local channels) while all most all data is availe in the net. If DTV wants to become No 1, they must show us good performance, using small resources.
(Comparing to DishTV india CBNSat is in same age)

kaluperuma said...
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Janaa said...
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kaluperuma said...
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Jesika said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Janaa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jesika said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisura said...

Jesika and Jaana,

Please dont provoke the bloggers by asking unneccesary things and then afterwards accusing admin.

You are ones who started this whole conversation. Please refrain from provoking the other bloggers by asking unneccesary things !

We have had enough trouble for 6 months and losed all our entertainment. We do not want another controversy ! Isn't it ?

We think Dialog TV should stick to be a premium infotainment provider. All these religious channels are FREE TO AIR and anyone who wishes to watch them can do so by installing a FTA receiver and a small cost. You don't have to spend Rs, 17,900 and a monthly rental. Spend Rs. 8,500 and it's free for life !

So I ask from Jesika, Jaana and others who are engaged in this debate pls don't ask for more trouble ! Religious channels are not the issue now ! We want premium content which we do not get FTA.

I hope all will agree to that !

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Most posts that argue religion have been deleted.

Please refrain from arguing about religion here.

This blog is for discussions about Dialog TV and not religious issues.

We are very sorry that we have had to delete some posts but we had no other choice since the main focus of this blog will be lost if we did not delete this post.

Our apologies to


and any others whose post we may have deleted. Please do focus on the topic on hand.

Thank You.

bank_dude said...

Great work Lisura. What we all need is quality entertainment. As DLR mentioned DTV promotional channel is useless because it can be viewed by a satellite viewer only. Therefore it is great if DTV can introduce Disney & Disney toons to DTV promotional channel & Animax for the time being.

kaluperuma said...

Niyamai machang admin,There is no GOD,The god in this blog is you and you are doing a great job.

Jesika said...

Thanks Admin for walkup !!
I dont wanna argue here. I post my request.
But some dogs started to bark. I have nothing to do for that.

I like premium channels too. I'm asking this after all premium channels came to DTV.
I love DTV.I dont wanna loose it again,
But i hate Dogs !!

kaluperuma said...

I hate bitches and ponsis,and people who turn color for money and doesnt have a backbone to stand alone.

we report you decide.

Jesika said...

Very funny !!

don said...
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Jesika said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yuktiya said...

• Lisuru,

The explanation for the DTH system during the raining days were excellent. The bottom line is the high tec paper work does not full fill our expectation. In our country rain is very unpredictable. So Dialog must give a solution for it.

• The cable operators transmits through fiber optic cables and so their will be no outage during the rain.

• Since LBN uses wide range of spectrum frequencies from 47 to 750 MHz, the net work has the capacity to Carrie about 100 Analog Channels or more then 800 Digital Channels. Having more band- with it ensure the best picture quality on digital platforms.

don said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
D.L.R. said...

In Singapore, Signal amplifirs are available just for LKR 4000. By installing this we can watch even in high rainy days. I don't know weather it is available here. If anyone knows the availability pl reply to this.

bank_dude said...

It seems to me that admin has to do lot of cleaning today :)

Jesika said...

Do u mean this ?

don said...

Who let the dogs out,bow,bow,bow

Janaa said...

Dear Admin

Thanks Admin, for removing unwanted posts from blog.

Some unsuitable characters were out to insult others' views. They are un-cultured elements without an education. I had to respond to them.

Thanks for taking a stand and being firm.

don said...

Thanks admin for exposing the "born again cult" who were involved in misleading the subscribers and trying to get a bullshit tv channel as "GOD TV" which does not have any value or substance but to promote and mislead the public on "born again" culture.

Mind you these two members of the cult"Jesika & Janaa" are the one and same person.

just fuck off you spineless bitch.

Janaa said...

It was nice to get the first invoice from DTV today, waiving off payment. I have already paid for April – hope they will take it as credit and use for January payment.

Thank you admin once again for taking control over the blog content.

We must have the freedom to request a channel we like. I don’t watch or any Hindi or Tamil channels. But, I have no right to stop others from watching any channels. Those who don’t like them must keep quiet – so that others are free to watch. Let there be freedom to decently respect others’ likes and dislikes. We bloggers are supposed to be educated people.

Sex maniac Don is again using filth on the blog. He cant do without his filth.

Janaa said...

Dear Admin

You will have to stop this rascals from using filth on the blog.

Anae said...

Why does Janaa's profile have a different name: Free-man ?

Just click on his/her name and see.

@ Priyantha
Yes, one day the US channels you named will have their own branches in Asia. Some will have to come to Asia and broadcast an Asian version or they will not suite the Asian taste (that will cause trouble).
Meanwhile, Dialog could get Comedy Central and a few other FTA but good channels from USA. Problem is prices. Better wait for a moment and see how Dialog is doing.
Dialog's ads are not really bad. They've got them all over Colombo, and are attractive, so they do serve their pupose.
Dialog cannot specially advertise programs on each channels. The more important they are, the less likely the channel broadcasters will like it. Dialog will have to obtain rights to advertise programs outside the main service. This will be another expensive process. Thats the problem with SET Max too. It may be too late for Dialog to obtain rights and advertise the ICC World Cup.

@Jessika, Janaa, Don


Thank You.

Anae said...

My LG TV seems to have a built in signal amplifier. It amplifies all the pixelation. So I watch Dialog on my smaller TV. There it is OK.

Other people with unclear video should also check whether it is the fault of their television sets(if they can). I dont LG TVs are always the best.

ravin said...

You must be working for ABANS,LG is a shitload compared with the clarity and colour of SONY,I have seen both these products and Sony is unmatched.

ravin said...

What are you talking about,DTV has already obtained the exclusive rights for SETMAX in Sri Lanka and they will be firing out a mega promotion in due course.

don said...




Jesika said...

I saw some Dialog Banners in colombo area. It shows all the channels but they dont have STARSPORTS.
Is it a mistake or what?

don said...

god has taken it out

Jesika said...

WOW really ?

Jesika said...

What is this SriTV


I saw Dishtv advertisements on Sritv

Is is available in Dishtv?

D.L.R. said...

Yes my proct also something like that. Not exactly same. B'cos my one says AV,Satellite signal amplifire, Bought from singapre, Made in China

Lisura said...

The Ku band signal is not reaching the dish when there are heavy rains. So an amplifier wont work. A larger dish will reduce the rain fade to some percentage but not fully !

In Ku band systems world over this phenomenon can be seen. It's only happening when the rain cloud exactly comes in between the dish and the satellite.

Dear jesika, jaana and others who argue about having god tv what i have to tell is that the majority of bloggers here dont like to have controversial religious channels on DTV because they feel it may lead to further complications.
That's what all this fuss is about.

It is noted that god tv is being removed from the Dish TV and it is not available in TATA Sky too. But it's available FTA throughout the region. So it's upto the individual to get it through FTA.

DTV should stick to providing premium pay content. Even if they have transponder space they can put quality FTA channels like DW-TV, Bloomberg or NHK.

How many valuable channels are there to put rather than religious channels. I hope so many buddhists, hindus and muslims are here. But nobody asked for a religious channel.

So it's clear that 99% of us want quality entertainement. How many channels are there to come to DTV platform.


And much much more quality channels.

Let's focus on them please !!!

Jesika said...


You are right! I honer you as a senior blogger. I'm also willing to have premium channels you mention.
But how many FTA channels in the DTV? So we are asking another one. Is it unfair?

bwick said...

Certainly agree with Lisura. No religious channels please. We should concentrate on premium content only.


D.L.R. said...

Dear DTV teaM,
i'M gOING TO SHIFT MY HOUSE. Last time when i shifted they charged 2500/=. So now I'm planning to install it by myself. What are the problems that can occer in official way.
I mean address changes, After that if I ask for technical advice, will they charge me more?

don said...

LST"s blog has put out the stories of jesika to be downloaded(MR.BEAN)

Raki said...

hey guys,

been following the blog for a few months now. really good info and content.

anyway, i know this was discussed earlier.. but i was wondering why ESPN is not part of the value package? when i was using CBNSat, i got ESPN as part of their value package and i was happy. but with Dialog i have been forced to switch to the premium one to get it.... btw, i dont watch much movies anyway so hbo and hbo sig is useless for me and i am paying additional only for ESPN. This i think is quite unfair for past customers.... what do you guys think?

bwick said...

Presently I m using AV cables to Watch DTV. Can anyone advise me, if I can improve AV quality by using S-Video cable (apprx 950 LKR) ?
Thanks Rob

Lisura said...

Dear Jesika,

Only Zee music is the FTA channel on DTV. I mean there are good FTA channels like the ones i've mentioned before which everybody will watch.

If DTV is to put religious channles to be fair by all they will have to allocate 4 channels for that minimum. We all feel that's a waste. And it will be an unneccesary issue for the trouble makers in this country to make a issue out of it.

So by thinking all of this it's safer and better not to have any religious channel on DTV.

Hope all will agree !!!

Dear Raki,

For existing subscribers ESPN in in their original 850 pakcage with all the Zee channels except Zee cinema !

bank_dude said...


yesterday I removed my AV cables and started to use S-Video cable. Picture quality is much better now. I bought this cable for 500/= but it is not a original one. Original cable will cost you more than 1000/=

bwick said...

Thank you bank_dude for your feedback.


don said...

bank_dude- From where did you buy the cable from?

Raki said...

Dear Lisura;

Thanks for the info... I hope its not too late to switch back to the 850 package of channels (i.e. as i have already switched my package???)

as for S-Video cables... i saw Sony in bambalapitiya (near rythem & blues) having it.

Qustion though, will switching to S-video do anything to sort out the rain interuptions??? Cuz i am severly affected by it when it rains... my signal is completely out till the rain stops :( .... any suggestions?

bank_dude said...


Switching to S-video will not sort out the rain interutions.

Don, I bought this cable from a shop @ Kolpity supermarket. It is opposite the Bally's club. You can see the shop when you walk.

bwick said...

S-VIDEO cables available @ Silverstone which is believed to be of good quality for 950/=


SLP said...

rain interferences will not be sorted with S-Video cable, since S-vdo is used between the decorder and the TV set. The thing it does is much higher clarity rather prevent of interference.

As with others, im also totally agree with lisura, and again and aginst of religious content. if anyone still needs it badly, do get from some other way,

Admin, u does a great work, keep going.

don said...


What we can do is request janaa and Jesika to ask god to keep the signal path from the sat to the receiver clear from rain for all DTV subscribers.

Jesika said...

When will the 3rd Transponder starts?
Any news?

Jesika said...


What a joke
Ha Ha Ha !! Very Funny !!
You are a real joker !!
Keep up !!

Pradheep said...

Joke of the century :

Dialog GSM Billing Centre says that it does not accept Dialog TV bills as "Proof of billing" for residences.

They are the same company. Hopefully they will start accepting it soon since it is a disgrace to say that their own company bills are not accepted as proof of billing.

D.L.R. said...

ZeeTV, Zee-Cinema & Zee Music are FTA in INTELSAT805.

Looser said...

What will happen to SET or SET MAX(Yet to come)?

Can they fix this freezing problem?

Lisura what do you know about this?

don said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anae said...

The last line in my previous comment has a typing error. Very sorry about it!

It should read:
"I DON'T THINK LG TVs are always the best."

I agree that Sony is much better than LG. And I do not work for Abans. My smaller tv that I mentioned is a Sony I had since 1997. 10 years old! Next time I'm buying a Sony, not LG.

@ Those who are discussing S-Video
S-Video DOES NOT increase quality or anything. I use S-Video at the moment and the quality seems NO different to when I use the Yellow cable.

@Jessika, Don
Sorry if I upset you but what I said still seems true. Especially your language (don).
I've been watching this blog since June 2006 and this is my best source of info about Dialog TV. I've also seen times of trouble within this blog with Comet Cable MF and others. Then came Jessika. I know your cause is not bad, but we really cant afford to put Dialog in trouble again.

So Jessika and Don, don't be angry with me, and read twice before you report.

bank_dude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bank_dude said...

Anae, There is a small difference between those two. S-video is much clearer than AV. Read this

channa said...

The tech guys are working on the picture freezing and quality of the local chnnels and can expect the problems to be sorted out during the comming days.

Looser dont worry they are at it.

bwick said...

Agree with Bank_Dude that S-Video should be better than composite video we use at the moment. See below article on Wikipedia

don said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SLP said...

Admin, A new thread plz,

This is nw fully crowded.

Anae said...

Sorry guys for the wrong information. I read both mentioned articles. Thanks for correcting me. S-Video cables reatainn more quality than composite cable when transferring video.

Will SET Max be shown on the existing SET channel (as there is no other space at the moment)? If so, will Dialog change the channels early before the World Cup begins to fix problems and avoid trouble with customers?

Seems like Mr. Harrold has made a big mistake in the Comet Cable forum by using to "r"s in his name when posting fake information. The real Mr. Harold has said he did not post the comments, but nothing else. No details on what will happen to Comet. Probably will shoot far in to the sky and never be seen again.
(Comet "Cable" - Last seen June 2007) RIP, I guess.

I'd like to see how many more loyal customers who bugged us in June are left in Comet. 20? 15? 10? 5? 1? 0? Probably the last answer. Shouldn't let them come here though...

Free-man said...

CBNSat (and later DialogTV), made this forum, for us to express our views on our choice of channels, transmission problems and issues like that. There are many users like me who like to watch certain channels. We must have that freedom.

I don’t watch Hindi channels; but I have no right to stop others from watching a Hindi channel. Sri Lanka is not a primitive country like Afghanistan with Taliban rule to harass people on their faith.

This forum must not be used by anyone with ulterior moves to insult another person’s faith.

Don, Kalu, Manil, Lisura & others: its time to stop insulting other faiths and use this forum for it’s proper use. Blogspot home page asks all users to make proper use of this blog and learn to respect other faiths. Don, this is not the place to abuse women.

tomiya said...

Dear Dialog Tv

I have been a comet cable subscriber and recently switching to your network but very sad to say your picture quality is really poor and also mostly lot of my friends experienced this last sunday when the rains started no satellite tv all I had was a red light and no signal E46 when i called customer care they inform me that this is the usual way wow what a begining so that means rainy days no dialog tv so does this go for subscriptions as well i'll may be pay only for the days i get the picture and reduce an amount for the number of days there is rain another thing all you folks getting ready for the world cup get ready cause if it rains in sri lanka no play pardon the pun non intended .any comments ?

kaluperuma said...

Ado free-man,Umba kohenda path une,Umabata ona deyak kiyaganin habai putho boru scene dapu gaman api prove karla pennanawa mewa okkoma boru miniissu rawatana weda kiyala.

Denaganin boruwen jeewath wenna bei,Monawaha hari kiyanawanam substance ekka waren,Kohomath umba free wheel eke hitiyata apiwa nawaththwanna bei,Boruwa kothanada api prove karala umbawa nethi karla danawa.

Api ready machang

don said...

Whats you problem free-man,and where are you from siberia,You must be talking on behalf of Jesika or are you using her?Yes i challenge you the channel Jesika is requesting is a bullshit channel promoting the "born agin culture" and the Indian government has orderd its removal from the DTH providers in India.This is good for handfull of people who are destroying this country like Kothalawala, (jesika + jana + free-man = 1) for just fifty cents they get from these insence lunatics.

And we wont let lunatics destroy this country and just fuck off.

Lisura said...

Dear Free-man,

I never insulted any religion OK ?
You got it wrong. Who the hell are you to just peep in ? Where were you when CBNSat was shut down ?

We do not want controversial religious channels on Dialog TV. What we want is quality entertainment. That's the basic rule here.

Please don't come here and make unneccesary problems !


Only Jesika ask for god tv and creates all these unneccesary trouble. Please read my previous comments !

Vishkid said...

free-man - you can go **** yourself. Don't come preaching about blog etiquette to us, there are ppl here who hv been on the net since it's worldwide inception.

You hv the bloody freedom to watch anything you want and you can bloody well do it using your own equipment. These ppl saw CBN through ups and downs are and not about to subject it to controversy again. Believe me - no one at Dialog TV wants to air Religious channels. It wont happen until the prevailing conditions change.

Request your channels to DTV directly if it concerns god or what hv you not. Otherwise pls participate in a productive manner with some worthwhile input.

Vishkid said...

Tomiya has a valid concern - DialogTV should put a disclaimer on their site in the first place with relevant info on rain effects on signals.

After that they should look in to increasing signal strength to the best 'cos as we all know - in sri lanka it rains for months on end and it pours down when it rains.

This is a VERY valid concern for all subscribers. (Personally, I'm yet to experience any prolonged downtime due to rain)

Lisura said...

Last sunday was the worst day ever. The outage lasted more than 30 minutes for most areas in Colombo !

On a normal day the signal quality should be around 60%. And it drops when it rains but can come to 30% without any degrade in video / audio. If it drops below 30% only the picture gets distorted !

As admin said this is a common phenomenon in Ku band signals.

Dear Tomiya,

Compare the quality of Dialog TV with our analog comet cable and see the difference. Eventhough you see something on the screen the quality of analog cable tv is hopeless compared to the DVD quality picture which is delivered by Dialog TV.

And DTV have confirmed that with the introduction of new processing equipment in the coming months the picture quality will improve further !

channa said...

Vish_Kid- can you kindly find out the channel where the premium in rugby is available,Mostly the IRB and the three nations(ALL BLACKS,WALLABIES,SOUTH AFRICA)

Please revert immediatly.

Yuktiya said...

It’s very interesting to note in this particular forum. Some of the blogers think that’s every think the endorse is correct & others have to listen them. If some one have paid money for the entertainment requesting some things what they prefer. Others to say NO is not correct. Employees worked for CBN & currently for Dialog they get hurt. That’s natural, when we experience during the rainy days & the no picture mode. The have to rectify the problem & try to give as a solution, not give us the technical details about ku bands.

Vishkid said...

Channa: sorry for the delay - I couldn't find concrete info on Asia region. Network 10 shows it in OZ. TV3 in NZL. Fox Sports covers it globally and Sky Networks too.
BBC 5 in europe.

My only guess is the ESPN-STAR HK feed (which showed RWC '07 live) will be the South Asia broadcast right holder. I hv tried to verify this but couldn't. Tri Nations were shown in the Star HK feed a while back.

Pls let me know if I can be further assistance - other bloggers might be able to help

Vishkid said...

Oh previous post was centered around RWC but it applies to Tri Nations as well.

@Y: Trying to solve the rain effect on signals? Try - one might get the nobel prize! :D

Lisura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
channa said...

Thanks Vish_kid,We have requested more rugby in DTV,and hopefully we could get the best.

PS. Does ABC asia pacific have quality rugby in their feed?

Lisura said...

Dear Yukthiya,

Are you from that bankrupt NGO funded newspaper ?

Who works for CBNSat or Dialog TV ?

We all have got the Dialog TV (CBNSat) connection to watch world class programs !

Be realistic ! Read the facts !

Yuktiya said...

Dear Lisuru,

Where we work is not the biggest question. But the hard earn money that we are spending for the entertainment. What I am trying to argue is during the raining days there is a problem with Dialog tv. Don’t try justifying because its dialog every thing they do is correct. It’s bad for the industry. Sorry if I have hurt u.

ravin said...

The rain dustruption is not only applicble to DTV,It is common with all the DTH operators.So its not fair blasting DTV,The entire industry should come up with solution.

As Vish-kid said,Whoever come up with the solution may be rewarded with Nobel Prize .

bank_dude said...

As admin said interruption on rainy days can be minimized if they increase the signal strength. But remember we cannot eliminate the problem.

Anae said...

I have seen you doing this before and you are doing it again! You do not read the facts.
You cannot blame Dialog for what is a worldwide problem, rain interrruption on Ku band DTH. If science does not allow it, it is not possible to do so.
Do not blast Dialog for such a problem. Dialog can only give technical info because that is the best way to explain it (you can't read English?).

I've never actually seen a DTH broadcaster giving a disclaimer about rain outages, but it is a good idea. Problem is it may upset some customers-to-be.

I noticed you have told two different stories in this blog and the Comet blog. You seem to be very loyal to Comet. Why not stick with them? Dont come and make trouble here. Don't try to fight against proven facts.

Vishkid said...

copy pasting from new post:

@Channa - thanks for keeping pressure on to bring in some quality rugby.

Yes, ABC networks also bring in the Tri nations and Super 14 to asia pacific. They also show tours of NZL and OZ dunno whether live or not. But it's worth pursuing.

I believe that with a solid fan (thus customer) base - Rugby will be a good (and non-controversial) opportunity for DTV to make a mark.

AMD said...

hi guys, well the MTV/MBC dont want to advertise dialog tv or get on their platform cuz they are basically competing with DTV. Thats the new MTV channel is competing with the english channels and Shakthi and sirasa with the hindi and tamil channels. And i guess it will be the same with ART and ETV too.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.