Monday, February 12, 2007

A New Beginning

It is Feb 12th 2007 and in this new day we are happy to inform you that this blog has now being launched.

We hope that you have updated all your feeds and links to this new URL. This is the very first post and we welcome you this brand new blog which is for the customers of DTH service provider "Dialog TV" and also for prospective customers to learn about existing customer opinions.

Subscribers of "Dialog TV" and you can freely expresses your views regarding their service and what you would like to see on Dialog TV, in addition prospective customers can direct queries to the existing ones. When you are freely expressing your views please avoid using foul language. Please make comments in English since it can be understood by everyone who is browsing, the targeted readership of this blog is not only Sri Lankans since when Dialog TV starts to sell their connections to the other countries in the region we are sure that the subscribers in those regions will also start to take an active participation in this forum.

We will be updating you on the latest information regarding Dialog TV and giving you sneak peaks on any new features/channels that are coming out on this DTH pay television provider. We will also be highlighting service related issues and will be either congratulating them or criticizing them.

This blog is in not owned or operated by Dialog Telekom or Telekom Malaysia for that matter and we are completely independant. We have several other blogs for which you can find the links under "Group Blogs" section.

You can email us on or you can contact Dialog TV Subscribers Unite on

The Dialog TV website is available at

The hotline for contacting Dialog TV is 077 7679679 for local callers and international callers will have to use +94777679679 and all the other details can be found at the above web site.

Well like Dialog TV says "Wake up to next generation satellite TV".

We say "Wake up to next generation satellite TV subscriber blogging"


Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Admin, wish u good luck on the new blog. Keep up the good work.

Looser said...

Still they have picture freezing problems in some channels. Specially on SET.

No EPG on Signature, AXN so far

Just a change of name nothing new for us and we still have same old problems

ROSHAN said...


Praveen said...

Hey ya’ll!

Just received a letter form DialogTV with a nice new DialogTV envilope, with wishes for the new year, saying thank you for being there when the CBN was down, also mentioning about the acquisition of CBN by Asset Media and adding of Zee package. It has also said that they have waived off the charges for the months of April & May. Well, I wonder what’s going to happen to the customers who paid for the month of April, myself being one of them. And hey, when is that thing will start? It was very handy feature. Hope DialogTV will work on that where in Dialog GSM, we have nice way of viewing the mobile phone bill. Also saw a TV advertisement on DialogTV on a local TV channel. Cool eh?

Best regards…

Vishkid said...

50 Channels, 250K customers is the Dialog target for end-2007. But what matters to us most is that they ARE going to change the pricing/package structure.

Here's the full article from Sunday Times:

Dialog Sat TV to target 250,000 customers by December

The recently launched Dialog TV is planning to secure 250,000 customers by December with a competitive entry point price strategy in a 400,000-television set market. Nushad Perera, General Manager Sales and Marketing, Dialog Telekom, told The Sunday Times FT that the company will introduce new pricing strategies to the market during this year to attract more customers. “Presently, the equipment and the installation is priced at Rs.17,500 but we are planning to introduce new pricing strategies,” he said.

Sri Lanka has 400,000 television sets and only 50,000 customers have Direct to home (DTH) or cable TV. “Out of this market we want to have 250,000 customers,” he said, adding that the company will have a massive awareness campaign to get the local consumers used to ‘Pay TV’. He stressed that the 29 channels that Dialog TV transmits are ‘all morally and ethically clean’. “By the end of the year, we will have 50 channels,” he added.

Dialog Telekom, the island's largest mobile phone operator, acquired satellite pay television operator Communiqu Broadband Networks (Pvt) Ltd and CBN Sat (Pvt) Ltd for 532.8 million rupees last year, through their subsidiary, Asset Media. Company officials said that the acquisition was funded through internally generated cash and that Dialog Telekom will show a slight dent in its financials this year due to this investment. “In about one year, we will make a positive impact,” an official said.

Dialog also bought Asset Media for Rs.325 million last October in a bid to use the latter’s radio and television frequency licences.
Perera commenting about the company’s third generation mobile services or 3G launch last August said that Dialog is only concentrating on facilitating voice and video communication. Shooting down the argument that 3G is not a viable option, as the technology was too costly, he said that it depends on how 3G is marketed.

“We are giving customers the facility for high speed web browsing, video streaming, online games, music and movie downloads, but not video conferencing and video calling,” he explained. He said that the strategy Dialog will be following will be pricing and content. “We predict that the handsets will reduce and the service will be economical,” he added. Dialog Telekom, leads the industry with over 3 million subscribers, followed by Mobitel, Tigo (formerly Celltel) and Hutchinson.

wickrob said...

Thank you Blog Admin for all your initiatives

Keep up the good work

Cheers Rob

bluenote said...

Correct,Rupavahini and Eye are back.
Also see:
But little strange - after a re-scan I get all channels double.

Ameena said...

All the channels program info is missing, it's been far too much of patience.. atleast by now everything should be in shape.. If there is info available, it;s usually lagging way behind. Feels like old age TV unfortunately. What ever happened to keeping up with the rest of the world ?

Ameena said...

I have been stuck on the help line since forever now .. definitely more than 20 minutes. 4606060, 4606000 and 0777679679. Still stuck on it. when it was CBN, it was answered within two minutes. I don't mean to criticize.. but this is becoming very much like a dying interest. lack of staff? or lack of service interest?